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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates CHRIS NIGRO!

We now move from the website contributors to the podcast hosts.

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When the Television Crossover Universe podcast was launched, the three original three co-hosts were all website contributors.  Thus, the show was hosted by the TVCU Crew.  Not longer after, Chris Nigro became the first co-host to have never contributed the the website, and thus the definition of TVCU Crew membership was expanded.

Chris Nigro has been a regular in our discussion forum, and runs several of his own discussion groups and websites.  Chris was a guest on our show and a guest co-host shortly after, and people liked him, and we liked him, so he became a regular.

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Chris has also written the foreword for Television Crossover Universe:  Worlds and Mythology Volume I.

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When I presented the idea of these bios to the TVCU Crew, I gave them a short interview questionaire, purely optional.  Here are Chris' answers:

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1. My favorite crossover remains the one between Universal's Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man in Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, as that was in many ways the beginning point of Universal's shared Monster Universe, and it was hugely inspirational to me from an early age.

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2. My favorite TVCU blog is definitely the one dealing with Abbot and Costello, since I really liked the generational theme used to explain the proliferation of such a duo throughout the history of the TVCU. 

3. (Not Applicable) 

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4. My favorite podcast episode was the one where we interviewed Felissa Rose, as she was quite cool and amiable, and we had some really deep and poignant conversations about the iconic nature of her film character Angela Baker and what she represented to the fans of the slasher genre. 

TVCU #35 - Felissa Rose

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5. My favorite podcast guest is hard to determine, since I liked every one of them, but if I had to pick a complete favorite, it has to be a three-way tie between Micah Harris, due to the awesomely deep discussions his work engendered; Matt Dennion, for his unrivaled enthusiasm and the kaiju prose medium he's done so much good work in; and T. Casey Brennan, who is the most uniquely incredible guest one could ever hope for. 

TVCU #10 - Matthew Dennion

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6.  My favorite podcast discussion was definitely the one we did on the crossovers in Toho's Godzilla mythos, but then I am quite biased when it comes to that topic :-) 

TVCU #33 - Godzilla

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7. My favorite interview I was involved in was the first time I was interviewed before becoming a guest host, as it was my first such interview and a great honor. 

TVCU #3 - Chris Nigro

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8. My favorite interview I was involved in had to be the one with T. Casey Brennan, as he took us into some awesomely arcane territory we never tread before. 

TVCU #42 - I (May Have) Shot the President - T. Casey Brennan

As owner and CEO of Wild Hunt Press, newly established at this writing, he's completed two novels in the super-hero genre, Centurion: Dark Origins and Moonstalker: A Knight in Buffalo, which are currently in the editing stages and due to be released soon. They will be the first in a shared super-hero universe he hopes to build. Also soon to be released as part of Wild Hunt's initial spate of publications will be a pulp fiction/sci-fi adventure novella Replicant and a kaiju novella Dargolla: A Kaiju Nightmare; the former of which will be part of a larger shared pulp hero and monster universe, and the latter of which he plans to be the first of a shared kaiju/sentai universe I'm also trying to build.

Chris has had several short stories published in anthologies from different publishing houses, including stories for the Tales of the Shadowmen annual anthologies from Black Coat Press (volumes 8-12, at this writing), Sirens Call Publications, and Pro Se Press, his most recent for the former being the upcoming horror anthology What Dwells Below; and his most recent for the latter being the recently released pulp action anthology Write to the Cover Vol. 2. He has had short stories and flash fiction published in The Sirens Call bi-monthly eZine. 

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Chris is also the current curator for the revived MONSTAAH website at and the soon-to-be-relaunched website The Godzilla Saga. He has his notoriously opinionated blog located in cyberspace at His Twitter feed is @godofthunder851.


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