Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates NICOLE PETIT!!!

As stated in our last post, with the launch of our podcast, the definition of membership in the TVCU Crew was expanded to include both website contributors and podcast hosts.

Nicole Petit was a guest interviewee on our show twice and a guest co-host once, which is enough to make her a TVCU Crew member.  But it should be noted those three appearances are three of our most popular episodes, not only with our listeners, but also with the rest of the TVCU Crew.

Nicole didn't provide answers to the questionnaire I sent out to the Crewsies, but should she in the future I will post those here.  But below are the links to her three episodes.

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TVCU #11 - Nicole Petit

February 23, 2016
Chris Nigro joins the TVCU Crew as new regular weekly co-host as they talk with Nicole Petit about Scarlet Chase, dragons, Coney Island, the old West, Arthurian legend, southern accents, Bewitched, and of course, crossovers!!!

Up to this point, our first episode with Green was the top rated show.  Nicole Petit, a very new author working with 18thWall, and a special friend of James, blew that away and has remained the top rated show at least until I stepped down from the show.  (I don't see the stats anymore.)  I should point out that up to this point, I had been choosing all the guests for the show, and the guests were all authors who had written something in the past decade that was referenced in my Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  We got this show on the network based on the merits of the HCE, and so I felt an obligation to tie in the book to the show until we got established.  This was the first guest chosen by James.  And she was so delightful and fun.  And again with the accents  She was also part of a pattern in which we seemed to have had on our show or plugged almost every author who would later that year win a New Pulp Ark Award.  Turns out we can pick the winners.  Nicole would come back as guest and guest co-host.

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TVCU #40 - M.H. Norris Returns (18thWall Power Hour #1)

September 13, 2016

James Bojaciuk and Nicole Petit sit down to interview M.H. Norris about Sherlock Holmes, "Harry Potter," why killing one person is harder than killing a dozen, All the Petty Myths, writing advice, forgotten crossovers, sarcastic summaries of creepypasta, and The Time Travel Nexus. Everyone grapples with the most pressing question of all~Who Was Phone? This episode features a special tribute to our former host, Robert E. Wronski. Jr.

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TVCU #41 - Nicole Petit Strikes Back (18thWall Power Hour #2)

September 20, 2016

The tables have turned! Now Nicole Petit is the guest, and M.H. Norris helps James Bojaciuk grill her with questions. Everyone talks about the Arthurian Legends, After Avalon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight's sequel, university award shows, Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories, dragons and From the Dragon Lord's Library, a historically accurate Victorian era, black magic radio, and just what you should do if you submit a series to 18thWall Productions.

Next is our final in the TVCU Crew bio series, as we focus on friend and one-time co-host Patrick Rahall!!!

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