Friday, January 4, 2019

Before Die Hard, Some Announcements...

I was going to put this all in the top of the Die Hard post, but then I thought, if you're clicking on Die Hard, you want to read about Die Hard. 

So here's some announcements....

January 10 we are celebrating the 8th anniversary of this website.  I don't have anything special planned this year.  This past year was a tough year for me, and I'm just starting to really get back into my routine. 

But also, this November is actually the 40th anniversary of Super Entertainment.  Started in 1979 as a fake comic book company, and the umbrella for everything I wrote (starting when I was six years old), when this website was created, Super Comics turned into Super Entertainment and became a real thing that puts out real things, for instance, this website, the Television Crossover Universe book series, which started with Television Crossover Universe:  Worlds and Mythology Volume I, and two podcasts, the Television Crossover Universe Podcast, and Super Entertainment Presents Random Fandom: A Television Crossover Universe Podcast. 

Other things.  I'm still working on projects.  I slowed down for a while, but I'm picking up steam.  Dorian Gray: Darker Shades is out from Wild Hunt Press (our primary sponsor).  This anthology includes a Dorian Gray timeline from myself and Chris Nigro.  I'm still working on Cartoon Multiverse:  The Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia.  I've overcome some hurdles that were holding me back, in rethinking how I want to write it.  I'm also getting ready to wrap up Television Crossover Universe:  Worlds and Mythology Volume II.  I had to rethink one of my essays for that as well. 

Meanwhile, for this website, I've been working on cleaning up and updating the Scooby-Doo Team-Up post, and I'm working on the "modern age" Superman post.

Our discussion forum has moved from Facebook to Google Plus.  I mean, you can still find the Facebook discussion forum but I'm not there anymore.  You can find me here.  

I'm told though that Google Plus is going away apparently, so when that happens I guess you'll have to find me on Twitter or you can e-mail me.

I also have another Wild Hunt book to talk about and promote, but I'll do that in another upcoming post. 

I think that's about it.  On to Die Hard....

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