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Batman: The Animated Series

This post is about the 1990s - 2000s DC Animated Universe that started with Batman the Animated Series.  This series has been shown to be a hypertimeline to the post-Crisis DC Universe, Earth-992 in the pre-Crisis DC Multiverse (Numerical designation by John Wells after the month and date -- September, 1992 -- that Batman: The Animated Series went on the air), and Earth-12 in the 52 and New 52 Multiverses.

Batman: The Animated Series, The Superman/Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, The New Batman/Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Gotham Girls, Lobo, Static Shock, The Zeta Project, Justice League, Teen Titans, Zatanna, Justice League Unlimited, Krypto the Superdog, Legion of Super Heroes, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Superman: Brainiac Attacks. An Earth populated by less dark incarnations of the heroes of the present-day DC universe. First appeared in Batman: The Animated Series.


Superman (Clark Kent)--This is the Kal-El. He is represented in the DCAU by Superman the Animated Series.

BATMAN I (BRUCE WAYNE)--The original Batman was Bruce Wayne, represented by the Batman the Animated Series.

Jonah Hex (DCAU) | DC Database | Fandom

1883: Batman: Animated Series "Showdown"--Jonah Hex clashes with Ra's Al Ghul and his son Arcadi Duval — in a war over the western railroad system in California.  Most of my research on Jonah Hex and the weird things he's seen (as referenced in Scooby-Doo Team-Up) come from the Justice League Library.  

Batman: The Animated Series Poster

September 5, 1992 - September 15, 1995--Batman: The Animated Series--The Dark Knight battles crime in Gotham City with occasional help from Robin and Batgirl.  This series is not in the Scooby-Doo Team-Up timeline.  However, I'd argue that the Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Batgirl, and Catwoman stories from this series could fit, based on their depictions in Scooby-Doo Team-Up, with a focus on the team-ups with Gotham Girls and the solo team-up with Harley Quinn.  

Cartoon Network Commissions Animated 'Justice League' Series | TV ...
Release Date: October 1, 1992 - ongoing at time of writing
Series: Cartoon Network
Animated Series Crosses: The Addams Family (Animated); The Addams Family (1992 Animated Revival); Adventures of Aquaman; Adventures of Gulliver; Adventure Time; Almost Naked Animals; Alvin and the Chipmunks; Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan; Amazing Spiez!; The Amazing World of Gumball; Angelo Rules; Animaniacs; Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Arabian Knights; Astro Boy; Atom Ant; Atomic Betty; Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy; Baby Looney Tunes; B.A.E.: The Bremen Avenue Experience; Bakugan; Banana Splits; Barney Bear; Batman Beyond; Batman: The Animated Series; Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Battle of the Planets; Beany and Cecil; Beetlejuice (Animated); Ben 10; Beware the Batman; Beyblade; Big Baby; Big Bag; The Big O; Birdman; Blue Dragon; Bob Clampett Show; Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo; Bomberman Jetters; The Brak Show; Breezly and Sneezly; Buford and the Galloping Ghost; Bugs Bunny; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids (Animated); Calling Cat-22!; Camp Lazlo; Capitol Critters; The Captain and the Kids; Captain Caveman; Captain Planet; Cardcaptors; Cartoon Cartoon(s)/What a Cartoon!; Cartoon Planet; Casper and the Angels; Casper’s Scare School; Cattanooga Cats; Cave Kids; CB Bears; Centurions; Chaotic; Chop Socky Chooks; Chuck Jones Show; Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos; Clarence; Clue Club; Code Lyoko; Codename: Kids Next Door; Courage the Cowardly Dog; Cow and Chicken; The Cramp Twins; Cyborg 009; Daffy Duck; Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines; DC Nation; Dennis the Menace (1986 Animated); Detentionaire; Deviln; Dexter’s Laboratory; D.I.C.E.; Dingbat; Dink, the Little Dinosaur; Dino Boy; Don Coyote; Dragon Ball Z; Dragon Hunters; Droopy; Duck Dodgers; Dudley Do-Right; Duel Masters; Dynomutt; Ed, Edd n Eddy; Ed Grimley; Evil Con Carne; Fangface; Fantastic Four (1992 Cartoon); Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes (2006 Cartoon); Fantastic Max; Fantastic Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor (1996 Cartoon); Firehouse Tales; Flintstone Kids; Flintstones; Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends; Frankenstein, Jr. (Hanna-Barbera); Freakazoid!; Funky Phantom; Galaxy Goof-Ups; Galaxy Trio; Galtar and the Golden Lance; Garfield; Gary Coleman Show; Generator Rex; George of the Jungle; George of the Jungle (2007 reboot); Gerald McBoing-Boing; G-Force: Guardians of Space (Reboot of Battle of the Planets); G.I. Joe; GoBots; Godzilla (1990s Cartoon); Goober and the Ghost Chasers; Gordon the Garden Gnome; Gormiti; Grape Ape; Green Lantern: The Animated Series; The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy; Grojband; Gumby; Gundam; .hack; Hamtaro; Harlem Globetrotters (Animated); Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs; Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law; Heathcliff; Help!... It’s the Hair Bear Bunch; He-Man and the Masters of the Universe; Herculoids; Hero: 108; The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange; Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi; Hillbilly Bears; Hokey Wolf; Hong Kong Phooey; Hot Dog TV; Hot Wheels; How To Train Your Dragon; Huckleberry Hound; I am Weasel; Idaten Jump; Immortal Grand Prix; Impossibles (Hanna-Barbera); Inch High, Private Eye; Jabberjaw; Jackie Chan Adventures; James Bond Jr.; Jetsons; Johnny Bravo; Johnny Test; Jonny Quest; Josie and the Pussycats; Justice League; Knights of the Zodiac; Krypto the Superdog; Kwicky Koala Show; La’Antz and Derek; Laff-A-Lympics; Land Before Time; Late Night Black & White; League of Super Evil; Legends of Chima; Lego Ninjago; The Life and Times of Juniper Lee; Lippy the Lion & Hardy Har Har; Li’l Abner; Little Robots; Long Live the Royals; Looney Tunes; The Looney Tunes Show; Loopy De Loop; MAD; Magilla Gorilla; MAR; Marmaduke; Martian Successor Nadesico; The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack; Max Steel; Mega Man; Megas XLR; MetaJets; Midnight Patrol; Mighty Magiswords; Mighty Man and Yukk; Mighty Mightor; Mike, Lu & Og; Mr. Men Show; Mister T; Mixels; Moby Dick (Cartoon); Motormouse and Autocat; The Moxy Show; !Mucha Lucha!; Mumbly; My Gym Partner’s a Monkey; Nacho Bear; Naruto; Neon Genesis Evangelion; New Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1992 Animated); Ninja Robots; O Canada; One Piece; Outlaw Star; Over the Garden Wall; Ozzy & Drix; Pac-Man; Paw Paws; Pecola; Pepe Le Pew; Peppa Pig; Perils of Penelope Pitstop; Pet Alien; Peter Potamus; Pink Panther; Pirates of Dark Water; Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks; Pokemon; Popeye; Porky Pig; Pound Puppies; Powerpuff Girls; Precious Pupp; Prince of Tennis; Princess Natasha; The Problem Solverz; Punkin’ Puss & Mushmouse; A Pup Named Scooby-Doo; Quick Draw McGraw; Rad Roach; Rave Master; Real Adventures of Jonny Quest; ReBoot; Redakai; Regular Show; Rescue Heroes; Richie Rich; Ricochet Rabbit & Droop-a-Long; Road Rovers; Road Runner; Robotboy; Robotech; Robotomy; Rocket Jo; Rocky and Bullwinkle; Roger Ramjet; Roman Holidays; Ronin Warriors; Ruff and Reddy Show; Run It Back; Rurouni Kenshin; Sailor Moon; Samurai Jack; Scan2Go; Scaredy Squirrel; Scooby-Doo!; Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated; Screwy Squirrel; Sealab 2020; Secret Mountain Fort Awesome; The Secret Saturdays; Secret Squirrel; Shazzan; Sheep in the Big City; Shirt Tales; Shmoo; Sidekick; Silverhawks; Sitting Ducks; 6teen; Skatebirds; Skunk Fu!; Sky Commanders; Small World; Smurfs; Snagglepuss; Snooper and Blabber; Snorks; Sonic the Hedgehog; Space Ace; Space Ghost; Space Ghost Coast to Coast; Space Kidettes; Space Stars; Speed Buggy; Speed Racer; Spliced; Squiddly Diddly; Squirrel Boy; Star Wars: Clone Wars; Static Shock; Steven Universe; Stoked!; Storm Hawks; Sunday Pants; Super Chicken; Super Friends; Super Hero Squad Show; Superman: The Animated Series; Supernoobs; The Swashbuckling Perils of the Adventures of the Men & Jeremy; SWAT Kats; Sym-Bionic Titan; The Talented Mr. Bixby; Taz-Mania; Team Galaxy; Teddy Blue Eyes; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003); Teen Titans; Teen Titans Go!; Tenchi; Tenkai Knights; Tennessee Tuxedo; Tex Avery Show; The Batman; These Are the Days; Thundarr the Barbarian; ThunderCats; ThunderCats (2011); Time Squad; Tiny Toon Adventures; Tom and Jerry; Tom and Jerry Kids; Toonami; ToonHeads; Top Cat; Total Drama; Totally Spies!; Touche Turtle and Dum Dum; Track Rats; Transformers: Armada; Transformers: Beast Wars; Transformers: Cybertron; Transformers: Energon; Transformers: Robots in Disguise; Tweety and Sylvester; 2 Stupid Dogs; Uncle Grandpa; Underdog; Valley of the Dinosaurs; Voltron; Wacky Races; Wait Till Your Father Gets Home; Wally Gator; Waynehead; We Bare Bears; Wedgies; What a Cartoon!; Whatever Happened To… Robot Jones?; Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch; Where’s Huddles?; Wildfire; Winsome Witch; Winx Club; Woody Woodpecker; Wulin Warriors; Xiaolin Showdown; X-Men: Evolution; Yakky Doodle; Yippee, Yappee and Yahooey; Yogi Bear; Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!; Young Justice; Young Robin Hood; Young Samson; Yu-Gi-Oh!; YuYu Hakusho; Zatch Bell!; Zixx; Zoids
Other Crosses: Bobb’e Says; BrainRush; Destroy Build Destroy; Dude, What Would Happen; Goosebumps; Hole in the Wall; Incredible Crew; Level Up; My Dad’s a Pro; The Othersiders; Out of Jimmy’s Head; Re: Evolution of Sports; Run It Back; Slamball; Survive This; 10 Count; Thumb Wrestling Federation; Tower Prep; Unnatural History
The Story: Several short stories featuring numerous Cartoon Network characters, original and acquired, in various shared reality segments.
Notes: Since its inception, Cartoon Network has run numerous promos that featured it’s original characters and acquired properties in original short segments that demonstrate that everything seen on Cartoon Network, original or reruns from other networks, takes place in the same shared reality. Most of the segments take place at the Cartoon Network studios, or the town the studio is set in, which seems to be Townsville from the Powerpuff Girls. I conjecture that Townsville is nearby Los Angeles and Toontown. However, there is evidence elsewhere, in Phineas and Ferb, that Townsville is part of the same Tri-State Area as Dansville from Phineas and Ferb. There are several areas in the United States that are known as the Tri-State area, and California is not in any known “tri-state area”. Note that some of the series above are not part of the main Cartoon Universe. Also, some of these series exist in the past for future. Clearly Cartoon Network has access to travel between time and alternate realities.

Karl Rossum

November 16 - 17, 1992--BATMAN:  THE ANIMATED SERIES--"Heart of Steel"--The scientist that created the HARDAC machine is named Karl Rossum. HARDAC created mechanical replicants to replace existing humans, with the ultimate goal of replacing all humans. One of the robots is seen driving a car with "RUR" as the license plate number.

Mechanical Monsters (disambiguation) | DC Database | Fandom

November 26, 1994--Batman the Animated Series--"Deep Freeze"--DC Animated Universe (aka Earth-12 in the New 52 or Earth-992 in the Pre-Flashpoint era)--In the 84th episode of Batman the Animated Series, "Deep Freeze", Mr. Freeze is kidnapped by a robot resembling the Mechanical Monster robots and is hidden inside the robot's chest cavity, like Lois Lane does in the original short. The robot is also impervious to machine gun fire like in the original short.

Release Date: 1995 - 2008
Animated Series Crosses: Animaniacs; Baby Looney Tunes; The Batman; Batman: The Animated Series; Batman Beyond; Bugs Bunny; Daffy Duck; Looney Tunes; Tweety & Sylvester; Pinky and the Brain; Tiny Toon Adventures; Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island; Detention; Freakazoid!; Histeria!; Johnny Test; Krypto the Superdog; Legion of Super Heroes; Loonatics Unleashed; Monster Allergy; !Mucha Lucha!; Superman: The Animated Series; Ozzy & Drix; Road Rovers; Scooby-Doo!; Static Shock; Teen Titans; Tom and Jerry; Waynehead; Xiaolin Showdown; The Zeta Project; Codename: Kids Next Door; Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends; The Powerpuff Girls; Captain Planet; Channel Umptee-3; Generation O!; Jackie Chan Adventures; Men in Black (Animated); Phantom Investigators; Spectacular Spider-Man; Pokemon; Cubix; Yu-Gi-Oh!; Astro Boy; Cardcaptor Sakura; Dragon Ball Z; MegaMan NT Warrior; Sailor Moon; Spider Riders; Transformers: Cybertron; Viewtiful Joe; X-Men: Evolution; World of Quest; Magi-Nation; Will and Dewitt; Brats of the Lost Nebula; Da Boom Crew; Earthworm Jim; Eon Kid; Invasion America; Legend of Calamity Jane; Max Steel; Mummy (Animated); Rescue Heroes; Skunk Fu!
Other Crosses: The Nightmare Room
The Story: Various scenarios. See notes.
Notes: Kids’ WB promos often showed original animation that featured characters from their various programs interacting with each other in a shared universe. Thus, all Kids’ WB programs can be presumed to exist within the Cartoon Universe. One major glitch to this is that some of these shows are clearly not in the same reality. For instance, The Batman is listed above, but the DC Animated Universe that began with Batman: The Animated Series is also there. This can be explained. The Cartoon Multiverse is a series of divergent timelines. In the Justice League Unlimited episode “The Once and Future Thing”, Chronos went back to the dawn of time, the moment from DC continuity where a single universe split into an infinite multiverse. During that episode, Chronos’ constant time travel interference caused the timeline to continuously shift. For example, at one point, John Stewart, the Green Lantern of the DCAU, was replaced by Hal Jordan, who was Green Lantern in the comics and on Super Friends, but never in the DCAU. The Super Friends exists in the main Cartoon Universe timeline (Earth-1A), but whenever we see other versions of DC characters, such as from Batman: the Animated Series or The Batman, we should blame Chronos for a temporary shifting of the timeline. The same premise should be applied to other series like Spectacular Spider-Man (which doesn’t sync with the main Cartoon Universe timeline) or certain reboots like Transformers: Cybertron.

Superman: The Animated Series (TV Series 1996–2000) - IMDb

Release Date: September 6, 1996 - February 12, 2000
Series: Superman: The Animated Series
The Story: The DC Animated Universe adaption of the comic book from DC Comics, particularly based on the modern/age post-Crisis version of the character, with a few golden and silver age elements thrown in.
Notes: This series was created by Timm and Dini for their Animated DC Universe following the success of Batman: The Animated Series. In the Cartoon Multiverse, this takes place on “Earth-12”, one of multiple alternate timelines. Within DC’s comic book canon, the DCAU was first shown during Zero Hour in 1994. Later, in 1998, it became part of DC’s Hypertime. Unofficially, many fans have considered the DCAU to be Earth-992 of the pre-Crisis DC Multiverse. Following Infinite Crisis in 2006, the DCAU became Earth-12 of the 52 Multiverse, and recently, writer Grant Morrison confirmed Earth-12 to still be the home of the DCAU in the New 52 multiverse. I guess this would be a good time to mention that Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and his historical first appearance was Action Comics # 1, June 1938.

Mo, Lar and Cur | DC Animated Universe | Fandom 1997--NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES--The Three Stooges have taken a job as the Joker's henchmen. Batman kicks their butts.

World's Finest" | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

Release Dates: October 4, 1997
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: The Joker and Lex Luthor join forces, which brings Superman and Batman together for the first time as allies.
Notes: Though Superman: TAS is technically a spin-off of Batman: TAS, as they were meant from the start to share a reality, this was the first episode to actually demonstrate that the two series shared a reality, and this story would be the genesis for the expansion that would lead to Batman Beyond, Justice League, the Zeta Project, and Justice League Unlimited. These three episodes originally aired as one singular movie, and were then split into a three parter for syndication. It can be found on DVD as the Batman/Superman Movie. Historically, Superman debuted in Action Comics # 1, June 1938, and Batman first appeared in Detective Comics # 27, May 1939. The two first shared a cover in New York World’s Fair Comics 1940, but the covers at that time were not considered part of the in-story canon. A year later, they would both regularly be featured in World’s Finest Comics, but during the golden age of the 1940s, they appeared in separate, unrelated stories. In All-Star Comics # 3, they were both mentioned as being honorary members of the Justice Society of America, the first instance in which they were shown to share the same reality. During the 1940s, the two actually appeared three times together as members of the Justice Society. In the Adventures of Superman radio drama, Batman would regularly appear to team-up with Superman. It wasn’t until 1952 that Batman would team-up with Superman in Superman’s book. This was said to be their first meeting, despite the JSA stories, thus being one of the earliest dividing lines between the continuity of the golden age/Earth-2 and silver age/Earth-1 stories. In 1954, World’s Finest Comics began featuring the Superman-Batman team as the featured story, mostly because they had to reduce the page count for economic reasons and so had one story for both rather than two separate tales. The success of the Superman-Batman team in World’s Finest has continued a tradition of teaming up DC’s most popular two characters, and now, a live action feature film has finally been released putting the two iconic characters together.

Robin | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

Release Date: October 10, 1998
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: Robin seeks out Superman’s help when Batman is missing.
Notes: Superman: The Animated Series was an indirect spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series, and in original runs of Superman: TAS, it was packaged with The New Batman Adventures (which was a continuation of Batman: TAS) as the Batman/Superman Adventures on the Kids’ WB. In syndication, it airs as in independent series. Superman and Batman would have several crossovers, and following the end of both series, both would combine for the spin-off called Justice League.

Release Date: September 18, 1999
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: Batman must assist Superman when Ra’s Al Ghul comes to Metropolis.
Notes: The third crossover between Superman and Batman in the DCAU. The next meeting of the two will be in the pilot for Justice League.

Gotham Girls Poster

July 27, 2000 - November 19, 2002--Gotham Girls--The adventures of the female superheroes and supervillains of Gotham City.  This was a web series spin-off of Batman:  The Animated Series.  

Static | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

Release Date: September 23, 2000 - May 22, 2004
Series: Static Shock
The Story: Virgil is a black youth in the inner city who gets caught up in a gang war. During the fight and intervention by police, a shot from police hits a tank containing an experimental gas. This event, called “the Big Bang”, causes those present to gain superpowers. Virgil uses his newfound electrical abilities to become the super-hero called Static.
Notes: Static originally appeared in a comic from Milestone, an imprint of DC Comics set in an alternate reality where most heroes operated in Dakota and the characters were more diverse. In the animated series, Static would be incorporated into the DC Animated Universe, as there were crossovers with Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, and Batman Beyond. The popularity of the cartoon led DC to later merge the Milestone characters into the mainstream DC Universe.

Justice League (TV series) - Wikipedia

Release Date: November 17, 2001 - May 29, 2004
Series:  Justice League
Animated Series Crosses:  Superman the Animated Series; Batman the Animated Series
The Story:  After joining forces to save Earth from an alien invasion, seven heroes decide to continue working together.
Notes:  This series is a spin-off of both Batman the Animated Series and Superman the Animated Series.  It takes place in the same shared reality commonly referred to as the DC Animated Universe.  Within the Cartoon Multiverse, it is designated Earth-12 (which is also its designation in the DC Multiverse).  In comics, the Justice League debuted in Brave and the Bold # 28 (1960).  The founding members in the historical first appearance were Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Aquaman, and J’onn J’onzz.  In this animated version, the founders are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern John Stewart, J’onn J’onzz, and Hawkgirl.  Superman’s first comic book appearance was in Action Comics # 1 (1938).  His DCAU debut was in Superman the Animated Series.  Batman’s first comic book appearance was in Detective Comics # 27 (1939).  His DCAU debut was in Batman the Animated Series.  Wonder Woman’s first comic book appearance was in All-Star Comics # 8 (1941).  This animated series is her DCAU debut.  This Flash, Barry Allen, first appeared historically in Showcase # 4 (1956).  His DCAU debut was in Superman the Animated Series.  Green Lantern John Stewart’s first comic book appearance was in Green Lantern # 87 (1972).  This is his DCAU debut, but previously, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner appeared on Superman the Animated Series.  J’onn J’onzz’s first comic book appearance was in Detective Comics # 225 (1955).  This is his DCAU debut.  This Hawkgirl, Thanagarian Shayera Thal, debuted historically in Brave and the Bold # 34 (1961).  This is also her DCAU debut.  This series would continue as Justice League Unlimited following its cancellation in this form.  In that form, the roster would increase to over 50 members! As this series incorporates many characters from the history of DC Comics, in a new DCAU form, I will not make note of every DC character that appears.  I also will not point out each episode that crosses with Superman and Batman since in a sense every episode does.  

Secret Origins" | DC Animated Universe | Fandom 17 Nov. 2001--Justice League--Secret Origins--Batman and Superman team up to deal with an alien invasion, and a telepathic message leads the duo to a military base housing future ally J'onn J'onzz.

17 Nov. 2001--Justice League--Secret Origins: Part II--With the nation's warheads disarmed by Superman after a peace initiative, the heroes rally to stop nocturnal alien invaders from blocking out the sun.

17 Nov. 2001--Justice League--Secret Origins: Part III--The heroes are captured by the aliens just as their leader, the Imperium, arrives. After vanquishing the invasion, they decide to officially join forces as the Justice League.

Static Shock meets Superman - YouTube

Release Date: January 26, 2002
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: The Joker comes to Dakota to recruit the mutated gang members, leading to a team-up between Static and Batman.

Notes: This story officially incorporated Static into the DC Animated Universe, and would lead to his incorporation into the mainstream DC Comics universe as well. It’s fitting that Static’s first DCAU crossover would be with the show that launched the DCAU.

Etrigan | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

September 2002--JUSTICE LEAGUE--"A Knight of Shadows"--The Justice League aid the demon Etrigan to fight Morgan le Fay.

Release Date: January 25, 2003
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: Nails, one of the mutated gang members, goes to Gotham seeking a cure, but falls in with the wrong crowd, ie. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Static goes to Gotham to help his misguided friend and once more teams with Batman.
Notes: A follow-up to the previous year’s story, “The Big Leagues”.

Release Date: March 1 - 8, 2003
Animated Series Crosses: Justice League; Superman: The Animated Series; Batman: The Animated Series
The Story: The League ask Static’s help in recharging their station after a power failure, but Static unwittingly releases Brainiac who possesses Gear.
Notes: This was a two parter.

November 2003--Justice League--"A Better World"-- The Martian Manhunter of the "evil" universe's Justice Lords implies that the Justice Lords had already been involved in the Crisis on Infinite Earths just prior to meeting the Justice League.

Future Shock" | DC Animated Universe | Fandom

Release Date: January 17, 2004
Animated Series Crosses: Batman: The Animated Series; Batman Beyond
The Story: Static travels to the future where he encounters Terry McGinnis and a future version of himself.

Notes: This crossovers continues the tradition that each season opener of Static (minus the pilot) crosses with Batman, but this time throws in a twist. The future version of Static seen in this episode would later reappear in Justice League Unlimited in “The Once and Future Thing”.

August 4, 2004--Justice League Unlimited--"Kid Stuff"--On JUSTICE LEAGUE episode "Kid Stuff", the team are turned into children.  Green Lantern John Stewart as a kid tries to make a disguise and ends up looking like Steve Urkel.

Release Date:  August 28, 2004
Other Crosses:  Bewitched
The Story:  Circe transforms Wonder Woman into a pig.  Batman seeks Zatanna’s aid to restore her to normal.
Notes:  Abner Kravitz appears, calling for his wife Gladys.  This couple were the neighbors of the Stevens on Bewitched.  Bewitched takes place in the Live Action Universe, and there is also an animated version of Bewitched existing in the main Cartoon Universe, so it’s no surprise other doppelgangers of those characters exist in other realities throughout the Cartoon Multiverse.  

Captain Hero | Drawn Together Wiki | Fandom

Release Date: October 27, 2004 - November 14, 2007
Series: Drawn Together
Animated Series Crosses: Roger Rabbit
The Story: A reality show, with cartoon characters. This show features cartoon archetypes, who show us how cartoons behave behind the scenes.

Notes: The Drawn Together house is in Toontown, making each episode a crossover with Who Framed Roger Rabbit. As noted above, all the housemates are animation archetypes. Captain Hero is a super-hero drawn in the style of the DC Animated Universe that includes Batman: the Animated Series, Superman: the Animated Series, and Justice League. Wooldoor Sockbat is a character who resembles Spongebob, but also has characteristics of classic characters like Bugs Bunny. Princess Clara is a Disney Princess. Foxy Love is a former mystery solving teen musician, in the tradition of Scooby-Doo and Josie and the Pussycats. Toot Braunstein is a parody of classic black and white animated shorts, particularly Betty Boop. Xandir is a video game character modeled after Link from the Legend of Zelda. Spanky Ham is an internet comic/meme. And finally, Ling-Ling is a Pokemon, inspired by Pikachu. Every episode of Drawn Together was filled with crossovers, albeit with adult themes, that reinforced the Roger Rabbit/Toontown concept that is the foundation of the Cartoon Universe and the Cartoon Crossover Encyclopedia.

Justice League Unlimited: The Once and Future Thing | DC Movies ...

January 22-29, 2005--Justice League Unlimted--"The Once and Future Thing"--Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe...there was the DC Animated Universe. I just saw "the Once and Future Thing", an episode of Justice League Unlimited, which of course is a continuation of Justice League, which was a spin-off of both Batman the Animated Series and Superman the Animated Series, and which crosses over in that episode with Batman Beyond and Static Shock. If only they had found a way to include Zeta Project, they would have tied together every DCAU show in one story. But they did manage to throw in the DC Western heroes for good measure, and due to a shifting timeline due to Chronos, we got to see John Stewart temporarily replaced by Hal Jordan (who never became Green Lantern in that reality.) I personally consider that a crossover with Super Friends, but that's just me.

September 2005--Justice League--"Chaos at the Earth's Core"--The Justice League battle Gamera.  

Image result for mystery incorporated season 2 episode 3

Crybaby Clown | Scoobypedia | Fandom

Release Date: August 1, 2012
The Story: The Joker, I mean Crybaby Clown, returns and kidnaps the residents of Crystal Cove.
Notes: No crossovers in this one, but I want to point out that the Crybaby Clown is voiced by Mark Hamill, who voices the Joker in Batman the Animated Series and other animated features. It's revealed in this episode that the Crybaby Clown was really actor Baylor Hotner, who had been dating Daphne. Baylor Hotner is inspired by Taylor Lautner (of the Twilight movies). The reason he was terrorizing the town was to prepare for his next film where he was playing a psychotic clown. I feel this is partially inspired by Heath Ledger's commitment to getting into character in playing the Joker in the Dark Knight.


Sep 23 2015--SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 12--Gotham Girls
  • Gotham Girls was a spin-off webseries from Batman:  The Animated Series and all the characters are drawn that way.
  • Mr. J had referenced his previous encounters with Scooby
  • Batman has several times now called upon Mystery Inc. as experts.


  • This is silver age Flash, though he’s reminiscent of Justice League Flash and DC Super Heroes Flash.
  • Grodd’s Super Friends appearance mentioned
  • Flash should be on TV mentioned.
  • Daphne being danger prone damsel in distress mentioned throughout series.  This is something that came from the live action films, but clearly Daphne does not possess the martial arts skills from those movies.

Jingle Belle The Whole Package! by Paul Dini - Penguin Books Australia
  • 2015--COMIC BOOK RESOURCES--Jingle Belle meets the Gotham City Sirens (the modern day women taking up the roles of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.) The Gotham City Sirens is a spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series.
  • SCOOBY DOO TEAM UP #21: Books

December 24, 2016--SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 21--Harley Quinn - Classic DCAU version
  • Takes place on Christmas Eve
  • The villains use the Ghosts from A Christmas Carol as their theme.  This implies that they believe the Charles Dickens tale to be real.
  • Fred mentions Christmas is a busy time for Ghost Hunters, having faced the “Christmas Spirit” last year and the “Chaunted Chanukah” the year before.
  • Harley sings the classic “Batman smells” song, popular with kids in the real world, but has since been shown to exist in most other universes where Batman exists.
  • Harley still appears in her classic DCAU version, as she did in Gotham Girls.  This was her original look when she debuted in the main DCU as well.
  • Velma says that last week they turned down Doctor Thirteen’s request to join Mystery Inc.
  • Harley mentions a common hole in many ghost hunter crossover stories.  She refers to Doctor Thirteen having met the Phantom Stranger and still doesn’t believe in ghosts.  Likewise, Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes involve characters who have encountered supernatural menaces countless times in crossovers, but remains non-believers in their canon.
  • Sherlock Holmes reference when Harley puts on the classic hat and investigates with a magnifying glass.
  • Pop culture reference:  Harley refers to the ghost as Casper!  Casper was once temporarily owned by Hanna-Barbera and had a team-up with Yogi Bear, and a Saturday morning show where Casper was the “Scooby” mascot with a group of space cop mystery solving teen girls.
  • The Joker appears in his Batman:  The Animated Series version.  He was previously seen with Scooby in his classic Adventures of Batman version on three occasions.  This is similar to how they have met Robin in different forms but he is still the same Robin.

Jonah Hex | Batman:The Animated Series Wiki | Fandom

Jul 26 2017--SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 28--Jonah Hex

  • The bulk of this story is told in flashback by Fred, and we can presume it's true, but it may not be. I'm going to err on the side of including it. After all, the story comes directly from Frederick's journal. Also, if this story took place
  • This film depicts that the Scooby Gang all had identical ancestors in the old west. The animated film Shaggy's Showdown also depicts this. There may be others that I'm unaware of. I'm thinking there are some others that I'm not remembering.
  • Old West Daphne is tired of being confused with Cinnamon. But come to think of it, she does look a lot like, okay, I won't say it.
  • Old West ancestors are Frederick (Fred), Carrie, short for Cardamon (Daphne), Thelma Lou (Velma), Gabby (Shaggy), and Smiley-Doo (Scooby).
  • In Shaggy's Showdown, the look-alike ancestor of Shaggy is the outlaw Dapper Jack. The problem is that Shaggy's Showdown involves El Kabong existing in the old west, but this timeline has him existing in present day. Perhaps like the Scooby Gang, Quick Draw had a lookalike ancestor in the old west with almost similar adventures?
  • Bat Lash also appears. And the real Rinnamon, I mean Cinnamon, shows up.
  • By the by, sometimes sewing circles were just that, but other times in the west in particular in that time, sewing circles were code for whore house. Just a little known fun fact.
  • Cardomon, I mean Carrie, is Cinnamon's little sister, meaning that Daphne Blake is distantly related to Cinnamon! Cinnamon also happens to be one of the past lives of Hawkgirl, who Mystery Inc. has already encountered in this series.
  • Cinnamon and Carrie also have two other sisters, Garlic and Paprika.
  • In encountering the monster, Jonah Hex says "Yuh'd be surprised at some of the things Ah've seen." Especially if all of his previous stories are canon. Hex has been involved in the Crisis, traveled to the future, been in some seriously weird Vertigo stories, and such. He's a popular team-up character, having met the Justice League, the Demon, Ra's al Ghul, the Legends of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing, and many others both immortals and time travelers.
  • Placing this on the timeline, I'm thinking (and this is an estimate) that this takes place in 1885. This would be after all the weird stories (or most of them) involving the things Jonah Hex would have seen, but way before Cinnamon's death in 1899, and Hex's death in 1904. It's also before "Old Man" Bat Lash stories. Jonah Hex was born in 1838 so he'd be 47 in 1885. Bat Lash was born in 1843 so he's be 42 in 1885. Cinnamon was born in 1860 so she'd be 25 here, and since Carrie is her younger sister, her being a meddling teenager would be fine here, having her been born maybe in 1866 if she's 19 (just a guestimate.)
  • If the old west Scooby gang were born around 1866 and are the great-great grandparents of the current gang, then that's four generations past, or roughly 120 years. That's a little off if we consider the current gang were probably born around 1953, in order to be of driving age when the original Scooby-Doo, Where are You! debuted in 1969, but some generations could have had kids earlier or later so it could be plausible. At the very least it's not implausible, and we are dealing with a sliding timeline of sorts, so let's not overthink it. I already spent two hours working on just the entry for this issue.

Batman and Harley Quinn (2017) - IMDb

August 2017--Batman and Harley Quinn--Though this is a very adult cartoon, it is definitely a continuation of the DC Animated Universe. 

September 2019--Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?--"What a Night for a Dark Knight!"--Batman teams up with Mystery Inc.  This version of Mystery Inc is yet another Scooby-Doo timeline.  The version of Batman here is clearly from Batman the Animated Series.  Since this is the first meeting of Scooby and Batman in this timeline, the above mentioned Scooby-Doo Team-Up issues, though referencing elements of the animated universe, are not actually part of this timeline. 

Fall 2055 A.D.: Terry McGinnis is recruited by Superman to join the JLU. He discovers Superman is being controlled by Starro and helps prevent it from taking the planet over. Source: On Batman Beyond's "The Call" and "Part Two", this event happens.

Alternate Earths--

Earth-99--I probably should mention this.  In the Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, Batwoman and Supergirl visit a future Earth-99, where they meet a Batman inspired by Batman the Dark Knight, but Batman is played by Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman the Animated Series.  They even use the animated theme music, and the Batmobile resembles the one from the 89 movie, which was also the Batmobile used in the cartoon.