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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates MATT HICKMAN!

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I don't recall when I first became aware of the existence of Matt Hickman.  I'm pretty sure he wasn't with us from the beginning.  He was just there one day, as if he's always been there.

Matt is extremely knowledgeable on crossovers and the TVCU concept.  And when he's not sure what a rule or precedent is, he asks.  Matt came on my radar in the discussion groups because he finds all sorts of cool things for me, usually from areas of the TVCU that I'm less familiar with, or in some cases, not at all familiar with.  That has made him a valuable asset.

And so, though he wasn't a founding member of the TVCU Crew, he proved time and time again that he belonged on the team, and eventually I came to my senses and added him to the roster.

For some time, Matt was providing me with loads of information which was useful to my own posts.  Something Matt Hickman has posted in our Facebook forums has been quoted on nearly every post of this website.  Once Matt was added to the official roster, he started by updating many of my posts with new information.  He has done so much of this, I couldn't possibly mention them all, but there are two that are worth mentioning.

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Matt has made extensive updates to my Married with Children post, so much so that I now would consider it among the collection of his posts.

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The other worth mentioning is my original Friday the 13th post.  When I updated the post to coincide with the release of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, I drastically altered it.  Matt managed to save the older version, and reposted it, so that now both versions co-exist on the website.

Image result for Bootleg Universe

March 12, 2015, after having been included as a contributor for some time, Matt Hickman surprised us with his first post, focusing on the "Bootleg Universe".  This is a series of videos that continued official series, particularly adding some legitimacy by including actors from the original series.

Image result for SAM RAIMI SPIDER-MAN

Matt expanded on ideas from his first post on May 27, 2015 with the "Original Marvel Cinematic Universe".  In this lengthy, video heavy post, Matt finds a way to connect all the Marvel movies from the era of 2000 - 2007, before Iron Man.  After this post, Matt continued to happily surprise me with new posts on a fairly regular basis, with subjects I would have never considered covering, with crossovers I'd never known of, and during a time where the rest of the Crew, including myself, were less actively posting new crossover chronologies.

Image result for Jurassic Park

Though not posted, Matt began a Jurassic Park post shortly after on June 23, 2015.  Forgetting that he had started this, I've since posted an inferior Jurassic Park "quickie", but I've invited Matt to incorporate my quickie post into his more extensive post, and I hope he will take me up on that in the future.

Image result for SyFy original disaster movies

On October 3, 2015, Matt started another as-yet unpublished draft, focusing on SyFy original disaster movies, and I'm excited for when that is completed.

July 23, 2016 Matt released a post on Empire City, in what would become a series of fictional city themed posts that continue in the style of James Bojaciuk's Gotham post.

He followed that up on July 26, 2016 with Bay City.

As of October 15, 2016, a new draft has been started to cover Metro City.

Image result for the Kingpin

On November 23, 2016, Matt gave us our first super-villain spotlight with the Kingpin.

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Most recently, on December 27, 2016, Matt presented how many of the classic Disney live action films are connected.

When I presented the idea of these bios to the TVCU Crew, I gave them a short interview questionaire, purely optional.  Here are Matt's answers:

Matt Hickman

Career in Writing and Entertainment

Image result for Championship Wrestling Entertainment

2010-2011 Wrestling commentator at Championship Wrestling Entertainment

Image result for NOT fOR aIR Podcast

 2010 to 2013 Co-Founder/CEO/Talent  at NOT fOR aIR Podcast

Image result for Television Crossover Universe

2010 to Present Blogger at Television Crossover Universe

Image result for The Concert Cruizer

 2014 to 2014 Camera Operator at The Concert Cruizer

Now to answer the Questions 

Image result for Magnum P.I. Meets Simon and Simon

1. Your favorite crossover? Magnum P.I. Meets Simon and Simon

Image result for Some People Call Me Crazy: Ivan Schablotski in the TVCU

Image result for The city by the Bay. No the other one: Bay City in the TVCU

Image result for TVCU #35 - Felissa Rose

4. Your favorite podcast episode? TVCU #35 - Felissa Rose

TVCU #35 - Felissa Rose

Image result for Felissa Rose

5. Your favorite podcast guest? Felissa Rose

Image result for Godzilla

6. Your favorite podcast discussion? Godzilla

TVCU #33 - Godzilla


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