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The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates JOHN D. LINDSEY JR!

The forgotten Crewsie.

At the same time that Matt Hickman had joined the Crew, I had also extended an invitation to John D. Lindsey Jr.

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John  has been one of my most valuable resources, not only for the Television Crossover Universe, but more specifically for the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  Those who are familiar with this website or our discussion forum are likely family with John's contributions.

So when I invited him to become a website contributor, he accepted, but due to technical difficulties, he wasn't able to actually become a contributor to the site.  He did however continue to be one of my top research resources.

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Not many people know, but John was also invited to co-host the first episode of the Television Crossover Universe Podcast, when Ivan couldn't make it.  Our first guest was Simon R. Green, and if not for John, I wouldn't have known how cool Green's work was.  John is the man responsible for all the details in the entries for Green's works in the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  Unfortunately, John's paying job conflicted with our recording studio schedule, and so John couldn't make it to the show, but I extended an open invite for him to come on any time we had a guest or discussion he wanted to join in on, but again, our schedules never synced.  I did manage to name drop John to Simon Green and that was a great moment.

So John has been the Crewsie operating in the background, but never making it to the foreground.  And so, when I did the Crew bios, I neglected to include him.

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I'm pleased to say that John is working on his first TVCU post, and that's why I'm adding a bio for him.  So keep an eye out for that.

And also, should John provide me his answers to the questionnaire I sent out to the Crewsies, I will post those answers here.

Birdman, Harvey Birdman: A Scooby-Doo Multiverse Tie-In and Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia Preview

There are also parody appearances of Scooby-Doo in such shows as Drawn Together, Harvey Birdman, Family Guy and Robot Chicken, which draw from the original Saturday morning cartoons but include more adult themes. I don't consider those part of the original Scooby-Prime timeline. I do reference those crossovers in other blog posts on this website and in the upcoming Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia.

But since Harvey Birdman was the only one of those parodies listed above not to have a blog post...

The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound Poster

1849--THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND HUCKLEBERRY HOUND--It's the gold rush era in the Wild West. A mysterious stranger (Huckleberry Hound) arrives in a small desert town carrying a huge golden nugget. The notorious Dalton brothers steal it. The town asks "the stranger" to go after them.  I know I've placed western Looney Tunes stories and Quick Draw in the contemporary period even with an old west setting because evidence supports it, but in this case, it's clearly set during the gold rush so this is probably ancestors of Hanna-Barbera characters.  Peter Potamus appears, or rather his ancestor.  Peter Potamus later becomes a co-worker of Harvey Birdman at Sebben and Sebben.

The Peter Potamus Show Poster

1964 to 1965--THE PETER POTAMUS SHOW--The sixth Hanna-Barbera syndicated cartoon after their departure from MGM starred Peter Potamus (a purple hippopotamus), and his traveling companion So-So (a monkey), who fly back and forth through time in a balloon participating in historic events. Whenever they get into serious enough trouble, as they do in every episode, Peter defeats his enemies with his trademark "Hippo Hurricane Hollar." Other cartoon shorts include, "Breezly and Sneely," and "Yippee, Yappee, and Yahooey."  Peter Potamus later works with Harvey Birdman at Sebben and Sebben.

BIRDMAN (1967 - 1969)

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September 9, 1967 to September 6, 1969--Birdman is a fictional superhero created by Alex Toth. He debuted on NBC on September 9, 1967, and ran on Saturday mornings until September 6, 1969. The program consists of Birdman, depicting the adventures of a winged superhero powered by the sun centering on the exploits of the extraterrestrial superhero. NBC ran a segment of Birdman each Saturday.  The character of Birdman was revived three decades later in the Cartoon Network/Adult Swim TV series Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, and several characters from Birdman and the Galaxy Trio appeared in this revival.

September 23, 1967--BIRDMAN--"Versus Cumulus, the Storm King"--Matt Hickman comments:  the Storm King. Cumulus, the Storm King uses his Weather Control powers to Hold Central City for Ransom I'm sure Weather Wizard had a talk with him about Gimmick infringement

December 2, 1967--BIRDMAN--"The Chameleon"--And again from Matt:  I'm not saying for sure that he's the Same guy has the Spider-man villain but on the the hand not like Birdman bad guys get any real back story so not like he couldn't be the same guy 

December 30, 1967--BIRDMAN--"Wild Weird West"--From Matt Hickman: In the Birdman episodes he wild weird west Jessie johns gang uses flying robot horses much like the ones Tex Hex's gang uses in Bravestarr

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1967--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--"Turner Classic Birdman"--frame episode for the short "Busy Day for Birdman". Although made in 2005, the short purports to be from 1967, and features many of the modern show's characters in their original incarnations, albeit with modern ironic overtones. Under orders from Falcon Seven, Birdman spends the day foiling the plots of numerous supervillains, including Reducto, Vulturo, Mentok, and X the Eliminator. At the end of the day, exhausted, Birdman resolves to quit being a superhero and take up a normal job (which involves Phil Ken Sebben constantly ordering him around).  Though they state this takes place in 1967, it has many contradictions to both the original Birdman and Harvey Birdman.  X appears, but according the Harvey Birdman, he was recruited by FEAR 26 years before his first Harvey Birdman appearance in 2002, which would have been 1976.  This episode indicates Birdman retires from heroics and goes into law immediately after this 1967 lost episode, but his series ran until 1969.  So I'm going to assume X fought Birdman at least once in 1967 before he was recruited by FEAR to steal the crest in 1976.  I'm also going to assume that perhaps Birdman felt like retiring at some point in 1967, but after a few days of office work returned to heroics.  

January 6, 1968--BIRDMAN--"Birdman vs. the Speed Demon"--Also from Matt:  Not sure if this is really a crossover but in birdman vs the speed demon. The speed demon has found the lost Dutchman's mine.

April 1968 to October 1969--HANNA-BARBERA SUPER TV HEROES # 1 TO 7--Birdman was a featured character.  

July 1, 1968--HANNA-BARBERA SUPER TV HEROES # 2--Though they appeared in separate stories in the BIRDMAN AND THE GALAXY TRIO cartoon series, in this comic issue, Birdman and the Galaxy Trio actually team-up!!!

THE QUIET YEARS (1970 - 1999)

1972--THE ABC SATURDAY SUPERSTAR MOVIE--"Yogi's Ark Lark"--In this, the pilot for what would eventually become "Yogi's Gang", Yogi, Boo Boo and many of his friends including Huckleberry Hound, Snagglepuss, Magilla Gorilla among others decide to build an ark to look for the mythical Perfect Place which is peaceful and hasn't been affected by man and pollution. They hire the Jellystone's janitor Noah Smith to act as captain and travel throughout the world looking for such a place. Even though they think every place they land is a "Perfect place", they soon find out that there is definitely no place like home. Preceded by The Brady Kids on Mysterious Island and Followed by Mad Mad Mad Monsters. Peter Potamus was one of Yogi's Gang. He would later work with Harvey Birdman at Sebben and Sebben.

Mid 1970's--Sometime in the mid 70’s, the Super Friends faced their greatest “challenge” when they encountered a collaboration of villains known as the Legion of Doom. Led by criminal mastermind Lex Luthor, these super-villains sought for nothing less than total domination of the planet Earth. To accomplish this objective however, they first had to vanquish the Super Friends. They also brought in another hero unique to this reality, Apache Chief.

1976--As a young man, X (nicknamed the Eliminator) was commissioned by the evil organization F.E.A.R. to obtain the Crest on Birdman's helmet.   This actually happened in Birdman episode "X the Eliminator", which was aired in 1967, but oddly Harvey Birdman places it 26 years before the 2002 episode, making it 1976 instead.  

Early 1980s--LOST ISSUES--From Ross Pearsall: Who wouldn't have wanted to tune in and see this pairing together on TV in the early 80's? I used to love seeing cartoon crossovers back in the day. Birdman showing up on Space Ghost, Batman meeting Shaggy and Scoobie, The Laff-A-Lympics, even Fred and Barney meeting The Thing... they were all so cool to me! Those offbeat and sometimes cross-company team ups were right up my alley and fueled my imagination. They were definitely a big influence on this blog. See more Lost Issues here.

Birdboy (Wingo)

**APOCRYPHAL**--SEPTEMBER 1982--POWERKID POLICE # 1--"The Super-Trio"--A magical evil calling himself Doctor Deadly comes to Orange from outer space. He claims to have once ruled this world, and now wants to reclaim it. Arriving on the scene to battle this alien wizard is Powerkid, Zap, and a new speedster hero called Speedy. Together, the three are able to stop him where one would have failed. Doctor Deadly flees into outer space. Powerkid and Zap, who are cousins Bobby Wronski and Philip Sheridan, find that this new hero is also their cousin, Shon Ames. The three realize that only by working together were they able to defeat the villain, and that some threats only can be stopped by a team. And so they put the word out that they wish to form a team, and are calling on any new heroes (since there had been a recent explosion of new heroes) who would like to join. The team ends up consisting of initially: Powerkid, Zap, Speedy, the Unknown, Man-Killer, Space Hero, Waterman, Avenger, The Toy, Bird Boy and Bird Girl, Screamer, Witch Woman, Stretch, Vic-20, Tornado Man, and Fireman. Later members would be Kitten Girl, Powergirl, and mascot Chris Whaland. Real Life Notes: During the Super-Bob era, there had been another Super-Trio consisting of Super-Bob, Super-Len, and Witch Woman. Doctor Deadly will later be revealed to be Morgoth from the Lord of the Rings, who is possessing an alien scientist's body. The Powerkid Police is obviously my version of the Justice League of America. Phil Sheridan came up with the name. Powerkid is the PKP version of the JLA's Superman. Zap is the PKP's version of the JLA's Martian Manhunter. Speedy is the PKP's version of the JLA's Flash. Incidentally, a year later, Speedy, under the new name of the Speedster, gets his own series, where he becomes a janitor at a museum in CENTRAL CITY, because he just feels the city needs a speedster. In this reality, the Flash apparently doesn't exist, at least not in the early 80s. Of course, in the TVCU, he does exist in the early 1980s in the Super Friends. I guess there's more than one Central City. The Unknown is the PKP's version of Batman. Man-Killer fills in for Wonder Woman. Space Hero fills for Green Lantern. Waterman for Aquaman. The Toy for the Atom. Bird Boy and Bird Girl are the PKP's Hawkman and Hawkwoman. Interestingly, later, Bird Boy was found to be constantly hopping around in time due to the Crisis. He was the Bird Boy/Bird Man of the 1950s/1960s Wonder Woman stories, the Bird Man of the 1960s cartoon, and later, Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law. Screamer is Black Canary, obviously. Witch Woman fills in for Zatanna. Stretch fills in for Elongated Man, but is actually Stretch Armstrong, as in the toy where you could grab his arms and stretch him out. Vic-20 and Tornado Man took the place of Red Tornado. Tornado Man here is an older hero among the group, formerly having been a member of the Mighty Heroes. Fireman is the replacement for Firestorm. Kitten Girl and Powergirl joined two years later, with no JLA counterpart. Chris Whaland was the Snapper Carr of the group. The PKP disbanded in 1985, but in 1987, I wrote a story from 1984 that retroactively added the character.--**APOCRYPHAL**

FF17 Zigzag

September 26, 1985--APPOINTMENT WITH F.E.A.R.--Again from Matt Hickman, who has watched far more Birdman than I have apparently: So watching old Birdman episodes on You tube one of his Reoccurring Foes is the organization F.E.A.R. I remember having an Old RPg style Gamebook Appointment with F.E.A.R. were you play has the Silver Crusader protecting Titan City form the organization F.E.A.R. 

October 4, 1985-- Commando-- Retired Special Forces operative John Matrix  Kills loads of Baddies to Save his daughter.  

1985--Commando toy-line(diamond  toys)--John Matrix helps the C-Team Battle the Remnants  of the forces of F.E.A.R. We only see four F.E.A.R. operatives. This is likely due to most of the others being taken down by Silver Crusader during The  events of APPOINTMENT WITH F.E.A.R.(see above)

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Release Date: October 1, 1992 - ongoing at time of writing
Series: Cartoon Network
Animated Series Crosses: The Addams Family (Animated); The Addams Family (1992 Animated Revival); Adventures of Aquaman; Adventures of Gulliver; Adventure Time; Almost Naked Animals; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan; Amazing Spiez!; The Amazing World of Gumball; Angelo Rules; Animaniacs; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Arabian Knights; Astro Boy; Atom Ant; Atomic Betty; Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy; Baby Looney Tunes; B.A.E.: The Bremen Avenue Experience; Bakugan; Banana Splits; Barney Bear; Batman Beyond; Batman: The Animated Series; Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Battle of the Planets; Beany and Cecil; Beetlejuice (Animated); Ben 10; Beware the Batman; Beyblade; Big Baby; Big Bag; The Big O; Birdman; Blue Dragon; Bob Clampett Show; Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo; Bomberman Jetters; The Brak Show; Breezly and Sneezly; Buford and the Galloping Ghost; Bugs Bunny; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (Animated); Calling Cat-22!; Camp Lazlo; Capitol Critters; The Captain and the Kids; Captain Caveman; Captain Planet; Cardcaptors; Cartoon Cartoon(s)/What a Cartoon!; Cartoon Planet; Casper and the Angels; Casper’s Scare School; Cattanooga Cats; Cave Kids; CB Bears; Centurions; Chaotic; Chop Socky Chooks; Chuck Jones Show; Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos; Clarence; Clue Club; Code Lyoko; Codename: Kids Next Door; Courage the Cowardly Dog; Cow and Chicken; The Cramp Twins; Cyborg 009; Daffy Duck; Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines; DC Nation; Dennis the Menace (1986 Animated); Detentionaire; Deviln; Dexter’s Laboratory; D.I.C.E.; Dingbat; Dink, the Little Dinosaur; Dino Boy; Don Coyote; Dragon Ball Z; Dragon Hunters; Droopy; Duck Dodgers; Dudley Do-Right; Duel Masters; Dynomutt; Ed, Edd n Eddy; Ed Grimley; Evil Con Carne; Fangface; Fantastic Four (1992 Cartoon); Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006 Cartoon); Fantastic Max; Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor (1996 Cartoon); Firehouse Tales; Flintstone Kids; Flintstones; Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends; Frankenstein, Jr. (Hanna-Barbera); Freakazoid!; Funky Phantom; Galaxy Goof-Ups; Galaxy Trio; Galtar and the Golden Lance; Garfield; Gary Coleman Show; Generator Rex; George of the Jungle; George of the Jungle (2007 reboot); Gerald McBoing-Boing; G-Force: Guardians of Space (Reboot of Battle of the Planets); G.I. Joe; GoBots; Godzilla (1990s Cartoon); Goober and the Ghost Chasers; Gordon the Garden Gnome; Gormiti; Grape Ape; Green Lantern: The Animated Series; The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy; Grojband; Gumby; Gundam; .hack; Hamtaro; Harlem Globetrotters (Animated); Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; Heathcliff; Help!... It’s the Hair Bear Bunch; He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Herculoids; Hero: 108; The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange; Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi; Hillbilly Bears; Hokey Wolf; Hong Kong Phooey; Hot Dog TV; Hot Wheels; How To Train Your Dragon; Huckleberry Hound; I am Weasel; Idaten Jump; Immortal Grand Prix; Impossibles (Hanna-Barbera); Inch High, Private Eye; Jabberjaw; Jackie Chan Adventures; James Bond Jr.; Jetsons; Johnny Bravo; Johnny Test; Jonny Quest; Josie and the Pussycats; Justice League; Knights of the Zodiac; Krypto the Superdog; Kwicky Koala Show; La’Antz and Derek; Laff-A-Lympics; Land Before Time; Late Night Black & White; League of Super Evil; Legends of Chima; Lego Ninjago; The Life and Times of Juniper Lee; Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har; Li’l Abner; Little Robots; Long Live the Royals; Looney Tunes; The Looney Tunes Show; Loopy De Loop; MAD; Magilla Gorilla; MAR; Marmaduke; Martian Successor Nadesico; The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack; Max Steel; Mega Man; Megas XLR; MetaJets; Midnight Patrol; Mighty Magiswords; Mighty Man and Yukk; Mighty Mightor; Mike, Lu & Og; Mr. Men Show; Mister T; Mixels; Moby Dick (Cartoon); Motormouse and Autocat; The Moxy Show; !Mucha Lucha!; Mumbly; My Gym Partner’s a Monkey; Nacho Bear; Naruto; Neon Genesis Evangelion; New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1992 Animated); Ninja Robots; O Canada; One Piece; Outlaw Star; Over the Garden Wall; Ozzy & Drix; Pac-Man; Paw Paws; Pecola; Pepe Le Pew; Peppa Pig; Perils of Penelope Pitstop; Pet Alien; Peter Potamus; Pink Panther; Pirates of Dark Water; Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks; Pokemon; Popeye; Porky Pig; Pound Puppies; Powerpuff Girls; Precious Pupp; Prince of Tennis; Princess Natasha; The Problem Solverz; Punkin’ Puss & Mushmouse; A Pup Named Scooby-Doo; Quick Draw McGraw; Rad Roach; Rave Master; Real Adventures of Jonny Quest; ReBoot; Redakai; Regular Show; Rescue Heroes; Richie Rich; Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long; Road Rovers; Road Runner; Robotboy; Robotech; Robotomy; Rocket Jo; Rocky and Bullwinkle; Roger Ramjet; Roman Holidays; Ronin Warriors; Ruff and Reddy Show; Run It Back; Rurouni Kenshin; Sailor Moon; Samurai Jack; Scan2Go; Scaredy Squirrel; Scooby-Doo!; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated; Screwy Squirrel; Sealab 2020; Secret Mountain Fort Awesome; The Secret Saturdays; Secret Squirrel; Shazzan; Sheep in the Big City; Shirt Tales; Shmoo; Sidekick; Silverhawks; Sitting Ducks; 6teen; Skatebirds; Skunk Fu!; Sky Commanders; Small World; Smurfs; Snagglepuss; Snooper and Blabber; Snorks; Sonic the Hedgehog; Space Ace; Space Ghost; Space Ghost Coast to Coast; Space Kidettes; Space Stars; Speed Buggy; Speed Racer; Spliced; Squiddly Diddly; Squirrel Boy; Star Wars: Clone Wars; Static Shock; Steven Universe; Stoked!; Storm Hawks; Sunday Pants; Super Chicken; Super Friends; Super Hero Squad Show; Superman: The Animated Series; Supernoobs; The Swashbuckling Perils of the Adventures of the Men & Jeremy; SWAT Kats; Sym-Bionic Titan; The Talented Mr. Bixby; Taz-Mania; Team Galaxy; Teddy Blue Eyes; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003); Teen Titans; Teen Titans Go!; Tenchi; Tenkai Knights; Tennessee Tuxedo; Tex Avery Show; The Batman; These Are the Days; Thundarr the Barbarian; ThunderCats; ThunderCats (2011); Time Squad; Tiny Toon Adventures; Tom and Jerry; Tom and Jerry Kids; Toonami; ToonHeads; Top Cat; Total Drama; Totally Spies!; Touche Turtle and Dum Dum; Track Rats; Transformers: Armada; Transformers: Beast Wars; Transformers: Cybertron; Transformers: Energon; Transformers: Robots in Disguise; Tweety and Sylvester; 2 Stupid Dogs; Uncle Grandpa; Underdog; Valley of the Dinosaurs; Voltron; Wacky Races; Wait Till Your Father Gets Home; Wally Gator; Waynehead; We Bare Bears; Wedgies; What a Cartoon!; Whatever Happened To… Robot Jones?; Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch; Where’s Huddles?; Wildfire; Winsome Witch; Winx Club; Woody Woodpecker; Wulin Warriors; Xiaolin Showdown; X-Men: Evolution; Yakky Doodle; Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey; Yogi Bear; Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!; Young Justice; Young Robin Hood; Young Samson; Yu-Gi-Oh!; YuYu Hakusho; Zatch Bell!; Zixx; Zoids
Other Crosses: Bobb’e Says; BrainRush; Destroy Build Destroy; Dude, What Would Happen; Goosebumps; Hole in the Wall; Incredible Crew; Level Up; My Dad’s a Pro; The Othersiders; Out of Jimmy’s Head; Re: Evolution of Sports; Run It Back; Slamball; Survive This; 10 Count; Thumb Wrestling Federation; Tower Prep; Unnatural History
The Story: Several short stories featuring numerous Cartoon Network characters, original and acquired, in various shared reality segments.

Notes: Since its inception, Cartoon Network has run numerous promos that featured it’s original characters and acquired properties in original short segments that demonstrate that everything seen on Cartoon Network, original or reruns from other networks, takes place in the same shared reality. Most of the segments take place at the Cartoon Network studios, or the town the studio is set in, which seems to be Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls. I conjecture that Townsville is nearby Los Angeles and Toontown. However, there is evidence elsewhere, in Phineas and Ferb, that Townsville is part of the same Tri-State Area as Dansville from Phineas and Ferb. There are several areas in the United States that are known as the Tri-State area, and California is not in any known “tri-state area”. Note that some of the series above are not part of the main Cartoon Universe. Also, some of these series exist in the past for future. Clearly Cartoon Network has access to travel between time and alternate realities.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Poster

1994 to 2004--SPACE GHOST: COAST TO COAST--Birdman appeared several times.

1997--CARTOON NETWORK PRESENTS: TOONAMI # 5--This issue is a spotlight on Birdman, still in his "silver age persona". Shortly after this, he retires from heroics and becomes a lawyer. Since Law School takes three years, we must presume he attended law school from 1997 to 2000 unless he previously had a law degree attained before his original series or at some point during his quiet years. In the original incarnation, Birdman's real name was Ray Randall. He likely changed his name after law school to help capitalize on his heroic career in his new law career.

HARVEY BIRDMAN (2000 - 2007)

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Release Date: December 30, 2000 - July 22, 2007
Series: Harvey Birdman
Animated Series Crosses: Birdman; Mighty Mightor; Super Friends; Peter Potamus
The Story: A former super-hero now works as a lawyer who defends other famed cartoon characters.

Notes: This is a superb series that is part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It is chock filled with crossover goodness in every episode, mostly with other Hanna-Barbera characters. Like Drawn Together, this is a parody show that features a more adult view of what toons are like behind the scenes. Harvey Birdman is the former hero from Birdman and the Galaxy Trio. In the original Birdman series, Birdman was Ray Randall. His origin was expanded in the comic book adaption. However, an episode of Harvey Birdman confirms what has been implied since the start of the newer series when there is a flashback to Harvey’s time as the super-hero, portrayed in the style of the original series. Perhaps Harvey changed his name when he changed careers to cash in on his heroic fame. Since the original Birdman series and Harvey Birdman are so very different in style and theme, I am considering them as separate series within this reference guide.  Numerous characters from the original Birdman series return for this series.  The Mighty Mightor, a former prehistoric hero, is a recurring judge in this series.  Apache Chief and Black Vulcan of the Super Friends are also recurring characters on this show.  Peter Potamus is another attorney working with Birdman.  

Bannon Custody Case Poster

December 30, 2000--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--"Bannon Custody Case"--Race Bannon ends his longtime association with Dr. Benton Quest and sues for custody of Jonny and Hadji. Harvey, as always, takes the case.  Cameos:  Race BannonJonny QuestHadjiDr. Benton QuestBanditDr. ZinLizard Men, and various Jonny Quest villains.

Image result for Apache Chief

September 23, 2001--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--"Very Personal Injury"--Ex-Superfriend Apache Chief spills coffee on his lap and loses his superpower, the ability to "grow large at will". Harvey represents the fallen superhero in his fight against the negligent coffee conglomerate.  Apache Chief appears in several more episodes after this.    Apache Chief (Manitou Raven) is a Native American superhero from the various Super Friends cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera. He was one of the new heroes added (along with Black Vulcan, Rima the Jungle Girl, El Dorado and Samurai) to increase the number of non-white characters in the Super Friends ranks. He was voiced by Michael Rye. In the Challenge of the Super Friends Series, Apache Chief was seen in every episode except one, but had spoken lines in nine out of the sixteen episodes of the series. His arch enemy from the Legion of Doom was Giganta, who also happens to be an original arch enemy of Wonder Woman. By speaking the word "Inyuk-chuk" ("Big Man"), Apache Chief could grow to vast sizes. Although it may seem he has limitless height he still has human qualities, but in an episode titled "Colossus", Apache Chief "Inyuk-chuks" himself to cosmic proportions to battle the Colossus, a titanic space creature that plucked Earth from its orbit and placed it in a small (relative to him) glass bottle. He also spoke in stereotypical "Native American English" and recited vaguely Native American philosophy. Black Vulcan also appears and will become a recurrent cameo guest on several more episodes.  Cameo by Zan.

Image result for SHAGGY BUSTED

Release Date: July 7, 2002
Animated Series Crosses: Scooby-Doo!; Flintstones; Jetsons
The Story: Harvey defends Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo on charges of possession of marijuana and driving under the influence.
Notes: This plot is based of course on the long standing fan assumption that Shaggy is a stoner. A post-it note in Harvey’s office references a “B. Rubble”.  George Jetson is seen in prison.  

SEASON 1 EPISODE 4--"Death by Chocolate"--Cameos include Yogi BearBoo BooRanger SmithDick Dastardly

2002--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--Jabberjaw appeared later still in sporadic appearances on Cartoon Network's Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2002) where the Neptunes were accused of stealing Shouyu Weanie's (portrayed by the Chan Clan) song. It is also referenced that in the late 1990s, Jabberjaw was briefly engaged to budding filmmaker Madeline Austin-Kulat. In this show, Frank Welker reprises his role of Jabberjaw and also voices Biff. Clamhead made another appearance in the episode "Identity Theft" where he was voiced by Steven Blum.  

Image result for THE DABBA DON

Release Date:  July 28, 2002
Animated Series Crosses:  Flintstones; Quick Draw McGraw; Thundarr the Barbarian; Wacky Races; Captain Caveman; Herculoids
The Story:  Harvey has to defend Fred Flintstone, a mafia don in Bedrock.  
Notes:  This episode references the several occasions on the original Flintstones series where Fred takes on alternate personas.  This takes place during the era Bedrock is depicted as existing in Southern California, existing in a modern stone age.  This is also chronologically placed when Pebbles is still a baby.  On three separate occasions, the heads of Quick Draw, Jabberjaw, and Gloop are found in Birdman’s bed as a mafia warning.  The Mighty Mightor, a former prehistoric hero, is shown to work for Fred Flintstone.  There seems to be an implication that any and all prehistoric era cartoons exist in this “modern stone age” Bedrock that is located in southern California.  Oddly, Thundarr the Barbarian is also shown to work for Flintstone.  Thundarr is from an alternate post-apocalyptic future, but here seems to have a connection to the modern stone age Bedrock.  The Ant Hill Mob are also seen working for Fred.  Captain Caveman is seen at Fred’s social club, which is of course the headquarters of the Royal Order of Water Buffalo.  

SEASON 1 EPISODE 7--"Deadomutt, Part 1"--Cameos by DynomuttSpace Kook

SEASON 1 EPISODE 8--"Deadomutt, Part 2"--Cameos by Lizard ManKwicky Koala (as a tattoo), Magilla GorillaTinkerDynomutt

SEASON 1 EPISODE 9--"X, The Eliminator"--As a young man, X (nicknamed the Eliminator) was commissioned by the evil organization F.E.A.R. to obtain the Crest on Birdman's helmet. After 26 years, he's acquired a paunch and an obsession for Birdman, but no Crest. A commercial featuring Harvey inspires him to renew his quest.

December 31, 2003--ADULT SWIM NEW YEARS EVE PARTY BUMPERS--The stars of Adult Swim mingle. 

January 4, 2004--"Blackwatch Plaid"--Cameos by Space KookSecret SquirrelBoo BooGloop

April 18, 2004--"Trio's Company"--Cameos by Inch High Private EyeMr. FinkertonBarney RubbleGravity Girl (as GiGi), Moby DickFred JonesVapor Man (as Vince), Meteor Man (as Terry).

April 24, 2004--"The Deviln Made Me Do It"--Cameos by Jane Jetson (in photographs), Ernie DevlinWally Gator (as a pool floaty), Hair Bear

May 2004--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--"High Speed Buggy Chase"--Mudsy appears, and the question "What makes the Funky Phantom so funky?" is finally asked and answered. Cameos by Speed BuggyTinkerDebbieMarkThe Funky PhantomBooBanditScrappy-Doo.

May 9, 2004--"SPF"--Cameos by Ding-a-Ling WolfSquiddly Diddly (on a cup), Scrappy-DooHi-RiserBig Duke, Bigger Duke, Mother LoadSchnookerThe Magic RabbitFluid ManKwicky Koala, Dirty DawgGaltarMagilla GorillaMr. Twiddles

May 16, 2004--"Back to the Present"--George JetsonJane JetsonRosie the RobotMr. SpacelyElroy JetsonJudy JetsonAstroOrbityBoo BooJabberjaw.

May 2004--HARVEY BIRDMAN ATTORNEY-AT-LAW--"Grape Juiced"-- In that episode, Grape Ape is accused of using steroids at the recent Laff-A-Lympics event. Yakky Doodle, Grape Ape's teammate from the Yogi Yahooeys, also makes a cameo appearance as a witness during Grape Ape's trial. The Magic Rabbit makes a cameo in the episode "SPF" as a victim of CyberSquatting.  Cameos by Grape ApeBeegle BeagleYakky DoodleGleekGloop

June 6, 2004--"Peanut Puberty"--Cameos include ZokSnagglepussHokey WolfAdmiral MuttDinoAugie DoggieDoggie DaddyJabberjaw (on a newspaper), AstroDr. Benton QuestRace Bannon.

June 13, 2004--"Gone Efficein...t"--Cameos by Yakky DoodleInch High Private EyeSquiddly Diddly

Image result for Droopy Botox

July 18, 2004--"Droopy Botox"--Cameos by Droopy DogDoggie DaddyCindy BearBubblesJane JetsonBaba LooeyMr TwiddlesHuckleberry HoundOlive Oyl.

December 5, 2004--"Guitar Control"--Cameos by Quick Draw McGrawBaba LooeyThe Dalton GangThe Funky PhantomElroy JetsonJet ScreamerBetty RubbleYogi BearBoo BooRanger SmithWilma FlintstoneThe Hillbilly Bears

July 24, 2005--"Booty Noir"--Cameos by Scrappy-DooWally Gator.

July 31, 2005--Harvey's Civvy"--Cameos by Murro the MarauderSpeed RacerChim-ChimShado the Brain ThiefErnie DevlinDroopy Dog, various Birdman enemies.

August 7, 2005--"X Gets the Crest"--Cameos by Ricochet Rabbit, Droop-a-Long Coyote, Droopy Dog, Ernie Devlin.

Image result for Secret Squirrel

Release Date:  August 14, 2005
Animated Series Crosses:  Secret Squirrel; Flintstones; Devlin; Inch High Private Eye
Other Crosses:  Batman (1960s Live Action Television Series)
The Story:  Phil brings his daughter to work, who is a secret fan of Birdman, so much so that she maintains an enthusiastic alter ego of Birdgirl.  While Birdgirl is crushing on Birdman, both Peanut and Phil are crushing on Birdgirl (as Phil doesn’t realize she is his daughter).  Meanwhile, Morocco Mole is accused of terrorism.  

Notes:  Morrocco Mole is the sidekick of Secret Squirrel.  This episode references Secret Squirrel’s previous appearance when he was charged for flashing.  Phil makes a joke regarding Fred Flintstone and Bedrock.  Fred is a client of the law office, as seen in a previous episode.  Fred later appears in the courtroom scene of this episode, apparently having reverted to his mobster persona again.  Ernie Devlin makes another appearance.  He previously appeared being sued by a child’s parents when the boy copied Ernie’s stunts.  Oddly, Ernie Devlin seems to have aged while most toons seem to be the same age as in their original appearances.  Inch High appears, having been trapped among the olives.  This is a reference to his last appearance, where he would constantly pop up, and had a scene battling Reducto with the olives toothpick.  In the courtroom, while Birdgirl is fighting numerous thugs, sound effects are printed on the screen in the fashion of the 1960s Batman television series, and the criminals she faces are modeled after the animated opening to that television show.  Later, there will be a Bird Signal, and the ending is a parody of the ending of Batman and Robin, the film from the 1990s.  The 1960s Batman television series exists in the Cartoon Universe, as it is followed by the animated Adventures of Batman and New Adventures of Batman, which has crossed with Scooby-Doo!  

August 28, 2005--"Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"--Cameos by Inch High Private Eye, Tundro, Captain Caveman

Image result for captain caveman and son

September 2005--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW--"Evolutionary War"--Captain Caveman seeks Birdman's legal representation when his son is bullied in school. Cameos by Captain CavemanCavey JuniorDoggie DaddySnagglepussBlipTaraRace BannonTinkerHokey WolfMagilla GorillaFred FlintstoneWilma FlintstonePebbles Flintstone

September 9, 2005--"Free Magilla"--Cameos by Magilla GorillaMr. PeeblesBanditScrappy-DooJonny QuestHadji

September 18, 2005--"Return of Birdgirl"--Cameos by Dr. Benton QuestRace BannonJonny QuestHadjiBoo Boo.

September 25, 2005--"Mindless"--Cameos by Inch High Private EyeBennyTop CatChoo ChooBrainFancy FancyDum DumLizard MenSpeed Buggy (as a photo), Gloop and GleepErnie DevlinMagilla GorillaGrape ApeScrappy-DooFrida Kahlo.

October 16, 2005--"Sebben and Sebben Employee Orientation"--Cameos by Ernie Devlin

Image result for Hawkman

Release Date:  October 23, 2005
Animated Series Crosses:  Yakky Doodle; Jabberjaw; Speedy Buggy; Scooby-Doo!; Yogi Bear; Hokey Wolf
Other Crosses:  Hawkman
The Story:  Yakky Doodle petitions for a name change.  Clam Head sues Tinker, the operator of Speed Buggy, for identity theft. A villain goes crazy creating clones to destroy Birdman.

Notes:  Yakky’s claim is that his name is now a sexual reference.  Clam Head was a member of a band of mystery solving teens whose mascot was Jabberjaw.  Tinker was a member of a group of mystery solving teens whose mascot was Speed Buggy.  Of course, the joke here is that following the success of Scooby-Doo, Where are You!, Hanna-Barbera came out with several other animated series featuring mystery solving teens and a humorous mascot.  Shaggy testifies as of course, but Clam Head and Tinker were inspired by Shaggy, as their shows were inspired by Scooby-Doo!  It’s revealed in this episode that every variant animated version of a Ranger Smith, whenever drawn differently, is actually a clone, created by the Deadly Duplicator.  Ding-a-Ling Wolf appears in a flashback to a previous episode.  Hawkman shows up at the end of the episode, not seen but said to be in the waiting room, supposedly to claim that Birdman is a clone of this original golden age DC Comics hero.  Likely, this Hawkman is the same version from the Super Friends, seeing as how Apache Chief, Black Vulcan, and the Hall of Justice have been seen already in this series, and the Super Friends have been referenced.  But since Hawkman isn’t actually shown, I am counting this as a reference to the DC comics character, which could be either the golden or silver age incarnation.  

Image result for Apache Chief on Family Guy

November 2005--FAMILY GUY--"PTV"--The entire opening sequence, from the unmasking of Stewie through the opening credit sequence (which is not the usual Family Guy credits) to the start of the episode is a direct parody of the opening sequence of The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, when Leslie Nielsen’s character Frank Drebin battles the world’s terrorist leaders hand-to-hand, including the Ira Newborn music used in the movie series. During Stewie’s sword/rubber chicken fight with Bin Laden, the choreography mirrors the Yoda vs. Count Dooku lightsaber fight from Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The orchestral fanfare during the fight scene is “Drebin—Hero!” from the second film in the Naked Gun series, Naked Gun 2½. When Stewie falls onto his bike, it resembles Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean) falling down a cliff after saying his name. Also, the opening credits similarly duplicate those of Police Squad! (the TV show which launched Frank Drebin) and the Naked Gun movies, and uses the Police Squad!/Naked Gun theme music. Stewie rides his tricycle over a cat and though a gay pride parade, then through scenes from The Wizard of Oz, The Shining, Ben-Hur, Doom, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and The Sound of Music; the sequence ends with Homer Simpson being chased into his garage as in the opening sequence to The Simpsons, with Homer being flattened by the bike. Peter then opens the door to the garage and remarks, “Hey, Stewie!...Who the hell is that?” (Originally, Peter was supposed to imitate Homer Simpson running a la the opening sequence to The Simpsons, but the crew thought it was funnier if they used Homer instead as Seth MacFarlane is a Simpsons fan, despite the supposed rivalry between Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening). When Stewie rides the bike through the intro he has many likenesses similar to the show "Bobbys World" which aired on "Fox Kids", the sister channel of FOX, the network of both that program and The Simpsons. The head of the FCC is Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe. Apache Chief from the Super Friends helps Peter with his satellite dish. When Peter fails to be able to successfully watch the Emmys at Meg’s play, he mentions that it’s worse than his 16th birthday, followed by a sequence where Peter is raped by Jake Ryan, the main love interest in the film Sixteen Candles. When Peter is told to start his own TV station by Tom Tucker, he mentions that he hasn’t had a business since a mail-order operation. Wile E. Coyote is seen waiting to return a large Acme slingshot. Also, in the cutaway where Peter gets raped on his 16th birthday (in a parody of the end of the film Sixteen Candles), it originally had Jake Ryan undoing the belt to his pants but FOX objected. Ralph Kramden also appears on Family Guy.

Image result for Shazzan

October 2, 2006--"Shazzan"--Cameos by Pixie and DixieInch High Private EyeShazzanChuckNancy

October 9, 2006--"Incredible Hippo"--Cameos by Atom AntCaptain CavemanInch High Private Eye.

Image result for harvey birdman and Princess Clara

October 12, 2006--DRAWN TOGETHER--"Wooldoor Sockbat's Giggle-Wiggle Funny Tickle Non-Traditional Progressive Multicultural Roundtable!"--

  • Wooldoor finally gets a kids show.
  • The U.S. Senate seems to have a meeting place set up like the Galactic Senate from the STAR WARS PREQUEL TRILOGY.
  • Xandir reveals he's from the future, because video games are the future.
  • Wooldoor's show ends up making the country almost entirely gay within a five year period.  Thus the few remaining heterosexuals create a TERMINATOR to go back and kill Wooldoor.
  • Foxxy and Ling-Ling watch a porno with TRANSFORMERS.
  • Princess Clara's attorney is HARVEY BIRDMAN.
  • At the hearing to ban Wooldoor's show, the VEGGIETALES and DAVEY AND GOLIATH are attending.  Ned Flanders (neighbor of THE SIMPSONS) also appears. Tinky Winky of THE TELETUBBIES is also there.
  • STUART LITTLE is crushed in his little car by THE TERMINATOR and Captain Hero.
  • Senator Sith Lord (R-Michigan) is clearly Palpatine.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy is also present.

October 16, 2006--"Babysitter"--Cameos by Scooby-Doo (on a T-shirt), Scrappy-DooInch High Private EyeErnie DevlinSpace KookBaba LooeyDr. Benton QuestRace BannonGloop (in a newspaper).

October 23, 2006--"Birdnapped"--Cameos by Yogi Bear (as a forplay costume), Dynomutt (as a shadow), Scrappy-Doo, Inch High Private Eye.

October 30, 2006--"Grodin"--Cameos by Scrappy-Doo (on a mini biplane), Ernie Devlin.

July 22, 2007--"The Death of Harvey"--Scrappy-Doo, Dr. Benton Quest, Squiddly Diddly, Magilla Gorilla, Paw Rugg, Huckleberry Hound, Kwicky Koala, Gloop, Augie Doggie, Doggie Daddy, Hokey Wolf, Inch High Private Eye, Jabberjaw, Ding-a-Ling Wolf, Race Bannon, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy Rogers, Boo Boo, The Chan Clan (as Shoyu Weenie), Fred Flintstone, Thundarr the Barbarian, Secret Squirrel, Ernie Devlin, Speed Buggy, Tinker, Quick Draw McGraw, Mr. Twiddles, The Jetsons, Grape Ape, Beegle Beagle, Yakky Doodle, Droopy, Wally Gator, Ricochet Rabbit, Morocco Mole, Captain Caveman, Cavey Junior, Top Cat, Atom Ant, Hair Bear, Shazzan, Pixie and Dixie.  Harvey Birdman dies, but in a previous episode he was cloned and then his clone was never spoken of again.  So is the Birdman of Future Quest either Ray Randall/Harvey Birdman, or is it the clone?

January 8, 2008--HARVEY BIRDMAN, ATTORNEY AT LAW (VIDEO GAME)--Several Street Fighter characters appear in the Capcom-published Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law video game.

Release Date: January 31, 2011
Animated Series Crosses: Funky Phantom; Speed Buggy; Jabberjaw; Captain Caveman
The Story: When Scooby is sick, he is disappointed about missing the Mystery Solvers Club State Finals. He has a dream in which he does go, and teams up with the mascots of other mystery solving teens to stop a villain who turns out to be the Funky Phantom.

Notes: The ending leaves it ambiguous if this was a dream or not. This episode’s dream sequence was animated in the classic style of Scooby-Doo, Where are You!

October 28, 2012--ROBOT CHICKEN--"In Bed Surrounded by Loved Ones"--I don't always include Robot Chicken in a series canon, and usually stick it in the AU section.  However, this episodes's Apache Chief sketch really fits in with his Harvey Birdman appearances.  



Image result for future quest bIRDMAN

FUTURE QUEST--The series introduces the cosmic threat of a Lovecraftian creature called Omikron that imperils the entire universe. A group of heroes from across time and space is slowly assembling around Jonny Quest, whose scientist father is investigating vortexes appearing all around the world. So far, the Quest team has had secret-agent superhero Birdman assigned to help them fight against terrorist organization FEAR, who are trying to snatch up any information and technology related to the spacetime chaos.  The series features characters from various animanted series produced by Hanna-Barbera, such as Jonny QuestSpace GhostThe HerculoidsBirdman and the Galaxy TrioFrankenstein Jr. and The Impossibles and Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor.  The main characters are:  

  • Jonny Quest
  • Space Ghost
  • The Impossibles
  • Birdman
  • Mighty Mightor
  • The Herculoids
  • The Galaxy Trio
  • Buzz Conroy and Frankenstein Jr.

October 15th 2015---Broforce--- John Rambo,John Matrix,B. A. Baracus,Cordell Walker,John McClane,Angus MacGyver,Blade, Judge Dredd, Agent J,Dirty Harry,a Cyberdyne series T-800 Model 101 Terminator,Robocop,Indiana Jones,Ash Willaims,Neo,The Boondock Saints,Machete Cortez,Conan the Barbarian, Ellen Ripley,Max Walker A.K.A, Time Cop,Luc Deveraux a.k.a. GR44, Colonel James Broddock,Cherry Darling,Mad Max,The Bride,James Bond,a Predator,the Rocketeer,William Wallace, Léon The Professional,Lord Raiden, Connor MacLeod,Snake Plissken,Tank Girl,Bruce Lee,and   The Expendables. Team up to Battle Satan and the forces of evil.

March 29, 2017--ADAM STRANGE/FUTURE QUEST ANNUAL # 1--Future Quest will have a crossover with Adam Strange in Adam Strange/Future Quest Annual #1 on March 29, 2017.


Beneath Poster

TVCU-16--The universe where Young Justice takes place.  In the post-Infinite Crisis, pre-Flashpoint era of DC Comics, it was said that Earth-16 was the setting of the Young Justice series.  Later, in the New 52, that was replaced by a Grant Morrison inspired world instead, but I have kept the designation for the Television Crossover Multiverse. Apache Chief, who was in the Super Friends and later became a regular on Harvey Birdman had a counterpart who appeared on several episodes of this series.