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Continuing our series on U.S. Presidents as they exist in the Television Crossover Universe, we cover this time World War II's President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

January 30, 1882--Birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

1903--Franklin Roosevelt graduates from Harvard College.

Another Period.png

1903--ANOTHER PERIOD--"Roosevelt"--The Roosevelts are invited to Bellacourt Manor by the Commodore, who hopes to convince Teddy to tap Frederick as his vice-president, while Lillian sets out to woo Frankiln, and Beatrice bonds with Eleanor. Also: The servants go on strike, much to Peepers' dismay.  There are no crossovers, but I really love this show.  Franklin later appears again in "Lillian's Wedding".

1905--Franklin marries Eleanor.  (Should Eleanor have her own post?  Should I expand this post to include more information about Eleanor's TVCU counterpart?  She is one of the more famous and historically significant First Ladies in fiction.)

June 1905--THE GAME IS AFOOT--"Our American Cousins"--Sherlock Holmes is hired by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.  Holmes had previously taken a case for Teddy Roosevelt.  I will eventually cover Teddy Roosevelt in another blog post in this series.

1906--Birth of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.  (First child)

1907--Birth of James Roosevelt II.  (Second child)

1909--Birth and death of Franklin Roosevelt.  (Third child)

1910--Birth of Elliott Roosevelt.  (Fourth child)

January 1, 1911 to March 17, 1913--Roosevelt serves as a New York State Senator.

Bully and Billy Poster

1912--VOYAGERS--"Bully and Billy"--Phineas and Jeffery save a young Teddy Roosevelt.  His little cousin Franklin also appears.  (Based on the age of the actor during the air date.)

March 17, 1913 to August 26, 1920--Roosevelt serves as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

1914--Birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.  (Fifth child)

1916--Birth of John Aspinwall Roosevelt II.  (Sixth child)

1920--Roosevelt is selected as vice-presidential candidate running with James M. Cox.  They lost.

1921--Roosevelt is diagnosed with Polio.

Destiny's Choice Poster

1921--VOYAGERS--"Destiny's Choice"--After finding Franklin D. Roosevelt directing movie pictures in Hollywood, the voyagers visit him just after he contracted polio to convince him to not give up and continue his career in politics.

January 1, 1929 to December 31, 1932--Roosevelt serves as Governor of New York.

April 1931--THE UNTOUCHABLES--"Radical Solution"--FDR appears.  The new Chicago mayor Anton Cermak clamps down on the mob. When even Capone's wife is put under arrest, Capone puts a hit out on him.

The Unhired Assassin: Part 2 Poster

Late 1932--THE UNTOUCHABLES--"The Unhired Assassin"--Although unsuccessful in their first attempt to assassinate Chicago's Mayor, Anton J. Cermak, the Capone mob under the command of Frank Nitti and several other of the imprisoned mobster's lieutenants, have not given up. This time they hire a professional, Fred 'Caddy' Croner, an expert at using a long rifle with a scope who carries his weapon in a golf club bag. They put him on a retainer until Cermak goes out of town and sure enough, they learn that the Mayor will be traveling to Miami to attend a public event in honor of the President-elect, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who is visiting the area before returning to Washington for his inauguration a few weeks later. Eliot Ness and the Untouchables are soon onto their plan and travel to Miami to protect Cermak. Unbeknown to them however, a crazed man, Giuseppe 'Joe' Zangara, has purchased a handgun with the intent to kill Roosevelt at the same public function.

March 4, 1933--Franklin Roosevelt becomes the 32nd President of the Unites States.

Annie Poster

1933--ANNIE--FDR is a friend of Daddy Warbucks.  The Annie comic strip began in 1924, but the film takes place during the Great Depression when Roosevelt is president, so I'm placing it here.

Summer 1935 to 1936--DAY OF THE DESTROYERS--The Medusa Council plot to removed FDR from office as part of their plan for world conquest.  Crossovers include:  FOSTER FADE, THE GREEN LAMA, SECRET AGENT X, THE SPIDER, SECRET AGENT X-11 and THE GREY FACE.

Image result for cash and carry stooges

1937--CASH AND CARRY--The stooges try to raise money for a poor boy's operation. They buy a phony treasure map that turns out to be for the U.S. Treasury vault. When President Roosevelt learns of the circumstances behind the break in, the trio gets amnesty for this and all their previous crimes and ensures the child gets the operation. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has appeared numerous times in fictional television and film. A full list can be found here. I will only cover the most relevant TVCU appearances.

Spring 1939--THE SHADOW/GREEN HORNET:  DARK NIGHTS--The Shadow and Green Hornet team up to save the president.  Roosevelt has a silver bullet given to him as a child from the Lone Ranger.  There are also references to Doc Savage, Nick Carter, the Avenger, and Supersnipe Comics.This story may be contradicted by Sting of the Green Hornet, as pointed out by Sean Levin.  I'm placing both stories on the timeline and allowing each reader to determine which they prefer.  If someone comes up with a way to include both stories, please let me know.

1939--TEN DAYS THAT UNEXPECTEDLY CHANGED AMERICA--"Einstein's Letter"--Jonah Triebwasser played Roosevelt in TEN DAYS THAT UNEXPECTEDLY CHANGED AMERICA episode "Einstein's Letter", HISTORY IN THE MAKING:  FDR, and THE COMPANY HE KEPT.  

June 29, 1939--ACTION COMICS # 15--"The Ice Menace"--Roosevelt's first appearance in a DC Comics story.  This is a Zatara story, not a Superman story.

Early August to December 1939--DOCTOR DARE:  THE SPEAR OF DESTINY--Scientist Johanna Dare attempts to duplicate the work of Abednego Danner (from the novel GLADIATOR).  When Nazis break into her lab, she's forced to drink the formula, giving her superhuman strength and invulnerability but only after she has sex.  This graphic novel also has crossover connections with DOC SAVAGE, INDIANA JONES, AMELIA EARHART, FRANKLIN AND ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, WINSTON CHURCHILL, THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, PRESTOR JOHN, CASABLANCA, AFRICAN QUEEN, and MARX BROTHERS.

1940 or so--FUTURAMA--"The Late Philip J. Fry"--Offscreen, and unseen, Farnsworth from iteration 2 briefly exits the time machine and assassinates Adolf Hitler.  Meanwhile, Farnsworth from iteration 1 attempts the same assassination, but accidentally kills Eleanor Roosevelt instead. Neither of these have any effect on the future.  Oh, let's kill Hitler.  Here's the thing.  Hitler can't be killed.  He's possessed by several demons, and he also has a plethora of lookalikes, and for some reason, there is some temporal rule that makes him a fixed point.  Mainly, because like it or not, he affected the whole world, if you kill him, you alter the lives of every person on the planet, and their descendants. So you can't kill Hitler.  You may think you did, like Farnsworth, but you didn't.  In the TVCU, he's still not dead, matter of fact.  Eventually, I will write a blog about Hitler in the TVCU.  Oh, and you apparently can't kill Eleanor Roosevelt either, likely for the same fixed point reasons.  If someone becomes to powerful or influential in the world, their deaths would create to great a divergence in reality.  So if you want to stay alive, become very famous.

More Fun Comics #62

October 31, 1940--MORE FUN COMICS # 62--"The Mad Creation of Professor Fenton"--The Spectre battles a a scientist.  FDR appears.  

November 9, 1940--DC Special #29 (Sep. 1977)--At the behest of British Intelligence, President Roosevelt sends Batman, the Flash, and Green Lantern on a mission to Scotland to investigate rumors of a planned Nazi invasion of Great Britain. The three heroes are captured by Major Helmut Streicher (first chron. appearance ) and taken to Berlin, where Hitler nearly executes them with the Spear of Destiny before they are rescued by the arrival of Doctor Fate and Hourman. Hitler uses the power of the Spear to summon Valkyries to destroy the heroes and orders attacks on England and Washington, D.C. With the help of the Spectre, who single-handedly destroys the German invasion fleet in the English Channel, and Superman, who intercepts the German bomber bound for Washington, the heroes thwart the Nazi assault and prevent Hitler's Valkyries from slaying FDR. At FDR's suggestion, they form a team, using a name suggested by Superman: the Justice Society of America (first chron. appearance). NOTES: Some time after this story, Hitler uses the Spear to erect the "Sphere of Influence," which brings any metahuman under Hitler's mental control if they enter Axis territory. Helmut Streicher's first appearance in print, as the Red Panzer, was in Wonder Woman #228 (1976). first appearance (unnamed) of the Valkyrie, Gudra. Reprinted in Best of DC Digest #21 (1983).

Image result for Justice Society of America FDR

In the Television Crossover Universe, in 1940, Adolf Hitler hatched a plan to take over the world by summing the valkyrie using the Spear of Destiny. Ten so-called mystery men banded together to save the day, and then remained together as the Justice Society of America, an offshoot of the CIALD. According to Dennis Power, “CIALD stands for Combined Intelligence and Logistical Developments. It is a government intelligence agency associated with but not under direct control of the CIA or NSA. CIALD coordinates the activities of specially skilled or powered government agents and also investigates and deals with threats posed by villains that fall into the scientific X-Files category. CIALD is affiliated with the IMF, OSI although all these agencies run semi-independently. CIALD is an outgrowth of Bureau 13, a government agency dealing with supernatural threats posed to the United States. Abraham Lincoln created Bureau 13 shortly before his death. (For more on Bureau 13, please see Bureau 13, Full Moonster and Doomsday Exam by Nick Polotta. President Franklin Roosevelt formed CIALD as a means of keeping tabs on and also using the resources that the costumed vigilantes or villains could provide. It began as Section 31 of Bureau 13 but soon expanded into an agency of its own, collaborating with the OSS and other intelligence services. The ISD was also an outgrowth of Section 31.

All-Star Squadron #65

December 29, 1940--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 65--"The Origin of Johnny Quick"--FDR appears.

1941--THE RELUCTANT DRAGON--"Baby Weems"--FDR appears in this story of a baby that is born with adult intelligence and abilities. Jack Young played the president. He also plays Roosevelt in EDGE OF DARKNESS, MISSION OT MOSCOW, ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC, THIS IS THE ARMY

June 28 to 29, 1941--ALL-STAR SQUADRON ANNUAL # 3--FDR is one of many attacked by various villains hired by Ian Karkull. All the other victims, unbeknownst to the Justice Society, are all the future U.S. Presidents up through Reagan, and one who would have followed Reagan had he not been successfully killed in this story. This story explains why many golden age DC heroes and allies, including Superman, Lois Lane, Batman and Robin, have longer life spans than most people and have stayed younger than most humans for many decades.

October 15, 1941--CRACK COMICS # 19--"The President's Been Kidnapped"--President Roosevelt mysteriously calls off support of England. Suspecting treachery, the Black Condor investigates. He discovers that the president is an imposter. He begins tracking down the real Roosevelt, when Wendy Foster is also kidnapped.  Black Condor follows them to an abandoned lighthouse. Though initially captured, he escapes and rescues both Wendy and Roosevelt. Black Condor then takes out the Nazi agents that have gained control of the military. With the Axis plot smashed, America increases its efforts to aid England and defeat Hitler.

"Wonder Woman" The New Original Wonder Woman (TV Episode 1975) - Plot Summary Poster

December 1941--WONDER WOMAN--"The New Original Wonder Woman"--FDR appears.

December 6, 1941--JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA # 193--"The All-Star Squadron"--FDR decides to form the All-Star Squadron.

December 6-7, 1941--All-Star Squadron #1 (Sept. 1981)--More than a thousand American soldiers die at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii when the Japanese attack. When Hawkman arrives at JSA headquarters, he discovers Plastic Man waiting there for him. As an FBI operative, he delivers an invitation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself to the Capitol. On the radio, they hear about the other JSA members being kidnapped. En route, they're attacked by the King Bee and his men, who disappear. Per Degaton captures the Shining Knight and Danette Reilly. Ed Simmons of the FBI recruits Doctor Mid-Nite, Atom and Robotman. Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick join them when they notice them approaching the White House. They all learn about the Japanese attack and FDR asks them to mobilize all costumed heroes—including the JSA—to form an All-Star Squadron. Degaton also launches an attack on San Francisco.

December 7, 1941--PEARL HARBOR--FDR appears of course. No crossovers, but this was a pretty big box office movie.


WWII--STALINGRADSKAYA BITVA I--FDR is played by Nikolay Cherkasov, who reprise the role in THE VICTORS AND THE VANQUISHED.

December 22 to 24, 1941--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 7--"Carnage for Christmas"--The Atom arrives at the White House having been granted special leave from the Army Tank Corps by President Roosevelt. He joins the non-enlisted All-Star’s to help protect British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who is scheduled to arrive by sea.  The Squadron defeats a Nazi U-Boat, but Baron Blitzkrieg has already kidnapped Churchill. He replaces the Prime Minister with a robot duplicate intending to kill FDR, but Plastic Man is impersonating the president and survives the explosion, Blitzkrieg intended to use on FDR.  The Squadron then catches up to Blitzkrieg, managing to rescue Churchill safely, but the Baron escapes. Churchill is then escorted to the White House where he delivers a Christmas Eve speech.

Late December 1941--DRUNK HISTORY--"The Roosevelts"--Winston Churchill pays FDR a visit at Christmastime.  No crossovers, but this is a fun series.  The stories are actually all true, but they are told by drunk comedians and then actors act out the drunk telling of the stories.  

All-Star Squadron #9

December 31, 1941--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 9--"Should Old Acquaintance Be Destroyed"--Steel is honored and rechristened Commander Steel by President Roosevelt and the All-Star Squadron for saving Winston Churchill. During the party, he relates his experiences in which he travelled behind enemy lines and was taken prisoner in a concentration camp. While detained at the camp, he threw acid in the face of one of his captors, but is unable to recall events after that including his arrival in Canada.  Baron Blitzkrieg is eavesdropping on the party, revealing that he was the Nazi splashed with acid. Following rehabilitation of his injuries, he brainwashed Steel as a sleeper agent.  Blitzkrieg cuts in on a telephone conversation between Hawkman and Hawkgirl to activate Steel. The new Squadron member begins attacking his teammates in an attempt to kill both Roosevelt and Churchill. Firebrand throws a fireball at his face, which doesn’t injure him, but breaks the psychic link with Blitzkrieg. Steel returns to normal, but Blitzkrieg is left blinded by the experience as it reminded him of his scarring by acid.

FDR: American Bad-Ass... and Ivan
Tom Strong
1942--Ivan is taken to meet U,S, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Washington DC, where he is thanked for his contributions to war efforts. The President also admits that he doesn't like having time travelers around to exploit the present with their unholy knowledge, and he really dislikes owing a debt of gratitude to a werewolf. He has Ivan shuffled off to a secret lab beneath the Pentagon, where parts of a Stargate have been set up and energized. Earlier experiments resulted in successful communication with, and later travel to, the world of Tom Strong, who is considered a counterpart to Clarke Savage. With Strong's assistance, recalibration for time travel seems possible, but no practical test has been carried out yet. Ivan is volunteered to be the first time traveler, a designation he finds ironic. The portal is opened via the super-speed of the Accelerator, and Ivan is sent through to the year 2015. 
The Accelerator and Ivan

Franklin D, Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States, is a real person, but the version used here is the fictionalized one seen in the 2012 film FDR: AMERICAN 
Vryll power supply.
BADASS. As seen here, FDR has access to a portable transducer, which is a reference to the 1975 film THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (Actor Barry Bostwick starred in ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW as well as FDR AMERICAN BADASS) and the BBC television series DOCTOR WHO (1963 to the Present) which often features such devices in the form of "sonic screwdrivers." Tom Strong got his start in TOM STRONG #1, 1999. Doc Savage is from DOC SAVAGE MAGAZINE  #1(1933). Stargate is from the 1994 film STARGATE. The Accelerator is a version of the Flash from FLASH COMICS #1 (1940). 

"Calvin Howell" and Winston Churchill
1942 (again) - Ivan Schablotski, the one that arrived recently in January 1942 and stopped Maxon, only to have the criminal reappear shortly thereafter, travels to New York as before but without his victory against the Skull to serve as his credentials, he is viewed with great suspicion and forced to join STFU (Special Task Force Unicorn), a unit operating in secret (as opposed to the All-American Squadron, which performs many public relations functions) in order to earn PUFF (Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund, a bounty paid by the US Government for killing monsters) exemption. He is sent to Europe behind enemy lines as Agent Howl alongside a vampire called Agent Blood, a golem called Agent Franks, and a gorgon called Agent Rhodes. While in Europe, he meets Winston Churchill, who, like FDR, is not fond of werewolves. In between missions Ivan lives in Arkham MA using the name of Calvin Howell, based on his "Agent Howl" code name, but his active duty status prevents him from having the same number of encounters that the previous Ivan had, and he was only a part time employee of Arkham Sanitarium, never credited with being a doctor.

Agents Rhodes, Franks, and Howl
Rhodes in battle-mode
As before, Maxon is the original Red Skull from CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 (1941). Special Task Force Unicorn, PUFF, and Agent Franks are from the MONSTER HUNTER series of novels by Larry Correia, begun with MONSTER HUNTER INTERNATIONAL(2009). Here, STFU is conflated with the Creature Commandos, who first appeared in WEIRD WAR TALES #93 (1980) by DC Comics. Agent Blood is Nathanial Cade, a vampire in the service of the United States per the novel BLOOD OATH (2010) and its sequels, by Christopher Farnsworth. Arkham, Massachusetts and Arkham Sanitarium are from the Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft.

January 4, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 10 to 12--"If an Eye Offend Thee"--A squadron of bombers is attacked by a mysterious flying eye. Hawkman and Starman protect the squadron, but the energy emitted by the eye prevent them from stopping it. Before the eye leaves the scene, it jettisons a dead man.  The eye makes several other attacks around the world before arriving in Washington. It stops in front of the White House, and an alien emerges demanding the world leaders surrender to him.

January 15, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 15--How do I fit this one in?  FDR of course appears and becomes aware of time travel and alternate universes.  Per Degaton of 1947 teams up with 1985 Crime Syndicate of the Mirror Universe.  The All-Star Squadron of 1942 must team up with the 1985 Justice League and Justice Society.  For our purposes, the JLA and JSA are from the same universe, the TVCU.  I'm setting the JLA/JSA from early 1985 because in the TVCU, Firestorm didn't join until 1984 per Super Friends.  Earth-Prime is also featured in this story.  

All-Star Squadron Annual #2

February 10, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON ANNUAL # 2--"The Ultra War"--Ultra Humanite teams up with his (her) future counterpart from 1984 and his future Secret Society of Super-Villains.  The All-Star Squadron work with the future Infinity Inc.  FDR appears again.

February 16, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 30--Wonder Woman returns to the Perisphere to record a recent adventure of the JSA.  The JSA, under orders of the War Department, track down eight scientists and keep their inventions away from the Black Dragon Society. Johnny Thunder is captured, but his Thunderbolt brings the JSA to his rescue, and together they capture the remaining Dragons.  Wonder Woman worries about the anit-Japanese seniment fueled by hatred. Liberty Belle believes that Americans won’t take out their feelings on the Japanese Amercians, but within days, President Roosevelt signs an order to implement internment camps to contain Japanese Americans.

February 23, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 31--"Uncle Sam Wants You"--FDR appears again.  In this story, the Freedom Fighters migrate to the Naziverse.  

February 25, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 36--"Thunder Over London"--FDR appears.  The All-Star Squadron face the Marvel Family, who come from an alternate Earth.  The TVCU Captain Marvel makes his debut in the 1970s as seen in the live action SHAZAM! and LEGENDS OF THE SUPER-HEROES.  I believe this Marvel Family is the same seen in the KIDS SUPER POWER HOUR WITH SHAZAM.  I also believe that Power of Shazam also takes place in the TVCU, but that it's a different Billy Batson, perhaps even the son of the first TVCU Captain Marvel.  

February 28, 1942--ALL-STAR SQUADRON # 39--"Nobody Gets Out of Paradise Valley Alive"--FDR appears and Amazing Man becomes the first African American member of the All-Star Squadron.  

The Spectre, Johnny Thunder and Johnny's Thunderbolt free the JSA from Hyperspace, but all the items they brought with them from Hyperspace vanish. At Mekanique's urging, Green Lantern and Firebrand save a young girl from being hit by a car, altering history; unbeknownst to the heroes, their actions will permit the evil Rotwang, Mekanique's creator, to dominate Mekanique's native era, the 23rd century. Hawkman is elected cochairman of the Squadron. A photo of virtually the entire Squadron is taken for FDR. NOTES: This story illustrated the changes wrought by the Crisis. The photo depicts Superman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, but then later in the story, the photo changes, and these heroes are replaced by Uncle Sam and Doll Man, the Ray, Plastic Man, Black Condor and Phantom Lady, and adding the Human Bomb and Jester. After this, All-Star Squadron changes to a "secret origins" style title, treading water until the launch of the post-Crisis Young All-Stars.

Image result for Congo Bill FDR

April 17, 1942--ACTION COMICS # 49--"The Last Shipment"--Congo Bill is sent to China by the President to protect a convoy transporting critical supplies along the Burma Road. Along the way Bill meets a Chinese girl, an American pilot, and a group of guerrillas. The guerrillas turn out to be Japanese agents sent to stop the transports. Bill is captured after discovering their plan, but he is rescued by the pilot, Broadway Charlie. The Japanese then create a roadblock. The girl, Ah Hee, drives a truck filled with dynamite into the enemy forces. Broadway Charlie draws fire away from her. Both are killed, but their actions allow Congo Bill to lead the convoy to its destination.

April 20, 1942--WONDER WOMAN # 230--"The Claws of the Cheetah"--Diana Prince and Steve Trevor attend a dinner gala at the White House. Maxwell Stanhope, a devout isolationist, tries to assassinate Roosevelt. Diana becomes Wonder Woman and stops the would-be killer. Also in attendance is Priscilla Rich. When the woman sees Wonder Woman, her personality disorder is triggered causing Priscilla to become the Cheetah.  The Cheetah then sets a trap for Wonder Woman. She uses claw shaped darts which Wonder Woman deflects with her bracelets. However, unknown to the Amazon, the darts leave an invisible mark on her which the Cheetah can detect. Later, the Cheetah observes the women working for the war department and spots the mark on Diana Prince.  Armed with the knowledge of Wonder Woman's secret identity, the Cheetah plans another trap by planting a bomb in a camera that will be used to film the Amazon. However, before her plan can be enacted, the Cheetah's mind transitions back to that of Priscilla. Regretting her evil nature, Priscilla seeks to eliminate the cause of her transformations into the Cheetah. She hypnotizes Diana Prince into forgetting that she is Wonder Woman.  When filming is to commence, Wonder Woman does not appear. Steve Trevor is asked to step in to film war bond promotional piece instead. Priscilla realizes that the bomb will kill Steve. Reluctantly, she restores Diana's memory of her Wonder Woman alter ego so that Steve's life can be saved. Priscilla once again becomes the Cheetah, but Wonder Woman stops her. The Amazon then takes her mentally damaged to Transformation Island for rehabilitation.

April 22, 1942--YOUNG ALL-STARS # 3--"A Call to Arms"--The All-Star Squadron continue their battle with Axis Amerika inside the Perisphere. The Shining Knight and Arn Munro arrive during the fight from Colorado. Arn matches himself against the Nazi super-man Ubermensch. When the All-Stars are rallying, the Nazis signal a retreat. Green Lantern, Neptune Perkins, and Tsunami arrive just as the villains depart.  Two days later, a formal meeting of the All-Star Squadron is held. President Roosevelt attends and awards of Medal of Honor, posthumously to TNT who dies in Colorado. The five new heroes are then accepted into the All-Star Squadron as trial members. Along with Dyna-Mite and Sandy, they plan to go on a tour to raise money for the war effort.

Green Hornet 1

May 1942--STING OF THE GREEN HORNET (NOW COMICS)--In this story, we find the Green Hornet encountering THE SHADOW (also a pulp hero who started in radio), and CAPTAIN AMERICA (though including Cap doesn't include all his appearances, just as with the TVCU Superman.) Also appearing are Clark Kent (SUPERMAN) and Lois Lane, NICK FURY, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. (Note that when real people appear in the TVCU, it is their TVCU counterparts, who usually are very similar to the real world versions, but have had additional experiences that replace real world experiences.) Also referenced are the SUB-MARINER and the YANKEE COMMANDO.

May 7, 1942--WONDER WOMAN # 235--"The Biology Bomb"--FDR appears again.

Wonder Woman vs. Superman

June 1942--FDR and Einstein appear in this story that pits Superman and Wonder Woman on opposite sides of the issue of the creation of atomic weapons.

June 10, 1942--YOUNG ALL-STARS # 22--"The Allies"--Four members of the Young All-Stars meet at the White House after successfully protecting Albert Einstein and another scientist from Nazi agents. They are introduced to four international heroes after a brief misunderstanding causes them to battle. The heroes are Squire from England, Fireball from Russia, Kuei from China, and Phantasmo from France. President Roosevelt sends them out to boost morale, but he secretly warns Arn Munro that one of them may be a traitor. Fury is also a suspect.  Meanwhile Baron Blitzkrieg meets with Sumo, the Samurai in Mexico. They together with Axis Amerika interrogate a captured scientist and use him to gain information about other scientists needed to build a uranium bomb.

June 29, 1942--SECRET ORIGINS # 29--"The Secret Origin of Mr. America Alias the Americommando"--Oil tycoon Tex Thomson has made a name for himself in New York working with the district attorney to bust up the gangs and rackets. In late 1940, Tex leaves New York on a ship bound for Europe in the cause of war relief. When the ship is sunk by saboteurs, Tex is presumed dead.  Back in New York, Tex's old friends Bob Daley and D.A. Maloney are surprised when a costumed vigilante named Mr. America begins stopping Nazi saboteurs. Bob eventually learns that Mr. America is Tex who survived the attack at sea. He then joins his friend as a costumed partner named Fatman.  Months later after America officially enters the war, Mr. America is covertly summoned to meet with President Roosevelt. Tex agrees to take part in a mission in Europe. He receives special training, then bids adieu to his All-Star Squadron teammates. He reaches London where Tex receives orders to go behind enemy lines disguises as S.S. officer Otto Riker. Tex continues to fight the war as Americommando.

1942?--ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER SEQUELS--"FDR: Dragon Whisperer"--Several presidents have supernatural adventures. FDR battles dragons. The Frankenstein Monster also appears and wrestles James K. Polk circa 1845. Note that Polk calls this Monster "Lurch". Could this be the early years of yet another Frankenstein Monster who went on to become the butler for the ADDAMS FAMILY over a century later?

1942--DRUNK HISTORY--"The Roosevelts"--Eleanor Roosevelt befriends a female Soviet sniper.

1942--YANKEE DOODLE DANDY--President Roosevelt is played by Art Gilmore, who also plays Roosevelt in ACTION IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC.

September 25, 1942--DETECTIVE COMICS # 69--"The Siege of Krovka"--FDR appears in this Boy Commandos story. No detectives appear. Certainly Batman does not appear.

April 21, 1943---DETECTIVE COMICS # 76--"The Invasion of America"--The Boy Commandos visit America on a tour. They are welcomed with a parade, but Nazi spies kidnap them. Their fans the Kid Commandos help locate the missing boys and alert Sandman and the Newsboy Legion. The heroes rescue the boys, and together they smash the Nazi spy ring.  A unique golden age crossover between the Boy Commandos, Sandman, and the Newsboy Legion, three Jack Kirby series.  FDR also appears.  

Image result for Eleanor Roosevelt simpsonsImage result for Eleanor Roosevelt Another PeriodImage result for Eleanor Roosevelt 1944

October 11, 1943--THE SIMPSONS--"The Boys of Bummer"--In game seven of the 1943 World Series, Joe Laboot throws a ball into the stand that hits Eleanor Roosevelt in the face, disfiguring her.  Prior to that, she had been a great beauty.  

Blackhawk #262

1944--BLACKHAWK # 262--"Der Fuhrer's Face"--The Blackhawks split up after learning that Hitler intends to assassinate four world leaders. Andre and Chuck meet with the French underground and protect Charles De Gaulle from an assassin who is a Hitler look-a-like. Stanislaus and Chop Chop visit the Soviet Union to protect Stalin. Olaf and Hendrickson are assigned to protect President Roosevelt who is secretly visiting London. All six succeed in protecting their targets.  Blackhawk heads to London to protect Churchill, but he is captured by the one remaining assassin. He still succeeds in protecting Churchill. After the threat is over, the Blackhawks learn that Domino has escaped from British custody. The team is tasked with finding her.

October 24, 1944--BLACKHAWK # 3--"Iron Dreams & Bloody Murder"--The White Lions commanded by Death Mayhew steal the missing atomic bomb from the Nazis in France after they took possession of it from the French resistance. The Lions also steal a prototype bomber that can make the trans-Atlantic journey to New York.  Blackhawk and Natalie Reed, dubbed Lady Blackhawk, are in New York. Although he is still the target of Senator Hightower, Blackhawk is once again welcomed as a hero. While attending a party, they are approached by Reba MacMahon. She has killed Hightower and tells Blackhawk about Mayhew's plan.  Reed pilots an auto-gyro into the New York sky. Blackhawk jumps to the Empire State Building where Mayhew is planning to signal the bomber. Blackhawk ambushes him and learns the radio frequency needed to detonate the bomb. The frequency is used for television audio. Blackhawk then utilizes the radio equipment to send the signal out to sea. When the bomber comes within range, the bomb explodes. The blast is far enough from the city that no damage is done. Blackhawk is then honored by the President.

A Christmas Story 2 DVD.jpg

1944--A CHRISTMAS STORY 2--Ralphie wants a 1939 Mercury Eight convertible for Christmas.  I originally placed this in 1946, not realizing that FDR appears in the story.  

File:Second Bill of Rights Speech.ogv

April 12, 1945--Death of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


1975--Death of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt.

1981--Death of John Aspinwall Roosevelt II.

1998--Death of Franklin Delano Roosevelt Jr.

1990--Death of Elliott Roosevelt.

1991--Death of James Roosevelt II.

Fear Strikes Up a Conversation Poster

April 1998--SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH--"Fear Strikes Up a Conversation"--Sabrina pulls FDR out of a book. As my pal Toby O'Brien points out, this probably isn't the real FDR since he is not pulled out of time or from the afterlife, but from a book. He is likely the FDR that would exist in the land of fiction.

October 1998--SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH--"The Pom Pom Incident"--Through magic, no doubt, Martha Washington appears.  (Also, little known fact I discovered in my research, both Eisenhower and Franklin Roosevelt were cheerleaders in college.  Really.)

Putting Out Fires

December 2012--1600 PENN--"Pilot"--'m going to post this here because different people can probably do different things with this in their sandboxes. In the pilot episode of 1600 Penn, the President's son, reflecting on the oval office, says "So much history here, right? Roosevelt...Superman...."

3011--FUTURAMA--"All the Presidents' Heads"--All former U.S. Presidents have been brought back from the dead and restored.  Well, their heads are and kept in jars on display in a museum.  

Alternate Universes:

Cartoon Universe--FDR appeared in several episodes of HISTERIA.  

Robot Chicken Universe--FDR appears in "That Hurts Me".

Skitlandia--FDR has been portrayed on several episodes of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  

Pearl Harbor II: Pearlmageddon (2001) - Plot Summary Poster

WTF? Universe--The events of PEARL HARBOR II:  PEARLMAGEDDON, a mash up of Pearl Harbor and Armageddon.  In 1941, Pearl Harbor isn't attacked by the Japanese, but is instead bombarded with meteorites.  A group of drillers must travel to space to blow up a giant meteor heading toward Earth. 

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