Sunday, April 9, 2017

Scooby-Doo! The 21st Century Timeline

So Ivan and I are working on all the different timelines where Scooby is a central player.  There's like six or seven. 

This started with me trying to place Scooby-Doo in the Television Crossover Universe.  Once the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia was completed, it was clear that there was more than one reality with Scooby-Doo in existence.  My current work with the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia has further led me to that conclusion.

Recently, Ivan and I recorded our first episode of the new Random Fandom podcast which focused on Scooby-Doo Team-Up, and this inspired Ivan and I to work on the Five Scoobies Project.  Over the next few weeks or months, Ivan and I will be working on separate timelines for the various Scooby Universes.  

RF Episode 1: Scooby-Doo Team-Up

In the new millennium, Cartoon Network began presenting us with a new series of animated films featuring Scooby-Doo and Mystery Inc. returning after having gone their separate ways.  The gang was now in their 20s, and there are some continuity issues that make this a distinct timeline from the other Scooby timelines we've covered.

Click here for a list of all the other Scooby timelines with links.  



In this timeline other HB characters, including Blue Falcon, are fictitious.

So here goes...

1798--SCOOBY-DOO ON ZOMBIE ISLAND--The curse of the Were-Cats and the Zombies begins in New Orleans.  

1993--SCOOBY-DOO ON ZOMBIE ISLAND--A fight causes Mystery Inc to break up and go their separate ways.

1998--SCOOBY-DOO ON ZOMBIE ISLAND--Mystery Inc. reunites to solve a new mystery and decides to work together again.  This film is the first in the revival animated series.  In this timeline, Mystery Inc. had previously operated, with at least the original SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU? in canon, though either the series is in the nebulous comic book/cartoon time, or else Where Are You took place in the early 1990s, 20 years after it was originally set, in this timeline.  This film has werecats, aka Cat People, and is an homage to the original Cat People films.  It should be pointed out that they make a very big point in this movie that this time the monsters are real.  This is a call-back to the original cartoon where the monsters were always men in masks.  This then negates all the later Saturday morning cartoons and 1980s animated films where Scooby and the gang did encounter real monsters from this timeline.  Though 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo can't exist in this reality, Daphne still became a journalist as she did in that series.  And Daphne is much more assertive as she was in that series and is not the danger prone damsel in distress that she is in the live action and Scooby-Doo Team-Up timelines.  It should be noted also this is the first time in a Scooby-Doo story that characters actually die.  It should be noted that this story is a rewrite of a story originally intended for SWAT Kats that never came to be, thank God!  This film's current setting begins on Daphne's birthday.   Note that the film begins with the gang wearing their classic outfits, but they abandon them afterwards and for the rest of the film franchise they wear modern clothing.  Fred even realizes that his ascot looks ridiculous in 1998.

1999--SCOOBY-DOO AND THE WITCH'S GHOST--So, basically the Mystery Inc. gang travel to a New England town called Oakhaven after being invited by horror writer Ben Ravencroft to view the fall color. When they arrive, the gang learn that the ghost of a colonial Wiccan who burned as a witch is terrorizing Ben's hometown, and she happens to be Ben’s ancestor. While investigating the mystery, Scooby and the gang meet the local eco-goth rock band, The Hex Girls. With the Hex Girls' help, our heroes eventually find there’s more to the mystery than meets the eye . . . Everything said about Wicca is blatantly wrong , but at least the writers don't equate it with Wicked Witch. They equated it with "good witch".  Furthermore, Wicca is a religious faith that anyone can practice if they choose, meaning that there is no such thing as Wiccan ancestry. (In other words, Thorn being "1/16th Wiccan" is just as silly as someone claiming to be 1/16th Catholic.)  Lastly, Wicca did not exist prior to the 20th Century. It was established in its current form in the 1950s by Gerald Gardner. Though Wicca is sometimes stated to be a survival of repressed medieval paganism, there is no evidence of these claims.  The Hex Girls also exist in the Mystery Incorporated timeline.  This was the introduction of the Hex Girls, who would return in Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire and would go on to appear in What's New, Scooby-Doo? and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.  Ben is seen reading about the gang's exploits in a newspaper detailing the "Moat Monster Mystery" the gang solved in the previous movie.  Ben Ravencroft is a dead ringer for David Xanatos. And he bears more than a passing resemblance to real life New England horror novelist Stephen King.  Shaggy actually gains weight in this film from all of his eating.  Apparently, it's the running from monsters that is what keeps him thin.

Release Date: March 1, 1999 (Contemporary Setting)
Series: Spider-Man
Horror Crosses: Scooby-Doo! (revival film series)
Non-Horror Crosses: Invaders; Captain America; Human Torch (golden age); Sub-Mariner; Casablanca; Hulk; Jackie Chan Adventures; Terry and the Pirates; Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal; Fargo; Trading Places/Coming to America; The Great Race; North by Northwest; Indiana Jones; Marathon Man; Smilin’ Jack; Iron Man; Sherlock Holmes; Die Hard; Fu Manchu; James Bond; Superman (modern age); Law & Order; Ellery Queen; Batman (Burton/Schumacher film series): Usual Suspects; Carmen Sandiego; Unbreakable; Maltese Falcon; NYPD Blue
The Story: A new Sinister Six is formed.

Notes: Because of the appearance of the Mystery, Inc team, and not as 40-somethings, this must be the team from the newer animated films that started with Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. This film series continues with all the previous animated series as canon. In Zombie Island, the gang are all adults, post college. Velma has a Master’s degree. The team had split up and in Zombie Island are reunited. So the “kids” here are now in the mid-20s, in a time period that is contemporary with release dates based on pop culture and technology. Based on the crossover rules I am using, that would place the revival film series at least in a divergent timeline. And indeed, it must be placed in a divergent timeline. Thus,Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six should be placed in that divergent timeline.

2000--SCOOBY-DOO AND THE ALIEN INVADERS--This is actually the first 21st century film. Yes, I reference this as the New Millennium film series, though two films were in 1998 and 1999. The gang is driving through the Sonoran Desert when a sandstorm comes up and Shaggy makes a wrong turn onto government property but only to lose control of the Mystery Machine when Shaggy sees an UFO and the gang find themselves on the outskirts of small town Roswell where people are supposedly being abducted by aliens. It’s up to the gang to solve the mystery. Speaking of more adult themes, there is a subtle implication of anal probing! They also throw in a subtle "dick joke" when Shaggy exaggerates to the girl he likes about the size of a monster. During Shaggy's song & the subsequent daydream, there's a brief part that shows the rest of the gang in their original series outfits as they're all chasing a ghost in an old house. They even subtly throw in the original HB running & stopping sound effects from the 60s & 70s underneath the music. That's some attention to detail right there. In a part of the movie when Shaggy and Crystal are far away talking, you can hear him telling her about his and Scooby's first encounter with the Witch's Ghost.

2001--SCOOBY-DOO AND THE CYBER CHASE--The gang are zapped into a video game simulation that features characters based on the original versions of Mystery Inc. from SCOOBY-DOO, WHERE ARE YOU?  Also filled with a Rogues Gallery of past costumed villains, only the digital versions are real monsters.  Despite being quite dangerous, the Phantom Virus can be subdued if a magnet is held near him, Bill lampshades it by stating it works on him like "Kryptonite on Superman". We also get a literal example when the Virus steps on a magnet and injures his heel.  This was the first animated anything in the franchise's history to be animated in not only widescreen, but HD...& it shows, as the animation is of noticeably higher-quality than the three films preceding it.  Level six involves fighting a samurai warrior, who happens to look a lot like the Black Samurai from Scooby-Doo! and the Samurai Sword.  Not to mention Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur and level 3 both involved dinosaurs. Someway or another.  Let's not forget that there was an Egyptian level, and eventually an Egyptian movie, Where's My Mummy.  The computer-generated Shaggy wears the magenta shirt from 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo and the trilogy of movies with Scrappy in them.  This is complicated because those involved real monsters, but this film series makes it clear that Zombie Island is their first encounter with the supernatural.

2003--SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE LEGEND OF THE VAMPIRE--This film reunites Frank WelkerCasey KasemHeather North and Nicole Jaffe from The New Scooby-Doo Movies, with the sole exception of Don Messick who passed away five years prior.  Join Scooby and Mystery Inc. as they vacation in the land Down Under where they attend a music festival held at Vampire Rock. Unfortunately, a mystery rises when they learn a legendary Australian creature called the “Yowie Yahoo” is kidnapping musical acts and turning them into vampires. Masquerading as a heavy metal band, the gang must survive a trio of rock-and-roll vampires if they want to crack the mystery surrounding the legend of the vampire.  This movie marks the first change in the series. Starting here the films go for a flatter old-school revival art in the process departing from the darker shading and effects used previously. It also abandons the more modern cast designs used by the first four movies.  The Hex Girls return in this film.  In the opening sequence introducing the gang, several shots from the original 1969 opening are recreated.  The Gang pose as a band to enter the contest as a ruse for their investigation, and one of the other bands' members snarkily asks who'd ever heard of a band with a dog in it. Early concepts for the original Scooby-Doo cartoon depicted the Gang as a traveling rock group, with a bongo-playing sheepdog as their Team Pet.

2003--SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE MONSTER OF MEXICO--The movie begins with Fred’s Mexican pen-pal inviting him and the rest of the gang to come visit him in Veracruz, Mexico. Fred’s friend Alejo Otero owns a fancy hotel and offers to let them all stay while vacationing. The gang decides it’s a good chance to take a break from solving mysteries, only to find there’s a new mystery waiting for them when they arrive in Veracruz. The mythical Mexican monster El Chupacabra is supposedly tormenting the residents of the town and chasing away visitors. Of course, the gang begin investigating around the town to see what they can turn up.  When the gang was chased by a mob of angry tourists, they used the disguises like they always did in their previous adventures. The angry tourists saw through their disguise immediately.

What's New, Scooby-Doo? Poster

2004--WHAT'S NEW, SCOOBY-DOO!--This new updated version of the team aired following the live action film and during the era of the revived animated film series. In this series, they are now wearing modern clothing, rather than their 70s outfits. Though the first live action film has them in classic garb, in the second film they also wear modern garb. In the prequel, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins, the ending credits are accompanied by the theme to What's New, Scooby-Doo. I believe this film can fit in both the live action and new animated film series timelines. In the original series the characters were teenagers, with Velma being the youngest at fifteen. Here they all seem to be in their late teens to early twenties. In the episode "New Mexico, Old Monster, there is a cameo appearance of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote! It's been pretty consistent that every Scooby reality also includes some version of both DC Comics and Looney Tunes characters. Of course, Warner Bros. owns DC, HB, and Looney Tunes. Shaggy and Scooby once won a contest where the prize was either a trip to Aruba or a tour of the Scooby Snack factory in Munchville, Ohio. And the factory was run by a man dressed like Willy Wonka. Hex Girls made an appearance. This series features a major revelation. The Mystery Machine used to belong to the Mystery Kids, a musical group that starred a brother and a sister. They appear in the episode "It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine", where their mother has been attempting to arrange a return to stardom for them. They decide at the end that they're happier being nobodies.  This show is often genre savvy a LOT; every episode has to parody the classic Scooby-Doo formula in some way.  And in the recurring adult themes...  In "A Scooby-Doo Halloween", Velma's cousin Marcy says that she's turning 18, "Able to legally... vote." While giving Fred a flirtatious look that would've been toeing the line on its own.  Brett Hull, Mike Piazza and skateboarders Chris Klug and Ryan Sheckler are among the celebrities to appear on the show in cartoon form. In "A Scooby Doo Valentine," the perps who disguised themselves as the gang are unmasked to be caricatures of their voice actors — Frank Welker (Fred), Casey Kasem (Shaggy), Grey DeLisle (Daphne) and Mindy Cohn (Velma).  One-shot character Mr. Wackypants ("Riva Ras Regas") greatly resembles his voice actor, Rip Taylor.  The flashback scene of Velma's birthday party in "A Terrifying Round With A Menacing Metallic Clown" is designed in the style of A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. It explains Velma's fear of clowns—the clown hired for her party destroyed her prize gift, a set of encyclopedias, and it made Velma run off crying.  The episode Simple Plan and the Invisible Madman pays homage to The New Scooby-Doo Movies, where celebrity guest stars in animated form helped the gang solve cases.

SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE LOCH NESS MONSTER--This movie was produced in the same animation as What's New, Scooby-Doo?, no longer having the retro feel of the previous two films.  Mystery Inc. travels to Loch Ness in Scotland to see the famous Blake Castle, where Daphne's cousin Shannon lives, and where the Highland Games are being held. But there's a problem. Apparently, there was a recent attack made by none other by Nessie herself. Shannon also claims to have seen the creature before, and claims that it is real, siding with local enthusiast Del Chillman and Professor Pembrooke, a scientist who staked her whole career on proving the monster's existence. However, Sir Ian Locksley, the head judge of the games, thinks just the opposite, causing a mutual hatred between him and Pembrooke. The next night, Shaggy and Scooby are chased by the monster, ruining the game field in the process. The gang searches the area for clues, and sure enough, they discover that the monster tracks lead into town instead of toward the loch. Whether they like it or not, they've got a mystery on their hands.  The gang dealing with the Loch Ness Monster had been done before in the 1972 New Scooby Doo Movies episode "The Loch Ness Mess" with the Harlem Globetrotters.  Daphne's cousin Shannon describes the Blake family as being "danger-prone" and having a history of falling into all sorts of traps. "Danger-prone Daphne" is classic in-series nickname due to how often she was captured or trapped.  This series of films had started with Daphne having abandoned that stereotype, but now it's been re-embraced.  

Release Date: 2004 (Contemporary Setting, around Christmas)
Series: Scooby-Doo! (Revival Film Series)
Horror Crosses: Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Story: The Mystery, Inc. gang ends up in Winter Hollow where the town is terrorized by a headless snowman.
Notes: It’s pretty clear that Winter Hollow is Sleepy Hollow and that this is another occurrence of the headless ghost phenomenon. This short is part of the revival film canon, which takes place in a divergent timeline mainly because of the ages of the characters.

Early 2005--ALOHA, SCOOBY-DOO!--The Scooby-Doo gang goes on an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii that's being sponsored by the Goha Aloha-surf company, thanks to Daphne winning a contest to design some new swimwear for them. However, there is conflict surrounding this year's surfing contest. Usually it's open only to the locals, but this year the mayor has it open to everybody, including mainlanders, causing some conflicts among the contestants who happen to be locals. A few days before the contest, an evil creature known as the Wiki-Tiki Spirit and its little tiki demons attack, kidnapping a local woman called Snookie. Manu, the local surfing champion (aka, "The Big Kahuna of Hanahuna") and Snookie's boyfriend, agrees to help the gang solve the mystery of the Wiki-Tiki and rescue Snookie. After Fred claims, "Danger is my middle name!," Velma reveals that his middle name is actually "Herman," making Fred's full name Fredrick Herman Jones. Gilligan's (from GILLIGAN'S ISLAND) skeleton is found in a cave - with theme music sting.

Late 2005--SCOOBY-DOO! IN WHERE'S MY MUMMY?--Velma has been in Egypt for six months helping out Prince Omar, who's working on restoring The Sphinx, so the gang tries to surprise her by visiting. However, they run out water in the Mystery Machine's radiator. While looking for water, they meet an Egyptian nomad Amahl Ali Akbar, who shows them the way to the sphinx. When they arrive, they meet the former host of a show called "Fear Facers," Rock Rivers, who hopes he can come to Egypt and get some footage to revive his show. Eventually, Scooby picks up Velma's smell, and they find her, surprising her as they had originally intended. Velma introduces her friends to Omar, then shows them an ancient necklace she found within the tomb of Cleopatra. However, treasure hunter (and grave robber) Dr. Amelia von Butch shows up with her crew to loot Cleopatra's grave. Using modern equipment, they open the tomb via explosion. Once the grave is opened, it unleashes a curse made by Cleopatra, stating that all who enter shall turn to stone. Nobody believes it, so von Butch decides to enter the tomb anyway, despite the fact that Omar had recently been separated from the others and turned to stone. Once in the tomb, a trap is set off, splitting up the gang. In the 1969 episode Scooby Doo and a Mummy, Too, the gang had faced a mummy who's m.o. was turning people to stone with a curse in fact this might have been where Velma got the idea for the hoax.  Velma dresses up like Cleopatra. She did so previously in the 1969 episode Scooby Doo and a Mummy, Too, as she, Shaggy and Scooby were trying to elude the mummy of Anka.  AND THIS IS A SPOILER BUT VELMA TURNS OUT TO BE THE MAN IN THE MASK!

2006--SCOOBY-DOO!  PIRATES AHOY!--For Fred's birthday, his parents take him on a mystery cruise, but accidentally end up solving all of the mysteries staged by the crew in order to keep the passengers entertained. However, can they solve the mystery of that mysterious castaway over there?

2007--CHILL OUT, SCOOBY-DOO!--The gang tries taking a vacation to Paris, but Scooby and Shaggy accidentally get on the wrong plane. Still thinking they’re going to Paris, Alphonse LaFleur, a famous French hunter and trapper, plans on capturing the Abominable Snowman, and using Shaggy and Scooby as bait. After locking them up with his equipment, LaFleur drops Shaggy and Scooby off the plane. Realizing they're not going to Paris, Shaggy briefly manages a phone call to Fred before his phone dies.  Fred manages to pinpoint their location with his new phone's GPS, and they head off to the Himalayas. Meanwhile, Shaggy and Scooby land near a small village where they find two men, Professor Jeffries and Pembra. Scooby and Shaggy learn that the only way to call their friends is from a weather station at the top of the mountain, and Jeffries and Pembra agree to accompany them on their mission. And so, they set out to climb the mountain with an Abominable Snowman on the loose.  Del Chillman from Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster returns, having given up on Nessie and moved to the Himalayas where he became the mountain's DJ much to Shaggy and Scooby's happy surprise. Shaggy and Scooby end up in The Shangri-La after escaping from the Abominable Snowman.

October 31, 2008--SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE GOBLIN KING--It's Halloween night, and the gang has decided to visit a Halloween carnival. However, when a magician, "The Amazing Krudsky", does not allow Scooby into his show, Shaggy and Scooby both decide to expose him as a fraud. After Shaggy and Scooby succeed in ruining his show, Krudsky returns to his dressing room, where a fairy, Princess Willow, inadvertently causes him to discover an entry on the Goblin Scepter in a spell book. She decides to toy with him, but he eventually discovers her, and drains her magic so he can become a real magician. Shaggy and Scooby, after trick-or-treating all night, persuade the gang to let them hit one more house. When they arrive, they meet Mr. Gibbles, who tells them that the building is actually a genuine magic shop, and that magic exists. However, Princess Willow flies in at that moment, being chased down by Krudsky. He captures her, turns Gibbles into a rabbit and steals all the magical equipment before he leaves. Gibbles then explains to Shaggy and Scooby that the only way for Krudsky to be stopped is for them to enter the world of magic via Grim Reaper Railway and retrieve the Goblin Scepter before Krudsky does. But if they don't make it back before sunrise, then they'll be trapped in the magic world forever. There's a bunch of Scrappy Dolls, that get innocently run over by a monstrous hijacked mystery machine (hmmmm) and Krudsy flips through a picture of Fangface. When Shaggy and Scooby are in the tavern, you can spot many of the monsters they encountered in previous series. Some of the real monsters resemble the fake ones from the original series, like the Creeper. There are also a few possible references to the inhabitants of Halloweentown from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

2009--SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE SAMURAI SWORD--So, we have the Scooby Doo Gang coming to Tokyo, Japan so Daphne can compete in a martial arts contest at a prestigious school. Before heading to the school in a fully functioning robotic plane, they meet up with Daphne's friend Miyumi, who is also a student. However, at the tournament, Mr. Takagawa, the curator at a Tokyo museum of ancient history, tries explaining to Mirimoto, the head of the tournament, that an ancient evil known as the Black Samurai has risen, and will be after a scroll in the school known as the Destiny Scroll. That night, the Black Samurai and his ninja robots attack during a feast, stealing what he thinks is the destiny scroll, but is actually only a copy. Now, there is a race between the gang and the Black Samurai. After Velma solves the riddle of the scroll, they realize they must get to an ancient sword, known as the Sword of Doom before the Black Samurai.

2010--SCOOBY-DOO! ABRACADABRA-DOO!--Velma's little sister is studying at a magic school that is dealing with a griffin. The school is called the Whirlen Merlin Magic Academy. The story states that Velma's sister (who must be much younger) is studying to be a stage magician. Shaggy mentions, "...and, um ,the English kid with the glasses..." This direct-to-video now features a new style of improved animated format with a darker, more realistic look similar to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island than the cheaper previous movies, not to mention the gang return to their original outfits and designs from the 1969 series.

SD Camp Scare cover.jpg

2010--SCOOBY-DOO: CAMP SCARE-- Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare revolves around the gang becoming counselors at Camp Little Moose, a run-down summer camp that Fred remembers fondly from his childhood. When they arrive, they discover that the local campfire stories have been coming true, from the Ax-Crazy Woodsman to the screeching ghost of a lost hiker, and a monstrous fish-man in the lake. It's up to the gang to solve this mystery, but can they do it before the monsters find what they're looking for? And again with adult themes... "Canoeing up Schmitz Creek without a paddle..." The monsters are some of the darkest in the Scooby franchise to date, with only the ones from Zombie Island and Mystery Incorporated arguably being worse. The Woodsman is treated like something straight out of a slasher film, the Fishman nearly drowns Daphne and Fred, and the Spectre is a borderline Eldritch Abomination. And it isn't a crook in a mask either like the first two.

2011--SCOOBY-DOO! LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR--When it is discovered that Shaggy has a condition that causes a Heroic B.S.O.D. with every scare, the gang decides to take him somewhere relaxing, La Serena Spa, the least haunted town on Earth. Of course, it would be boring if nothing happened but relaxation, so a giant ghost dinosaur is thrown in to shake things up. This strikes Shaggy into one of his break downs, so Mr. Hubbley, the owner of the spa, decides to take matters into his own hands with a little bit of hypnotism. Every time Shaggy hears the keyword, he is filled with uncontrollable bravery. The only problem is, Mr. Hubbley forgets the keyword. And to make matters worse, Shaggy accidentally hears it and goes all out on a biker gang at a G-Rated Pub, and agrees to race their leader on a motorcycle down Dead Man's Curve while he's brave.  Freddy's Jerk Ass GPS returns from Abracadabra Doo. This time he gets them to where they want to go without nearly getting them killed.   While it's quickly pointed out that it was photoshopped, for Scooby's Rescue Dog card to have been issued in 1969 as it claimed, Scooby would have to be at least 42 years old, which has never even come close to being reached by a Great Dane.

Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire.jpg

2011--SCOOBY-DOO!  MUSIC OF THE VAMPIRE--It begins when Scooby and the gang take a road trip into bayou country to attend the “Vampire-Palooza Festival,” an outdoor fair dedicated to all things Dracula. At first it looks as if they're in for some fun and lots of Southern snacks, but events soon turn scary when a real life vampire comes to life, bursts from his coffin and threatens all the townsfolk. On top of that, this baritone blood sucker seems intent on taking Daphne as his vampire bride! Could the vampire be a descendant of a famous vampire hunter who is trying to sell his book? Or perhaps he's the local politician, who has been trying to make his name in the press by attacking the vampires as downright unwholesome. The answers are to be found in a showdown in the swamp which our heroes unmask one of their most macabre monsters yet.  Oh! It’s also worth noting this installment is the first musical.  The sheriff is a pastiche of Don Knotts' character on The Andy Griffith Show.

2012--BIG TOP SCOOBY-DOO!--When the Scooby-Doo gang takes a vacation to Atlantic City, they come across a sign for the circus, so Fred insists they visit that night. As it turns out, the circus doesn’t open till the next day, but Fred insists they look around. Eventually, they encounter Marius, the owner of the circus, and a werewolf. Velma eventually scares off the werewolf, and Marius tells the gang that the werewolves have been around everywhere stealing jewelry. The gang agrees to take part in the circus acts while the other members of the circus have been frightened away.  From Phantosaur, Daphne’s biker skills make a return.  Shaggy doesn't believe in Sweden, thinking it's a made-up place like Fairyland. Or Australia.  But Shaggy has been to Australia!  And again, speaking of adult humor, Velma is the human cannonball, but when the cannon goes off, only her outfit flies out, and she is left naked in the canon!

2012--SCOOBY-DOO!  MASK OF THE BLUE FALCON--In this film, Dynomutt and other Hanna-Barbera series are fictional.  This means that Scooby's team-ups with other HB characters in previous series do not exist in this timeline.  This is probably the most important distinction separating this from other timelines, the other being that Zombie Island negates any previous times Scooby encountered real supernatural beings.  Also, Wulfric and Bram from two previous films appear.  The city's mayor is designed the same as the mayor of Big City in the Dynomutt cartoons.  So even if Dynomutt wasn't real...?  The very first Dynomutt episode was a crossover with Scooby-Doo that featured Mr. Hyde as the villain. Hyde's actions also reflect the original episode plots, which is acknowledged In-Universe.  The title sequence features the Black Knight, the Miner 49er, the Space Kook, Redbeard's Ghost, the Ghost Clown from Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, and Joker's and Penguin's Troll and Dryad costumed monsters chasing the gang before Scooby and friends are saved by Blue Falcon, Dynomutt, Space Ghost, Zandor, Mighty Mightor and Frankenstein Jr.  Owen Garrison is named after Gary Owens, the original voice of the Blue Falcon.  Owen Garrison is clearly made to be Adam West, complete with Jeff Bennett doing an impersonation of West. Also, Garrison's characterization echoes Simon "The Gray Ghost" Trent from the Batman: The Animated Series episode "Beware the Gray Ghost".  Even the part about him being banned from wearing the Blue Falcon costume by the producers of a new movie about the character is taken from real life, based on an incident where Clayton Moore was sued by the producers of Legend of The Lone Ranger over his continued appearances as the character taking attention away from their movie.  The kid who takes the last video is designed to look like DD from Clue Club.  The producer of the Darker and Edgier Blue Falcon movie, who also created the in-universe Transmollifiers series, who loves putting "Revenge" in the titles of her movies, is a clear shot at Michael Bay.  Note that along with the HB characters, Gleek, Apache Chief and Black Vulcan from the Super Friends are also shown to be fictional characters.  

2012--SCOOBY-DOO!  SPOOKY GAMES--This has nothing to do with Laff-A-Lympics despite the poster. A woman named Diane is picking the final American track and field champion, when Shaggy and Scooby run by, trying to escape a monster attack. Once Fred catches the monster, Diane approaches Shaggy, telling him that he unofficially broke a world record. She brings him and the gang along to the 2012 London Olympics, with Scooby-Doo as his trainer. When they arrive, they meet Steve Looker, the American pole vaulting champion, for whom Daphne immediately falls. This causes Fred to get jealous, and lie about being a pole vaulter himself, which is overheard and earns him a spot in the games.  Unfortunately, with the gang comes a monster mystery, as a statue of Fortius, one of the first Olympic champions, comes to life and begins terrorizing the games. Diane reveals that another reason she invited the gang is that she was afraid this would happen, as the statue is cursed, or something.  The 1973 Scooby Doo Movies episode "The Spirited Spooked Sports Show" (with Tim Conway) had the same premise—Shaggy becoming a fast competitive runner when he's scared.

December 2012--SCOOBY-DOO!  HAUNTED HOLIDAYS--While the gang is attending a Christmas parade, they come across a maniacal snow creature who lives in the haunted house across the street. As the legend has it, the creature was formed after the old man next door swore revenge on the toy factory being built on the other side of the road, due to it attracting too many unwanted guests. Now it's up to the gang to stop the creature and save the toy factory before the Snowman ruins everything.  The gang are drawn in their classic winter outfits used way back since the 1960s.  Scooby and Shaggy get to meet Santa Claus a Hanna-Barbera tradtion the likes of Yogi Bear and Fred Flintstone have done in the past.  During the chase scene, it mimics a scene/the opening of The New Scooby-Doo Movies.

Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright.jpg

2013--SCOOBY-DOO!  STAGE FRIGHT--Fred and Daphne are finalists on a show called "Talent Star", which is being telecast from an opera house haunted by a vengeful phantom. The suspects include a pint-sized singer with over-pushy stage parents, a magician, and a garish diva.

Image result for scooby-doo wrestlemania mystery

2015--SCOOBY-DOO! WRESTLEMANIA MYSTERY--Part of a series of Hanna-Barbera team-ups with WWE. This includes other team-ups between the WWE and the FLINTSTONES and THE JETSONS. This cartoon film brings in the fictional world of the WWE, and its predecessor, the WWF. I like to think that includes the old cartoon, HULK HOGAN'S ROCK'N'WRESTLING. Sgt. Slaughter also appears, a member of both the WWE/WWF and G.I. JOE. Also seen at home watching the event on TV are the girls from YOUNG JUSTICE. If the Young Justice series is in this timeline, that actually works out just fine for me. In a period after Infinite Crisis but before Flashpoint, the Young Justice Universe was Earth-16. We know that most Scooby universes are DC Comics variant realities as well, so for our purposes, perhaps this 21st Century Scooby revival animated film series and YOUNG JUSTICE exist in "TVCU-16" or "Cartoon Universe-16". There is also a mention that luchadores are wrestlers who live long legacies and in their spare time are known to fight the evil forces of the supernatural. This is of course a reference to the fictional films featuring such wrestlers as EL SANTO and BLUE DEMON, among others.  Though this film came out in 2014, it should be set in 2015 because Kane is seen in his mask in the film.  In 2014, he was wearing a suit in the WWE, and returned to his mask in 2015.  Note that John Cena plays himself in this film, and has also played himself in TRUE JACKSON VP, PARKS AND RECREATION, and HANNAH MONTANA.  Of course, he's not the only wrestler to have appeared elsewhere, and at some point, I, or someone smarter than me on all things wrestling like Matt Hickman, will post some chronologies around the fictionality of wrestlers.    This film states that all the WWE wrestlers live in character in the fictional WWE City.  That sounds about right.  It seems that in the fictional wrestling universe, this is where all the pay-per-view wrestling events actually occur.  The trailer has someone singing the first lines of What's New, Scooby-Doo?.  The opening credits shows many clips from the original show.  Velma's excitement over the wrestling match in the climax is probably a reference to A Pup Named Scooby-Doo, where Velma was shown to be a huge wrestling fan.  Shaggy refers to Vince McMahon as "The Higher Power," a reference to the Corporate Ministry storyline. Vince responds with "Yes, thanks for that trip down memory lane."  Shaggy's comment on AJ Lee being "Kane with lipstick" is probably a subtle reference to her 2012 storyline where she actually dressed up as Kane once and was shown to be even crazier than the Big Red Monster himself.  Miz yells at the Ghost Bear calling it Yogi.  Scooby gets into a chase with a raccoon. This was the schtick of another Hanna Barbera dog, Buford.  Note that Vince McMahon mentions having met a talking dog before.  He's referring to his time travel trip to the future when the WWE crossed over with THE JETSONS.  

Image result for scooby-doo moon monster madness

2015--SCOOBY-DOO!  MOON MONSTER MADNESS--It's an out-of-this-world adventure as the Scooby gang wins seats on a space tour ship. But when a hostile creature shows up, are they equal to this alien threat?  The gang retelling an alien invasion from different perspective is a call back to a A Pup Named Scooby-Doo episode.  The Alien is designed much like a Xenomorph from Alien.

Scooby-Doo and WWE Curse of the Speed Demon cover.jpg

Before September 7, 2015--SCOOBY-DOO! AND WWE:  CURSE OF THE SPEED DEMON--This must take place before September 7, 2015 even if it came out in 2016 because Los Matadores are seen in the film but they left WWE after September 7, 2015.  The Undertaker notes to Shaggy and Scooby about how they were the ones who defeated the Ghost Bear.  Before The Miz beats the hell out of Inferno, he references how he got mauled by the Ghost Bear from the beginning of that movie.

Image result for scooby-doo AND KISS

October 31, 2015--SCOOBY-DOO! AND KISS:  ROCK AND ROLL MYSTERY--According to the KISS comics, all versions of KISS in every reality within the multiverse share a link of some sort, as if they were all aspects of some greater force from the cosmic realm of Kissteria.  So that's something!  At some point, I will have to cover KISS in their own chronology.  I just have to.  Kiss has their superpowers from KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park. Which was also produced by Hanna-Barbera. The Amusement Park setting is also a part of this.  In general, Scooby and Kiss briefly interacted in What's New, Scooby-Doo?. Although there only Paul Stanley did his own voice.  The belt the Crimson Witch uses (or was it?) is from Quest Industries. As in Jonny Quest.  The Mechanics in the opening are designed after and played by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes.  Interesting considering Mystery Inc. also appeared in JAY AND SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK!  Kiss' Transformation Sequence is taken straight from Sailor Moon, specifically Mars' (Demon), Jupiter's (Spaceman), Star Fighter's (Catman), and Venus' (Starchild).

Image result for scooby-doo shaggy's showdown

2017--SCOOBY-DOO!  SHAGGY'S SHOWDOWN--western-themed movie sees the Mystery Incorporated gang heading to Crazy Q Dude Ranch, owned by Shaggy's long-lost cousin Tawny Rogers. However, it turns out the ranch and the town it resides in is being haunted by the ghost of Dapper Jack Rogers, an outlaw who once terrorized the town and happens to be Shaggy's ancestor. The gang set out to find out the truth behind Dapper Jack's appearances, while also adjusting to western life in many ways.  This movie adds a new ancestor and a third cousin twice removed to Shaggy's tree. There is also an El Kabong font.  I originally wasn't going to mention it because I didn't think it was significatn, but Ivan thought it was worth mentioning and made me see there was a potential crossover here.  El Kabong was the name of the western alter ego of Quick Draw McGraw.  In this timeline, Quick Draw, like most HB characters, are fictitious.  But perhaps back in the old west, there really was a El Kabong, and maybe he was even a human rather than an anthropomorphic horse, and perhaps that real historical figure was the inspiration for Hanna-Barbera's fictional character.  After all, I remember once there being a cartoon goat named Billy the Kidd.


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