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4800 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Legend of the Lost"--Flashback in the Vanuatu Islands regarding the Kai Nomata (lost tribe).

3000 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Myth of the Maze"--Flashback in Athens regarding the Minotaur's Maze.

1516 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Reel Thing"--Flashback in Egypt regarding relics of Egyptian Pharaoh Amun II.

1425 BC--RELIC HUNTER--"Afterlife and Death"--Flashback in Egypt regarding the diamond of Thutmose III.

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1200 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"Antianeirai"--Flashback in Asia Minor regarding the belt of Hippolyte.

1000 BC--RELIC HUNTER--"The Emperor's Bride"--Flashback at the Huang River, China regarding the coffin of the bride of a Chinese Emperor.

800 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"All Choked Up"--Flashback in Greece regarding a statue of Athena.

523 BC--RELIC HUNTER--"Buddha's Bowl"--Flashback in Nepal regarding Buddha's alms bowl.

339 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"Run Sydney Run"--Flashback in Ural Steppes regarding the sword of Ateas.

100 B.C. to 44 B.C.--G.I. JOE # 50 & 73/YEARBOOK # 3/SERPENTOR'S FILECARD--"The Battle of Springfield/Divided We Fall/My Dinner with Serpentor"--Life of Julius Caesar, whose DNA will be used to create Serpentor. Julius Caesar has also appeared in THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, BEWITCHED, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, RELIC HUNTER, XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS, and CARMEN SANDIEGO'S GREAT CHASE THROUGH TIME.

44 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"Roman Holiday"--An alchemist creates an impenetrable armor for Caesar. Flashback in Rome regarding Caesar's breastplate.

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30 B.C.--RELIC HUNTER--"Out of the Past"--Flashback in Egypt regarding Cleopatra's necklace.

100 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Put Back"--Flashback in Kuba, Africa regarding an idol from the Temple of Woot.

121 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"So Shall It Be"--Flashback in Stonehenge, England regarding the keys to Stonehenge.

Circa 400 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Midnight Flight"--Flashback in Germania regarding the ruby-encrusted scepter of Gunther the Brave.

422 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Pandora's Box"--Flashback in An-Najaf, Persia regarding Pandora's Box.

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455 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Arthur's Cross"--Flashback in England regarding the cross of King Arthur.

500 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Dagger of Death"--Flashback at the Temple of Kali, India regarding the dagger of Kali.

662 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Last of the Mochicas"--Flashback in South America regarding a vessel believed to contain the Great Warrior Spirit of the Mochicas.

843 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Light of Truth"--Flashback in Arabia regarding the Light of Truth.

935 AD--RELIC HUNTER--"Etched in Stone"--Flashback at the Northumbrian Coast regarding the treasure of legendary Viking Jann the Bold.

1000 AD--RELIC HUNTER--"Irish Crown Affair"--Flashback in Ireland regarding the lost crown of the last King of Ireland.

1075 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Women Want to Know"--Flashback in Southeast Asia regarding a statue of Ganesha.

1099 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Deadline"--Flashback in Jerusalem regarding the first Christian Tau cross.

1245 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Three Rivers to Cross"--Flashback in Three Rivers, China regarding the Jade Empress.

circa 1300--RELIC HUNTER--"The Last Knight"--Flashback in Paris regarding the Templar Grand Master's sword.

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14th Century--RELIC HUNTER--"Possessed"--Flashback in Libya regarding Zeus' sacred sundial.

1355 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Under the Ice"--Flashback in the Arctic Circle regarding an Anasazi mummy.

1359--RELIC HUNTER--"Wages of Sydney"--Flashback in Quan Shu Fortress, Manchuria regarding a Chinese dragon's egg.

1398 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Fire in the Sky"--Flashback in the Pacific Northwest regarding an extraterrestrial artifact.

1401 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"The Warlord"--Flashback in Bekkastan regarding Kahina's Saddle.

1423--RELIC HUNTER--"Star of Nadir"--Flashback at the Palace of the Talibs, Endostan regarding the Star of Nadir.

1430--RELIC HUNTER--"Affaire de Coeur"--Flashback in Scotland regarding rings that belonged to lovers, Callum and Elena.

1459 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Mr. Right"--Flashback in Bali, Indonesia regarding the bowl of Parvati.

1488 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Devil Doll"--Flashback in Meso-America regarding a cursed Aztec Devil Doll.

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1521--RELIC HUNTER--"Fountain of Youth"--Flashback in Pascus Florida, West Indies regarding water from the Fountain of Youth.

1522 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Incognito"--Flashback in New Guinea regarding a lancet which causes anyone cut with it to gain incredible strength.

1534--RELIC HUNTER--"Nothing But the Truth"--Flashback on the Barbary Coast regarding the Ruby Chalice of Truth.

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1536--RELIC HUNTER--"The Royal Ring"--Flashback in the Tower of London regarding the ring of Anne Boleyn.

1595--RELIC HUNTER--"Set in Stone"--Flashback in Balaton, Hungary regarding the magical sword of St. Gabriel.

1600--RELIC HUNTER--"French Connection"--Flashback at the Church Of Cordiers Salon regarding a prophecy of Nostradamus.

17th Century--RELIC HUNTER--"The Headless Nun"--Flashback in Nova Scotia regarding remains of Sister Evangeline.

1605--RELIC HUNTER--"Eyes of Toklamanee"--Flashback in Mississippi Valley regarding the Eyes of Toklamanee.

1692 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Warlock of Nu Theta Phi"--Flashback in the New England colonies regarding a Wicca amulet.

1711 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Don't Go Into the Woods"--Flashback in the Carpathian Mountains regarding the Golden Falcon of Maribor.

1720 A.D.--RELIC HUNTER--"Vampire's Kiss"--Flashback in Czechoslovakia regarding a vampire chalice.

1749--RELIC HUNTER--"The Book of Love"--Flashback at Casanova's Hideaway, Italy regarding Casanova's Book of Love.

1779--RELIC HUNTER--"Fertile Ground"--Flashback in Hawaii regarding the idol of Lono.

1789--RELIC HUNTER--"Love Letter"--Flashback in a village south of Paris regarding records proving a secret marriage on the eve of the French Revolution.

1789--RELIC HUNTER--"The Executioner's Mask"--Flashback in Bourg, France regarding an executioner's mask.

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1790--RELIC HUNTER--"Treasure Island"--Flashback in the Spanish Main regarding the treasure of Treasure Island.

1792--RELIC HUNTER--"A Good Year"--Flashback in Paris regarding the crown jewels of France.

Late 18th Century--RELIC HUNTER--"Cross of Voodoo"--Flashback in Haiti regarding the Haitian Cross of Utu.

1808--RELIC HUNTER--"Faux Fox"--Flashback in the Royal Palace, Madrid regarding the crown jewels of Charles IV of Spain.

1824--RELIC HUNTER--"Lost Contact"--Flashback in Burma regarding a sacrificial bowl.

1830--RELIC HUNTER--"Gypsy Jigsaw"--Flashback in Romania regarding the crown of the Romani people.

1846--RELIC HUNTER--"Flag Day"--Flashback in California regarding pioneer's Bear Flag of California.

1886--RELIC HUNTER--"M.I.A."--Flashback in St. Petersburg, Russia regarding a Faberge egg.

1895--RELIC HUNTER--"Nine Lives"--Flashback in Egypt regarding a statue of the cat goddess Mafdet.

1897--RELIC HUNTER--"A Vanishing Art"--Flashback in Budapest regarding the scepter of the Kingdom of Hungary.

1930--RELIC HUNTER--"Smoking Gun"--Flashback in Chicago regarding Al Capone's diamond-encrusted gun.

1930s--RELIC HUNTER--"Memories of Montmartre"--Flashback in Moulin Rouge regarding a tiara known as the Heart of Europe.

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1946--RELIC HUNTER--"Diamond in the Rough"--Flashback at Fenway Park in Boston regarding magical glove of former baseball great Jimmy Jonesboro.

1946--RELIC HUNTER--"Transformation"--Flashback in Salzburg, Austria regarding Paracelsus scrolls.

1952--RELIC HUNTER--"Hunting with the Enemy"--Flashback in Cambodia regarding the ashes of Confucius.

1960--RELIC HUNTER--"Thank You Very Much"--Flashback in Germany regarding lost guitar of Elvis Presley.

October 1969--BEWITCHED--"Samantha's Caesar Salad"--Esmerelda accidentally pulls Julius Caesar from the past. Julius Caesar has also appeared on THE ABBOTT AND COSTELLO SHOW, THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS, RELIC HUNTER, and XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

September 1971--BEWITCHED--"How Not To Lose Your Head To Henry VIII"--Darrin and Samantha go on a vacation to England. Samantha discovers a man trapped in a painting. She frees him and suffers the wraith of the man who trapped him there by sending her back to the 16th century. Darrin and Endora must go back to the 16th century to rescue her from Henry VIII, who wants to make Samantha one of his future late wives. Henry VIII also appears on I DREAM OF JEANNIE, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and RELIC HUNTER.

1981--RELIC HUNTER--"Sydney at Ten"--Flashback at St. Beatrice's School regarding an Egyptian necklace.

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1986--MOSQUITO COAST--An interesting fan theory from Jonathan Gysen: In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", Harrison Ford and River Phoenix play Indy. In "The Mosquito Coast", Harrison Ford plays Allie Fox and River Phoenix play his son Charlie Fox. In "Relic Hunter", Sydney Fox is a female version of Indiana Jones. Do you think that Allie Fox could be the Indy’s illigetimate son ? Do you think that Sydney Fox could be born of the first mariage of Allie Fox ?


1997--RELIC HUNTER--First recorded adventures of Sydney Fox (whose true full name is Sydney Fox Renwick), a Professor of History at a traditional East Coast University. Her specialty is Ancient Civilizations, and she is also an expert in the customs and myths of historic cultures throughout the world. Sydney is an explorer/adventurer who has traveled the world in search of lost icons, cities, and tombs. It is this vast knowledge of the arcane combined with her mastery of the martial arts that allows Sydney to take care of herself in the most dangerous of situations.  Toobworlder Toby O'Brien has his own O'Bservations on Relic Hunter which you can read here.  
Roman Holiday Poster

2000--RELIC HUNTER--"Roman Holiday"--Sydney and Nigel are on a trip, so Claudia decides to help Sydney's friend Roger to find Caesar's Armor. But relic hunting is not her strongest talent.

2001--RELIC HUNTER--"Treasure Island"--Relic Hunter Sydney Fox and her crew locate and salvage the booty from the legendary Treasure Island. Jim Hawkins told the tale to author Robert Louis Stevenson, and the events were then fictionalized by setting them in the South Seas instead of the Caribbean.

February 2002--RELIC HUNTER--"Antianeirai"--Sydney and Nigel travel to Istanbul to investigate the death of one Sydney's friends, a professor who was trying to prove Hercules did exist by finding the Belt of Hippolyte. They soon realize they're facing the Antianeirai - women who fight as men, a group of modern days "Amazons". Hercules appears.

Late 2016--PULPWORK CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2014--"Dillon and the Night of the Krampus"--Legendary action hero Dillon takes on the mythical holiday monster known as the Krampus. This may be the first time I've introduced either Dillon or the Krampus to the Television Crossover Universe. Dillon is said to know both ALASKA JIM and JIM ANTHONY, both of which appeared in the previous DILLON story THE VRIL AGENDA. A professor from Grand Lakes University is hired as an expert on the Krampus. Grand Lakes University is from the Rodney Dangerfield film, BACK TO SCHOOL. Dillon also once took some courses at the University of Northeastern California taught by Professor Sydney Fox. The University of Northeastern California is from the Judd Apatow series, UNDECLARED, while Professor Fox is of course our RELIC HUNTER. My appreciation to author Derrick Ferguson for bringing in both BACK TO SCHOOL and UNDECLARED into the TVCU. This means I have to revise my Adam Sandler post though. On the dating of this entry, I used a date best guessed by James Bojaciuk. I'm privileged to know author Derrick Ferguson and was able to directly ask him about the date setting and he responded: "Nope. I don't even know. Seriously. If anybody's been reading my Dillon stories for a goodly period of time then you'll notice that I painstakingly avoid mentioning dates, years or the ages of the characters. Ron Fortier recently asked me exactly how old Eli Creed is and the best I could come up with is that he's somewhere between 60-70 and that's as much as I'll commit to. The reason I avoid ages is because there's always going to be some smart-ass that will dispute the physical abilities of a character of a certain age or argue that such-and-such technology couldn't possibly exist in the year I say the story is taking place. Not taking to account that this is a completely fictional universe of my own creation and what I says goes. Now due to "Dead Beat In La Esca" written by my good friend Joel Jenkins is set in 1987 this has led fans of my character to take it as a given that the Dillon Adventures are set during the 1980s/1990s. I would not necessarily agree with that but on the other hand, I'll play fair and not dispute it either if that's what others want to think." Of course, since this is a blog that relies on chronologies, I couldn't go with "I don't know" and so relied on James' best guess. Derrick said I didn't need to include his explanation but it was a great excuse for me to tell all of you readers that I know him.

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