Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates Patrick Rahall!!!

This is the last in the bio series.

Just as it only took one blog post to make Brad Mengel a TVCU Crewsie, likewise Patrick Rahall only guest co-hosted one episode of the podcast, in which we discussed Stranger Things, and that was enough to make him a Crewsie.

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Beyond this one episode, I'd already known Patrick of course.  Some may know him better as Patsy the Angry Nerd.

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I first met Patrick through the live chat experience that accompanies Trick or Treat Radio's live broadcasts on Wednesday night.  Both of us had become quite the irregulars on that show.

I later had the opportunity to meet the man in person at a gathering at Dynamo Marz's home.  (Dynamo, in case you didn't know, was the person who recommended I have my own podcast, and has written the foreword for the 2nd edition of the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.)

At that party, Patsy and I hit it off and I knew I wanted to have him on the show at some point.  Patsy was also a regular co-host on the Elm Street Kids Movie Club and had launched his own show, Throwdown Thursdays.

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It was in the discussion group for Elm Street that I saw Patsy ranting about crossovers in Stranger Things, and we were about to record our own crossover themed discussion of Stranger Things.  So there you go.

Hopefully, once the new show, Random Fandom gets going for a while, we'll start having discussion guests on again, and I would love to have Patsy on the new show.  He certainly has a lot to say about random fandom.

TVCU #38 - Stranger Things

Patsy didn't respond to the questionnaire I sent out, but should he provide me the answers in the future, I'll add them here.

So that's it for the TVCU Crew celebration.  Now back to my backlog of regularly planned posts that I had meant to put out in the past few months.

Coming up next will be A BELATED CHRISTMAS STORY!!!

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