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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates James Bojaciuk!

In the last post I announced that I would be celebrating the TVCU Crew in s a series of Crewsie bios.

James could technically be considered the first of the Crewsies.  James Bojaciuk and I began working together way before the TVCU came to the web.  We were both members of hte Wold Newton Family Yahoo group, and it was there that we first collaborated on creating a Wold Newton book club within the group.

From there, we decided to collaborate on a proposed website that we hoped to place under the PJFarmer umbrella, but I decided to go off and make a website about television crossovers instead.  (You may be familiar with it.)

Along with the website, I created a Facebook forum.  James was one of the most active members of that group, and really got what I was trying to do here.

Image result for Wonderland

In May 2011, before I was banned from the Wold Newton group, James posted a Wonderland timeline of his own creation in the Wold Newton group.  I was so impressed by it that I offered to post it here on this website as a guest post.

It was just a few weeks later that the TVCU Crew was founded, because James' post made me realize that this wasn't something to take on alone.  James demonstrated that there were plenty of fine crossoverists, better than myself in my opinion, who could add their own flavor and style to the TVCU.

I will continue at this point to discuss some of my favorites of James' posts.

Image result for Thomas Jefferson

James was not only our first guest poster, but he was also the first to post after the creation of the TVCU Crew.  Taking a cue from my George Washington post, he drafted a Thomas Jefferson post in June 2011.

Image result for Warehouse 13

A few weeks after that, he tackled Warehouse 13.  Some of the information from that Warehouse 13 post has been used for both my currently published books.  Additionally, the Warehouse 13 post was the first post that presented a theory tying in a seemingly unrelated novel to the series, and actually came to the attention of the authors, who commented on the post (positively, I should add).

Image result for Abraham Lincoln

In October 2011, James continued our presidential series with Abraham Lincoln, which also served as a teaser for his always in progress Bill & Ted and Crisis posts.

Image result for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

November 2011 brought the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles into the TVCU thanks to James, and got us our first mention on Reddit, a popular fan site.

Image result for MY LITTLE PONY

May 2012 changed the TVCU forever, when James posted a belated April 1 post on MY LITTLE PONY, and the bronies came to the TVCU as that post climbed to our most viewed spot in a few days and has stayed there ever since.  Bringing in half of our views with one post was enough for me to offer James half-ownership in the website.

Image result for Sherlock Holmes

November 2013 is one of my favorites, and is the one that James has previously stated to be most proud of.  This is One Ghost Need Apply, which details the timeline of a Sherlock Holmes tulpa, explaining a lot of stories that contradict other established stories.  It is masterfully done by the man who is a huge fan of the great detective.

Image result for Gravity Falls

 March 2014, James caught us up with Gravity Falls, one of the weirdest cartoons for children.

On April 1, 2014, as part of a TVCU crossover event, James informed us of his own death and other crossovers he has personally been involved in.

Image result for Alison Dare

In May 2014, James introduced us to Alison Dare, a young adventurer with many crossovers.

Image result for Arrested Development

In July 2014, James made a huge mistake and pointed out that crossovers in one of my favorite shows, Arrested Development, most of which I myself had not been aware.


October 2014, James created a special post to tell us about some crossovers within THOSE WHO LIVE LONG FORGOTTEN, the first book, I believe, from 18thWall Productions, a little company that James co-founded, that same publisher that published my first book, the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.

Image result for Narnia

February 2015, a follow-up of sorts to his first post came about when James introduced us to Narnia.

Image result for Gotham City

May 2015, James began a new TVCU posting trend, introducing fictional cities, starting with Gotham City.

Image result for Guillermo del Toro

In April 2016, James came to my rescue, when I tried to tackle the films of Guillermo del Toro, and quickly turned it over to him, the true expert.

Image result for Television Crossover Universe Podcast

In addition to the blog, in December 2015, we launched the Television Crossover Universe Podcast and James was there with me from the very first episode where we interviewed Simon R. Green.  In September 2016, when I walked away from the show, James took the lead, bringing in his chrome microphone of excellence.  The show is currently on hiatus, but James will be returning, with a slightly tweaked and renamed TVCU Podcast in the near future.

James and I have had a long working relationship, and I foresee it continuing for a long time into the future in many ventures.

When I presented the idea of these bios to the TVCU Crew, I gave them a short interview questionaire, purely optional.  Here are James' answers:

Name: James Bojaciuk

Career in Writing and Entertainment

Image result for 18thWall Production

James Bojaciuk is 18thWall Production’s Chief Executive Officer Duobus. His fiction and articles have appeared in Speakeasies and Spiritualists (forthcoming), Occult Detective Quarterly, All the Petty Myths (forthcoming), greydogtales, The Time Travel Nexus, Carnacki: The Lost Cases, Sargasso: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies, Those Who Live Long Forgotten, and many other publications in print and online.

Image result for The Science of Deduction James Bojaciuk

He has curated the collections The Science of Deduction, a Sherlock Holmes collection (forthcoming), and Cryptid Clash! (with Josh Reynolds, forthcoming).

He is one of the co-hosts and co-producers of The Raconteur Roundtable, a podcast which features in-depth and intimate interviews with some of the best creators alive today, and was one of the founding hosts of the podcast it emerged from, the former Television Crossover Universe Podcast.

The X that Marks Our New Spot: Where to Find Us Now

1. Your favorite crossover. -

Image result for Hannah Lackoff’s “The Mirror,”

My favorite crossover is Hannah Lackoff’s “The Mirror,” which toys with the idea every mirror in every fairy tale or children’s fantasy is an aspect of the same mirror—and deftly ties stories of Snow White’s stepmother, Bloody Mary, and a version of Snow White in Nazi Germany into a single, cohesive story.

Image result for Big Finish Productions’ adaptation of All-Consuming Fire

My second favorite crossover is probably Big Finish Productions’ adaption of All-Consuming Fire, which perfectly sets the Nicholas Briggs Holmes on the trail of Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor. Witness Holmes and the Doctor, working as a team! Thrill to a second half that’s better than the novel! Gasp as one of James’ favorite fictional romances has its one and only appearance! (Watson and Ace forever. <3)

Image result for Guillermo del Toro’

My third favorite is Guillmo del Toro’s inter-connected world.

2. Your favorite TVCU blog post. -

What is my favorite TVCU blog post?

Image result for Freddy Krueger

Rob: Rob has done many wonderful blogs. He’s done some outstanding timelines. His original Freddy Kruger timeline was magnificent.


Image result for That’s Our Ralph!

There’s only room in my heart for one favorite article by Rob, and that is That’s Our Ralph!

Image result for Some People Call Me Crazy: Ivan Schablotski in the TVCU

Ivan: Some People Call Me Crazy: Ivan Schablotski in the TVCU

It’s a masterpiece.

Of what, I’m not certain. But it’s certainly a masterpiece.

Image result for “Don't Go Br-Br-Br-Br-Breaking My Heart: Of Groundhogs, Three Strange Men, Particle Accelerators, and Time Bounces”

Gordon: “Don't Go Br-Br-Br-Br-Breaking My Heart: Of Groundhogs, Three Strange Men, Particle Accelerators, and Time Bounces” is incredibly ambitious, incredibly thorough, and incredibly mindbending. I won’t pretend I entirely follow it, but it’s one of the TVCU’s very best posts.

Image result for “Of Flying Reindeer, Talking Snowmen, and the World's Greatest Toymaker: The Rankin-Bass Universe Timeline”

Gordon’s “Of Flying Reindeer, Talking Snowmen, and the World's Greatest Toymaker: The Rankin-Bass Universe Timeline” is also excellent.

Image result for pre-MCU Marvel films

Matt: Both his Bootleg Universe and Original Marvel Cinematic Universe posts are great. I’d never realized you could make a case for putting all of the pre-MCU Marvel films into the same continuity. That was a joy to discover.

3. Your favorite post that you wrote, if applicable. -

I have two favorite posts, out of all the ones I wrote.

Image result for Guillermo del Toro

For sheer scholarly approach—entirely accurate, and representing the creator’s actual vision—my favorite is the Gulliermo del Toro article. It took a long time to write. I watched every movie, listened to every one of del Toro’s (brilliant) commentaries, read his interviews and his books. For an article as short as it is, it’s the single most research-intensive one.

It’s the one I’m most proud of, and the one that had some of the most meaningful reader response.

Image result for One Ghost Need Apply: The Adventure of Sherlock’s Spirit

On the side of pure fan faffery, my favorite is “One Ghost Need Apply: The Adventure of Sherlock’s Spirit,” which tries, amusingly, to explain every single story where Sherlock Holmes is either A) dead or 😎 a ghost. And explain it cleanly, without loose ends. I did a few goofy posts like this. One Ghost Need Apply was, by far, the most successful. I think, in a way, it was so good that it forced my output down to nothing; because I wanted every article after it to compare well, to stand up to it.

4. Your favorite podcast episode. –

My favorite podcast episode?

All of them. Our best episodes are truly outstanding (and truly, truly outrageous). Our worst episodes, as Neil Gaiman said about G.K. Chesterton’s worst stories, “But even the worst of the stories contains something magical and rare. A sunset, perhaps, or a fabulous last line.”

But if the metaphysical gun is held to my presumably real head, then, I’ll pick three favorites. One for each era of the show. The original era (represented by Rob, Chris, Ivan, and James), the interim era (represented by James and a roving circle of guest hosts that included M.H., Nicole Petit, Chris Nigro, and Micah S. Harris) and the early days of The Raconteur Roundtable incarnation of the cast (represented by M.H., Ben Kasson, and James).

Image result for Simon R. Green

The Original Era: It’s far from our best episode, before all our co-hosts were present or hired, and long before we worked out our show, but I will always have the softest spot for our very first episode. Rob and I were clearly nervous. We felt like everything was slowly falling apart around us, at first. But, Simon R. Green was a better guest than we could have ever imagined or hoped for, wonderful and gracious, and I feel like we still owe part of our success to his kindness.

TVCU #1 - Simon R. Green

Image result for Godzilla

Honorable Mention: #33 (Godzilla), #20 (Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch) and #21 (Hannah Lackoff) are some of the most representative episodes of this era.

TVCU #33 - Godzilla

TVCU #20 - Phil Hornshaw & Nick Hurwitch

TVCU #21 - Hannah Lackoff

Image result for 18thWall

The Interim Era: #40 & #41, the “18thWall Power Hour,” with M.H. Norris and Nicole Petit swapping the role of host and interviewer back and forth. It was a fresh take on the interview concept, with great guests, and something I’d love to try again when we have two guests who know each other’s work so well.

TVCU #40 - M.H. Norris Returns (18thWall Power Hour #1)

TVCU #41 - Nicole Petit Strikes Back (18thWall Power Hour #2)

Image result for JFK killing

Honorable Mention: The wild days’ most representative episode is #42 (I (May Have) Shot the President)—we talk to one of the surviving suspects in the JFK killing, as well as award-winning comic book author. Chris enjoys it. Micah and James are lost.

TVCU #42 - I (May Have) Shot the President - T. Casey Brennan

Image result for Guy Adams Talks About Big Finish and Chocolate Spread

The early Raconteur Roundtable Era: #49 – “Guy Adams Talks About Big Finish and Chocolate Spread.” A wonderful, top-notch interview with Guy Adams. He brings such a depth of knowledge, and warmth, to every appearance. I particularly love his method of dealing with fans who question him about continuity—as I did.

TVCU #49 - Guy Adams Talks About Big Finish and Chocolate Spread

Image result for J Patrick Allen Dead West

Honorable Mention: Guy Adams (#49) is most the representative episode, but #47 (Monsters and Six-Guns: J Patrick Allen on Dead West) is a great episode, and #51 (Micah S. Harris and the Wizard of Lemuria) has proven to be a listener favorite.

TVCU #47 - Monsters and Six-Guns: J Patrick Allen on Dead West

TVCU #51 - Micah S. Harris and the Wizard of Lemuria

5. Your favorite podcast guest. -

Favorite podcast guests:

Image result for Guy Adams

Guy Adams was such a delightful fellow. As time passes, a lot of episodes blend together in my memory. It’s a delightful blur of puns, and guests, and poor memory—but only a few episodes stand out, in total. His two appearances stand out in my mind, almost in total. His episodes are such a wonderful blend of humor, excellent writing advice, genuine insights into his stories, and genuine warmth.

Image result for Peter Rawlik

I’d be remiss to miss, in chronological order, Micah S. Harris, Peter Rawlik, Hannah Lackoff, Sam Gafford, and Jim Beard.

TVCU #18 - Peter Rawlik

TVCU #22 - Sam Gafford

TVCU #32 - Jim Beard

There are also two troublesome women who like to gang up on me…

6. Your favorite podcast discussion. -

Image result for Batman V. Superman/Civil War

The most amusing podcast discussion is our Batman V. Superman/Civil War episode. My internet faded in and out, in and out—not enough to drop the call, but enough most of my audio input was gone. So every now and then Rob and Chris’ mostly-positive discussion would be interrupted by my NEGATIVE review of BvS’ lighting, or editing, or [insert problem here].

TVCU #26 - Batman v. Superman v. Civil War

Image result for Friends

More serious highlights are our discussion with Micah S. Harris on the history of Evolution/religion in his writing (#34), and every host admitting to Hannah Lackoff that her story “After the World Ended” had made us all cry (#21). I also have a soft spot for #12, which, in Friends parlance, was that one where the host is the guest.

TVCU #34 - Micah S. Harris and the Return of Becky Sharp

TVCU #12 - Robert E. Wronski, Jr., or the one where the host is the guest

7. Your favorite interview that you were involved in. -

My favorite interview. Well, it’s certainly not episode 4. That guest was the worst.

TVCU #4 - James Bojaciuk

My favorite interview that I was involved in is what we jokingly titled The 18thWall Power Hour, which really ended up being M.H. and Nicole Petit alternatively interviewing each other and ganging up on me. It’s two of the most delightful episodes I’ve recorded, and it’s always a pleasure to talk to artists who are just beginning to get the recognition they deserve.

8. Your favorite discussion that you were involved in. -

Image result for Doctor Who, and Class

Favorite discussion…It’s not a great episode, but I have a soft spot for #46 – Casual Doctor Who Chat. I had had terrible insomnia. MH had overslept. It was a crisp, lovely morning. And, when a guest cancelled at the last minute, we sat and talked about Doctor Who, and Class, for an hour as a gentle breeze passed and we drank hot, spiced cider. For all of the episode’s…special aspects, it was one of the most genuinely enjoyable to record. It’s one of my favorite memories of my friendship with MH. And, as informal and what-you-hear-is-what-you-get as regularly we, that episode is the purest representation of what it’s like to spend time with us in person.

TVCU #46 - Casual Doctor Who Chat

Also, feel free to include any works of yours that you'd like to plug and any links that you'd like included.

Image result for Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll 2016

18thWall Productions has done very well at the Preditors and Editors Readers’ Poll 2016, with Nicole Petit’s After Avalon, M.H. Norris’ The Whole Art of Detection, and regular podcast guest John Linwood Grant’s A Study in Grey all doing very well. All of these are available at

TVCU #30 - John Linwood Grant

Image result for Speakeasies and Spiritualists

Nicole Petit’s latest anthology, Speakeasies and Spiritualists, will be out shortly. It is inspired by Rose Mackenberg, the head of Harry Houdini’s anti-spiritualist secret police. J Patrick Allen’s second Dead West will also soon be available.

Image result for La La Land

I wrote a TVCU-esque creative mythography-style article about La La Land, time travel, and the multiverse ( I’m quite proud of it, and it’s on its way to racking up more views than a certain TVCU post of mine that I shan’t mention.

Image result for Doctor Who audio dramas

The Time Travel Nexus also runs a weekly column of mine, where I review Doctor Who audio dramas. (


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