Monday, July 10, 2017

Update on the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia

I haven't worked on the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia in a while, as my schedule has been pretty full with other things taking priority. But it is still in progress. However, I've decided that I will be taking a bit of a different approach to the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia rather than following the exact same format I used for the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia. So I'm going to be reworking the stuff I've already written before proceeding. One of the differences is that I will not be trying to force all the crossovers into one shared reality. The nature of animated series is far different than what I previously worked on for the HCE or even with the live action TVCU, that I have to shape it as a multiverse of realities with constantly changing timelines and varied realities that merge and unmerge. So there's that challenge. The other thing I'll be doing is that I won't be just placing entries in chronological order, but further breaking it down by categories (Animated Shorts, Animated Films, Animated Television, etc), and further broken down by studios, networks and companies. I'm hoping that will make the book a bit easier to read and will help stick to my "it happened as we see it" approach that keeps the writers' intent pure, without trying to add too much of my own theories and conjecture. And speaking of theories and conjectures, another thing that's different is that for this book, I will be including fan theory crossovers (with the notation that they are fan theories). I'll also be adding for Family Guy only, references that aren't valid crossovers, and creating a separate category for the cutaway gags.

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