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DC Extended Universe

The DC Extended Universe is part of the larger multiverse, and it's a shared universe with some non-DC crossovers.  So it deserves an entry, now that there are seven movies and counting.

Long ago, when time was new, and all of history was still a dream... -- The origins of the Amazons and the battle against Steppenwolf.  Also, on the alternate reality of Earth-1, the Legends drop Helen of Troy off on Themyscyra to be trained by the Amazons.  The shot of Themyscyra used on Legends of Tomorrow for Themyscyra is the same used in Wonder Woman.

Image result for World War I -- Wonder Woman

World War I -- Wonder Woman

1967 - 1968 -- Annabelle -- The doll appears in Aquaman.  At some point I'll tackle the Conjuring timeline, which will be part of the main Horror Universe, not part of the DCEU.

1980 -- Kal-El arrives on Earth.  Over the next 18 years, as Clark Kent, he must learn how to adapt to his powers and hide them.

1981 -- Death of Thomas and Martha Wayne.

1984 -- Wonder Woman 1984

1985 -- Aquaman (Prologue)

1993 -- Batman's career begins.  During the next 20 years, Batman has enemies such as the Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, and the Riddler.

1997 -- Death of Jonathan Kent.  Following this, Clark begins travelling, getting odd jobs and secretly using his powers to help people.

Probably around 2012--Joker "creates" Harley Quinn.  The two kill probably the second Robin, Jason Todd.  Harley is incarcerated in Belle Reve Peneteniary.  Batman also has a run-in with Deadshot, landing him in Belle Reve as well.

Late 2013 to early 2014 -- Man of Steel --

  • When General Zod sends a message to Earth in multiple languages, one of the languages is Klingon.  
  • When Clark is being bullied, it's in the vicinity of "Sullivan Truck and Tractor Repair," which is a nod to Chloe Sullivan, who was Clark's best friend and most trusted sidekick in TV show Smallville (2001), and an original character created for the show. Also, in the same scene, Clark is bullied by a gang led by Whitney Fordham, a character who was inspired by Whitney Fordman, another character created for the show as Lana Lang's boyfriend in season 1. Also, several actors (Amy Adams, Alessandro Juliani, Tahmoh Penikett, David Lewis, Mackenzie Gray, Mike Dopud, Chad Krowchuk, Ian Tracey, Carmen Lavigne and David Patkeau) appeared in episodes of the show, in addition to many other small nods to the series.
2014 - 2015 -- Probably during this time, Barry Allen becomes the Flash and stops a robbery committed by Captain Boomerang.  Aquaman is filmed deep in the ocean, and Vic Stone becomes a cyborg.

Fall 2015 -- Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Television Crossover Universe Podcast

TVCU #26 - Batman v. Superman v. Civil War

June 07, 2016
Television Crossover Universe
Join us this week as we take on the greatest controversy of our time. That's right. We will be talking about Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. This is part 1 of our first two parter, and there will be SPOILERS!!!

Post Superman -- Suicide Squad

The opening and closing scenes of Wonder Woman.

Justice League

Post Steppenwolf -- Aquaman

??? -- Shazam

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