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A long, long time ago--LORD OF THE RINGS:  THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING--Will Turner has an Elvish rune tattoo.

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Around 8th Century B.C.?--CLASH OF THE TITANS--This earlier film also features a sea monster called the Kraken which can be released to cause destruction. The line "Release The Kraken"

Also around 8th Century B.C.?--WRATH OF THE TITANS--Hephaestus (Bill Nighy) says "Release the Kraken!" in reference to events from previous Titans films, but also to his appearance in Pirates where his character released the Kraken for his own purposes.

1690s--ANNE OF THE INDIES--In order to recover his ship impounded by the British, former pirate captain LaRochelle agrees to spy on the notorious Caribbean Sea pirates Blackbeard and Anne Providence.

1690s--DOUBLE CROSSBONES--After being falsely accused of dishonesty, a young man decides to become a pirate.  He meets Blackbeard.


1694-ISH?--CAPTAIN KIDD AND THE SLAVE GIRL--Anthony Dexter---bare-chested most of the film with the smoldering nostrils from "Valentino"---as "Captain Kidd" is saved from hanging by an Earl who wants to get his hand on Kidd's treasure. The Earl thinks the best method is to put a woman confederate (Jeanine Duvall) aboard Kidd's ship as a slave girl to wrest or wrestle the information from him. They fight a lot as a prelude to falling in love, and then work together against the evil Earl's none-too-well laid plan. Alan Hale, Jr. (Simpson) is along as Kidd's trusted friend, while Sonia Sorrell (as Ann Bonney) displays a lot of what the best-undressed female pirate wasn't wearing on pirate ships of the time.  Blackbeard is also involved.  Note that clearly the Blackbeard of the TVCU had a longer lifespan than his real world counterpart.  He also seemed to survive the events of Stranger Tides.  Eventually he died, and served time in Hell, briefly visiting Earth as a ghost or being resurrected by sorcerers and witches.

1703 to 1791--JOHN WESLEY--When young John Wesley is saved from the flames burning his family's home, he believes God has chosen him for a higher mission. He grows up to become a minister in the Church of England but disapproves of concern within the church over the social position of the clergy. He concerns himself more with the common people and with individual religious experiences. He tries to accomplish his purposes by remaining within the church but the methodical way in which he and his followers go about their duties soon sets them apart as a special group jeeringly called Methodists. (Produced by the Radio and Film Commission of the Methodist Church in cooperation with J. Arthur Rank.)  King George appears.

1719--THE GIRL AND THE LEGEND--King George appears.

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About 1722--THE BUCCANEERS--Captain Dan Tempest was an ex-pirate who received a pardon from the King and turned privateer after his stronghold of New Providence was taken over by Crown soldiers. Tempest and Lt. Beamish, the Crown-appointed deputy governor, were uneasy allies, fighting the Spanish privateers who were ravaging the Caribbean.  Blackbeard appears in several episodes.

1720s?--CAPTAIN Z-RO--Jet goes in search of Black Beard's treasure on Mulberry Island. Due to a malfunction, Jet overshoots his intended target and rather than treasure has a first hand encounter with Black Beard himself.

1727--KING OF THE WIND--In 1727, an Arab colt is born with the signs of the wheat ear and the white spot on his heel: evil and good. And thus begins the life of Sham. He is a gift to the King of France, through a series of adventures with his faithful stable boy, Agba, he becomes the Godolphin Arabian, the founder of one of the greatest thoroughbred racing lines of all time.  King George appears.

Circa 1730?--THE SPANISH MAIN--After being wronged by the Caribbean authorities, a Dutch captain turns pirate to wage war.  Source of line "Poppet!"

1730--DIE ABRAFAXE - UNTER SCHWARZER FLAGGE--Three boys visit a museum and discover a golden bowl - part of a legendary Aztec treasure. While looking at the treasure they set off the secret of time traveling before they know it they are aboard a pirate ship in the 18th century. They meet the beautiful female pirate Anne Bonnie, and the evil and ruthless pirate of the Caribbean Capt. Blackbeard. They must help Anne Bonnie, keep Tortuga free and from the clutches of Capt. Blackbeard, save the island, Bonnie, and find their way back home.

1730s--TIME SQUAD--The Time Squad meet Blackbeard twice.

1737--BLACK SAILS--Captain Flint and his pirates, twenty years prior to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island".

1740--CROSSBONES--Set during the golden age of piracy in the 1700s and centers on legendary pirate Blackbeard.

1745--BONNIE PRINCE CHARLIE--In the Jacobite Rising of 1745, the Young Pretender Bonnie Prince Charlie leads an insurrection to overthrow the Protestant House of Hanover and restore his family, the Catholic branch of the House of Stuart, to the British throne.  King George appears.

1745-ish?--THE ADVENTURES DICK TURPIN:  THE GUNPOWDER PLOT--A highwayman saves the King from assassination.


1750s--THE DEVIL'S SPEAR:  ASSASSIN'S CREED 4 - BLACK FLAG--The fearsome pirates Edward Kenway and Blackbeard pretty much own the seas. This is what happens when you mess with them.

1750s--TIME WARP TRIO--"The Not-So-Jolly Roger"--Joe, Sam and Fred Are celebrating Joe's Birthday when he receives a present from his Uncle Joe. It is beautiful book with a cryptic warning of 'Be careful what you wish for'. Soon the boys are transported through time to the 18th century and find themselves prisoners of Blackbeard the pirate. Blackbeard is very clever and when they are all captured by the British Navy the boys must convince the court that they are not the Terrible Tripoli Trio as Blackbeard has dubbed them. They must get out of this predicament and search for the book which is their only hope of getting back to their time.

1750s--BLACKBEARD, THE PIRATE--Honest Edward Maynard finds himself serving as ship's surgeon under the infamous pirate Blackbeard.

1756--THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS--In the year 1756, Fort William Henry on Lake George is under siege by the French and Hurons under General Montcalm. Alice and Cora Munro, young daughters of the British Commander, Colonel Munro, set out from Albany to join their father at the fort. They are accompanied by Major Duncan Heyward, who has loved Alice for a long time, and by a renegade Huron named Magua. He leads them astray with the view of betraying them into the hands of a wandering party of Hurons, but his plans are foiled by Hawkeye, a Colonial scout, when he and his comrades, Chingachgook and his son Uncas, rescue the party and conduct them safely to the fort. Shortly after wards, Munro surrenders on honorable terms to Montcalm and is permitted to march out of the fort under arms and colors. He is then mortally wounded by Magua during a massacre by the Indians as the fort is being evacuated. Cora and Alice are carried off by Magua and Heyward, aided by Hawkeye, Chingachgook and Uncas, sets out in search of them.  King George appears.

Around 1760?--THE ADVENTURES OF YOUNG JACK SPARROW--A young Jack Sparrow during his rise to becoming a first time captain aboard a mutinous pirate ship, mostly thanks to a couple willing swashbuckling conspirators.

Around 1760?--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  THE YOUNG SPARROW--After being marooned on a deserted island, a young Jack Sparrow comes across rum runners and attempts to negotiate with them for safe passage off the island.

Image result for THE MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN SHOW--"Blackbeard"

1760s?--THE MR. PEABODY & SHERMAN SHOW--"Blackbeard"--The time travelers encounter Blackbeard.

1760s--THE BOY AND THE PIRATES--Young boy is magically transported back in time to a pirate ship on the high seas and encounters Blackbeard.

Around 1770?--PIRATI DEI CARAIBI:  LA BUSSOLA DEI SETTE MARI--The Compass of the Seven Seas - Pirates of the Caribbean Fan Film (2015)" is a non-profit fan film based on the original prequel story. Pirates of the Caribbean is the sole copyright of Disney.

18th Century--ARISTOCRATS--18th-century England and Ireland viewed through the eyes of four beautiful high-born sisters - Caroline, Emily, Louisa, and Sarah Lennox, great-granddaughters of a king, daughters of a cabinet minister, and wives of politicians and peers.  King George appears.

Circa 1777?--THE CURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND--After escaping an evil carnival, Guybrush encounters both his true love Elaine and his arch-enemy LeChuck. After defeating LeChuck Guybrush proposes marriage to Elaine, mistakenly using a cursed diamond ring, turning her into solid gold.  Many elements from the monkey island game appear throughout the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN franchise.

1770s--PIRATES:  THE LEGEND OF BLACK KAT--When Captain Hawke and his Crimson Guard begin seeking dominion of the Five Seas, pirate captain Katarina deLeone, the "Black Kat", vows to squelch his rise to power and free the seas from his tyrannical rule.  Blackbeard is involved.

1780?--TALES OF THE CODE:  WEDLOCKED--Wenches Scarlett (Lauren Maher) and Giselle (Vanessa Branch) fix each other up for their wedding, in which they would each marry their groom. Upon realizing that both their grooms were the same man – Jack Sparrow – the two wenches find themselves in an auction led by the Auctioneer. The short film serves as a prequel to The Curse of the Black Pearl, explaining just why Jack Sparrow's boat, the Jolly Mon, was seen sinking at the beginning of the whole story, and explaining why wenches Scarlett and Giselle were so upset with him, and it also implies how Cotton lost his tongue. The plot took inspiration from the "Auction scene" from the original ride.  The short was directed by James Ward Byrkit, and was only included as a special feature in the US 15 disc 3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy box set that includes Pirates 1–4; and in the similar UK 5-disc set.

1780?--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL--Though no longer in TVCU canon, within the divergent Classic TVCU, it was a theory that the two British sailors who are guarding the ships and get tricked by Captain Jack in his attempt to steal a ship are in fact the fat one and thin one, Ollu and Buzsla.  These two show up again in the third film where during the final epic battle, they are guarding the chest containing Davy Jones' heart, and later, strip out of their uniforms and throw on pirate garb to join Jack's crew.  The immortal bumblers went by the names Murtogg and Mullroy at this time.


Spring 1780--DISNEY ADVENTURES--"Enter... The Scarecrow!"--Captain Jack encounters "the Scarecrow"!  Though no date is given as to the placement of the story, it is implied that it takes place at some point between The Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest; Jack states that "scary, ghosty, undeady pirates are becoming quite common in the Caribbean these days", likely referring to Hector Barbossa and his crew, whose curse Jack learned was a fact during the events of the first film.
The "scarecrow" appears to be based on Reverend Doctor Christopher Syn, a character created by Russell Thorndike also known as "The Scarecrow" and who sets out to rescue citizens of Romney Marsh.

Summer 1780--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  DEAD MAN'S CHEST--When Jack is forced to reveal the black spot on his hand to his crewsies, he states that his eyesight is fine, a reference to Blind Pew, deliverer of the black spot, implying a connection to TREASURE ISLAND.

1780 to 1790--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  AT WORLD'S END--Gibbs declares "Sweet Blessed Westley", invoking the famed pirate who was once the Dread Pirate Roberts in THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

Jack Sparrow Vs LeChuck by JasonTDNo automatic alt text available.

Late 1700s--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  ON STRANGER TIDES--Captain Jack Sparrow is on a quest to find the fabled Fountain of Youth and crosses paths with a former lover, Angelica. She forces Jack aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, a ship captained by the infamous pirate Blackbeard, Angelica's father. Both are also in search of the Fountain; Angelica to save her father's soul, Blackbeard to escape a prophecy of his demise at the hands of a one-legged man. Joining the hunt is former pirate captain Barbossa, now a privateer in King George II's Navy, who is in a race against the Spanish for the Fountain of Youth.

18th Century--MOONFLEET--John Trenchard is an orphan who dreams of finding Blackbeard's riches. But a friendship with a notorious smuggler soon forces him into hiding with a price on his head, wondering if he'll ever see Moonfleet again.

Late 1700s--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES--Thrust into an all-new adventure, a down-on-his-luck Captain Jack Sparrow finds the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost Spanish Royal Navy soldiers led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Armando Salazar (Javier Bardem), escape from the Devil's Triangle, determined to kill every pirate at sea, including him. Captain Jack's only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas.  

Late 1700s--PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 6--Shortly before the release of On Stranger Tides, it was reported that Disney was planning to shoot back-to-back the fifth and the sixth films, although it was later revealed that only the fifth film was in development. With the release of the official trailer of Dead Men Tell No Tales, it was clarified the Dead Men will be the last film in the franchise. However, on March 4, 2017, director Joachim Rønning stated that Dead Men was only the beginning of the final adventure, implying that it could not be the last film of the franchise.

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Early 19th Century--JACK OF ALL TRADES--"The Floundering Father"--Emilia's latest invention, a submarine, comes in handy when the captured Benjamin Franklin is being taken to Napoleon on Blackbeard's ship.  Blackbeard also appears in another episode, "Shark Bait".

1803--CAPTAIN BUTLER--"Kidnapped"--Butler encounters Blackbeard.

1804--BLACKBEARD--The town of Martinique is attacked, sacked, and Governor Gonzales and his soldiers are captured by the nefarious Blackbeard and his pirate band. The Governor, his wife and her friends are all taken to the pirate ship. The Governor is made to walk the plank before his horrified wife, but his rescue comes unexpectedly at the hands of Conchita, his wife's maid, who grasps a knife from a pirate, dives overboard, cuts the Governor's bonds, and both swim away. They succeed in reaching land, where some kind fishermen recognize the Governor and take him and his companion to their cottage. But on board the ship the prisoners are hustled into the boat, tied to the rings, and Blackbeard prepares to suffocate them with sulfur. The fishermen have sighted an English man-o'-war, and they hasten to the Governor who boards the vessel, and after explaining his predicament, the commander of the vessel orders the deck cleared for battle. But the pirate vessel has likewise sighted the British man-o'-war, and prepares for action. Blackbeard orders the sulfur to be lighted, and then leaves to superintend preparations on deck. A shot pierces the side of the vessel, allowing the welcome air in to somewhat revive the prisoners. Right is might, and the pirate is boarded by the English sailors and the pirates put to rout. Blackbeard and his ringleaders are hung at the yardarms of his own vessel.  Note the real Blackbeard lived from 1680 to 1718.  The TVCU Blackbeard seemed to have lived from 1670 to 1804.  He aged much slower though, appearing to be no older than in his early 60s when he died.

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1836?--THE LITTLE MERMAID--Before the clash of military and pirates in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  AT WORLD'S END, one of the pirate lords mutter to themselves something along the lines of "May Ursula save us." As there is no Greek God named Ursula, this is a reference to the previous Disney film.

1842--DEAD MAN'S WALK--Captain Salazar appears in three episodes.  He also appeared in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN:  DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES.

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c. 1869--ONCE UPON A TIME--"Good Form"--Killian and Liam Jones lead a British Naval expedition to Neverland on a ship that will be redubbed the Jolly Roger by Killian after his brother's death.  After being betrayed by the king, Killian chooses a life of piracy.  In the TVCU, the Jolly Roger's fate is told is the Pirates of the Caribbean films.  And in fact, the inference was that Liam would become Davy Jones.  The fact that Killian takes the ship means that Killain must not be from the TVCU.  Another is in the most recent episode, "Going Home."  When the curse is enacted again, everyone is sent to their home realms, except for Henry, because he was born in the TVCU, and for Emma, because as the savior she was born to break the curse.  So that means Killian (Hook) must not be from the TVCU.  So he must have come from a realm very much like the TVCU, and one that actually seemed to match up time period wise.  

1920s--SOCIETY OF EXPLORERS AND ADVENTURERS--From Matt Hickman:  So I'm not going to list them right now because I had a list then my comp Blue Screened But the Newest Disney Bars Trader Sam's Grog Grotto,Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar have brought the disney Version of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,The Rocketeer, Lt. Robin Crusoe USN ,Pete’s Dragon,Castaway Cowboy,The Pirates of the Caribbean films,Enchanted Tiki Room,Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, the disney Version of Swiss Family, Disney's Aladdin,The Western River Railroad, Tom Sawyer Island, Howard Stark,and Typhoon Lagoon into Society of Explorers and Adventurers lore which already included Fortress Explorations,the Tower of Terror Tokyo DisneySea version, Mystic Manor, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad all versions, Grizzly Gulch,Grizzly Peak,Phantom Manor,Phantom Manor, The Haunted Mansion,Skipper Canteen,Oceaneer Lab, Raging Spirits, the Adventurers Club,Indiana Jones and the Jungle Cruise.  They are 3 restaurants at diffnert Disney parks that are filled with References I don't remember which of the 3 has the Pirates of the Caribbean but the setting of them would be the4 1920's or so and ity ties into the over all meta plot of this.  I remember the prates reference now Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar. Has the messages in the bottles.  One of them is from Jack Sparrow.

1930s--CASPER'S SCARE SCHOOL--Davy Jones appears in a portrait wall of Scare School alumni.

1957--HOLD THAT HYPNOTIST--Sach and Duke set out to expose a stage hypnotist as a phony. In order to do so, Sach allows himself to be hypnotized and "regressed" to a past life--which he discovers was as a tax collector who gets a map of buried treasure from Blackbeard the Pirate. The hypnotist gets Sach to reveal the location of the map and the treasure, planning to lock up the boys and get the treasure for himself.

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February 1968--THE MONKEES--"The Devil and Peter Tork"--Peter browses through a pawn shop owned by a mysterious man known as S. Zero. He meets Zero and the two chat about the varied instruments he is selling, Zero talking cryptically about the previous owners of the instruments. Peter then notices a harp and falls in love with the instrument even though he has never played the instrument before. When Peter says he would give anything for the harp, Zero makes a deal - Peter will sign a contract to own the harp and pay for it later. Peter happily signs and carries the harp home, and does not see when Zero makes a phone call to inform his home office that he - in reality The Prince Of Darkness - has purchased Peter's soul. Zero later appears at The Monkees' beach house and tells Peter he can play the harp; when the initially disbelieving Peter begins playing and finds he has great dexterity in doing so, Zero disappears and Micky, Mike, and Davy are left surprised at Peter's ability. The Monkees integrate the harp into their touring act and are an enormous success - until Zero returns and it is revealed that he is The Devil, who now wants Peter's soul by midnight, although Mike vows to take Zero to court over his contract, leading to a trial in Hades itself at which Peter must prove to a waiting gaggle of criminals that he can play the harp on his own, without the help of Zero.  Blackbeard is in Hell.

1968--BLACKBEARD'S GHOST--On the Carolina coast, Godolphin College's new track coach lodges at Blackbeard's Inn, run by the Daughters of the Buccaneers who claim to be descendants of the notorious pirate and who risk losing their hotel to the local mobster.

January 1970--THE GHOST & MRS. MUIR--"Not So Faust"--When he finds out Claymore is trying to con Carolyn into paying double rent every month, Captain Gregg decides to teach Claymore a much-needed lesson.  Blackbeard is a ghost.

1973--POOR DEVIL--A young down on his luck resident of hell (Sammy Davis Jr.) is given a chance to redeem himself by signing up a down on his luck retail accountant to sell his soul to Lucifer (Christopher Lee).  Blackbeard is in Hell.

Capn vs Capn by StudioBueno

1980s--VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA--"The Return of Blackbeard"--The original Blackbeard takes over some of the Seaview crew including Kowalski to blow up a ship carrying King Solomon's Golden Throne. The remaining crew try to find a way to disable Blackbeard's power source.

November 1983--HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE--"Castle of Heroes"--Skeletor's old ally, Monteeg, plans to capture He-Man and make him a member of his team.  Other members of Monteeg's team are Hannibal and Blackbeard.

Late July 1985--KINGDOM HEARTS/KILALA PRINCESS--LOONIVERSE--Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan participate in the Crisis!!! James Bojaciuk comments: Yup. We have shadow demons and red skies. Kingdom Hearts is a pain. Sora, Donald, and Goofy visit just about every universe in the TVCM. The Looniverse is visited most, but they make sure to visit Tarzan (TVCU), Wonderland, Halloweentown (which, per Gordon's Rankin-Bass book, is not part of the Looniverse), the Final Fantasy world, NeverLand, 100 Acre Woods, Port Royal (TVCU--during a series of events that take place shortly after the first Pirates of the Caribbean film), TRON (the world of a video game inside the TVCU, though is can be accessed from other universes), and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (TVCU, again). And this makes the book crazier because all of these entries fall at random points on both the objective and subjective timeline. The [Crisis] book will only follow the subjective timeline that follows events in the order Yog Sothoth experienced them--it's the only way that the nonlinear events even begin to correctly fall on a linear timeline. It's worth noting that the Tarzan they met might be the Looniverse Tarzan. That one could go either way, though I generally ignore the weirder portions of that and just assume it's a hugely fictionalized meeting with the real Tarzan.

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February 1999--SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH--"Sabrina and the Pirates"--Sabrina's aunts send in their magic for its annual overhaul, but when it is sent back, it ends up in the hands of three pirate prisoners they forgot to release years before, and Sabrina, also without magic due to a mishap, must save them.  The pirates are Blackbeard, Hook and Nemo.  The three pirates later appear again, applying for a job as housekeepers, in "Prelude to a Kiss".


Release Date: March 28, 2002 (Setting is contemporary and in various other settings relative to the worlds; see notes)
Other Crosses: Pirates of the Caribbean; Tron
The Story: In the reality called Destiny Islands, shadow creatures called the Heartless kidnap Sora’s friends and destroy his reality. Sora obtains the Keyblade, the one weapons that can destroy the Heartless. Sora survives his world’s destruction and ends up in another reality called Traverse Town. Meanwhile, in the alternate reality of Disney Town, King Mickey has left to investigate the cause of the Heartless, and tasks Donald and Goofy to use Gummi Ships, the only means known to travel between worlds, to seek out the holder of the key. They locate Sora and the three then begin a quest to locate Mickey and Sora’s friends, stop the Heartless, and save the multiverse.
Notes: The Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia operates with Who Framed Roger Rabbit as its foundation. I refer to the Cartoon Universe as existing under the Toontown concept, where most cartoons coexist within the same shared reality. And indeed, series like Roger Rabbit, House of Mouse, and Drawn Together have demonstrated that all of the Disney properties interact regularly in Toontown of the same shared reality which we call the Cartoon Universe. Kingdom Hearts, which is also officially licensed by Disney, claims that all the various Disney properties exist in separate realities within the same multiverse, and that travel between worlds is rare and nearly impossible. Bear with me as I try to use in-story references to create a theory to reconcile the situation. In Kingdom Hearts, the multiverse is being destroyed, one reality at a time, by a great evil who gains more power as the light is replaced by the darkness. Shadow beings are used as agents. In the end, the destroyed worlds are restored to existence. We know from most entries within this reference guide that the Cartoon Universe has enough evidence to support its existence. The Cartoon Universe is more of a “merged reality”, in which all of the separate worlds are mixed together to coexist in one single reality. There is a similar situation in fiction in which we can draw a parallel. In DC Comics, prior to 1985, their properties existed on several different alternate realities. In 1985, they published an event called Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which a very powerful being, utilizing shadow beings, was destroying the worlds, one at a time, gaining more power as anti-matter replaced the positive matter. Darkness was replacing light. In the end, when the villain was defeated, a new universe was created, a merged reality that combined elements of the previous realities. Later, though, it was revealed that even though a new merged reality existed, the previous realities still existed in a series of divergent timelines called Hypertime. Thus, the merged reality existed and the other separate realities still existed, but now it was said that travel between these worlds was rare and nearly impossible. To solidify this theory, recall that Scooby-Doo was brought into the Cartoon Universe by Roger Rabbit, and Scooby’s team-ups with Batman from the New Adventures of Batman are Cartoon Universe canon. In Batman: the Brave and the Bold, a multiverse also exists in which it's claimed that every version of Batman exists. The Scooby/Batman team-ups were specifically shown as one such alternate reality within that multiverse and several comic book versions of Batman were also shown to exist. Additionally, in DC’s Hypertime, several cartoon versions of Batman that are also shown to be part of the Brave and the Bold multiverse exist, and it’s said that in Hypertime, every version of DC Comics characters that ever existed or will exist has a place in Hypertime. So effectively, DC’s Hypertime and the multiverse from the Brave and the Bold seem to be what we are referring to as the Cartoon Multiverse. DC of course considered the DC Universe to be the central timeline, but of course they would say that. But consider for our purposes if the Cartoon Universe was the central timeline. So in this hypothetical situation, a previous multiverse may have existed, but after the Crisis, the Cartoon Universe, as laid out in this reference guide was the result, but the previous worlds that existed before, still existed in Hypertime. Kingdom Hearts is the Hypertime of the Cartoon Multiverse.


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Release Date: November 6, 2005
Animated Series Crosses: G.I. Joe; Super Friends
The Story: When the FCC goes overboard on censorship, Peter creates his own pirate television station.

Notes: Cobra Commander is the head of the FCC. In the canon of G.I. Joe, Cobra is a terrorist organization that has many fronts, though they are usually corporations and towns, not government agencies. Apache Chief, a super-hero who originated on the Super Friends, helps Peter put a satellite dish on his roof using his power to grow large. Non-canonical: The opening sequence is a direct parody of the opening of The Naked Gun, and also incorporates Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Wizard of Oz, The Shining, Ben-Hur, Doom, The Sound of Music, The Simpsons and Bobby’s World. Peter has a cutaway flashback in which he is raped by Jake Ryan of Sixteen Candles on his sixteenth birthday. In another cutaway flashback, Peter owned a mail-order business transporting Acme products to Wile E. Coyote. There is also a parody version of the Honeymooners seen on TV.


Roberts, Alison, & Inigo

NOV - The crew of the Dreamship Escapade, which includes Janos Schablotski, Alison Wonderland, and Adam Kennedy, encounter the crew of the Gummi Ship High Wind, including Sora, Roxas, and Riku, during each ship's cross-dimensional travels, which hurls both teams into unfamiliar regions. Alison is briefly held captive by extradimensional counterparts to the Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya, and Janos becomes a Keyblade wielder.
The Highwind and her crew, as well as Keyblades, are from the KINGDOM 
Sora, Roxas, and Janos
HEARTS (2002) franchise of games and media, which features various worlds based on different Disney properties. Roberts and Inigo are counterparts to the characters from THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1973), which takes place in the TVCU. Likely they are in the same Kingdom Hearts world that possesses counterparts to the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN characters, since a crossover between the two franchises exists within the TVCU, as established in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST(2006).

2010--RELIC HUNTING ZOMBIES--Relic Hunter, Rogue River, teams up with a historian to try and find the legendary treasure of Blackbeard - but only succeeds in unleashing the zombie hordes of Baron Samedi. Can Rogue's son, Wilde River rescue them?

Release Date: April 13, 2012 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Cabin in the Woods
Horror Crosses: Alien; Half-Life; Evil Dead; Poltergeist; Frankenstein (Universal); Child’s Play; Creature from the Black Lagoon; Corpse Bride; Killer Klowns from Outer Space; Stephen King Universe; Killjoy; Devil’s Rejects; Clownhouse; Drive Thru; Funhouse; Amusement; Circus of Fear; Clown Camp; Demonic Toys; Demons; Night of the Demons; Supernatural; Charmed; Gremlins; Ghoulies; Creeps; Troll; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Frankenstein (novel); Dr. Giggles; The Human Centipede; House on Haunted Hill; The Dead Pit; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; The Strangers; Underworld; Attack of the 50 Foot Woman; Troll Hunter; Anaconda; Python; Mega Snake; Snakes on a Plane; Resident Evil; Hellraiser; Cannibal Holocaust; Creepshow; Legend of Sleepy Hollow; Attack of the Jack-O-Lanterns; Pumpkinhead; Frankenfish; The Mummy! Or a Tale of the Twenty-Second Century; The Mummy (Universal); The Hills Have Eyes; Wrong Turn; Chernobyl Diaries; 28 Days Later; Signal; the Works of Quentin Tarantino; Left 4 Dead; Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos; Re-Animator (film); Siren; The Exorcist; The Exorcism of Emily Rose; Reptilicus; Jurassic Park; Abominable Bigfoot; The Legend of Boggy Creek; Ape Canyon; Curse of Bigfoot; Night of the Bloody Apes; Wendigo; Night Beasts; Night of the Scarecrow; Scarecrows; Husk; Scarecrow Gone Wild; The Scarecrows Walk at Midnight; The Town that Dreaded Sundown; The Craft; Witches of Eastwick; Hocus Pocus; Jack Frost; Hellboy (film); Rumplestiltskin; Leprechaun; Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters; Gingerbread Man; The Vampyre; Dracula (novel); Nosferatu; The Wolf Man; An American Werewolf in London; The Howling; Wolf; Texas Chainsaw Massacre; Friday the 13th; Night of the Living Dead; Return of the Living Dead; F.E.A.R.; The Blob; Feast; Horrors of the Wendigo; Frostbiter; Ghost; Bram Stoker’s Dracula (film); The Cyclops; Cyclops Giant; Nightbreed; Leeches!; Attack of the Giant Leeches; Rows of Teeth; The Birds; Killing Birds; Birdemic: Shock and Terror; Silent Hill; Attack of the Killer Lane Gnomes; Alligator; Lake Placid; Them!; Legion of Fire: Killer Ants!; Ants; Empire of the Ants; King Kong; Centipede Horror; The Giant Claw; The Ring; Attack of the Giant Gila Monster; The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms; Tarantula; Eight Legged Freaks; Jaws; Frogs; Lord of Darkness; House of the Dead; The Grudge; Chopping Mall; BlinkyTM; The Kraken; Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep; Octopus; The Beast; Deep Rising; It Came From Beneath the Sea; Tentacles; Eye of the Beast; Mega Shark; Giant Octopus; Castle Freak; Tokyo Gore Police; Septic; Mutants; Ogre; Blood Pool; Legend of the Ogre; Killing Floor; Little Shop of Horrors; The Breed; Hatchet; Phantasm; See No Evil; Thinner; Monster House; Attila; Dead Snow; Frankenstein’s Army; Manhunt; The Monster in the Closet; Killer Eyes; Demomata; CSP-682; Parasite Eve 2; Dead Space; Night of the Lepus; Creature from the Haunted Sea; Tremors; Hostel; The Collection; The Butcher; Dead Rising; My Bloody Valentine; The Exterminator; Willard; War of the Worlds; Signs; Lollipop Chainsaw; Ghost Ship; Curse of the Pirates; Jolly Roger; Lead Soldiers; Vampire Vikings; The Witch; Blair Witch Project; The Village; The Thing; Vampire Breath; Goosebumps; Angel; King Cobra
Non-Horror Crosses: Harry Potter; Wizard of Oz; Great Expectations; Batman; Labyrinth; Land of the Giants; The Wrath of Paul Bunyan; Dreamscape; Last of the Mohicans; Blood Meridian; Scalps; Savage Sam; Sin City; Kevin Spencer; We Need to Talk About Kevin; Jacob’s Ladder; Doctor Who; Black Swan; Pan’s Labyrinth; Nutcracker; Blade Hunter; The Chronicles of Narnia; Time Bandits; The Princess and the Frog; Pirates of the Caribbean; Futurama; The Incredible Shrinking Man; Pee-Wee’s Playhouse; Red Planet; Terminator; Zathura; Hardware; Robot Wars; Bacterial Contamination; Firefly; Clash of the Titans; Team Fortress; Man from Planet X; Starship Troopers; Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal; Twisted Metal
The Story: A group of teens head out for a weekend in a cabin in the woods, not knowing that they have been chosen as sacrifices to an ancient deity in order to save the world from his wrath.

Notes: This film exposes the secret truth behind modern horror. Behind it all is a secret organization, chosen to sacrifice youth to ancient gods. All of the above named crossovers have been linked in this film, and revealed to be part of this secret conspiracy. Most of the crossovers above come from the monsters and artifacts contained in the facility. While some of the monsters and artifacts are clearly from certain films above, many are based on certain types of horror films, in which case I included the more well-known of these film types. I recommend the well-researched Cabin in the Woods Wiki for a more detailed listing of the monsters and their inspirations. Note that I included in the above crossovers some monsters that only appeared in the official novelization and the official Universal Theme Park attraction tie-in. With this film, I break one of my major rules of crossover connecting. Though some of the crosses are direct crosses, like Evil Dead and Left 4 Dead, most of them are only connected because the films represent the more well-known films of the trope from which a certain monster comes. Normally, I would not count something that is “like something from”, but there is dialogue within the film that makes me break my rule. In one scene, referring to the monsters, security officer Daniel Truman says “They’re like something from a nightmare.” Lin, a head scientist, responds, “No, they’re something nightmares are from.” She goes on to explain that these monsters are the creations of the Ancient Ones, having been around since the beginning, and different cultures have told stories that interpret them in different ways. Thus, in the instance of this film, “like” is enough because of the author’s intent. And thus my love/hate relationship with Joss Whedon, for expanding the Horror Universe dramatically but making me do a lot of work to write this entry. Note that this film ends with the start of an apocalypse, so the end must veer into a divergent timeline. We must presume in the main Horror Universe, the virgin shot the fool. And if you haven’t seen the movie, that last sentence probably seems very bizarre. This film has been referenced as fictional in South Park, The Cinema Snob, Scary Movie 5, and Doc of the Dead. It is also paid homage to in Red Dawn when Chris Hemsworth and his friends once more wind up in a cabin in the woods. The film has also been spoofed in Robot Chicken and Scary Movie 5.

Image result for SAINTS ROW:  GAT OUT OF HELL

2015--SAINTS ROW: GAT OUT OF HELL--Johnny Gat and the Saints in search of the leader of the Saints who has been kidnapped by Satan.  Blackbeard is in Hell.


Fairy tales can be very complicated when piecing together a shared reality.  Because they are public domain, they tend to get incorporated into a number of different fantasy series, and each time the writers of that series put their own personal spin on the tale.

For the TVCU dynamic, we originally had the premise that fairy tale characters had existed in the past of the TVCU  based on Dennis Powers' interpretations in his Immortal Befuddled.  Any other stories that involved fairy tale characters crossing with TVCU series were the same characters, except in circumstances where the characters magically came from a book or were pictures brought to life.

Meanwhile, the Looniverse had its own version of the fairy tales characters, which were mostly the Disney films.  These also took place in the proper past time periods, but the characters, being toons, maintained immortality.

I later removed Immortal Befuddled from the TVCU canon (simply to maintain the integrity of the view that events in the TVCU happened as we see them on the screen.)  So instead, the TVCU versions of the fairy tale characters very loosely now became that which we saw on the screen, in crosses with TVCU series, even if sometimes there was more than one contrary version.

And then, when I thought it was all settled and cemented, along came Once Upon a Time.  Once Upon a Time jumped right in with crosses with Lost, so I couldn't ignore the show.  And in fact, since this was the strongest TV presence of fairy tale characters, this show would have to trump any other version.

But it doesn't have to.  The characters on Once Upon a Time come from a group of interconnected pocket realities.  And within the canon of this series, the story of Snow White and most other fairy tales only happened about 30 years ago.  In fact, the oldest of the characters is only about 300 years old.

Most fairy tales are much older than that.  So my usual theory about psychic writers doesn't apply so well here.  Oh, sure, I could say the Brothers Grimm were seeing the future when they came up with their stories, but I don't buy it, mainly because there is still evidence of crossovers with fairly tale characters in their original time frames with TVCU characters, which are clearly not the same versions as those in Once Upon a Time.

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So we must assume the characters from Once Upon a Time are not the same TVCU fairy tale characters, even if Storybrooke is in the TVCU.  To explain further, I might sidestep into a detour to discuss another TVCU theoretical concept.

In the beginning, there was but one universe in the TVCU, and almost out of necessity, a mirror universe was created.  In between was an empty void.  But then there was a rift between the Time Lords.  Some followed the ways of Bill, some of Ted.  Half of the Time Lords decided the universe wasn't right, so they made their own copy.  One of the changes they made to their reality was to banish magic.  (Perhaps this was to reduce the threat of the Old Ones.)  The magic from this second world (which we now call the Whoniverse) was sent into the void.  There, the magic began forming pocket realities, filled with magic, and resembling Earth, but in bizarre and warped ways.

Some of these realities formed the cartoon realities.  But others were the fairy tale realms, as seen in Once Upon a Time.  Thus, the fairy tale characters from Once Upon a Time are doppelgangers of the TVCU counterparts. This doesn't mean that they aren't real.  They are very real.  But at the same time, they are real duplicates, having the same stories, but in different fashion.

Based on what we've seen of the show (and its spin-off, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland), here are the various realities that seem to be connected by Once Upon a Time, and how they translate into the TVCU concept.

I think that is all right now.  There have been several ways to travel between worlds thus far.  Of course most of the characters came to Storybrooke via a curse.  Emma and Pinocchio came via the wardrobe.  Baelfire came via a magic spell that created a portal.  Snow and Emma later went to the Enchanted Forest via the Mad Hatter's hat, which has doors to all the wolds.  (It's bigger on the inside!)  Magic beans have also been used to travel between worlds.  Mirrors works as portals to Wonderland.  The White Rabbit also has the power to create holes between worlds.  You can reach Neverland in your dreams, or if you can fly, by heading to the second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning.  And mermaids can swim between realms with ease.  Of course, there are other speculative ways, based on some of the realms only loosely associated.  For instance, characters from Star Wars have come to Earth via wormholes. There's of course the connection between Oz and tornadoes.  There's Asgard and rainbow bridges.  And of course, getting zapped into video games like in Tron.


CAPTAIN HOOK'S HOME WORLD--Captain Hook's homeworld is tough to nail down.  He may have come from the Land without Magic (TVCU).  His brother is Davy Jones, and he has a compass that appears broken only because it only points to one's heart desire (i.e. Pirates of the Caribbean).  Sure, the magic they use to get to Neverland seems to imply it can't be the Land without Magic, but Peter Pan's shadow visited Wendy using that same magic, so apparently the magic of Neverland can work in the Land without magic.  Another theory is that Hook comes from Alice's World. 

Image result for Disney Crossy Road has Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

CARTOON UNIVERSE--The House of Mouse episode "Thanks to Minnie" and the game Epic Mickey feature a references to Pirates of the Caribbean.  Disney Crossy Road has Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

DISNEY INFINITY--This seems to be some kind of alternate reality of sorts.  It’s a game which includes characters owned by Disney, including it’s subsidiaries like Marvel.  It seems to have games that are based on Disney stories, and you can choose from numerous licenced characters as playable.  There’s also another part of the game where you can just freestyle with random characters, which means you can have characters from different series meet each other.  But none of it works with regular canon and so thus must be an AU.  So far the series included are:  Pirates of the Caribbean, Incredibles, Monster University, Cars, Disney’s the Lone Ranger, Toy Story, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tangled, Wreck-It Ralph, Frozen, Fantasia, and Phineas and Ferb.  Marvel and Star Wars are scheduled for future editions.

FAIRY TALE LAND--In the seas beyond the Enchanted Forest, a pirate known as Blackbeard has been active for many years. This is not the same Blackbeard from the TVCU that appears in the PIRATES franchise. This is a pocket reality doppelganger created by "the writer". Note there are also a lot of other magic lands boys are transported to via books where a version of Blackbeard is the villain. There are also many stories that place Blackbeard living in a large range of time periods that don't make sense, which I assume to also be writer created pocket realms.

LAND OF FICTION--The Doctor meets another Blackbeard doppelganger in THE MIND ROBBER.

PAN--In the 2015 terrible retelling of Peter Pan, Peter was 12 during World War II (though the original story came from 1904) and comes to Neverland where the bad guy is Blackbeard and Hook becomes Peter's friend similar to how Hook befriended Baelfire in OUAT. (Ripoff, cough.)


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