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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates "CRAZY" IVAN RONALD SCHABLOTSKI!

I knew of "Crazy" Ivan Ronald Schablotski years before he knew me.  Way back in the year 2000, I discovered the world wide web, and as I began uncovering sites related to my interests, his timelines kept showing up.  I don't remember if it was his excellent lycanthropy timeline connected to the Wold Newton Universe website or his multiple timelines on Mikel Midnight's Cosmic Compendium that I came across first, but I enjoyed them so much so that I wrote a blog post on my MySpace blog about his timelines.  

Years later, as I mentioned in the last post, I joined the Wold Newton Family discussion group, where I met the legendary Ivan Schablotski.  

When I created my own forum on Facebook dedicated to crossovers, Ivan was one of the initial members of that group, and when I began the Television Crossover Universe website, Ivan was one of the major contributors of ideas which I began to rely on.  I've often referred to James and Ivan as my Spock and McCoy, but I have never let on which is which.

Once the TVCU Crew idea came about, it was a no-brainer that Ivan would be on that team.  Unlike other crewsies, Ivan didn't jump right into posting.  He did continue to advise me of crossovers and help me formulate theories.  After a while, I was able to get him to help me out in updating and fixing some of my posts. 

Then on April 1, 2014, Ivan became a star on the TVCU site.  He posted his own fictional biography, as part of an April Fool's Day event on the website, which quickly rose to take the #3 spot in our all time most viewed posts.  I love reading about the fictional adventures of Ivan in the TVCU, and he continuously updates it as he collects more "evidence" of his exploits.  

Ivan has also posted a timeline of his other fictional universe, the Hour-Show Universe.  

Image result for GodzillaImage result for Stephen King

He has additionally co-written our Godzilla timeline and is working on a Stephen King post.

Image result for Horror Crossover Encyclopedia

Beyond the website, Ivan has edited both my books and wrote the foreword for the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  

Ivan also introduced me and our son to our first Con, and I've met many professional and personal contacts through Ivan.

Image result for Television Crossover Universe Podcast

Though he wasn't on the first two episodes, Ivan was part of the original cast of the Television Crossover Universe Podcast as well.  

When I presented the idea of these bios to the TVCU Crew, I gave them a short interview questionaire, purely optional.  But instead, Ivan's biographer, Kevin Heim, whose name appears as author of Ivan's posts, answered instead.

Kevin Heim


1. Your favorite crossover.  -  MARVEL AND DC PRESENT: THE UNCANNY X-MEN / NEW TEEN TITANS #1

Image result for Scooby Doo: The Horror Cartoon

2. Your favorite TVCU blog post.  -  Scooby Doo: The Horror Cartoon

Image result for Some People call Me Crazy: Ivan Ronald Schablotski in the TVCU

3. Your favorite post that you wrote, if applicable.  -  Some People call Me Crazy: Ivan Ronald Schablotski in the TVCU

Image result for Erik Burnham (ep #36)

4. Your favorite podcast episode. - Erik Burnham (ep #36)

TVCU #36 - Erik Burnham: Tobin's Spirit Guide

Image result for Peter Rawlik

5. Your favorite podcast guest.  -  Peter Rawlik

TVCU #18 - Peter Rawlik

Image result for Stranger Things

6. Your favorite podcast discussion.  - Stranger Things

TVCU #38 - Stranger Things

Image result for James Lorinz

7. Your favorite interview that you were involved in. -  James Lorinz

TVCU #29 - Scare-A-Con Special Event

Image result for Stranger Things

8. Your favorite discussion that you were involved in.  -  Stranger Things

Also, feel free to include any works of yours that you'd like to plug and any links that you'd like included.

Image result for The Appendix To The Handbook Of The Marvel Universe

Most recently I contributed a character profile to The Appendix To The Handbook Of The Marvel Universe, for their 10th anniversary project.

IN OUR NEXT POST:  Gordon Long!

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