Sunday, May 26, 2019

The Faking of... A Day Late... A Dollar Short....

Whenever my father would prank me, he'd say "April Fools, for in July..."  then after I'd say "You got me", he'd laugh and say "April Fool's again.  April Fool's is in April".  

Of course, I was like seven.  

Anyways, remember That's Our Ralph!?  That was fun.  I had planned on doing another one of those prank posts back in April.  But I got busy.  So April Fools for in July.

A Day Late... is not real, nor is A Dollar Short....  I was channeling those teen comedies of my youth, the ones I probably shouldn't have been allowed to watch but was anyways.  

Those film photos are stock footage I found in google searches.  Those crossovers don't exist.  

A Day Late... A Dollar Short....

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Today I'll be covering my favorite summer camp movie of the 1970s, A Day Late... and it's terrible sequel, A Dollar Short.

Summer 1978--A Day Late...--The hijinks of camp counselors who just want to get laid and their campers who have a girls vs. boys prank war.

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Fall 1978--A Dollar Short...--Billy, one of the counselors from the first film, is back home and back to school.  When his bike accidentally scratches the car of the school bully, he has 24 hours to raise the money or get a pounding.  Hilarity is supposed to ensue.  Note that this movie was originally meant to be titled "A Bird in the Hand...." with the phrase being warped into a euphemism for masturbation, thus why the term is used repeatedly and not so subtly throughout the film. 


1983--Sleepaway Camp--In A Day Late..., the new camp counselor says he had formerly worked at Camp Arawak.  Among the campers of Camp Weenipekka, there is a rumor that he lost his job after a tragic boating accident led to a child's death. 

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1999--American Pie--This film also is set at the fictional East Great Falls High School in west Michigan, where Billy Wesker attended in 1978. 

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2015 to present--Bunk'd--The kikiwaka, a fictional urban legend that is a sub-plot in A Day Late... is the same creature that is also an urban legend and the namesake of the camp in Bunk'd.