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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates MICAH S. HARRIS!!!

As stated in our last post, with the launch of our podcast, the definition of membership in the TVCU Crew was expanded to include both website contributors and podcast hosts.

Micah S. Harris started off as a guest, coming on the show to talk about hisr work.  We ran out of time with still more to talk about, so we had him back on as soon as possible.  Eventually, he made a third appearance and became our most frequently returning guest.  Later, when we underwent a drastic cast change up, Micah became a frequent guest co-host.

I will continue at this point to discuss some of my favorites of Micah's episodes. 

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TVCU #6 - Micah S. Harris

January 19, 2016
Join us for this episode as the TVCU Crew talks with author Micah S. Harris about his crossover heavy body of work. We cover a wide range of topics, including King Kong, Becky Sharp, Ravenwood, Jim Anthony, Lorna: Relic Wrangler, supernatural mystery, fairy tales, Tales of the Shadowmen, H.P. Lovecraft, the Robe, Thongor of Lemuria and Return of the Dugpa.

What can I say?  This was the fist time we ran out of time and still needed to ask more questions.  This is the first guest that we booked his second appearance immediately after wrapping up the first interview.  And he's been on three times as guest and a couple times as a guest co-host.  I love Micah.  We share several unique fandoms.  He's a great writer and loves crossovers, and he's just pleasant to chat with.  This is the first episode also where I recognize another scheduling pattern that wasn't intentional.  Most of our guests have cool accents. 

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TVCU #13 - Micah S. Harris Part II

March 8, 2016
Micah S. Harris returns for part 2 of his interview with the Crew. We continue talking about Twin Peaks, Ghost Boy, Ravenwood, and lots of Dugpas! Ivan also gives his review of Dark Water as part of the Grand Guignol Network's HorrorPack Crossover Event!

Remember how I said I didn't epect any guests to say yes?  Well, at this point, we were booking guests months ahead of time due to our popularity, and so it took us seven weeks to get Micah back on.  This was our first and only time we did a movie review.  Ivan gave us a review of Dark Water, as part of a network wide cross promotional event. 

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TVCU #34 - Micah S. Harris and the Return of Becky Sharp

August 2, 2016
Join us this week as author Micah S. Harris returns for an episode where we conduct an extra long interview filled with intellectual discussion on Philip Jose Farmer, Win Scott Eckert, and Sean Lee Levin, the Wold Newton Universe and Crossover Universe, the rerelease of the Eldritch New Adventures of Becky Sharp, Micah's new book Murder in the Miracle Room, and a love for a Disney Channel original series.

For those of you who know, I was partly expelled from the Wold Newton community for suggesting that Hannah Montana was in.  (I was also expelled for being passionately opinionated and extremely dramatic.)  So when I learned that Wold Newton favorite Micah S. Harris, also a friend of our show, was a fan of Liv & Maddie, I had to take the opportunity to get him to talk about Disney Channel shows, just after talking Philip Jose Farmer.  Probably one of my favorite moments on the show.

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TVCU #42 - I (May Have) Shot the President - T. Casey Brennan

September 27, 2016
Micah S. Harris joins James and Chris for a thrillride discussion with award-winning comic author T. Casey Brennan. T. Casey regales the guys with his new story in The Creeps #7, tales of Warren Comics, smoking in comics, and MK Ultra. T. Casey raises the possibility he shot JFK, but that's nowhere near as important as everything MK Ultra was doing to its victims. Buckle in, true believers, this is a wild one. All this and FAMILY FEUD.

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TVCU #43 - Lovecraftian Adaptions with Miskatonic Musings

October 4, 2016
Micah S. Harris joins the guys for a chat with the hosts of Miskatonic Musings. H.P. Lovecraft adaptions, crossovers, the weird tale, Promethu--THE PIG-MAN TAKES OVER THE EPISODE--and favorite Lovecraftian crossovers. All this, and just what M.H. Norris was doing the last two weeks.

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TVCU #51 - Micah S. Harris and the Wizard of Lemuria

November 29, 2016
Micah S. Harris returns to talk about Thongor in the Valley of Demons, a failed move adaption of the sword and sorcery classic, and his new crossover story "The Frequency of Fear." All this, and the dangers of a muted mic.

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TVCU #52 - Micah has a Meal; Tina's Doctor Who Reveal

December 6, 2016
Micah S. Harris sticks around just a bit longer to talk Dorian Grey meeting Becky Sharp, Carnacki, and Orson Welles' career. Then Tina DeLucia--classic Doctor Who expert, Time Travel Nexus author, and convention panelist--comes on to talk about the first Doctor Who and the wonders of the Black and White world. All this, and why Victoria Waterfield is a solid contender for best companion.

When I presented the idea of these bios to the TVCU Crew, I gave them a short interview questionaire, purely optional.  Micah didn't fill one out and return it to me, but if he should in the future, I'll post that here.  



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