Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Television Crossover Universe Celebrates JOHN D. LINDSEY JR!

The forgotten Crewsie.

At the same time that Matt Hickman had joined the Crew, I had also extended an invitation to John D. Lindsey Jr.

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John  has been one of my most valuable resources, not only for the Television Crossover Universe, but more specifically for the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  Those who are familiar with this website or our discussion forum are likely family with John's contributions.

So when I invited him to become a website contributor, he accepted, but due to technical difficulties, he wasn't able to actually become a contributor to the site.  He did however continue to be one of my top research resources.

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Not many people know, but John was also invited to co-host the first episode of the Television Crossover Universe Podcast, when Ivan couldn't make it.  Our first guest was Simon R. Green, and if not for John, I wouldn't have known how cool Green's work was.  John is the man responsible for all the details in the entries for Green's works in the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia.  Unfortunately, John's paying job conflicted with our recording studio schedule, and so John couldn't make it to the show, but I extended an open invite for him to come on any time we had a guest or discussion he wanted to join in on, but again, our schedules never synced.  I did manage to name drop John to Simon Green and that was a great moment.

So John has been the Crewsie operating in the background, but never making it to the foreground.  And so, when I did the Crew bios, I neglected to include him.

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I'm pleased to say that John is working on his first TVCU post, and that's why I'm adding a bio for him.  So keep an eye out for that.

And also, should John provide me his answers to the questionnaire I sent out to the Crewsies, I will post those answers here.


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