Thursday, December 6, 2018

The Experiment: A fourth word from our sponsor...

From Chris Nigro:

THE EXPERIMENT Linear Horror Anthology --
The fourth in the quartet of initial books released by Wild Hunt Press for Halloween is now available for pre-order in digital format for just $2.99! And the print edition is coming soon!
This multi-author anthology of strongly interconnected tales is the brainchild of Zach Cole, the author responsible for the series of books featuring Jeremy Walker, werewolf monster hunter (beginning with BLUE MOON) and the Marugrah kaiju novels (beginning with KAIJU EPOCH) before combining them into a single series (in fact, Wild Hunt Press's next release will be the latest in Zach's Jeremy Walker/ Marugrah series, THE TITANS' CHILDREN -- watch for it!).
THE EXPERIMENT deals with the infamous Area 51 and the black ops biological experiments being conducted there. One of the most nefarious of these secret programs, Project Hydra, goes horribly awry when its six bioengineered monstrosities -- all unique and uniquely deadly -- all of which are a gene-spliced chimera of several animal predators native to Earth, along with DNA from certain predators not of this world, are loosed upon an unsuspecting world. The bloody carnage each of them individually wreaks upon hapless individuals who cross their paths are chronicled by a different author -- including Zach and yours truly. All before weaving back together in a framing tale where the survivors of the individual attacks must band together for mutual survival -- willingly or otherwise.
I am extremely proud to be able to publish one of Zach's projects, and with enough support, THE EXPERIMENT need not end with this volume (yes -- hint, hint!).
Stay tuned for our fifth word from our sponsor (and final for now) with a promo for the above mentioned Titans' Children.

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Area 51. Known by many to be the housing area of recovered aliens and their technology. However, it is actually a military facility harboring numerous top secret projects, one of which is biological weaponry. Six creatures were created for Project Hydra: a genetic mix of predatory animals, along ...

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