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Strange Life and Interesting Timeline

Updated April 1st, 2020

The Strange Life and Interesting Timeline of Ivan Ronald Schablotski

(All the stuff that happened before Ivan split into 1van and 2van)

by Kevin Heim

Notes highlighted in Yellow are recent additions to the timeline.

Ivan Schablotski with TVCU founder Rob Wronski Jr, and the Horror Crossover Encyclopedia, 2015.

Please note: This page is now dedicated solely to events that took place before Ivan was split amidst a time travel paradox occurring between 2015, 1942, 2015, and 1942. All of the original material is still intact, including the original introduction, as the other pages deal with either 1van or IIvan, and you should really know who this/these character/s is/are before going to either of those timelines.

This does not mean there will be no new content on this page. As more stories get published, more details of Ivan's early life will be revealed. In 2020, a story set in 1987, and another one set in 2014, will be published in anthologies by Wild Hunt Press, so expect this page, with all its dead weight, to get updated once a year or so. As always, new material will be highlighted, so you won't have to reread everything when entries are added or expanded; just skim through for the yellow highlights, like I do.

And now, the original introduction to Ivan Ronald Schablotski, for those who may not know.

Hello bloggies! Guest blogger Kevin here to enlighten you regarding a rather obscure character with a rich history of crossovers, despite appearing in only one published work of fiction to date; Ivan Ronald Schablotski.

Ivan was first named in 1986, but the character was created much earlier, dating back to 1979, albeit in a different form than the one chronicled here. After all, his 'biographer', Kevin Heim, was nine years old at the time, and Ivan began as little more than a Mary Sue / Wish Fulfillment / RPG Avatar of his creator in a shared crossover universe of heroes and monsters.

As Ivan evolved as a concept and a character, he emerged from those humble beginnings into a fully realized Mary Sue / Wish Fulfillment / RPG Avatar of his creator in a shared crossover universe full of monsters and heroes.  As such, photos of Ivan are in fact photos of myself; the one seen above was taken in 2015. Of course, for this blog it represents Ivan Ronald Schablotski, circa 2015, but the semantics are necessary to clear up the fact that this is a fictional character in a fictional world. I do not believe that I have actually done the things accredited to Ivan, despite the non-doctored photographic evidence provided. And just to clarify, all photographs used here were taken either by me or for me or of me.

This never happened
To keep this blog on target, crossovers with characters not already established in the TVCU will be only be discussed if they are part of crossovers that do involve TVCU figures, and the only supporting characters from Ivan's history that will be covered are those that appear in published adventures, or in photos with Ivan. Minimal time will be spent detailing his family tree, as this is not intended to be an (overly) original work of fiction... but don't be too surprised that some genealogy stuff does show up. Also note that some crossovers are based on Ivan being in a real world location that is significant in fiction; while these are written up as actual crossovers, they do not qualify as actual crossovers within the TVCU, and are included only when additional crossover information validates the entry. There is an underlying conceit that all of Ivan's adventures, published and unpublished, will make their way into an as-yet unwritten book titled 
THE STRANGE LIFE AND INTERESTING TIMES OF IVAN RONALD SCHABLOTSKI and as such, there are a few critical moments in Ivan's life that are included in this blog, despite having no published or photographic evidence to support them at this time (thus violating my personal "Pictures or it didn't happen" rule). For this I apologize.

Good luck!

Ivan at the Coliseum
300 AD (circa) - THE NOWHEN-MEN: ROME IF YOU WANT TO - Ivan Schablotski and Donovan Scott, the NoWhere-Men, arrive in Rome with a van from 1993 after an encounter with the Beachcomber in Virginia Beach. They meet the Roman general Titus Andronicus and the god Dyonisus (who in the future becomes the Beachcomber) and are given a flagon of space mead. Using the space mead as transmission fluid, they are able to drive the van forward and backward through time, and depart this era for the future, reappearing in England circa 1300 AD.
Titus Andronicus is from the eponymous play by Shakespeare, written in the late 16th Century. Dyonisus (commonly spelled "Dionysus") is from Greek Mythology. Space Mead is from August Derleth's mythos tale "The Trail of Cthulhu" (1944) where it is used for extraterrestrial travel, rather than extratemporal, travel, so this must be a variant of the esoteric brew, or else an unrelated drink entirely.

Lincoln Green
Ron the New
1300 (circa) - THE NOWHEN-MEN: AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LORD ARTHUR'S COURT - Schablotski and Scott, aka Neuron and Stick, arrive in England from 300 AD Rome, but quickly lose the van and are separated.  Ivan meets up with the House duChasse, using the name Ron the New.  Donovan falls in with a group of highwaymen, posing as the outlaw Lincoln Green.  They reunite at Lord Arthur's castle and exchange Ivan's digital watch for the return of their van. After refusing a quest to recover the Necronomicon ex Mortis, a legendary book of the dead, they use the van to depart, turning up next in New York City, circa 1969.
House duChasse is a Historical Re-enactment group in Virginia.  Stick's highwaymen were led by Robin Hood, but not the original bandit to first use that name. Lord Arthur and the book of the dead are from ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992).

InuYasha wielding Tessaiga
Janos wielding Tessaiga
1500 (circa) - The crew of the Dreamship Escapade finds itself in the Sengoku period in Japan (arrived from 2010), where they encounter the half-demon InuYasha and his wife Kagome. After repairing their navigation systems, they return to 2010 AD with InuYasha and Kagome, so the couple can visit Kagome's family. Janos Schablotski discovers that being a half-werewolf allows him to wield the Tessaiga blade as if he was a yokai.
InuYasha, Kagome, and Tessaiga are from INUYASHA (1st app 1996) manga and anime. 

1842 - Russian Count István Wojciech Czaplitzki, officer in the Polish Army serving under his friend Count Waldemar Daninsky (descendent of Irenius Daninsky and ancestor to the 20th Century Daninskys) marries Waldemar's younger sister Katarzyna. As a wedding present Waldemar gives Istvan a silver bayonette. During the honeymoon István defends Katarzyna from a werewolf attack.

Irenius Daninsky is from El Retorno de Walpurgis (1972) while the rest of the Waldemars began showing up in movies with the 1968 film La Marca del Hombre Lobo.

1877 - The story of Abdulla Bulbul Ameer's epic battle with Count Ivan Skavinsky Skavar is recorded by Percy French at Trinity College (published anonymously). Ivan's real name is Ivan Skavar Czaplitzki, son of  István and Katarzyna Czaplitzki, and nephew of Count Waldemar Daninsky. Ivan and Abulbul part as friends, but fake their own deaths so as to be free to retire as they choose. Abulbul heads to the Sudan while Czaplitzki moves to the Daninsky Castle in Hungary.
Okay, I'm already violating my rule about only using characters already in the TVCU, but as Skavar plays a large role in an upcoming story, I felt the need to include the poem "Abdul Abulbul Amir", published in 1896 in The New Harvard Songbook. And I don't mean to alarm you, but I will continue to violate that rule again and again.

1880 - Janosz Ivanov Czaplitzki is born to Ivan Skavar Czaplitski, who named the child for his Romanian cousin Janos Skorzeny. Unknown to Ivan, Janos Skorzeny had recently been bitten by a werewolf. In 1900, Janos has a son, who is also named Janos, that in 1919 is transformed into a vampire by Marya Cosgrove.

Janos Skorzeny Sr survived as a werewolf after being turned by Nicholas Remy, as detailed in the WEREWOLF television series (1987-1988). Janos Skorzeny Jr became a vampire in 1919, as seen in THE NIGHT STALKER tv movie (1972). In KOLCHAK TALES ANNUAL 2009 is is revealed in an interview with Carl Kolchak that Barnabas Collins (from DARK SHADOWS) was the sire of the vampire (Marya Cosgrove) that turned Janos Jr. Many thanks to Caeric Arclight and Zahir Blue (probably not their real names) for helping sift through the details of the Skorzeny and Collins families.

1901 - Janosz Czaplitzki, 21 year old son of Ivan Skavar, departs Bremen, Germany aboard the steamship "Lahn" with his wife Maurina and arrives at Ellis Isle in New York, where his name is "Germanized" by immigrations officials into Schablotski (Janosz could not read or write). Their son Raclaw Marice Czaplitzki (i.e. Ray Maurice Schablotski) is born during the voyage.

The steamship "Lahn" was a real immigrant ship. 

Fritz & Ivan on the 1st Class Promenade
1912 - APR - THE LOST TRACK OF TIME - Ivan and Fritz 
Ivan on the Grand Staircase
Schablotski arrive from the year 2013 and find themselves on board the RMS Titanic's maiden voyage. The ship seems frozen in time except for Fritz, Ivan, and the Hounds of Langalos that begin pursuing them. The only other person they can interact with is I. P. Freely, who claims to be the First Officer.  Freely (who was expecting a different pair of brothers) pushes back the hounds and reveals that Ivan and Fritz are trapped inside a fixed moment in time, but he is able to return them to 2013 by undoing the changes he already made to the timeline.
The RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, a trip that has appeared in numerous works of fiction (including TIME BANDITSGHOSTBUSTERS II, and TITANIC, just to name a few). The Hounds of Langalos are derived from Frank Belknap Long's "The Hounds of Tindalos" (1931) and Stephen King's "The Langoliers" (1990), suggesting the two races of temporal predators are the same or have interbred. The concept of 'fixed points in time' is from the BBC tv series Doctor Who (1963 to present). I. P. Freely was an alias used by the angel Balthazar when he (temporarily) saved the Titanic in SUPERNATURAL season 6 episode 17 "My Heart Will Go On" (2011).

1913 - Birth of Godzislaw Schablotski to Janosz and Maurina in Arkham, MA.

Arkham, Massachusetts appears first in "The Picture in the House" (1920), and in several later stories by H P Lovecraft and other authors. The bulk of Lovecraft's works are part of the Cthulhu Mythos, which has several ties to the Television Crossover Universe.

1919 - Raclaw Schablotski begins his studies at Miskatonic University. Among his extracurricular activities "Ray" plays for the Miskatonic Warriors basketball team. Upon graduation he joined an expedition to Africa, where he disappeared for several years.

Miskatonic University first appeared in Lovecraft's "Herbert West—Reanimator" (1922). 

1920 - Jan Schablotski's younger son Godzislaw, attending primary school in District School Number Seven west of Arkham, is witness to the horrors brought upon his peers by the Potter family of Witches' Hollow, and the air of quiet that follows the departure of the family from the area that October. 
The story of the Potters appears as "Witches' Hollow" by Lovecraft and August Derleth in the anthology Dark Mind, Dark Heart (1962).

Godzislaw, far left, in dayglasses
1931 - Godzislaw Schablotski, living in Salem MA, is hit hard by the Great Depression and falls in with a bad crowd consisting of unemployed men and women from all over Essex County. The group migrates often, moving on whenever legal problems occur. This eventually lands Godzislaw in Kingsport's jail for six weeks, despite never being admitted into the inner circle of the coven. Upon release, Godzislaw heads west, settling in LeStrange, KY.
Kingsport MA is from Lovecraft's THE TERRIBLE OLD MAN (1921), part of the Cthulhu Mythos. LeStrange / Lestrange KY is original to Kevin Heim's stories.

1935 - A Cenobite escapes Hell with the aid of the Church of Starry Wisdom in Providence RI. He establishes himself as Marvidian Scott and sets about removing all evidence of his presence on Earth, starting with the deaths of the humans that assisted him. In time Marvidian would come into conflict with Raphael Bixby, a powerful Arachne in the service of Atlach-Nacha, and flee New England, eventually fathering a half-demon child named Donovan Scott (born in 1969).

The Cenobites are servants of Hell from Clive Barker's story "The Hellbound Heart" (1986). The Church of Starry Wisdom first appeared in "The Haunter of the Dark", written by H. P. Lovecraft in 1935. Arachne are spider-like monsters from a season 6 episode of SUPERNATURAL. Atlach-Nacha is a Great Old One in the Cthulhu Mythos, first appearing in the short story "The Seven Geases" (1934), by Clark Ashton Smith. Marvidian and Donovan Scott are the creations of Matthew Dempley; Donovan was first mentioned in print in "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas" by Kevin Heim, published in the Psychopomp 2012 Christmas Special.

1943 - Ensign Ian "Splicey" Price serves aboard the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment, and is sent to Bethasda Naval Medical Center, where he is treated for the next 30 years, after demonstrating strange tactile control over magnetic metals.
Ian Price and his time onboard the USS Eldridge are detailed in the DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY, Project Rainbow supplement for the Call Of Cthulhu Role Playing Game, set within the Cthulhu Mythos.  The book further explains that Ian's magnetic attraction was the result of the esoteric energies he was exposed to interacting with long-dormant genes manipulated by the K'n-Yani, who first appeared in Lovecraft's and Zealia Bishop's "The Mound" (1940). The Philadelphia Experiment is from real world urban legend.

NOV 11 - Birth of Godzislaw "Zee" Schablotski Jr. in Louisville KY. Zee is the first child of Godzislaw and Annabelle Schablotski, with a younger brother named Ivan Roland and a sister named Sofia. Zee marries Shelley Truman in 1965 and they have three children; Godzislaw III (1967), Ivan Ronald (1969), and Fritz (1976).
The family is based on the family of Kevin Heim. Louisville, Kentucky features prominently in the 1925 novel THE GREAT GATSBY.

October - Ivan Ronald Schablotski is born in Louisville Kentucky, second son of Zee and Shelly Truman Schablotski. He is named for his uncle Ivan Roland Schablotski. Throughout the Cold War years, he is known as Ron or Ronald to his friends, but starts using Ivan publicly after 1992.
Ivan Roland Schablotski appears in the DELTA GREEN: EYES ONLY, Project Rainbow under the name "Ivan Rolonoski", and lives in the Washington DC area with his wife Elizabeth and her father Ian "Splicey" Price.

1990s Ivan in the 1960s Batcave
December - THE NOWHEN-MEN: BAT TO THE FUTURE - The NoWhere-Men (Ivan and Don, both 22 years old) arrive in New York City from 1300 AD and encounter the current Batman, Robin, and assorted villains. Ivan has a brief relapse into his Charlatan persona (due to the Anti-Logic) but Don helps him focus before he can be arrested for crimes committed by the Joker. Using the NoWhere-Van they depart 1969 and journey to the year 2078 AD.
Shop window in New York City
The 1960s Batman characters (Batman, Robin, and the Joker) are from the BATMAN television series (1966-1968), as adapted from the DC Comics stories, dating back to DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (1939). In the TVCU, this is the second Batman (Dick Grayson) and Robin II (Bruce Wayne Jr). Gotham City is a common nickname for New York City.

The Deary Center in Ripton MA,
Enigma Quorum HQ
1979 - The Theurgy Society, headquartered in London, England, begins holding a new Enigma Quorum in Ripton, Massachusetts, to review the effects of recent damage to the fabric of reality (caused by a faulty time machine used by H G Wells and Jack the Ripper) referred to as the "Influx". Such quorums are convened when global threats are detected or anticipated of a metaphysical nature.
The Theurgy Society and their Enigma Quorum were first mentioned in "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas" by Kevin Heim, published in the Psychopomp 2012 Christmas Special. The town of Ripton MA was created as a hoax by a University of Massachusetts Amherst professor to demonstrate the ignorance of the state's bureaucracy (they fell for it, and many locals have embraced this as a sign of Boston inferiority), as detailed in the July 16, 1985 edition of The Boston Globe newspaper.   The time-rip caused by a faulty time machine used by H G Wells and Jack the Ripper happened in the 1979 movie TIME AFTER TIME.

1981 - Ron Schablotski is attacked in August by his cousin Mike Talbot, who was recently transformed into a werewolf. The next month Ivan becomes a werewolf himself. Each had inherited therianthropic genes from different sources, which were activated by a celestial werewolf-related event.

The transformation of Ivan is referenced in "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas". Mike Talbot's metamorphosis was first described in "Season of the Werewolf", a short story written by Kevin Heim and published in the 1986 volume of The Excelsior literary magazine.  Stirba the Werewolf Queen's 10,000th birthday, as depicted in the 1984 film HOWLING II: YOUR SISTER IS A WEREWOLF, heralded a flare in werewolf activity, with many new werewolves appearing despite no direct contact with active werewolves. Mike Talbot's name suggests he is related to Larry Talbot, the eponymous protagonist in the 1941 film THE WOLF MAN.


Cooter's Place in Hazzard County
General Lee

SUMMER - STAR CARS - A Schablotski family trip to Florida is waylayed by a speed trap in Hazzard County, GA. Zee decides to fight the ticket, rather than pay it and leave, which strands the family for the duration of the planned vacation. While there, Ron witnesses an exhibition race for charity between the local favorite Duke boys in their Dodge Charger "The General Lee", celebrity road racer Jim Douglas in his VW Beetle "Herbie", and an unknown racer that the Dukes knew who drove a Trans Am and went by his CB handle "The Bandit".  During the race someone steals the proceeds from the event, and the Bandit is framed for the crime. The three Schablotski boys (Godzislaw III, Ivan, and Fritz) manage to sniff out the real thief, with the help of Ron's werewolf sense of smell, and one hilarious car chase later the money turns up, supposedly misplaced as an honest mistake, and all charges are dropped against Godzislaw. With no vacation time left, they return to Louisville KY, but not before stopping in Mayberry NC and enjoying a pie at a local diner
Hazzard County, the Duke Boys, and the General Lee are all elements from the television series THE DUKES OF HAZZARD (1979-1985). Jim Douglas and Herbie are from Disney's THE LOVE BUG (1968) franchise of movies and television series. Bo "Bandit" Darville is from SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT (1977) and its sequels. The community of Mayberry, North Carolina first appeared in THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (1960).


Ron Schablotski aka Kavik the Wolf Boy
VAMPIRE BRATS - A Louisville Industrial Park is attacked by Trioxin zombies and "nuked" by the military. This act sparks additional animosity between squabbling clans of vampires (a LeStrange-based group led by Donovan Scott and a group moving into Louisville led by Creegar), and the Knights of the Silver Moon, a pack of shapeshifters led by Mike Talbot consisting of Ron, Lita (a kitsune), Art, Marcus, Lemont, Mikey, Chad, and Shanks. Eventually the Knights are captured by Creegar, and Lita has to bring the Ghostbusters all the way from New York City to diffuse the situation.
The Trioxin zombie attack on Louisville was depicted in the 1985 film RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. The battle between vampires, werewolves, and more vampires was shown, in a modified form, in THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS season 2 episode 16, "No One Comes to Lupusville". The concept that Lupusville, Leeda, and Gregor in that cartoon were actually Louisville, Lita, and Creegar, respectively, was first proposed in the article LYCANTHROPEDIA: Zoo’s Who in the Wold Newton Universe, Part 1 – The Talbots, which is attributed to I R Schablotski and can be found online here. Lestrange / LeStrange is a town north of Louisville, based on LaGrange KY in Oldham County, and named for the Lestrange family from the Harry Potter franchise.


SUMMER - Ron, as a rare example of a werewolf who at age 15 had near-complete control over his transformations, is recruited by the Theurgy Society's Enigma Quorum and moves from Louisville KY to Ripton MA.  Other young recruits that year are Jack Kingsley (19) from Belfry NJ, Patricia Whateley (15) from Dunwich MA, Peter Fitzhume Jr (10) who is native to Ripton, and Lita, a kitsune that appears to be a 12 year old girl, most recently dwelling in Louisville KY. Ron begins using the alias Steven Pertwillaby when traveling with the Enigma Quorum to avoid having to explain his presence to the Massachusetts Schablotskis.
These characters' assignment to the Enigma Quorum in 1985 was first mentioned in "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas", as was the existence of the New Jersey city of Belfry. Dunwich, MA is the creation of H P Lovecraft, and first appeared in "The Dunwich Horror" (1929).

The Tin Woodsman
NOV - THE GUMDROP GIRL OF OZ - Enigma Quorum members Ron Schablotski, Peter Fitzhume Sr, Peter Fitzhume Jr (aka RePete), and Patricia Whateley investigate a dimensional gateway that sends them to the Land of Oz, where they meet H. M. Woggle-Bug, T.E., Nick Chopper the Tin Woodsman, and Blim the Gumdrop Girl, and discover a region of the Continent of Nonestica that the characters recognize as resembling the board game CANDYLAND. When they kill a kalidah, the Woggle-Bug is shocked that men of science would commit murder, and uses the Macronomicon (the Great Book of Records) to find another gateway, banishing the travelers from Oz.
The Land of Oz, the Tin Woodsman, and the kalidahs first appeared in the novel THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ (1900) and the Woggle-Bug debuted in THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ (1904), both by L. Frank Baum. Blim the Gumdrop Girl is an original character. The name for Nonestica, aka the Continent of Imagination, was identified by Robert R Pattrick in The Baum Bugle vol 3 #1 (1959). CANDYLAND is a board game by Milton Bradley (1949). The Macronomicon is from Phyllis Ann Karr's "The Eldritch Horror of Oz", first published in the 1981 OZIANA, and later reprinted in TALES BY MOONLIGHT II in 1989 (credited to L. Frank Craftlove). 

An isoplasmic being
Environment Suit
GHOSTS IN THE MACHINES - Ivan is involved in an Enigma Quorum experiment in manipulating multi-dimensional energies. Using Tillinghast resonations they manage to add mass to ethereal entities, and then use quantum lasers to 'digitize' these entities for storage in an electronic matrix, which is compared to laser integration technology used by ENCOM, the ghost dematerializer used by the Ghost Busters, and the Ecto-Containment Unit used by the Ghostbusters. Though proven successful, many Theurgy members are accidentally trapped by the system in a computer mainframe currently encoded with several videogames, encountering programmed automatons possessed by Earthly spirits, now called Isomplasmic Lifeforms. All are restored to the real world except Frank Lafayette, the system designer, who voluntarily remains inside the system to maintain and correct anomalies.
Portable Tillinghast Generator
Tillinghast resonations are from H. P. Lovecraft's FROM BEYOND  (1934) and the 1986 film of the same name. ENCOM is the company responsible for TRON in the 1982 movie as well as a handful of video games and a 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy. The ghost dematerializer appeared in the 1975 television series THE GHOST BUSTERS (1975) as well as the 1986 animated spin-off series GHOST BUSTERS. The Ecto-Containment Unit and related technology appeared first in the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS as well as the 1989 sequel, two animated series (The Real Ghostbusters / Slimer! and the Real Ghostbusters, 1986-1991, and  Extreme Ghostbusters, 1997), several video games, and many printed tie-ins (mostly comic books and pen-and-paper Role-Playing Games).

Schablotski, dressed like a...
JUL 28 - LIKE A SURGEON - Beauford "Ford" O'Donald, a classmate of Jack Kingsley from Belfry, New Jersey, turns up in Oldham Asylum in LeStrange KY, after a run-in with the Church of the Sleeping God. Jack and Peter Fitzhume Sr pose as psychiatrists to see him, with Ron tagging along, posing as their intern. Ford reveals to them that the Church was scouting areas around the country for a powerful ritual, under the guise of being roadies for Weird Al Yankovic and the Monkees (Peter Tork, Mickey Dolenz, and Davy Jones) on their concert tour (currently in Louisville). The cultists are exposed and flee. Jack claims to be Ford's personal doctor to have him transferred to the Dunwich Mental Institute, but instead O'Donald joins the Enigma Quorum to help track down the cult's chosen location, which he knows must be near by. Ron Schablotski is so impressed by Yankovic (of whom he was already a fan) that he adopts a most unfortunate hairstyle for a time, and will later use the nickname "Crazy Ivan" in homage to "Weird Al".
Yup, that's not a wig
Weird Al, on stage
Davy Jones of the Monkees and Weird Al Yankovic have both met Mystery Inc. in animated form; on a 1972 episode of THE NEW SCOOBY DOO MOVIES called "The Haunted Houseman of Hagglethorn Hall" and a 2011 episode of BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD titled "Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases" respectively (the latter crossover also involving Batman, Robin, the Joker, the Penguin, and Bat-Mite). Additionally, The Monkees have met the Penguin, Dracula, and other fictional figures on various episodes of their own show, THE MONKEES (1966-1968). Dunwich Mental Institute is from a 2008 episode of FRINGE. Ford O'Donald, Belfry, Lestrange, Oldham Asylum, and the Church of the Sleeping God are my own inventions. Regrettably, Ron's new hairstyle actually happened.

Ron outside Castle Martin
AUG 16 - THE HARMONIC DIVERGENCE - In Versailles KY, the Enigma Quorum and Knights of the Full Moon grudgingly team up to stop cultists from the Church of the Sleeping God from using the Harmonic Convergence (a shift in celestial alignment) to unleash Anti-Life in Castle Martin. In the process of stopping them, Ronald unwittingly interrupts the spell and becomes the host of "Anti-Logic".
Blondi and "Kavik" (Ron)
Disoriented, Ron roams as an amnesiac until found by Blondi Coolridge, of Bowling Green KY.  The Theurgy Society votes to disband the Enigma Quorum in light of the Harmonic Convergence concluding period of spacio-temporal influx. Blondi, Ron, and Jack Kingsley opt to move to Louisville to keep an eye out for continued cult activity in the area.
The Church of the Sleeping God, Anti-Logic, and other details of this encounter, are from "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas." Anti-Life is a concept introduced in Jack Kirby's NEW GODS comics for DC Comics. Other events occur around the globe coinciding with the Harmonic Convergence, as forces both dark and light vie for control of the cosmic energies unleashed; one such example concerns Dracula's assemblage of monsters battling the pre-teen "Monster Squad" for a magic amulet on the "Day of Balance" (MONSTER SQUAD, 1987).

Donovan "Stick" Scott & Ivan "Neuron" Schablotski
Fall - NOWHERE-MEN - Ron attends the University of Louisville and befriends Donovan Scott, leader of the Dead Beats (vampires from nearby LeStrange KY who helped run off Creegar in 1984). Ron and Don borrow Jack Kingsley's van and drive to Los Angeles to rescue a man held captive in a Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory. Using vigilante names "Neuron" and "Stick", they have bizarre adventures, culminating in the discovery that the man, D'ubin, escaped on his own over three years earlier. They do wind up busting a drug ring funded by the Si-Fan, earning the enmity of Fu Manchu.
Some details of this is revealed in "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas." The Si-Fan and Fu Manchu are from The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu (1913) and other novels by Sax Rohmer.

Schablotski in Sleepy Hollow on Christmas Eve
DEC 24 - THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T CHRISTMAS - Ron Schablotski, Jack Kingsley, Peter Fitzhume Jr., Patricia Whately, and Lita (attending a Berkshire prep school) have a Christmas reunion in Ripton and travel CT to Westchester County, New York, where they encounter a dullahan (whom they call Mister Unlucky) in Sleepy Hollow's Old Dutch Burying Ground. Mr. Unlucky had been summoned accidentally via the Anti-Logic, and to dismiss him, Ron has to send Lita away, possibly forever.
"The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas" by Kevin Heim, published in the Psychopomp 
Mr. Unlucky startles Jack & Patricia
 2012 Christmas Special. Peter Fitzhume is related to Emmett Fitz-Hume, an American spy from the 1985 film SPIES LIKE US. Patricia Whately is distantly related to Wilbur Whately, also from Dunwich, from Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror. Ripton is a hoax community in Massachusetts, reported in The Boston Globe in 1985. Lita's Berkshire prep school is a TVCU version of the Massachusetts Academy in Snow Valley MA, which first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #151, published by Marvel Comics in 1981. Sleepy Hollow and the Old Dutch Burying Ground first appeared in Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in  1820. Mister Unlucky is a spirit being derived from manifestations of Jack Skellington as he is seen in TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993), JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH (1996), and SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999).


1988 - Donovan Scott and Ronald Schablotski enroll in Criminology courses at the University of Louisville. Their professor, Doctor Ronald Holmes, is noted as having worked on such high profile cases as Ted Bundy and Hannibal Lecter.
Dr Holmes is related to the Great Detective, and was a Professor of Justice Administration at the University of Louisville, with several published books on sociology and criminology (like THE SEX OFFENDER AND THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM, 1993). Ted Bundy was a real serial killer, and the real Ronald M Holmes did work his case, as is detailed in the textbook CONTEMPORARY PERSPECTIVES ON SERIAL MURDER (1998 with Stephen T. Holmes). Hannibal Lecter is from the Thomas Harris novel RED DRAGON (1981) along with several sequels and prequels, a series of movies, and at least two seasons on television (likely best known from the 1991 film version of THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS).


JAN - Janos Harrison Schablotski born to Ivan Ronald Schablotski and Blondi Coolridge.

Ron, Gus, Ruben, & Donovan as:
The Charlatan, the Bat Knight, Question Marx, & Battle Boy
JUN - BAT KNIGHT, BAT CITY - Ronald and Donovan, now part of a circle of friends that includes Jennifer Broadway, Gus "Hrothgar" Carlson, Andre Thomas, Barbara Anne Schyler, Ruben Marx, and Kari "Hydie" Utterson, collectively the Vogue Rogues, are transformed via the Anti-Logic into dopplegangers of the Batman and his allies and enemies (and behave accordingly). The effect only lasts a day, but Ivan spends two weeks afterward in Oldham Asylum in LeStrange KY.
The Vogue Rogues are named for the Vogue Theatre which (at the time) showed the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Louisville. Kari Utterson is a descendent of Dr. Henry Jekyll, from Stevenson's STRANGE CASE OF DR JEKYLL & MR HYDE. The "Batman Family" characters exist in the TVCU but are also subject to fictionalizations, which served as the templates for the Anti-Logic transformations.

Ordnance personnel examine a shark on Amity Isle
1990 - Ivan Ronald Schablotski is coerced (to keep his Vogue Rogue friends out of jail) into joining a secret branch of the military code-named the Ordnance. Ivan Schablotski completes Basic Training and upon graduation, Ivan, Blondi, and Janos move to FL. Ivan learns that while his 'official' assignment is to the Navy, the Ordnance does NOT answer to the Dept of the Navy. Ivan's first mission with the Ordnance is to assist an investigation on Amity Island of another Man-Eating shark attack, and the possibility that it is a single creature, returning from the dead on occasion to plague the locals anew. Following this assignment, Ivan is sent to New York to aid in the repair of the Statue of Liberty's torch, which houses sensitive technology damaged by the Ghostbusters on New Year's Eve 1988.
MIB HQ in New York
The Ordnance shows up in various writings by Kevin Heim. It is analogous 
to other covert, military organizations such as SHIELD (Marvel Comics), Project M (DC Comics), UNIT (Doctor Who), Majestic-12 (urban legend, but used fictitiously in several movies, books, games, and television programs like DELTA GREEN and THE X-FILES), the Initiative (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and many others. Amity Island and its Man-Eating shark(s) gained notoriety in the 1975 film JAWS (the 1974 novel that inspired the film franchise was set on Long Island NY). The idea that the Island is haunted by an undead slasher shark was presented in the 2006 comic book HACK/SLASH: TRAILERS. The Statue of Liberty's technology is a large neuralizer as seen in MEN IN BLACK II (2002). The damage to the torch was caused by the animation of the statue at the end of GHOSTBUSTERS II (1989).

Ivan admiring the features of the former cop car.
1991 - The Schablotskis move from Orlando FL to Shermer, a suburb of Chicago IL (where Ivan nearly purchases an older model, modified cop car, but it instead is sold to a police officer assigned to Chicago's Special Unit 2) for seven months, and later to the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, as per Ivan's military assignments. A daughter, Anastasia "Tasia" Katrina Schablotski, is born to the couple in December.
Shermer, Illinois is a fictional suburb of Chicago created by John Hughes and first seen in National Lampoon's Vacation (1983). The modified cop car formerly belonged to Jake and Elwood Blues, as shown in THE BLUES BROTHERS (1980). Special Unit 2 handles the policing of Chicago's monster population in the tv series Special Unit 2 (2001-2002).

Ivan as "Kavik", circa 1992
Captain Rogers
1992 - LYCANTHROPHOBIA - Ivan is alerted to unusual werewolf activity across the U.S., and is overcome by an urge to be in werewolf form. He, Captain Rogers, & several other Ordnance and Bureau agents fight several mind-controlled werewolves (including certain lycanthropic members of the Crepuscular Secta) in Innsmouth, Mass, Washington, DC, and Cape Canaveral, Florida. Ultimately the werewolf army turns out to be under the guidance of an agent of the Shop. In the aftermath, many displaced werewolves are relocated to Wolf Hallow, a 'wolf' reservation in Essex County, Massachusetts. Captain Rogers and Schablotski stay in contact for several years after this, though their paths cross only rarely.
Some details of this story have been revealed in Full Moonster, (1992) by Nick Pollotta, CAPTAIN AMERICA: MAN AND WOLF (#402-408, 1992),and PROJECT: METALBEAST (1995). Captain Rogers is Steve Rogers, aka Captain America from Marvel Comics. The Bureau is a code name for an investigative branch of the United States government that deals with paranormal research and defense, also known as the BPRD or Bureau 13. The Crepuscular Secta is an organization of misfits with some similarities to the X-Men of the Marvel Universe and the Doom Patrol of the DC Universe; however, they are not, as a whole, costumed adventurers or crime fighters. The Shop is an organization with ties to the government and connected to the MKUltra program (Firestarter, 1980, by Stephen King).

1993 - THE NOWHEN-MEN - Ivan and Donovan encounter a powerful being called the Beachcomber, who sends them and their (stolen) van back in time to ancient Rome, circa 300 AD. With the aid of the Greek God Dyonisus, they travel in time and space to England (circa 1300), New York (1969), and Louisville (2078) before returning to Virginia Beach in 1993, three days before they departed. Based on what they discover, they vow to leave the Beachcomber alone from now on.
Dyonisus (aka Bacchus) is the God of Wine from Greek and Roman Mythology. The crossovers associated with each time-jump are documented in their respective time periods.

Honeymoon at the Bates House
1994 - Jennifer "Cookie" Broadway (of the Vogue Rogues) marries Edmund Bates in Florida; Ivan is invited to the wedding but is unable to attend, For their honeymoon they stay at a property owned by Edmund's family in Fairvale, California which hasn't been used for several years.
Edmund's specific relationship to Norman Bates is never defined, but it is clearly the house once occupied by Norman and his mother in the novel PSYCHO (1959) and its franchise of movies and television shows.

Ivan the Goalie
JAN - ALL*STARS -On an anti-terrorist mission for the Ordnance, Ivan poses as a goalie at the NHL All*Stars Game in Boston to guard the Stanley Cup. Meanwhile, Donovan Scott battles his father Marvin Scott, aka the Marvidian (a Cenobite that escaped Hell by allying with the forces of chaos); the effort leaves Donovan fatally injured, and he dies two weeks later, no longer able to use his demonic energies to stave off the effects of cancer. Ivan is prevented from leaving his mission to attend to his friend or his funeral. Later, Ivan meets with other surviving Vogue Rogues to mourn Donovan's passing.
Donovan Scott, c. 1994
The Cenobites were created by Clive Barker and first appear in the story "The Hellbound Heart" in NIGHTVISIONS III (1986).  The Forces of Chaos are those of the Cthulhu Mythos, specifically Nyarlothotep. Marvidian has appearances prior to this one, but his status as a Cenobite was previously unrevealed. The Vogues present include Ivan Schablotski, Gus "Hrothgar" Carlson, Andre Thomas, and Barbara Anne Schyler.

Ace and Ivan sharing grooming
techniques with the locals
WHITE DEVIL - Ivan is finally allowed to pursue his research while performing Ordnance assignments, and goes to Africa to seek the potential origin of the Were-Hyena, the earliest therianthropes on record anywhere. His guide offers to take him to a white man living in the jungle, who turns out to be Zoological Investigator Ace Ventura. Ace and Ivan get along well enough, but learn nothing useful as regards therianthropology. 
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is from the movie ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE (1994). His time in Africa began in ACE VENTURA: WHEN NATURE CALLS (1995). The were-hyenas at the root of mammalian therianthropy are referred to as bultungin which translates into "I change myself into a hyena" in Kanuri, or gnolls, a term first used by Lord Dunsany the short story "How Nuth Would Have Practised His Art upon the Gnoles"(THE BOOK OF WONDERS, 1912). Modern werehyenas have been depicted in the film HYENA (2010).


THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME HUNTERS - Ivan joins an Ordnance expedition in Puerto Rico on the hunt for the Chupacabra. They are unsuccessful in finding the creature, or any evidence of its existence. Instead, they are hunted by an extraterrestrial predator, which may have also been on the trail of the chupacabra.
The Chupacabra is a creature of folklore whose name means "Goat-Sucker"; the earliest reports are from Puerto Rico in 1995, as recorded by Stephen Wagner in "On the trail of the Chupacabras" (2007). The initial descriptions of this cryptid are similar to that of Sil, the human / alien hybrid in the 1995 film SPECIES. The predatory alien in the story is a Predator (or Yautja), as seen in the 1987 movie PREDATOR and the continuing franchise.

Ivan at the temple in Petra, Jordan 
Ivan and a Mangani in Gibralter
HAIR OF THE DOG - A mission intended to find a legendary cure for lycanthropy sends Ivan to Civitiveccia, Rome, Trieste, Poveglia, Venice (all in Italy), Yemen, Crete, Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, Sardinia, Dubrovnik (Croatia), St. Maxime (France), Mallorca / Mayorca (Spanish Islands), Split (Croatia), Valencia (Spain), Gibralter (the Pillars of Hercules, where Ivan has a scuffle with a mangani), and finally Petra (Jordan). In Petra, Ivan discovers that the 'cure' is a drink from the Holy Grail, but the famed cup is nowhere to be found, if it was ever there at all.
The placement of the Holy Grail in Petra is a reference to INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE (1989). Other minor crossovers occurred during this six-month expedition, including a scuffle with a Mangani (Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan of the Apes, 1912) in Gilbralter. Poveglia has been featured on GHOST ADVENTURES due to the haunted nature of the island. Heracles / Hercules is demigod from Greco-Roman Mythology, in which he is attributed with separating the Pillars by sheer brute strength.


American Natural History Museum
MAY - Ivan discovers the existence of a clinic run by Dr. Marco Potenza in New York set up to treat Lycanthropic Metamorphic Disorder, and studies the evidence of the Mbwun attack at the American Natural History Museum.  His research suggests the M'bwun virus may be the original source of lycanthropy and potentially other hominid chimerae. Ivan also investigates Central Park, where several werewolf sightings have occurred over the years; while there he visits the Cherry Hill fountain and the Empire State Building.
The Chrysler Bldg from the ESB
Ivan as Kavik
The Potenza Clinic is described in NAKED LUNCH by Sparkle Hayter, as is the term "Lycanthropic Metamorphic Disorder" for shapeshifting werewolves.  Mbwun is from the 1995 novel RELIC by Preston & Child, which used the New York-based American Natural History Museum as a setting. Some Central Park sightings referenced were reported in the films WOLF (1994) and WOLVES OF WALL STREET (2002), the novels THE WOLFEN (1978),  THE WEREWOLVES OF CENTRAL PARK (2010), and White Wolf's WORLD OF DARKNESS Role Playing Games. The fountain is the basis for the one in the opening credits of the television series FRIENDS (though the actual fountain used is in California). The Empire State Building has played host to adventurer DOC SAVAGE (1933) as well as megaprimatus KING KONG (1933).

Ivan and Gabriel Shear
Ivan and Dr. Virgil Swann
JUL - In New York City, Ivan meets with Gabriel Shear, a man looking to recruit covert agents for a special anti-terrorist assignment, as well as an influential New York businessman known only as the Boss who is seeking a "bad dog" to assist with his current project . Ivan is considered no good for this, as he has a family, but at the party he is introduced to Dr. Virgil Swann, who shares with Ivan many theories involving the origins of the Moon and a virus held to be responsible for many therianthropic families.  Thanks to his discussions with Dr. Swann, Ivan suspects that the Mbwun virus began as a mutated alien microbe, viral-like in nature, that made its way to the Maple White Land and replicated the DNA of multiple plant and animal life-forms. Efforts to scan the area where the virus may have come from lead to the accidental probing of a strange energy ribbon that seemingly represents a rift in space and time, and contains echos of people from a possible future, including Captain Jean-Luc Picard and a bartender named Guinan.
Echos of Guinan, Ivan, and Jean-Luc
The Boss and unlucky bumbler Ivan
Gabriel Shear is from the 2001 film SWORDFISH.  The Boss is Morgan Freeman's character from LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN (2006). Virgil Swann was a character from the  "Rosetta" episode of SMALLVILLE season 2 (2003). Maple White Land is from the Doyle novel THE LOST WORLD (1912). The connection between Mbwun and the Maple White Land was proposed by John Lindsey. Guinan and Jean-Luc Picard are from the series STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (1987-1994). Their experience in the Ribbon is from the 1994 film Star Trek Generations.

Ivan and the OUTCIDErs
2002 - A new mission aimed at cataloging Mediterranean werewolf clans (and their origin stories) around the globe sends Ivan back to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (Croatia, Crete, Bahrain, Venice, Turkey, Seychelles, France, and Greece). While in Turkey, Ivan's OUTCIDE unit finds a temple with markings linking it to the Tcho-Tcho-tribe, known to be native to Southeast Asia. When they reported this discovery to their superiors, they were unable to locate the temple, or even the plateau it rested upon.
The Tcho-Tcho and their Plateau (Leng) appear first in Lovecraft's "The Hound" (1922). OUTCIDE teams of Ordnance personnel are assembled for specific missions, often covert; the acronym stands for Ordnance Unconventional Tactics Combat Intelligence DEtachment, per Kevin Heim's stories.

2003 - Ivan is transferred from being on a ship to a desk job at a Hangar 18 in Virginia to work on
the academic aspects of his therianthropology research.  Hangar 18s are covert installations found on military bases and government installations around the world, jointly utilized by the Ordnance and any other secret services active in the area.
Ivan at work
The designation for Hangar 18 buildings was chosen from the erroneous use of Hangar 18 in urban legend as the building housing alien hardware on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, per UFOlogy lore. A fictional Hangar 18 in Arizona was the setting of the 1980 film HANGAR 18.

Ivan also begins corresponding with other horror hunters online, despite the ban against Ordnance personnel acting in any official capacity on U S soil (he again uses the alias Steven Pertwillaby to maintain anonymity). He arranges for the transportation of an esoteric book The Discovery of Magic that the Ordnance confiscated to a Buffalo-based hunter using the identity of Beowolf, so that Beowolf can return the book to its rightful owner and ensure it is being used responsibly. Unknown to Ivan, a strange sorcerer intercepts the tome and delivers it himself, ensuring Beowolf does not get the opportunity to meet Sabrina Spellman and learn of her youthful charms.
The book is an heirloom of the Spellman family, which includes Sabrina and her aunts, who live in the greater Boston area, as seen in the television series SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH (1996-2003), but because the character has remained a teenager since her first appearance in ARCHIE's MAD HOUSE #22 (1962), it is suspected her family holds the secrets to eternal youth. The strange sorcerer is likely Doctor Strange, who first appeared in STRANGE TALES #110 (1963) by Marvel Comics (Sabrina had already been shown to be in communication with Doctor Strange in the 1994 one-shot comic, ARCHIE MEETS THE PUNISHER #1). Beowolf is a code-name for Mike Nero, a lycanthropic character seeking the secrets to eternal youth, who first appeared in the story "Love Really Bites" by Chris Nigro, in the 2013 anthology BLOOD & ROSES.

AUG - Ivan and Blondi spend a week on vacation in Lancaster, PA, but the drive back home to Virginia lands them in LeHorn's Hollow, where Ivan first learns about  and receives a Sator Square and a copy of "Long Lost Friend". Shortly after returning home, Blondi and Ivan break up.
LeHorn's Hollow is the creation of author Brian Keene in his "Labyrinth" fiction, appearing first in the short story "RED WOOD", from TOOTH AND CLAW (2002) as a fictionalized version of Rehmeyer's Hollow (aka Hex Hollow, aka Spring Valley County Park) in York Country, Pennsylvania. "Long Lost Friend" is a real book of folk remedies and spells written by John George Hohman in 1820, which features (as does the Sator Square) in Pow-Wow magic, a factor in the writings of  Brian Keene as well as Manly Wade Wellman.


Tasia, Kavik, & a Ghostbuster
Janos & Tasia out of phase
with Annwfn's Dark Kastle
LOST KINGDOM - Ivan's search for lycanthropy anecdotes leads him to an Appalachian tribe of shonokins, in possession of a text (originally suspected of being a copy of "Long Lost Friend") that, when read aloud, unleashes otherworldly forces. He, Tasia, and Janos team up with the Virginia Ghostbusters to prevent Awrawn (Welsh king of the Underworld) and his dullahan psychopomp from manifesting his realm, Annwfn, in the physical world.  During this event, Lita (Ivan's childhood friend, and a kitsune) escapes the Otherworld, and Janos is trapped in the Dreamlands for several weeks, where he is able to activate his latent lycanthropy. Janos later returns home after joining the crew of the Dreamship Escapade, combatting creatures in the Dreamlands and similar dimensions.
Ivan admires the architecture of Annwfn
The Tidewater Ghostbusters are a Virginia-based franchise of the GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Awrawn and Annwfn are from Gaelic / Welsh Mythology. Despite thematic similarities, the ancient spellbook found in the Appalacian Mountains is not related to the Necronomicon ex Mortis from the EVIL DEAD series. The Shonokin are a race of humanoid creatures from Manly Wade Wellman's "The Shonokins" (1944). Awrawn's psychopomp Mister Unlucky and his realm, Annwfn, are manifested as Jack Skellington and Halloween Town from TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (1993), while a portion of Annwfn is DarKastle, an attraction at Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg VA. The Dreamship "Escapade" is inspired by Lewis Carroll's poem The Hunting of the Snark (first published in 1876).


A chunk of the Gibeon Meteorite
MAY - Ivan researches the Gibeon Meteorite which struck the Earth in the central desert of Namibia, Africa in prehistoric time. He discovers it was one of the extraterrestrial carriers of the Mbwun virus linked to the origin of Lycanthropy, and forms the basic premise of his Universal Monster Theory. Among those interviewed for the thesis is Victor "Bongo" Walters, whose best friend was a teenage werewolf in the 1950s. One of his leads allows him to track down a jewel thief called the Catwoman, but after discovering she is not a shapeshifter he does not report her. Later, Ivan releases a preliminary report on his findings to Professor Lancelot Pertwillaby to secure further resources.
Victor Walters and Ivan
Mbwun is from the novel Relic (as well as its sequel Reliquary). The Gibeon Meteorite is real. Vic Walters was one of the few friends of Tony Rivers to survive his lycanthropic rages at Rockdale High in the 1957 film I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF. The Universal Monster Theory was first proposed as part of  LYCANTHROPEDIA: Zoo’s Who in the Wold Newton Universe, Part 1 – The Talbots, which is attributed to I R Schablotski and can be found online here. Catwoman first appeared in BATMAN #1 (1940) but this is clearly not the original character. Lancelot Pertwillaby was the star of the comic strip THE PERTWILLABY PAPERS (first app in 1971).

Ivan in the Addams backyard
Chester and Wedneday Addams
JUN - SPLITTING ADDAMS - Ivan travels to Belfry, New Jersey to investigate some weird sightings, and comes across the home of the Addams Family. He seems to fit in well with them, even helping them play a prank on Sam Dracula, an inventor from California that had developed a rivalry with Gomez Addams some years earlier. When Sam's son in law arrives from Mockingbird Heights CA to retrieve him, a feud starts which culminates in the Addamses learning that Ivan is the host to the Anti-Logic, and threaten to have him cremated to prevent him from tainting "legitimate witchcraft".
Herman and the Drag-U-La
Cousin Itt
The Addams Family originated in comic strips by Charles S Addams in THE NEW YORKER Magazine in 1938, made their way to television in 1964, and began appearing in feature films in 1991, along with books, cartoons, specials, and other tie-in media and merchandise. Sam Dracula was better known as Grampa on THE MUNSTERS, a show that first aired in 1964, and was also the source of the son-in-law, aka Herman Munster (though some sources claim Herman in the same monster created in the film YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN).

NOV - Janos Schablotski rejoins the crew of the Escapade to investigate the possibility that the Loch Ness Monster is an extradimensional creature. Their journey leads to a realm filled with dragons and dinosaurs. One species is identified by them as Boojum, which they surmise may be the source of the more reliable Nessie sightings due to its innate cross-dimensional properties.  Janos salvages several boojum remains to construct clothing and devices suitable for dimension travel. Upon their return to Earth, a miscalculation lands them inside a temple in Peru where several, but not all, booby traps had been triggered decades earlier. The crew must find a way to reset the traps before they can escape.

The Escapade is inspired by the Lewis Carroll poem The Hunting of the Snark (1876), which is also the source of the boojum and its ability to disappear. The Loch Ness Monster was first identified by this name in 1933, though reports of a 'water beast' in the vicinity date back to the 7th Century tome The Life of Saint Columba by Adomnan. The Peruvian temple and its traps are from the 1981 film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

Undoctored photo of Caeric, Ivan,
and Henry at Elmwood Cemetary
Unidentified creepy dead girl
MAY - Ivan joins journalist Henry Covert and Caeric Arclight (of the Blue Blaze Irregulars) on an investigation of strange deaths occurring around Elmwood Cemetery in Charlotte NC. The common denominator turns out to be a videotape which nearly kills Caeric and Henry (Ivan is immune, likely due to either the Anti-Logic or the strange Mythos Beer he drank), but they manage to trap the malign videotape spirit by adding footage of the television showing the spirit climbing from a well to the tape, so that she is trapped in a visual loop. They surmise that the unidentified girl is connected to similar curses reported in Tokyo and Seattle. Ivan sends the tape to Peter Fitzhume in Ripton MA for storage.
Mythos Beer
The Blue Blaze Irregulars are associated with the film THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSION (1984). The cursed girls from Tokyo and Seattle first appeared in the films RINGU (1998) and THE RING (2002), respectively. Henry Covert and Caeric Arclights are characters created by their real world counterparts. Peter Fitzhume is the creation of Kevin Heim, but is related to Emmet Fitz-Hume from  the 1985 film SPIES LIKE US. Ripton is a fictional town in Massachusetts created as a hoax by a University of Massachusetts professor. The Mythos Beer is a reference to Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, but is also a real(ly bad) beer.


Hangar 18 in Marseilles, France
6/6/6: THE VOYAGE OF THE BEAST - Ivan reports on board the USS Lagos Isle on June 6, 2006, and begins a 6-month deployment that takes him to France, Italy, Cyprus, the UAE, and Bahrain. Most significant on this voyage are the two trips to France, which involved working with the French agency Félicie at a local Hangar 18 to study an egg recovered from Madison Square Gardens in 1997, and the subsequent hatching of an alien / kaiju hybrid designated a "Ginomorph". In addition to Félicie and Ordnance forces, Ivan works with the Vatican, Norway's Troll Security Service, the British DMOA, genetic engineer Luthor Praetorius (prodigy of Septimus Pretorius), anthropologist Victoria Waddell, and zoologist Misty Dawn to pursue and subdue the beast. It eludes them at the Chateau d'If and they wind up chasing it across southern Europe. They ultimately dispose of it in Mount Vesuvius near Pompeii in Italy, with help from the Blackhawks. While in Pompeii, Ivan does some research into the oldest Sator Square known to history, which was found in that location.
Luthor at the mouth of Vesuvius
The Chateau d'If
Ivan with the baby Ginomorph
USS Lagos Isle is named for the Pacific island where US Marines battled a dinosaur during World War 2 (from GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH, 1994), Félicie is from the DELTA GREEN role playing game supplements for CALL OF CTHULHU, The Ginomorph is a TVCU version of the creature from the American GODZILLA film (1998). The Troll Security Service is from TROLL HUNTER (2010), The DMOA is from WAITING FOR GORGO (2009).  Septimus Pretorius first appeared in the film BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935). Victoria Waddell is the fictional grand-daughter of an actual British explorer, Lieutenant Colonel Laurence Austine Waddell. Misty Dawn, DMV, is an original character created by Debbie Lyman, and is NOT related to the porn actress of the same name. The Blackhawks are a military aviation squadron dating back to World War Two from Quality Comics and DC Comics, first appearing in MILITARY COMICS #1 (1941). The Chateau d'If was the location where Edmund Dantes was imprisoned in THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (1844-1845) by Dumas. Vesuvius and Pompeii feature in many works of fiction, including DOCTOR WHOHIGHLANDER: THE SERIESFOREVER KNIGHT, and BLACKWOOD FARM (a 2002 novel by Anne Rice combining her The Vampire Chronicles and The Mayfair Witches franchises).

Marketplace in Kadir
Misty and Ivan infiltrate the Med'jai

Ivan at the dig site
THE REVENGE OF THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY'S TOMB - Before returning to the United States, the USS Lagos Isle journeys to the Middle East, where Ivan follows up on the notes of explorer Ibn Battuta, hoping to learn more about the origins of lycanthropy. A guide named Khan, who was once a practicing apothecary, leads him to the nation of Kadir, where he and his allies encounter Med'jai and find the tomb of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon, accidentally awakening the undead mummies of Imhotep and his acolytes in the process. One of the mummies follows Ivan's team back to the USS Lagos Isle,
where it attacks the crew. Imhotep is eventually lain to rest alongside the remains of Princess Ankh-es-en-amon at the Kadir National Museum, seemingly ending his curse, though it is suggested that the exhibit items may be sold off individually to different museums worldwide.
Khan and Ivan
The USS Lagos Isle is named for the fictional island in GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH (1994) that served as the location of a battle between Japanese forces, US forces, and godzilladaurus dinosaurs during World War Two. Khan appeared on the second regular episode of MACGYVER (1985) and is hinted to be the Royal Apothecary character from BATMAN season 2 (1966); both characters are played by Sid Haig.  Kadir is a fictional country from the movie THE JEWEL OF THE NILE (1985). The Med'jai were a military order in ancient Egypt, though they are fictionally used as a secret society in the modern era Middle East, as seen in THE MUMMY (1999) reboot franchise. The mummy Imhotep and Princess Ankh-es-en-amon are from the film THE MUMMY (1955), but their remains are not in the same location as where Imhotep was destroyed; evidently they were relocated to a previously undiscovered tomb by Imhotep himself after he was reconstituted.

Janos in the Dreamlands
Raptor attacks!
NOV - Janos Schablotski agrees to join the Dreamship Escapade every year in November, and brings aboard his friend Adam Kennedy. On this year's voyage they return to the Dreamlands and Janos discovers he can transform at will into a werewolf while in the magically-charged realm. Janos meets fellow traveler Allison Wonderland, who also opts to ally herself with the Escapade. They mistakenly return to the TVCU on Isla Sorna, aka Jurassic Park, and have to contend with the faux dinosaur population while hunting down batteries and other resources for their remaining travels.
The Dreamlands is a collective dimension created by H P Lovecraft, showing up frequently within his Dream Cycle of stories (beginning with POLARIS in 1918). The Escapade and her crew are inspired by Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark (1876). Adam Kennedy and Allison Wonderland are part of Janos' supporting cast, though Alison's name is a tribute to the Carroll novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Jurassic Park is from the 1990 novel JURASSIC PARK and a series of books, movies, and games that further the story.

JAN - Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell room together in Virginia Beach VA. Victoria turns out to be a 'cryptid-magnet', attracting hominids like elves, trolls, hobbits, and presumably werewolves.


Janos sees the Enterprise
AUG - CLOSED ENCOUNTERS - Ivan, Tasia, and Janos witness a starship from the future passing through Earth's atmosphere, seemingly searching for something (possibly a place to land), before it flies away. Following the event Ivan reports the sighting and brings his children to Hangar 18 for debriefing  and they have to deal with the escape of a xenomorph recovered from Gunnison, Colorado. Ivan uses his lycanthropy to destroy the aliens, and Janos reveals he can only shift into werewolf form in the Dreamlands, being only half-werewolf.
Bring my kids to work day
The starship is the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) or another Constitution class ship from the 23rd Century, as shown in the original STAR TREK television series (1966-1969). The designation for Ordnance centers as Hangar 18s was chosen from the use of Hangar 18 in urban legend as the building housing alien hardware on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, per UFOlogy lore. Xenormorph aliens are from ALIEN (1979) and its sequels. Xenomorphs being found in Gunnison is a reference to Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007). The Dreamlands are from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft.

Ivan in Scranton

Scranton, PA to assist an Ordnance / Initiative joint task force in stopping a zombie plague spreading across Pennsylvania, and joins a clean-up crew consisting of Slim (an MIB), Misty Dawn, and Petty Officer Bo Dunn (cousin of David Dunn) in Philadelphia that uncovers a plot by Dracula at the Rutherford Literary Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (where Ivan sees the statue of Rocky Balboa). The Philadelphia Ghostbusters assist in defeating Vlad, but get full credit for the job, as the Ordnance and Initiative had no official sanction to act in Philly at that time. Once Dracula is presumed destroyed, Ivan claims a silver wolf-headed cane and a medallion from the vampire's possessions, both of which formerly belonged to the Talbot family, as his "trophies".
Ivan at Rocky statue

Philly Ghostbusters
The Pennsylvania zombie plague of 2007 was depicted in the movie DIARY OF THE DEAD (2007) and the videogame LEFT 4 DEAD (2008). Their sequels, SURVIVAL OF THE DEAD and LEFT 4 DEAD 2, depict a world in which the infection was not contained, and are thus not in the TVCU. The Initiative was introduced in season 4 of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Scranton is the home of the Dunder Mifflin Paper distributors seen on the US television series THE OFFICE. MIB refers to Men In Black, an urban legend that has been the basis of much fiction, including the film MIB (1997). David Dunn is  
Ivan and Vlad
a Philadelphia resident from the 2000 film UNBREAKABLE. Dracula's connection to 
Liberty Bell
the (fictional) Rutherford Museum is from The Historian, a 2005 novel by Elizabeth Kostova, while Dracula as a vampire is from Bram Stoker's DRACULA (1897). The Philadelphia Ghostbusters are a franchise of the GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Several locations from National Treasure (2004) are visited during the case, including the Liberty Bell.  Rocky Balboa first appeared in ROCKY (1976). The wolf-headed cane is from the 1941 film THE WOLF MAN, while the medallion appeared in the 2010 remake film THE WOLFMAN.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Fort Lauderdale Hangar 18
DEC - While on a "Good Will" PR mission to provide security for reality tv star Lauren Conrad, Ivan and Misty investigate a possible Skunk Ape or other cryptid in the Florida Everglades causing damage to a local Hangar 18 installation (and dine at a local Bubba Gump restaurant). Though they find plenty of hostile wildlife, nothing explains the attacks until they uncover criminal activity, and have to face a nearly unstoppable brute named Zbigniew Krycsiwiki working for an unidentified foreign agency. An explosion wipes out all evidence of any international espionage against the United States, and the assignment is considered a failure for the duo.
Ivan and Zbigniew
Misty, Ivan, & gator
Lauren Conrad appeared on Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004-2006) and The Hills (2006-2009) reality tv shows on MTV as herself. The skunk ape is a hominid cryptid that can allegedly be found in swamplands of the American south east, and has been reported by Loren Coleman in his 1999 book The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide. Hangar 18 is a designation for any building assigned for Ordnance use on a government or military 
base, based on UFOlogy lore of the Hangar 18 on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 
Lauren Conrad and Ivan

Dayton OH, and the Hangar 18 on Walker Air Force Base in Roswell NM according to the film HANGAR 18 (1980). Zbigniew Krycsiwiki is better known as "Jaws" in the film The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and subsequent additions to the James Bond franchise (he has worked with and for many criminal ventures throughout his career). The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant and Market is a seafood restaurant chain founded by Forrest Gump from the 1994 movie FORREST GUMP.

JAN - THE PANIC THAT CAME TO PLYMOUTH - As a couple, Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell visit Plymouth MA just after New Years Day and find rioting. A man named Artie arrives to find the source, and together they realize that the great sense of National Pride associated with Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims, and the Mayflower and the great sense of national shame related to the Indian massacres, devastation of natural resources, and the National Day of Mourning had both become infused into Plymouth Rock, a focal point for both emotional extremes. The celebration of New Year's Eve had triggered these conflicting energies to radiate outward, and threatened to devastate the population as the rock continued to absorb and amplify more and more emotions. Ivan and Vicky agree to lead the masses away from the site so that Artie can replace it with a neutral duplicate, and he safely transports the artifact to a secret warehouse. Though Artie believes the duo could be valuable assets to his organization, he drops plans of recruitment when he finds out about their ties to the Ordnance.
Plymouth Rock is of course a national monument symbolically representing the Pilgrims' arrival in New England. Artie is a character from WAREHOUSE 13 (2009-2014).
Plymouth Rock

APR - Ivan and Janos tour the Cyberdyne facility in Kingsport MA. Among the robotics displays in the facility were a T-800 cyborg from the future, a bionic dog created in the 1970s, and a talking car. 
Cyberdyne and the T-800 are from the film TERMINATOR. The bionic dog was Maximillian, from 1977 episodes of THE BIONIC WOMAN season 3. The talking car is the Knight Industries Two-Thousand, or K.I.T.T., from the 1982 TV series KNIGHT RIDERKingsport MA is a location from Lovecraft's short story "The Terrible Old Man" (1921).
Janos examines some of the recovered cybernetics on display in Cyberdyne's lobby

MAY - THE MUSICAL OF ERICK ZANN - Ivan, Dr. Gangrene, and Jay Stanz, a New England-based freelance Ghostbuster, prevent a dancing demon from taking over Freehaven MA (in the Bridgewater Triangle) with his own version of Hell: The Musical.

Ghostbuster & Sweet                Ghostbuster & Ivan
Erick Zann and his music are from the Lovecraft story THE MUSIC OF ERICK ZANN. The Ghostbuster is an affiliate of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). The dancing demon is a reference to "Sweet", a demonic entity from the season 6 episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER "Once More With Feeling". Freehaven is from stories by Kevin Heim, but the Bridgewater Triangle is a designation created by Loren Coleman in his book Mysterious America. for a portion of southeastern Massachusetts prone to unusual activity. 

Tinkerbelle and the Fairy Godfather

JUL - INCONJUNCTION - Ivan Schablotski and Misty Dawn attend InConJunction, a "super-science" expo in Indianapolis IN, where they meet, among others,  a fairy godfather, transporter-twinned time travelers (from 2286), and a local Ghostbuster. Ivan gets to compare / contrast his Universal Monster Theory with a researcher that agrees with much of Ivan's theory, but has modified it somewhat into his own concept, the Hammer Horror Theory. while Misty Dawn meets Beaker, a muppet scientist.
Misty and Beaker

InConJunction is an annual science fiction convention. The Fairy Godfather is original, but he seems to be targeting Tinkerbelle, from the play PETER PAN. the Time Travelers are Kirk and Spock, circa STAR TREK IV, which occurred in the TVCU in 1986, not 2008 (which is why these are transporter twinned versions of them). The Ghostbuster represents a franchise of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). The Hammer Horror Theory is the creation of Kevin Heim. Beaker first appeared on THE MUPPET SHOW in 1977.

Ivan (botton, left) & Gunny (top, right)
Arno Hughes demonstrates his tech
AUG-DEC - HULKBUSTERS - The USS Lagos Isle travels to
the Middle East. Ivan, Slim, Bo Dunn, and the immortal Gunnery Sergeant Hartman are among the personnel assigned to form an OUTCIDE unit to track and capture a rampaging hulk in the United Arab Eremites, using technology on loan from Stark Industries (delivered and demonstrated by Arno Hughes) and the MIB.
Ivan on watch for Hulk activity
The Navy's "Hulk-Buster"
"Gunny" Hartman seemingly died in 1967, per the 1987 film FULL METAL JACKET, but is here revealed to have been a Highlander-style immortal, at least in the TVCU. The Hulk in this story is similar to the Hulk (or Hulks) that appear elsewhere in the TVCU, all based on THE HULK character from Marvel Comics, as is the designation 
"HULKBUSTERS" for a SHIELD team assigned to defeat the Hulk. Arno Hughes / Tony Stark and Stark Industries are also from Marvel Comics, though the versions here are TVCU analogs for the Marvel Cinematic Universe IRON MAN (2008), so this Tony must be a younger relative of the original. The other sailor assisting in the Hulk's capture is clearly related to Popeye the Sailor Man (from Thimble Theater, 1929).
An enraged hulk in Dubai

Ivan Schablotski is acknowledged for his therianthropology research in S. K. Robisch' textbook, WOLVES AND THE WOLF MYTH IN AMERICAN LITERATURE, published by University of Nevada Press, copyright 2009.
Excerpt from the Notes for Chapter 11:  The best delineation of this history of the werewolf is actually a website, Ivan Schablotski's "Therianthropology 101": schablotski.geo/Therianthropology.htm. I am corroborating his timeline of therianthropology here for credibility's sake, but his catolog work is thorough. (Wolves and the wolf myth in American Literature, pages429-430, S. K. Robisch, University of Nevada Press, 2009)

Slim apprehends a stunned hulk
JAN-MAR - At one point while underway, Ivan has to shift to werewolf form to help Slim and another sailor subdue an escaping Hulk, which creates panic among the regular Navy sailors. The crew of the USS Lagos Isle returns to Virginia, having arranged to quarantine the Hulk in Sicily. A deal with the local 'family' allows them to leave behind the monster in exchange for unspecified concessions from the US government, which they sign at Bar Vitelli. 
From Ivan to Kavik
Bar Vitelli features as a location frequented by the Corleone family in THE GODFATHER film (1972) franchise. The Hulk is similar to other Hulks in the TVCU that are versions of the Hulks in MARVEL COMICS, starting with The Incredible Hulk (1962). The USS Lagos Island is named for an island in GODZILLA VS KING GHIDORAH (1991), but only the pre-time travel flashback to Godzilla's origin is considered canonical by this; the rest of the movie takes place in alternate timelines. Slim is an MIB as they are depicted in the 1997 film MEN IN BLACK. The other sailor assisting in the Hulk's capture is related to Popeye the Sailor Man (from Thimble Theater, 1929).

Ivan traps a gremlin

Hollywood Tower doorman greets Ivan
APR - Victoria Waddell brings Ivan to the Adventurers' Club to sponsor him for membership. To prove his merits, the duo looks into a haunting at the Hollywood Tower Hotel. They discover a gremlin and dispatch it, mistakenly assuming that it was the cause of the electrical problems and sightings of ghosts which have been reported at the hotel in the past. They did not, however, resolve the poltergeist-like problems, and upon returning to the Club, they learn that the Hotel is still troubled by strange noises, so Ivan's membership is denied, pending further proof of eligibility. The Hotel staff requests that Ivan not return, claiming he caused more disruption than whatever they normally have to deal with.
Outside the Adventurers' Club
The Hollywood Tower Hotel
The Hollywood Tower Hotel is part of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attractions at Disney theme parks and was the basis of the 1997 film TOWER OF TERROR. The Gremlin is from the film GREMLINS (1984). The Adventurers' Club was an attraction at Walt Disney World's PLEASURE ISLAND from 1989 to 2009 and was presented as a private club for travelers and explorers from the 1930s. 

MAY - THE HORROR AT RED BANK - Ivan travels to Belfry NJ to investigate a possible Jersey Devil sighting but discovers instead a new costumed vigilante using the identity of the Nightgaunt.  Ivan and Ford O'Donald pursue the Nightgaunt to Red Bank and suspect the 'hero' is an employee of Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash. They follow three suspects in hopes of discovering who it is and how he or she knows about nightgaunts; to this end they visit the Broadway Diner, the Quick Stop, and a Mooby's fast food restaurant. They do not find the Nightgaunt. though they do find Jesus, Carmen Sandiego, and Waldo. Abandoning their quest when Ivan is called to New York by the Ordnance, Ford returns to Belfry, where he has secretly been assuming the guise of the Nightgaunt inspired by dreams of winged faceless creatures attacking those who venture into forbidden lands.

Nightgaunt / Night-Gaunt first appeared in Lovecraft's 1929 -1930 poem FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH.  The Quick Stop convenience store is the setting for the film CLERKS (1994). Jay & Silent Bob's Secret Stash was known as Brodie's Secret Stash when it was seen in the film JAY 
Buddy Christ
Carmen and Waldo
& SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK (2001). Jesus is from the New Testament (about 2000 years ago) 
and is the basis for all Christianity, though this interpretation of Him (Jesus "Buddy" Christ) is from the movie DOGMA (1999), which is also the first appearance of Mooby's. The Broadway Diner features in the film JERSEY GIRL (2004). Carmen Sandiego first appeared in the video game WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO (1985). Waldo has been hiding in WHERE'S WALLY / WHERE'S WALDO books, cartoons, and games since 1987.

Ivan meets Spider-Man
MAY - GREENWICH VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED - After a job in Belfry NJ involving a possible Jersey Devil sighting and a trip to Red Bank, Ivan encounters Spider-Man in Manhattan when both are on the trail of a monster that could be Mister Hyde. Ivan discovers a werewolf bar called the Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village, just off Bleecker Street, which is being watched over by a hidden sorcerous neighbor in a building no one can see, but is thankful that one of the seals was kept shut by Hyde's defeat, though with so many already broken, Lucifer's rise is almost guaranteed..
NYC's The Slaughtered Lamb
The Jekyll & Hyde Club, Manhattan

Spider-Man is from Marvel Comics' SPIDER-MAN franchise, though this cannot be the original Spider-Man that debuted in the TVCU in 1962. Mister Hyde first appeared in Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886) though this may not be the original Hyde. The Slaughtered Lamb is an American cousin to the bar of the same name in the Yorkshire Moors in England, seen in AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (1981). The Brownstone building not seen on Bleecker Street is the sanctum sanctorum of Doctor Anton Mordrid, Master of the Unknown, who appeared in the 1991 film DOCTOR MORDRID, and may be the successor of the TVCU version of Marvel's DOCTOR STRANGE as the current Sorcerer Supreme, or else is an associate of his. The 66 Seals breaking, which led to Lucifer returning to Earth, is from SUPERNATURAL season 4 (2008-2009).

Ivan (far left) and Jebediah (far right)
Ivan, Timotheus, and Victoria
JUL - THE PHANTASM MENACE -Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell investigate a serious of disappearances at funeral homes around western Virginia and encounter Jebediah Morningside. The Tall Man is discovered to be spending much of his time on Yuggoth, which may be where he learned the techniques used to manipulate human brains and corpses. Together with Baron Timotheus von Wolfstein (a centuries-old werewolf) and Dr. Gangrene, Ivan and Victoria seemingly trap Morningside for good.
Victoria tires of faking her own death
Dr Gangrene and Ivan
Jebediah "Tall Man" Morningside is the principle villain of the PHANTASM  (1979) film franchise. Baron Timotheus von Wolfstein hosted SATURDAY NIGHT WITH THE MONSTERS on WTTV, Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1978. Yuggoth first appeared in Lovecraft's 1929 -1930 poem FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH, but it was the 1931 story THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS that established Yuggoth as a planet with particular technology. Dr. Gangrene is the Tennessee-based Horror Host of CHILLER CINEMA (started in 1999) and CREATURE FEATURE (1st aired in 2005), and appeared in the Dick Tracy comic strip in 2011 (as Dr. Mean Grene).

Victoria Waddell & Andy LeBeau
AUG - Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell encounter an occasionally fallen angel named Andy who wants no part of Heaven, Hell, or Earth, since the war between angels and demons is going to end them all soon anyway. Concerned, Ivan speaks to Peter Fitzhume about starting a new Enigma Quorum, and learns there is already one in effect, but due to Ivan's connection to the US government he was not invited to participate in this one.
The fallen angel in question is Andy LeBeau, as seen in the made-for-tv movie THE KID WITH THE BROKEN HALO and "The Gary Coleman Show", both 1982. The apocalypse between Heaven and Hell played out in season 5 of SUPERNATURAL (2009-2010).

Roberts, Alison, & Inigo

NOV - The crew of the Dreamship Escapade, which includes Janos Schablotski, Alison Wonderland, and Adam Kennedy, encounter the crew of the Gummi Ship High Wind, including Sora, Roxas, and Riku, during each ship's cross-dimensional travels, which hurls both teams into unfamiliar regions. Alison is briefly held captive by extradimensional counterparts to the Dread Pirate Roberts and Inigo Montoya, and Janos becomes a Keyblade wielder.
Sora, Roxas, and Janos
The Highwind and her crew, as well as Keyblades, are from the KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) franchise of games and media, which features various worlds based on different Disney properties. Roberts and Inigo are counterparts to the characters from THE PRINCESS BRIDE (1973), which takes place in the TVCU. Likely they are in the same Kingdom Hearts world that possesses counterparts to the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN characters, since a crossover between the two franchises exists within the TVCU, as established in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST (2006).

NCIS on the job
MAY - Ivan Ronald Schablotski tenders his resignation from the Ordnance after 20 years. When his request is refused and his family threatened, a series of news reports detailing various older Ordnance operations is leaked to various news agencies, which NCIS is unable to link back to Ivan, despite suspicions that he was the source. Ivan is allowed to retire from active duty.
NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) is a real US Department of Defense agency that has been fictionalized in the television series JAG (1995-2005), NCIS (2003 to present), and NCIS: LOS ANGELES (2009 to present). 

Richard Wolfman
SEP - Ivan meets with Richard Wolfman, a Virginia-based werewolf hunter from a long line of hunters that rely on old, steampunk-esque weaponry and powwow magic to track and fight their prey. Richard, however, has an advantage he shares with Ivan; he is also a werewolf himself.
Richard Wolfman is based on a real person, but he is representative of hunters such as Nick Burkhardt from GRIMM (2011) and Allison Argent from TEEN WOLF (2011). Powwow Magic, also called Braucherei, is a type of folk magic from the Pennsylvania Dutch that originated in Germany, similar to Urglaawe but claims connections to both Christian and Egyptian mysticism. 

OCT - PERCHANCE TO DREAMLANDS - Ivan tracks a Nosferatu vampire to Salem, MA and discovers the vampire was trying to steal artifacts from the "Legacy of the Pharaohs" exhibit currently housed at the Peabody Essex Museum. An examination of the exhibit reveals a statue of Nyarlothotep among the pieces, and it causes Ivan to be physically transported to the Dreamlands.  Ivan travels on foot through Oriab to the city of Ulthar, where he is able to arrange transportation back to Earth with Hercules the Liger. Hercules brings him to King Richard’s Faire, a renaissance fair being held in Carver, Massachusetts, where Hercules regularly performs.

The Nosferatu bears a close resemblance to Kurt Barlow from the 1979 TV movie adaptation of Stephen King's SALEM'S LOT (1975), but is a different Type 1 vampire, as Barlow was (ironically, the actual Barlow looked much like a normal human, which made him abnormal for a Type 1. The "Legacy of the Pharaohs" exhibit is from THE CURSE OF THE DARK PHARAOH (REVISED EDITION) expansion for Fantasy Flight's ARKHAM HORROR board game. Nyarlothotep, the Dreamlands, Oriab, and Ulthar are from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft. Hercules is a real Liger, the largest living cat on Earth (weighing over 410 kg or 904 lb). Ligers are lion / tiger hybrids, bred for their skills in magic, as revealed in the movie NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (2004).

Janos makes a friend
Adam attempt to access Hogwarts
NOV - The Dreamship Escapade accidentally passes through Hogwarts and becomes stuck. Aaron Kennedy gets trapped outside Hogwarts at the train station and Janos Schablotski encounters a house elf, and together they face several students from Slytherin House that don't appreciate uninvited outsiders. When they are able to set sail, the ambient magicks render all navigation methods useless, and they wind up traveling through time to the Sengoku period of Japan (approx. 1500 AD) and upon returning they have brought Kogame and InuYasha to visit Kogame's family in the present.
Hogwarts, Platform 9 3/4, house elves, and the Slytherin students are elements of the HARRY POTTER franchise of books (starting with HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSPHOPHER'S STONE, 1997), movies, and games. InuYasha and Kogame are from INUYASHA (1996) manga, anime, games, and live action tv.

Frankenstein's Monster and Ivan
Ivan resists the evil of the Thriller
MARCH OF THE LIVING DEAD - Ivan is visited in a dream by Donovan Scott, who tells him "they're putting the band back together." Thinking Scott meant the Vogue Rogues, Ivan meets with Andre, Cookie, and Gus in Louisville.  During their reunion, which coincided with the Super Full Moon, an explosion at the Rubbertown Chemical Plant complex produces a new crop of Trioxin zombies, complete with the return of Thriller. The undead are put down by the Vogue Rogues with assistance from the Monster of Frankenstein, who mentions having fought similar zombies in Santa Mira, California alongside two froggy brothers.
The Rogues at Scott's grave, March 2011
The zombies were having fun...
The Super Full Moon was on March 19th, while the Rubbertown Chemical Plant fire occured on March 21st. Trioxin zombies are from THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD (1985). The Thriller zombie first appeared in the short movie MICHAEL JACKSON'S THRILLER (1983), but it later appeared in RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD PART II (1988) and it is from this use that the zombie arrives here. The Frankenstein Monster first appeared in Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN (1819), but there have been many copycat monsters created and this may not be the original. This particular version did appear in the short story Redux of the Living Dead (from the 2012 PSYCHOPOMP HALLOWEEN SPECIAL) written by Kevin Heim, which featured the Monster battling Trioxin zombies alongside the Frogg Brothers (from LOST BOYS, 1987) in Santa Mira (fictional California city first used in the novel THE BODY SNATCHERS, 1955), as a follow-up to the events of the movie RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD: NECROPOLIS (2005).

At the Lizzie Borden house
APR - The Theurgy Society invite Ivan to join a new Enigma Quorum formed to prepare for the Mayan Doomsday (21 December 2012). Ivan and Victoria move from Virginia to Brockton, Massachusetts and investigate the hauntings reported at Lizzie Borden's house in Fall River. The possibility that Lizzie had been possessed is mentioned.
Lizzie "Lizbeth" Andrew Borden was accused of murdering her father and step-mother in 1892. Her story has been told in documentaries and dramas (most recently the 2014 tv movie Lizzie Borden Took An Ax). Reports that the murder site is haunted are also documented; the home was the focus of a 5th season episode of Ghost Adventures in 2011. According to an episode of Angel: The Series that aired in 2000, Lizzie had been possessed by an Ethros demon when the murders were committed.

MAY - 
Already registered with the Ghostbusters as a consultant, Ivan changes his status to "Active Reserves" so that he can help out with the various Ghostbusters franchises in the New England area as needed. He fashions the Tillinghast Resonator used by the Theurgy Society into a Portable Tillinghast Generator to make sure he's available even when a franchise doesn't have a proton pack to lend him,
Ghostbusters is from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. The Tillinghast Resonator is the name given to the Tillinghast Device from the 1920 Lovecraft story FROM BEYOND (published in 1936) when it was adapted to film in 1986.

Agnes (on left) at camp
JUL - Ivan's niece Agnes Schablotski finds out she's the daughter of Athena when she is invited to spend her summer at Camp Half-Blood. She continues to attend camp each year hence, until 2014 when she becomes a camp councilor. Ivan assumes his brother Godzilsaw met the deity when he was attending classes at the University of Louisville, as the school's patron goddess is Minerva.
Camp Half-Blood is a camp / retreat for young demigods of the Greco-Roman pantheon, introduced in the book THE LIGHTNING THIEF (2005) and features heavily in the rest of the CAMP HALF-BLOOD CHRONICLES. Athena is the goddess of Wisdom and Strategy from Greek Mythology (Minerva is her Roman counterpart).

AUG - Ivan investigates reports of a zookeeper who can talk to animals at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, hoping to find out if zookeeper Griffin Keyes is a therianthrope.
The Zookeeper in question is the lead character in the movie ZOOKEEPER, in which it was the animals that could speak to humans, not the other way around. The gorilla in the film was named Bernie.

SEP - An explosion killing several people at a theater in Brockton MA brings an unexpectedly large Federal presence to the area and a tight cover up. Ivan recognizes the signs of a covert operation with evidence of Initiative or Bureau involvement and, wishing to avoid a confrontation, finds reasons to spend time outside of Brockton till things go back to normal.
The explosion was recorded in "The Burning Men", a story featuring Nathaniel Cade (a.k.a. the President's Vampire) written by Christopher Farnsworth, published in 2014.

Ivan Schablotski and Brian Harnois
SEP - Ivan Schablotski, Brian Harnois (of Ghost Hunter International and TAPS), John Brightman (New England Paranormal Research), Horror Host Uncle Fright, and others investigate Freehaven, Massachusetts, a town known for haunted woods and unexplained disappearances. During the hunt, Ivan learns that he is prophesied to have a connection to Mh’ithrha and the Hounds of Tindalos.

Brian Harnois and John Brighton are real world "ghost hunting" celebrities. Uncle Fright hosts an online monster movie show. Freehaven MA is a fictional town original to Kevin Heim's stories. Mh’ithrha is from Bruce Ballon's THE WILD HUNT, while the Hounds of Tindalos are from a story by Frank Belknap Long; both are part of the Cthulhu Mythos.

Ivan and Herbert
Dr. West's reanimate solution
SEP - OCCUPY ARKHAM - Ivan works with Dr. Herbert West at Arkham Sanitarium to research connections between West's reagent and the Mbwun virus, and runs afoul of the Hoaxter, Jackstraw, Moxie Doll & Doxie Moll, the Withering, and the Outsider during a patient mutiny. As Moxie was once a psychiatrist herself, she assists in subverting the revolution, but demands better conditions for herself and the other patients. Ivan is offered a position as a part-time consultant and lab tech.
Mbwun is from RELIC (1995) by Lincoln & Child. Hoaxter, Jackstraw, Moxie Doll & 
The Hoaxter                Jackdaw           The Withering
Doxie Moll, and Withering are modern TVCU counterparts to Batman villains Joker, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn (two versions), and Two-Face; Hoaxter was first named in REANIMATOR VS THE ARMY OF DARKNESS #1. The Outsider is from the HPL short story The Outsider, written by H P Lovecraft in 1921), although whether this Outsider is the same being, a reanimated creation of Dr. West, or an otherwise original undead character is yet unknown. Arkham Sanitarium is from Lovecraft's THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (1933), but is also the hospital where many of Batman's foes are taken, as Arkham Asylum, used in DC Comics first in Batman #258 (1974).
The Outsider, Moxie Doll, & Ivan
Ivan outside Arkham Sanitarium
Moxie Doll is not connected to the BORDERLAND character Moxxie or the MoxieGirl line of Dolls. Dr Herbert West is the fourth in a long line of Arkham doctors with that name, placing him in continuity with Lovecraft's Herbert West–Reanimator (1922), RE-ANIMATOR (the 1985 film), and "The Chronicles of Dr. Herbert West" comic book published by Zenescope in 2008 (which may be the same West that Ivan met).

Ivan and Bobby and the Impala
OCT - Bobby Singer drives to Arkham, Massachusetts in a 1967 Chevy Impala looking for a copy of the Necronomicon, or any other text at Miskatonic University's library that may explain how to kill or hurt a Leviathan. Ivan discovers someone is searching for forbidden tomes and prepares for the worst, donning his Ghostbuster gear. Fortunately the Buster and the Hunter are able to understand each other, and do not fight when they meet. Unfortunately they do not trust each other, and Ivan does not help Bobby acquire the books he wants.
Bobby Singer is from the television series SUPERNATURAL (2005). Normally driven by the Winchester Brothers, the Impala was temporarily abandoned by them in the season 7 episode "Slash Fiction", providing the opportunity for Bobby to use it. In the lore of the series, the Leviathans are associated with the "Old Ones" written of by H P Lovecraft, as per the season 6 episode "Let it Bleed." Arkham Massachusetts and Miskatonic University are from the Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft.

Bogie and Ivan
Sloan and Ivan
OCT - THE FEAR THAT CAME TO FENWAY - Ivan checks out a mysterious carnival that arrives in Boston during a freak snowstorm. Many unsettling creatures and killer klowns are spotted, and Ivan is stymied in his investigation by monster hunter Sloan Edwards III, who is checking on sightings of ghosts and zombies at Hancock Hill Cemetary, and believes Kavik to be part of the problem. Eventually both Ivan and Sloan infiltrate the carnival, along with a half-demon adventurer called Bogie, and discover the source of both problems is Brigham Manor, an abandoned mansion haunted by the spirits of those who died there in 1812, and a high priestess of Yog-Sothoth (possibly one of his avatars), Raven Whateley, who is 'talked down' before too much damage is caused.
This one doesn't wait for them to fall out
Bogie is a TVCU version of the mutant / demon superhero Kurt "Nighcrawler" Wagner, from Marvel Comics. Bogie is a member of the Crepuscular Secta, which is not a superhero team in the TVCU, unlike their comic book reality counterparts the X-MEN (Marvel), WILDCATS (WildStorm), or DOOM PATROL (DC). Sloan Edwards is the creation of Donald Hallene III of Untitled Films LtdHancock Hill Cemetery and Brigham Manor are both elements of THE FEAR AT FENWAY, a Spooky World attraction set up at Fenway Park in Boston for Halloween 2011. Raven Whateley is the daughter of Patricia Whateley, from the Theurgy Society's Enigma Quorum, and is an homage to THE DUNWICH HORROR as well as Raven from DC Comics' TEEN TITANS franchise.

Cyclops and Grey skulls on wall
dragon, homonculus, and human skulls
NOV - Janos Schablotski adds a dragon skull to the trophy room aboard the Escapade. Already included are remains from a grey alien, a homunculus, and a cyclops. Parts of these creatures were used to fashion weapons and attire Janos uses in extradimensional travel. Adam Kennedy, on the other hand, has taken to wearing a Moogle suit when traveling worlds, which often gets him preferential treatment from the locals (and mocking treatment from the rest of the crew).
The Grey Alien is a type seen in Whitley Strieber's book COMMUNION (1987). The cyclops skull matches the anatomy of a Harryhausen Cyclops as seen in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958). The tiny homonculus is a creation of Dr. Praetorius as seen in THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935). The Moogle Suit (as well as the moogle race) is from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises, appearing first in the 1992 game FINAL FANTASY V.

Chuck Finley and the Vogue Rogues

DEC - Ivan joins fellow Vogue Rogues Jennifer, Gus, and Andre in Jacksonville, Florida for Christmas, and Ivan discovers that Miami has had an incredibly large number of serial killers over the last few years. Suspecting a hellmouth or other such anomaly the four friends quickly run afoul of Assistant District Attorney Chuck Finley who assures them that the situation is under control, the Bay Harbour Master, IceScream Man, Trilogy, Doctor Doomsday, and Father Rage are all dead or behind bars, and there is nothing 'spooky' about the area. As far as any "Hellmouth" is concerned, Chuck recommends that next time they get that Buffy chick. Once they've left, "Chuck Finley" calls a friend confirming that Ivan Schablotski's burn notice status is still in effect.
Rogues Christmas Reunion
Chuck Finley is an alias used by retired US Navy SEAL Sam Axe 
Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders with Ivan
on the television series BURN NOTICE (2007-2013). The Bay Harbor Butcher, Ice Truck Killer, the Trinity Killer, and the Doomsday Killer are serial killers from the book DARKLY DREAMING DEXTER (2004) and its follow-up books and shows. Father Wrath is a slasher from HACK/SLASH: GIRLS GONE DEAD (2003). Hellmouths and "that Buffy Chick" are references to the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER tv series (1997-2003), though the quote is a line spoken in MY NAME IS BRUCE (2007) by Bruce Campbell, who also played Sam Axe / Chuck Finley.

New Year's Eve 2011 / New Year's Day 2012
Lilith stalking Ivan
Vapor and glowing spheres over Boston
Ivan attends FIRST NIGHT in downtown Boston MA, where he is accosted by a demon named Lilith as an unnatural fog brings strange creatures to the New England city, including what may have been a herald of Yog-Sothoth that was attacked with fireworks.
Lilith as a demon originates in Jewish lore. The strange creatures resemble dinosaurs. Yog-Sothoth was first mentioned in Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward, written 1927. 

JAN - Ivan starts a job as a technician for Cyberdyne at their facilities in Kingsport, MA, working on guidance / tracking systems for a satellite intended to house a secure backup of the SkyNet OS.
Cyberdyne is the company from TERMINATOR (1984) and its sequels responsible for creating SkyNet and the advanced robotics that lead to SkyNet's cyborg army. Kingsport MA first appeared in Lovecraft's short story "The Terrible Old Man" (1921).

Rudy's, the "worst" BBQ in Texas
Leander Independent School District
MAR - Ivan and Vicky travel to Newt, just outside of Leander TX, to investigate a family collecting masks. While most were retrieved from Africa, three were crudely made leather faces that could have been crafted from human skin. These masks are confiscated, but on his way to the airport in Austin, Ivan is accosted by a posse from Round Rock claiming the masks are part of Texas heritage and must not leave the state. Ivan loses the masks, and is unable to confirm any connection between them and the Sawyer family. Further investigation links the attackers to a local country store advertising the "worst" barbecue in Texas, which Ivan does confirm while visiting his niece Agnes Schablotski in Austin, the daughter of Ivan's older Godzislaw III and Greek Goddess Athena.
Agnes and Ivan
One wall in a house full of masks
Leander and Round Rock are locations north of Austin where some scenes from THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE (1974) were filmed, which focused on the fictional Sawyer family practicing cannibalism in Newt (a fictional town in the fictional Muerto County). Agnes Schablotski, as a demigod, attends Camp Halfblood (THE LIGHTNING THIEF, 2005, and other books in the Percy Jackson series).

Crude shrine to Tsathoggua found by Dale
APR - Ivan provides technical advice via email for Dale Parker, who ran afoul of Tsathoggua and the Atlantean high-priest Klarkash-Ton in Oklahoma.
Dale Parker is a monster hunter created by John Lindsey. Tsathoggua is the creation of Clark Ashton Smith, but first appeared in print in H P Lovecraft's "THE WHISPERER IN DARKNESS" (1931), which is also the first published appearance of Klarkash-Ton, Lovecraft's tribute to his friends Clark Ashton Smith.

Arcana Psychiatric Hospital
APR 13 - Ivan visits Enigma Quorum member Ford O'Donald in Belfry NJ and faces a resurrection / manifestation of Jason Vorhees in the swampland around Arcana Psychiatric Hospital in Gold Keel. Ivan leaves Jason trapped in a septic tank being filled with cement, but doubts even that will hold the revenant for long.
Jason Voorhees & Ivan Schablotski
Jason Voorhees is the primary villain of the FRIDAY THE 13th serial, first appearing at the end of the first film in 1980. Ford O'Donald, the Enigma Quorum, Belfry NJ, and Gold Keel NJ are elements of Ivan's stories, as is the Arcana Psychiatric Hospital (a cross between the real world Ancora Psychiatric Hospital and Arkham Sanitarium).

Garou, Ivan, and Penny
The Millicent Library
APR 21 - South Shore Psychic Faire - Ivan meets Penny Dreadful the 13th & Garou in Fairview MA and visits the Millicent Library.
Penny Dreadful XIII and Garou are the horror hosts of the series Penny Dreadful's Shilling Shockers. The Millicent Library in Fairview MA is believed to be haunted.

Fritz with the alien flora
The plant resists Ivan's efforts
MAY 04 - APRIL SHOWERS BRING MAY HORRORS - During the Super Full Moon, small extraterrestrial seeds arrive on Earth, scattered across North America. One pod lands in the woods of rural Tennessee and, embedded in fertile soil, sprouts into an enormous meat-eating flower. Ivan's brother Fritz Schablotski investigates the strange and unusual plant, and arranges to have it properly contained for study. Other pods come down in New England, and carry with them a form of the Solanum "Zombie Virus", triggering a zombie outbreak in Amesbury, MA. Ivan is sent by Dr. West to collect samples from the strange and unusual plant.
The plant appears to be of the same (or very similar) species as Audrey II from the 1986 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS film adaptation of the 1982 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS Off-Broadway play adaptation of the 1960 LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS film. Doctor Herbert West is from the CTHULHU MYTHOS stories of H P Lovecraft. Solanum is from THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE by Max Brooks.

I have zombies behind me, don't I?

Most of the Massachusetts zombies are contained or destroyed, but while Ivan collects samples from the pod for Dr. West to analyze, some walkers escape and are joined by a number of different types of undead as they make their way to Boston, with hunters of various types responding. Confirmed present were B A Baraccus (of the A-Team), Ash Williams, San Romero cheerleader Mecca Fettelli, Clair Redfield, the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire, and Umbrella Corp. operatives, plus plenty of reanimated dead and a Pied Piper like musician that led the zombies out of the mall into a clearing, supposedly to keep civilian casualties down while the hunters destroyed them, but then turned out to be an acolyte serial killer named Jeff Kensington who dons a pig mask and turns the zombies against the survivors. Oh, and Ivan Schablotski shows up there, too, keeping the locals away from the fight.

Ghostbusters, Chainsaw Warriors
versus Pig-Face and zombies

B A Baraccus is from the 1983-1987 tv show THE A-TEAM. Ash Williams first appeared in the 1982 film EVIL DEAD. Mecca Fettelli is a classmate (and fellow chainsaw-wielding cheerleader) of Juliet Starling, a zombie hunter from the game LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW (2012). Clair Redfield and Umbrella Corp. are from the Resident Evil videogame franchise (as opposed to the movies, which are not part of the TVCU). The Ghostbusters of New Hampshire are a franchise of the GHOSTBUSTERS and have appeared in the 2010 fan film SPILLED MILK. Pig-Face is a costume worn by John Kramer and his followers in SAW (2004). The Solanum virus is from the 2003 Max Brookes book THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE.

Ivan Schablotski & Aaron Hazard
JUN 09 - Victoria Waddell and Ivan Schablotski break up but remain friends. Ivan signs on with the Ghostbusters' Arkham MA franchise, led by Aaron Hazard. While exploring Arkham, Ivan looks into the Crowninshield House.
Ivan at the Crowninshield House in Arkham
Arkham Ghostbusters and Aaron Hazard are the creations of Aaron Oliver, based upon the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS and the fictional city of Arkham, Massachusetts that appears in Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos stories. The Crowninshield House is in the story "The Thing on the Doorstep" (1933) though it is based on the Crowninshield-Bentley House in Salem, Massachusetts.

Ivan at Waverly Hill Sanatorium 
Rogues w/ Capt. Hart and Agent Lynch
Louisville GBs, WKGBs, & Ivan
The Monster Squad & Vogue Rogues
WAVERLY HILLBILLIES - A scientific study gone awry causes haunted hospital Waverly Hills to expand across the city of Louisville, thanks to the machinations of former time agent John Hart, who wished to create a singularity using a Lament Configuration and a Vortex Manipulator. Ivan  works with the Vogue Rogues, the Louisville Ghostbusters, the Western Kentucky Ghostbusters, the Monster Squad, the (5th) Doctor, Sherriff Jack Carter, FBI agent Kevin Lynch, and the fore-mentioned Captain John Hart to push the paranormal tesseract back inside itself and stave off the infernal beings attempting to break through.
Ivan deals with Pinhead
Vogue Rogues & the 5th Doctor
Waverly Hills Sanatorium is a haunted hospital in Louisville KY and has been featured on tv series like Family Channel's Scariest Places On Earth and Syfy's Ghost Huntersas well as French comic book PANDEMONIUM and horror film DEATH TUNNEL (2005). The Vogue Rogues are part of Ivan's supporting cast. The Louisville Ghostbusters and the Western Kentucky Ghostbusters are franchises of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). 
The Rogues and Sheriff Carter
FBI Agent Lynch is from the series CRIMINAL MINDS (2005).Captain John Hart is from series 2 of TORCHWOOD (2008), a show that is set in the Whoniverse (Captain Hart has a Vortex Manipulator, which may allow for reality-bouncing into the TVCU). The fifth Doctor appeared on DOCTOR WHO from March 1981 to March 1984 (his manifestation as an older man is explained in the 2007 DOCTOR WHO minisode "Time Crash", which must take place immediately before this story, within the Doctor's continuity). Sherriff Carter was on EUREKA (2006-2012). The Monster Squad is from the 1987 film THE MONSTER SQUAD. The Lament Configuration and Pinhead the Cenobite first appeared in Clive Barker's The Hellbound Heart (1986) and continue to dominate the HELLRAISER franchise. 

JUL - Ivan returns to Massachusetts and discovers that Mecca Fettelli, the San Romero cheerleader who had assisted with the zombie outbreak in Boston two months earlier, is now roaming around Fall River, trying to resist the effects of inhaling Solanum-infected blood spray. Against Doctor Herbert West's orders, Ivan 'borrows' several vials of Reanisil from the lab, an antibiotic for Solanum that West has been developing from his Reagent and the plant samples Ivan acquired. Though many of her companions are already dead, and thus beyond saving, Mecca responds to the medicine and further treatments are arranged at Arkham to keep her condition in remission.
San Romero is the California high school that served as the setting for the 2012 videogame LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW. Solanum is a virus introduced in THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE (2003) by Max Brooks. Dr. Herbert West is a relative of the Herbert West featured in H. P. Lovecraft's story HERBERT WEST--REANIMATOR (1921-22). The city of Arkham first appeared in Lovecraft's THE PICTURE IN THE HOUSE (1920). 

Not a weeping angel

AUG - Ivan Schablotski and Victoria Waddell move to Salem MA to be closer to Ivan's job in Kingsport, Vicky's job in Gloucester, and Ivan's interests in Arkham (Arkham Sanitarium, Miskatonic University, and the Arkham Ghostbutsers), as all are in Essex County.
Salem, Massachusetts is linked to several real and fictional stories of ghosts and witches, including Hawthorne's novel THE HOUSE OF SEVEN GABLES (1951), Miller's play THE CRUCIBLE (1953), several Season 7 episodes of BEWITCHED (filmed in 1970) and the movie HOCUS POCUS (1993). The Arkham Ghostbusters are based on the 1984 GHOSTBUSTERS movie. Arkham and Kingsport, Massachusetts are from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos fiction.

Cthulhu Cultist Ivan
Ivan and the Gillman
AUG - Ivan's first case for the Arkham Ghostbusters involves investigating a monster sighting in Innsmouth MA, but the monster turns out to be a foreigner with a skin condition (who apparently thinks it's okay to run around naked inside the Gillman Hotel, startling the other guests). The locals treat the foreigner as one of their own, and insist that the Ghostbusters are the unwanted outsiders, until Ivan makes a show of trying to learn more about their local culture and practices.
The Arkham Ghostbusters are based on the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. Arkham and Innsmouth are Massachusetts communities from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos fiction. The visiting foreigner is a Gillman of the same type seen in 1954's THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON and its sequels.

Ivan investigates It.
Loren, Crookston, & Ivan at ICM
SEP - THE MAINE EVENT - Ivan & the Arkham Ghostbusters visit Loren Coleman and his sasquatch Crookston at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland during an investigation in Derry ME of a dancing phantom clown linked to several recent disappearances.  They discover it comes to town every 27 years or so, causing mayhem and murder. The entity appears to be destroyed by them, but the ambient PKE valences permeating Derry make it impossible to get a definitive reading.
Loren Coleman is a cryptozoologist and has authored many books on the subject, beginning with The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide, published in 1999. The International Cryptozoology Museum (home of Crookston the Big Foot) was established in Portland in 2003. Derry and Pennywise the Dancing Clown are from Stephen King's 1986 novel IT. The Arkham Ghostbusters is a franchise of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984).

Ivan at Archie's
Cassie Hack
OCT 26 - Ivan visits Archie (Andrews)'s Little River Alehouse in Riverdale MA while investigating reports of cult activity at Bradford College. Cassie Hack is also in town, and the fact that she sees a Ghostbuster in Riverdale leads her to suspect that Mary Shelley Lovecraft has returned. Fortunately no evidence is found to support this theory. Ivan and Cassie briefly discuss the possible connection between the Black Lamp Society and the Church of the Sleeping God.
Archie Andrews and Riverdale first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (December, 1941) but thanks to a Time-Lock, Archie remained a young man into the modern era. The situation with Riverdale has kept all its inhabitants from aging appreciably, though there have been occasions that the Time-Lock was (temporarily) disabled. Cassie Hack first appeared in HACK/SLASH #1 (2004), while the first appearance of Mary Shelley Lovecraft was in HACK/SLASH: ENTRY WOUND #1 (2009). Their fight in Riverdale (referred to as Haverhill in the comics) occurred in HACK/SLASH #28 (2009). The Black Lamp Society first appeared in HACK/SLASH #20 (2008).

Neal & Ivan hi-five a tag-team victory

OCT 27 - The Arkham Ghostbusters and Bay State Ghostbusters join forces on a job in Hyannis MA. 
Bay State Ghostbusters
Bay State Ghostbusters and Arkham Ghostbusters are franchises of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). From this point on, appearances by the Arkham Ghostbusters franchise will be considered part of Ivan's supporting cast, and will not be elaborated on in italicized notes, but are understood to represent crossovers between Ivan and the Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters vs. Casper
Ivan & Samhain
OCT 31 - Ivan joins other Ghostbusters in Salem MA on Halloween to rid the city of spirits gathering for Samhain, including a supposedly 'friendly' ghost that once gave Ghostbusters founder Dr Raymond Stanz trouble.
The friendly ghost in question is allegedly Casper McFadden, who first appeared in the 1945 animated short The Friendly Ghost and encountered Ray Stanz in the 1995 movie CASPER (where Casper was first given his last name). Samhain [pronounced "Sam Hane"] is a seasonal demon used in episodes of The Real Ghostbusters and Supernatural, and is named for the Celtic New Year holiday Samhain [pronounced "Saw Win"].

Ivan and the BrundleFly
NOV - The Arkham Ghostbusters are called to investigate what went wrong at a demonstration of practical teleportation at Miskatonic University's off-campus Tillinghast Building, and 'what went wrong' is revealed to be cross-phylum genetic hybridization, when a student broke in and incorrectly used the system on himself, becoming a monster (known as a 'BrundleFly') in the process. The teleportation system uses a combination of designs invented by Nikola Tesla, Andre Delambre, Walter Gibbs, Frank Lafayette, and Seth Brundle.
Miskatonic University first appeared in Lovecraft's 1922 serial "Herbert West–Reanimator", while the Tillinghast Building is from David Wellington's 2007 story "CYCLOPEAN" from the anthology UNDEAD: SKIN AND BONES. Nikola Tesla as a real world inventor (1856-1943) who has appeared in many works of fiction; here he is credited for developing the replicating device from the 2006 film The Prestige. Dr. Andre Delambre was the scientist / monster in the original 1958 movie The Fly. Walter Gibbs was the inventor of a laser-based teleportation system in the 1982 film TRON. Frank Lafayette is an inventor character from Kevin Heim's stories. Seth Brundle, who was also the first BrundleFly, is from the 1986 The Fly remake.

DEC 2 -  On his way to investigate a monster sighting in Haven, ME, Ivan meets Lacy and Mr. Gold in Storybrooke, Maine. Despite picking up strange readings from both of them, Ivan leaves to continue his assignment, which is canceled due to a meteor shower specific to the area.
Haven and the meteor shower are from the season 3 finale of HAVEN (2013). Storybrooke, Lacy / Belle, and Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin appear here during the season 2 finale of ONCE UPON A TIME (2013).

Ivan and Larry
DEC 21-22 - THE END OF THE END OF THE WORLD'S END - Ivan travels to the House of Dark Shadows in Westchester County, where he works with a werewolf named Larry Talbot who identifies himself as a 'Closer', to help prevent the alleged 'end of the world', due to the predictions of the Mayan calendar and a number of hostile extra-terrestrial and extra-dimensional forces seeking to exploit the potential energies such an 'end' may hold. Quentin Collins is mentioned.
Ivan at the House of Dark Shadows in New York
Parts of The House of Dark Shadows (1970) were filmed at Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY, and as it does not follow the continuity of the 1966-1971 tv series (both versions contained a Quentin Collins character), placement of the movie in a different location from the series (set in Collinsport, ME) is appropriate. Zahir Blue devised a system for determining which parts of the Dark Shadows franchise took place in which location, as seen here, though the continued existence of the New York house (dubbed Collinsgreen) in 2012 would seem to contradict some of his findings. Larry Talbot is the werewolf from the 1941 movie THE WOLF MAN, though there have been other werewolves using that name, such as the Larry Talbot who became a 'Closer' in the novel "A Night in the Lonesome October" (1993). 

Andre, Andy, and Ivan
Chucky Under Glass
DEC 24-27 - CHILDISH PLAY - A child whose father is stationed at Fort Arnold, KY receives a Good-Guys™ Chucky doll that contains the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. Ivan Schablotski (visiting Louisville KY for the holidays) and the Vogue Rogues (Andre Thomas, Gus Carlson, and Jennifer Broadway) attempt and fail to stop his rampage, but many of their allies are unavailable at Christmas time. Ivan's online associate monster hunter Dale Parker connects him with Andy Barclay, who defeated Chucky several times in the past. Together they trap Charles within a single doll and encase that doll in glass.
Fort Arnold is an Army base near Louisville in the 1981 film STRIPES. Good-Guy dolls, Charles Lee Ray / Chucky and Andy Barclay are from the Chucky franchise starting with CHILD'S PLAY (1988). The Vogue Rogues are recurring characters in Ivan's stories. Dale Parker is a character created by John Lindsey.

Monroeville Mall
Umbrella Corp employees
DEC 28 - On his return drive from Kentucky to Massachusetts Ivan visits the Monroeville Mall in Monroeville, PA, and discovers a renewed zombie outbreak that spreads into the neighborhood of Libertyville. He runs into Hellboy, who had the same idea, and together they help Umbrella Corporation forces, already on scene (and possibly responsible for the current zombie infestation, though the recently averted END OF THE END OF THE WORLD'S END is considered to be just as likely), quell this newest undead plague. Afterwards they swap stories of monster-fighting and government employment at the Bean-N-Gone coffee shop.
Hellboy & Ivan at the Mall
Ivan's Bean-N-Gone swag
The Monroeville Mall was the site of a zombie infestation detailed in the 1978 film DAWN OF THE DEAD. Unlike the depiction in the film, the TVCU version of events were not persistent from the events of the film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1968). Likewise, the TVCU events did not persist beyond the film, unlike the version in George Romero's Dead franchise, which continues into DAY OF THE DEAD (1985) and LAND OF THE DEAD (2005), neither of which occurred in the TVCU. Hellboy is the eponymous hero of the HELLBOY comic books (1993-present), movies, and cartoons. Libertyville is a fictional suburb of Monroeville from the Stephen King novel CHRISTINE (1983). Umbrella Corp. is from the RESIDENT EVIL video game (1996) franchise. The Been-N-Gone coffee shop is the shooting location when ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO (2008).

Ivan wearing his Cyberdyne shirt in the Lego Universe
JAN - Ivan is tasked by his employers at Cyberdyne to assist with the recalibration and repair of Miskatonic University's teleportation pods. Ivan is accidentally transported to a three-dimensionally pixelated reality with bizarre physical laws, and he meets that reality's versions of Batman and Robin. He returns to the real world and the system is taken offline pending further safety studies.
Cyberdyne Systems is from 1984's THE TERMINATOR. Miskatonic University is from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos fiction. The pixelated world is the Lego Universe; Lego interlocking blocks have existed since 1947 but the concept of the Lego Universe came about with the 1997 videogame Lego IslandLego Batman first appeared in licensed Lego sets in 2006.

Raven Whateley
FEB - With the threat of the Mayan Doomsday passed, the Theurgy Society opts to keep the Enigma Quorum in New England active for the immediate future, citing the Norse Ragnarok (said to happen in February 22, 2014), predictions that the world would end on February 14, 2016, and other potential apocalypses coming soon. In addition to Ivan and other members still in the New England area, Raven Whateley is invited to participate in this Quorum.
Elaine's prediction, made on the fiction television program World of the Psychic (hosted by Dr. Venkman) is from the 1989 film GHOSTBUSTERS II. Predictions of Ragnarok happening in 2014 were made by the staff of the JORVIK Viking Festival, held each year in York, UK. Raven Whateley is a tribute character to both Raven, the daughter of alien-demon Trigonn (in NEW TEEN TITANS comics by DC) and Wilbur Whateley, the son of alien-demon Yog-Sothoth in THE DUNWICH HORROR by H P Lovecraft), and she physically resembles the character of Raven that appears in the TEEN TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO! cartoons.

Janos enjoys a Butterbeer
Leprechaun in Boston
MAR 16-17 - THE MARCHING MADNESS - Ivan & Janos Schablotski visit Wynott's Wands in Salem, MA (an official sponsor of the Salem Quidditch Team). What they initially dismiss as a house elf turns out to be a leprechaun named Fitheal who heads into Boston to make mischief, bring real pirates to the city (it is unknown if these people were pulled through time, if they were contemporaries transformed, or were created completely by fae magick). Ivan & Janos work with a cadre of 45 Ghostbusters from a variety of franchises nationwide, and get assistance from B. A. Baraccus and the local Batman, to defeat the leprechaun before it can to any permanent damage spreading chaos at the St. Patrick's Day Parade.
Ivan and the Boston Batman
Ivan and Janos
The Salem Quidditch Team and Butterbeer make Wynott's Wands part of the Harry Potter franchise started with HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE (1997). This leprechaun bears no resemblance physically to Lubdan, the main character of the LEPRECHAUN series of films, but appears to be motivated by a similar sense of malevolence. The 'Local' Batman (aka Matches Malone) represents a version of the Batman Family based in Boston, and is a successor of the Batman seen in the Elseworld mini-series BATMAN: THE DOOM THAT CAME TO GOTHAM (2000). The many Ghostbusters that participated are connected to the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. The pirates were members of the New England Brethren of Pirates. B. A. Baraccus is from the television show THE A-TEAM (1983-1987).

Dr. Raymond Stanz & Ivan Schablotski
This Ghost with the Most is Toast!
and many other Ghostbusters work with Dr Raymond Stanz on a tough case in Winter River CT.  The offending spirit, which claims to hail from the star Betelguese, is not trapped, but it is driven away.
Ray Stanz is a character from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. Other franchises involved were the Bay State, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, and Long Island Ghostbusters. Winter River CT was the setting of the 1988 film BEETLEJUICE, and the offending spirit encountered there is that film's eponymous villain, Betelgeuse.

ECTO-EPIC - Unknown to Ivan at the time, Ark Gearheart of the Real New England Ghostbusters was testing his Infrasonic Ecto Emitter along a ley line, which created a singularity and empowered a necromancer, who used a copy of the Necronomicon to wage war against the living. This may have also been the reason Betelguese has returned so powerful, but because so many other Ghostbusters were dealing with that haunting, the RNEGB (Ark & Ada Gearheart, Kyndle Kensington, Victor Venkman, and Fr. Harvey Danger) were left to handle the singularity on their own.
The Necronomicon is an evil tome from the works of H. P. Lovecraft as well as the Evil Dead / Army of Darkness franchise. The Real New England Ghostbusters is a chapter of GHOSTBUSTERS INTERNATIONAL (based on the 1984 film and West End Games' tie-in Role Playing Game from 1986). This adventure is found in the 2014 fan film ECTO EPIC, which can be viewed in HD or 3D formats on its YouTube channel.

MAY 4 - THE RAVE LITTLE TOASTER - Arkham Ghostbusters join the Bay State Ghostbusters and some freelancers on a mission in Rochester NH. They discover a toaster that was treated with mood slime and has seemingly gained semi-sentience over the years, as well as a strong desire to dance. They able to pacify it with light jazz and the Bay State franchise takes it to their HQ for containment.
The Ghostbusters were first seen in the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS, while the dancing toaster is from the 1989 film GHOSTBUSTERS II.

MAY 11 - Ivan and the Doctor seal a Steampunk Dimensional Overlay in Waltham, MA caused by a demonic entity banished by the Red Fork Empire from their world to the TVCU.

The Doctor (first seen in the 1963 premier of the BBC series DOCTOR WHO) is recognized as originating within the Whoniverse but as he travels through time, space, and relative dimensions, his visitations to the TVCU are not unheard of. The demonic entity seems to be a star spawn of Cthulhu, though it is never properly identified. The Red Fork Empire is a steampunk cosplay community representing a fictional society in an alternate dimension.

MAY 24 - Ivan works with other Ghostbusters (Bay State and Connecticut branches), in Newport RI to catch a spirit haunting the Jane Pickens Theater and Event Center.
As always, GHOSTBUSTERS come from the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS.

MAY 30 - FEAR THE REAPER - Ivan investigates a monster sighting in Fall River MA that seems to be a local appearance by Uncle Fright, a benevolent "ghoul with the cool" that Ivan had met previously in 2011 at the Southcoast Paranormal & Psychic Faire. After assuring the locals that there is no danger and entertaining some children, Fright and Schablotski part on good terms, but before he can head home, a Reaper type vampire (the actual threat) attacks. Ivan and Uncle Fright defeat it.
Uncle Fright was once the host of the television series LATE NIGHT WITH UNCLE FRIGHT; since the show's cancellation he has moved on to internet-based activities and public appearances. Fall River is primarily associated with the 1896 Lizzie Borden case. The Reaper type vampire was introduced in the film BLADE II (2002) which links to the greater cinematic universe of movies made by Guillermo del Toro as well as the other Blade films.

JUN 22 - BROKEN ARROWHEAD - An extradimensional incursion manifests in Shaymore, ME. Ten Ghostbusters from three different franchises (including Ivan), StarGate personnel, ISIS agents (who are suspected to be responsible), and an otherworldly wizard arrive to seal the rift.

Shaymore, Maine was the location of the Arrowhead Project in Stephen King's THE MIST (1980). Ghostbusters are from the eponymous 1984 film. StarGate personnel are from the film STARGATE (1994) and subsequent television franchise shows. The agents of ISIS are from the animated series ARCHER (2009 - present).  The Wizard is arguably Gandalf the Grey, from Tolkien's LORD OF THE RINGS saga (first appearing in THE HOBBIT in 1937) and associated Middle-earth stories. 

Ivan Schablotski & Hank Griffin
JUL 14 - UNGAINLY GHASTLY GAUNT AND OMINOUS - Det. Hank Griffin from the Portland Police Bureau in Oregon arrives at Arkham Sanitarium seeking an audience with Dr. Herbert West regarding some of his experiments. As Ivan is on hand, he speaks with the detective about the doctor's reagent, and clarifies that the rare trials involving healthy adults have all produced positive physical effects, in some cases the subject seems healthier after the treatment. When the detective is shown confined examples of the reanimated dead, he becomes convinced that the reagent is not what is needed back home.  Hank discusses this in a private phonecall, comparing the filed reports to his partner Nick Burkhardt's experience with PTZD. Ivan overhears parts of the conversation, catching words like "Wesen", "Hexenbiest", and "Cracher-Mortel", and suspects the case involves Powwow magic.
Nicolas Burkhardt and Hank Griffin are main characters in the television series GRIMM (2011 to present), and the zombification of Nick occurred in season 2's cliffhanger ending, while the side effects of his recovery and PTZD (Post-Traumatic Zombification Disorder) were revealed in the first several episodes of season 3, all in 2013. Powwow magic, key to the works of Brian Keene's LABYRINTH cycle of stories, has not been mentioned in association with GRIMM to date, but the terminology for both GRIMM and Powwow rely on German-Dutch folk magick. Arkham Sanitarium, Dr. Herbert West, and his reagent  are elements of H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, though the Doctor West that Ivan works must be a descendant of the original. The title is part of a passage from Edgar Allen Poe's poem THE RAVEN (1845). 

Ivan boarding at Pickering
Wharf in Salem
JUL 27 - COASTBUSTERS - Ivan takes a Ghostbusting job onboard the research vessel "The Lord Kitchener" alongside oceanographers and Marine Biologists from Miskatonic University to investigate unusual shark activity in Miskatonic Bay. The Tillinghast Sonar Array, used to bait any aquatic ghosts, malfunctions and the boat is overrun with spirits of pirates, vikings, and assorted seafarers.
Ghosts surround Professor Linda Orne
"The Lord Kitchener" is named for calypso singer Lord Kitchener, just as Steve Zizzou's ship is called the "Bellefonte" in THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZIZZOU. The unusual shark activity is a reference to recent films such as SHARKNADO (2013) and GHOST SHARK (2013). Miskatonic Bay and the Tillinghast device are references to the Cthulhu Mythos., as is the name of Marine Biologist Linda Orne.

AUG - POLAR EXCESS - Ivan joins the crew of the Lord Kitchener on a voyage to the Bermuda Triangle, following evidence provided by oceanographer / explorer Steve Zizzou and his team that the 'flying shark' phenomenon originated there. The boat experiences some rough weather and after encountering an amorphous creature, somehow winds up on the shore of Antarctica. Ivan tells the others that he is in communication with a man named Randy Bannock, but this appears to be a supernatural entity or a delusion, as no one else sees or hears this person.  Ivan succumbs to madness, possibly due to the magnetic pole's effect on the Anti-Logic, or perhaps the unusual penguins convinced him he was their god-king. The crew manages to extract Ivan, but immediately encounter a storm, and when it ends they run aground in Puerto Rico. As soon as they return to Massachusetts, the decision is made not to pursue the matter further.
Randy Bannock is actually the Great Old One Raandaii-B'nk created by Gregory Nicoll in his 1976 CThulhu Mythos story From the Deep and BeyondSteve Zizzou and Team Zizzou are from the 2004 film The Life Aquatic with Steve ZizzouIn addition to GhostbustersLife Aquatic with Steve Zizzou, and Sharknado references, this story draws heavily from Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness (1931) and the film The Abyss (1989). 

AUG 23 - WATERFIREWALK WITH ME - A dimensional gate in Providence RI provides the Red Fork Empire semi-stable access, allowing them to establish an embassy with the TVCU, but also serves as a doorway for otherworldly Mythos forces.  Ivan encounters the Arkham Horror Book Cult, the Outsider, a Cyclops, and a resurrected H. P Lovecraft.

The Arkham Horror Book CLUB, shown here in robes, has chapters in various North American cities and was created by Mallory O'Meara in 2012. The Outsider is from the Lovecraft story THE OUTSIDER (published in Weird Tales in 1926). The Cyclops and other creatures are the creations of Big Nazo. Howard Phillip Lovecraft (20 AUG 1890 - 14 MAR 1937) was a pulp horror and science fiction author responsible for creating a cycle of stories known today as the "Cthulhu Mythos", but he has also been fictionalized as having various levels of involvement with the forces of that Mythos (as seen in episodes of SUPERNATURAL and WAREHOUSE 13, as well as in numerous books, movies, and comics). This particular fictional version of H P Lovecraft is the one seen in the online video blog series ASK LOVECRAFT! as written and performed by Leeman Kessler.

SEP - THE BIZARRE BAZAAR - Ivan, while pursuing a rude ghost in Worcester MA, joins Bay State Ghostbusters Neal Devlin and Ryan Hillman when a Zoltar fortune teller grants a wish that unleashes a demonic carnival on the city. Upon completion of the case, Worcester Mayor Joseph M. Petty personally thanks the attendant Ghostbusters. Returning to Salem MA, Neal and Ivan crash a wedding at the Hawthorne Hotel when they detect high valences in the building.
Neal and Ryan mess with the Zoltar      The Mayor raps with the Ghostbusters         A nasty little spud harasses Ivan 
The Zoltar machine's ability to grant wishes was demonstrated in the 1981 film BIG. The rude ghost is the Onionhead spectre from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), often identified as Slimer. The Bizarre Bazaar is the name of a Tent sale at the Halloween Outlet in Worcester MA, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2013, for which the city's mayor awarded the store's owner the key to the city.

STREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE - Ivan Schablotski and Neal Devlin investigate a house in Arkham's French Hill neighborhood and uncover an intermittent access point to the Dreamlands. They return with more Ghostbusters and battle Puft-Daddy, a manifestation of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Arkham's French Hill area and the Witch House are from the Lovecraft story THE DREAMS IN THE WITCH HOUSE (1932). The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. The franchises present are the Arkham, Bay State, Maine, and New England Ghostbusters.

Entering the distortion
Traveling the distortion
Early OCT - Because the Ghostbusters, Miskatonic University, and the crew of the Lord Kitchener already closed the case, Ivan convinces his brother Fritz to travel with him back into the Bermuda Triangle to further investigate the cause of the Sharknado phenomenon. This time a space-time distortion sends them into the past, and they find themselves briefly onboard the RMS Titanic in April 1912, during a singularity event. Returned to the present, they are attacked by a monstrous scarred great white that Ivan believes to be the same one he encountered in 1990; an undead shark referred to as Bruce. Ivan tries to take samples from Bruce, but the aquatic predator is too strong and fast, and quickly overpowers its bipedal opponent, even on the dry deck. Ivan discovers that sharks are among those animals capable of killing werewolves and barely escapes with his life. Hurt, and with nothing to show for it, Ivan promises to leave the matter alone after this.
Ivan tries to take a sample from Bruce
Bruce tries to take a sample from Ivan
The RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, a trip that has appeared in numerous works of fiction. SHARKNADO is a 2013 SyFy exclusive film that garnered undeserved popularity for its over-the-top premise. Bruce the Great White Shark was introduced in the 1975 movie JAWS (though he was only referred to as Bruce behind the scenes), but has been proposed to be a recurring undead "slasher" in the 2006 comic book HACK/SLASH: TRAILERS

A Frankenstein Monster vs. Ivan
Cairo and Ivan

Mid OCT - Ivan escorts several would-be Ghostbusters on a tour of Arkham when they encounter a patchwork man-monster wandering the streets, which they manage to subdue and bring to Arkham Sanitarium. The monster, though mute, identifies itself as one of the Frankenstein monsters. There, Ivan meets physical therapist Dr. Cairo Prancer, who takes an interest in learning how the monster's cardio-vascular system works, in light the dead tissues and organs used. The rookies decide that Ghostbusting in Arkham is more dangerous than they first imagined, and do 
not pursue further involvement with the franchise.
The rookie Ghostbusters represent further potential expansion of GHOSTBUSTERS(1984). The Frankenstein Monster is from Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN (1818), and while it is not known if this is the original monster or a copy cat creation, it is definitely not the same monster Ivan encountered in 2011. Cairo Prancer is part of Ivan's supporting cast.

Mid-Late OCT -
Inside the Library
Outside the Library
Ivan joins the New England Ghostbusters and Bay State Ghostbusters in an investigation of Portsmouth, New Hampshire's haunted public library, music hall, the North Church, and assorted supernatural hotspots. Children at the library are treated to ghost stories from the Ghostbusters, and Portsmouth's "Haunted Corner" is determined to have no hostile spirits in residence.
The Music Hall

The Phantom of the Music Hall and other local paranormal activity has been reported in the book Haunted Portsmouth by Roxie J. Zwicker. The assorted Ghostbuster franchises present (Arkham Ghostbusters, Bay State Ghostbusters, and New England Ghostbusters) are all derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS.

Schablotski & Legere in Salem
Arkham GB & Salem Batman
Late OCT - Ivan assists the Salem Mass Ghostbusters on a ghost hunt through downtown Salem. They encounter Salem's Batman and together they discover a dancing demon loose in the city. Ivan and the Batman get trapped in its spell, but the rookies and the Salem Ghostbusters are able to drive it away before any casualties result.
Salem's Batman is yet another copycat vigilante assuming the mantle of DC's BATMANSalemMassGhostbusters are professional ghost hunters formerly known as Everything Paranormal. The dancing demon is from Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Once More With Feeling" (2001). Footage showing Ivan Schablotski and Salem's Batman dancing was recorded in the 2013 3D documentary film THE HISTORY OF HALLOWEEN.
Ivan (back, left) and Salem's Batman (back, right) are among those forced to dance

Boo, Ivan, a Frackle, and a bystander

HALLOWEEN - Ivan captures a weirdo of undeterminable origin and a girl who insists  she's a monster named "Boo", meriting a trip to Arkham Sanitarium to drop them both off. Dr. Cairo Prancer is also present, and is revealed to have attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and spent her Halloween pacifying Samhain.
Cairo and Samhain
The weirdo is either Gonzo or a similar Frackle, who first appeared in the 1970 Christmas special entitled "The Great Santa Claus Switch", though much better known for his role on THE MUPPET SHOW. Boo first appeared in her monster costume in MONSTERS INC. (2001). Arkham Sanitarium first appeared in H P Lovecraft's story "THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP" (1933). Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is from J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter franchise, starting with HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE (1997). Samhain, as a demon / spirit / entity, is from The Real Ghostbusters season 1 episode "When Halloween Was Forever" (1986).

Jeff, Cairo, Ivan, & the puppet
Ivan and Villatoro
Early NOV - CASTLE OF MADNESS - Ivan Schablotski and Cairo Prancer respond to requests for Arkham Sanitarium personnel at Hammond Castle in Gloucester MA to assess data from an experiment to enter the mind of a murderer. Ivan has issues with another staffer, a man named Villatoro who previously worked on a similar project for Dr. Andover and wishes to see them continued despite the risks. The patient, Jeff Kensington, is revealed to have been an associate of John Kramer, the Jigsaw Killer, and his methods are reflected in the manifestations of the killers thoughts (as is the Jigsaw puppet). During an effort to shut down the experiment, Ivan falls victim to it, and his 
Meet the Mogs!
mind manifests a world of smugglers, dog-men, and spaceballs. Whether or not this is the result of Anti-Logic interaction with the machine, and actual time travel takes place is unclear, as the effect lasts only a few hours before Cairo deactivates the program and things return to normal.
Spaceballs vs Ghostbusters
Arkham Sanitarium is from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Villatoro and Dr. Andover are from FEAR CLINIC, a 2009 web series with a motion picture follow up expected to be released in 2014. John Kramer, aka Jigsaw, is from the movie SAW (2004) and its sequels. Lonestar, the Mogs, and related characters are from SPACEBALLS: THE MOVIE FRANCHISE (1987).

Bat creature threatens Arkham patients
Dr Zeddemore & Ivan w/ Ecto-1A
Late NOV - THE SUPER-MEGA-FRAKULATOR (EXPIALIDOCIOUS) - Ivan's project at Cyberdyne, a functional satellite back-up for SkyNet redundancy, is completed, and upon launch, Cyberdyne employee Ivan Schablotski is also deemed redundant, and is downsized. That same week, Ivan Schablotski joins Dr. Winston Zeddemore in hunting down a 9-foot tall bat creature in Arkham MA. The creature is captured and determined to be a mutated human. Geneticist Dr. Absonus Strange of Arkham Sanitarium assumes responsibility for the creature, who is actually one of the doctor's escaped experiments. Strange has been using a Tillinghast Resonator (modified with Casanova Frankenstein's Psycho-Frakulator designs) to assist in manipulating the DNA of his patients, and when the Ghostbusters investigate, it reacts with their proton packs causing massive distortions, prompting the arrival of the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire and 1970s Ghost Buster Eddie Spenser Sr. to assist with the destruction of the machine (which is revealed to be an upgraded version of the medical experiment used at Hammond Castle).
Dr. Strange, Ivan, & Poison Holly
Eddie Spenser & Ivan
Cyberdyne and SkyNet first appeared in THE TERMINATOR (1984). Doctor Winston Zeddemore is from the film GHOSTBUSTERS (1984), though his status as a doctor was first presented in 2009's Ghostbusters: The Video Game. The man-bat creature is reminiscent of the Man-Bat (first app. in Detective Comics #400, June 1970), though it is not Kirk Langstrom. Dr. Absonus Strange is the grandson of Hugo Strange (first app. in Detective 
Comics #36, February 1940) and is assumed to be 
Jonny Ruckus of the GBNH
the Doctor [Hugo] Strange seen in the TVCU 
Ivan and the Super-Mega-Frakulator
version of the events of the 2011 video game Batman: Arkham City. Poison Holly is one of the TVCU counterparts of Poison Ivy (first app. in Batman #181, June 1966). The Tillinghast Resonator is from FROM BEYOND (a 1934 story by H. P. Lovecraft), while Casanova Frankenstein and his Psycho-Frakulator are from the 1999 film MYSTERY MEN.  Eddie Spenser is from The Ghost Busters tv series (1975) and its spin-offs.  

DEC - The Arkham Ghostbusters are contacted regarding the theft of alien hardware from a secret facility in Utah a year earlier. Before they can make the trip, Captain Rogers arrives in Arkham and warns Ivan that Ordnance personnel currently have the location in lockdown and will treat Ivan's presence as a violation of the arrangement allowing him to stay retired. Likewise, the Doctor arrives and informs the Arkham Ghostbusters that no hardware, esoteric or otherwise, survived the incident in 2012, and that the call was most likely a trap.
The Utah facility housing alien artifacts was breached and destroyed in DOCTOR WHO series 1 (relaunch) episode 6 "Dalek" (2005), courtesy of the ninth Doctor; the Doctor appearing here is the tenth, circa 2009. Captain Rogers is also known as Captain America (first appearing in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1, 1941), whom Ivan met in 1992.  Arkham and the Ghostbusters are from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos and Columbia's Ghostbusters franchise, respectively, and are recurring elements in Ivan stories.

New Year's Eve 2013 / New Year's Day 2014 - 

Ivan spends New Year's Eve in a Cabin in the Woods with friends in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. They find a creepy book of the dead bound in human skin in the cellar, which Ivan insists they do NOT read aloud. Instead they go hiking in the mountains and hunting for paranormal encounters. By New Year's Day they find evidence of an Alien Abduction that turns out to have occurred in Lincoln NH in 1961. Ivan suspects he may have been set up by Wolfram & Hart.

The Cabin In the Woods is an alternate site for ritual sacrifices conducted to ancient gods, as seen in the film CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012), which is arguably operated by the firm Wolfram & Hart (from ANGEL: THE SERIES) due to similarities in the organizations and a shared creator; Josh Whedon. The book is a copy of the 'Naturom Demonto', aka the 'Necronomicon ex Mortis', from the EVIL DEAD (1981) franchise. The alien is a Zeta Reticulan "Grey" found in several sources in pop culture, though the race has been identified as pawns of the Mi-Go in the DELTA GREEN campaign for the Call Of Cthulhu Role Playing Game, set within the Cthulhu Mythos (the Mi-Go themselves are crustaceous fungoid aliens from Yuggoth, per Lovecraft's 1931 tale The Whisperer In Darkness). The alien abduction in Lincoln is a reference to the case of Betty and Barney Hill, who reported being abducted while on Route 3 in 1981. Their story was told in the 1975 movie THE UFO INCIDENT.

Ark, Neal and Ivan at the library
Ark, Seuss, and the Cat in the Hat
Ivan investigates reports of 'wish-fullfilment' chaos in Northampton MA, and bumps heads with local paranormal investigator Rob Wronski. As they independently track the cause of the anomalies, Ivan warns against trying to use magick to get what you want, right as a tyrannosaurus attacks both of them. After they dispell the dinosaur and undo most of the damage the unchecked wishes were causing, Ivan teams up with Neal Devlin and Ark Gearheart to investigate the disturbance, which has moved to Springfield MA. They find strange goings-on at the public library as well as the Springfield Science Museum. Eventually they discover an orb of unknown origin representing Earth's "Ectosphere" is causing spirits to gather and manifest as representations of people's "heart's desire", within Springfield's Museum Quadrangle. Ivan encounters Wonder Woman as well, who is also working the case, but neither is sure the other is real given the other things they've seen. Statues of Dr. Seuss & his characters, random library books, and several exhibits at the affected museums come to life, until the orb is neutralized.

Neal Devlin is from the Bay State Ghostbusters and Ark Gearheart represents the New England Ghostbusters; both are franchises of GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Dr. Seuss is the pseudonym of children's author Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991), whose fictional characters are represented with him in the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden at the Quadrangle, surrounded by museums and a library. The story's title and plot resemble that of the film NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM (2006) but there is no direct connection, and the characters seem unaware of the events of that movie. Rob Wronski is the TVCU counterpart of Robert E Wronski Jr, founder of the TVCU, owner of this blog, and author of THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (2014). Wonder Woman first appeared in ALL-STAR COMICS #8 in 1941 by All-American Publications, later National Periodicals Publications, later DC Comics, though the version here is different from the one in the current DCU (or DCYou, or whatever branding term is being used at DC Comics).

In addition to those events Ivan was involved with are those which concerned Robert Wronski Jr after he met with Ivan, which are detailed in his own timeline, I WAS A TEENAGE SUPER-HERO: THE GREATEST STORIES NEVER READ!!! as well as the as-yet unrevealed events behind Super-Team Family #1001 that featured Babe, Wonder Woman, and She-Hulk. While Wonder Woman was actually there, it is unknown if the other two characters were present at the museum, or if either or both of them were fabrications of the orb. To date, Ivan has met neither She-Hulk nor Babe, though She-Hulk is at least known to already exist in the TVCU (as well as several other realities).
She-Hulk originated in Savage She-Hulk #1 (1980) from Marvel Comics. Babe is a character created by John Byrne for the Legends imprint title BABE#1 (1994) at Dark Horse Comics; though she has not officially appeared in the TVCU, she has crossed over with Abe Sapien, a character associated with Hellboy, so it is likely that a version exists. Super-Team Family...The Lost Issues is a series of faux comic book covers created by Ross Pearsall which, like the majority of Ivan Ronald Schablotski's crossovers, are currently considered apocrypha for the Television Crossover Universe.

The TARDIS denies Ivan
JAN 16 - UNTOUCHED BY AN ANGEL [ANTILOGY] - Ivan is attacked by a Weeping Angel, who attempts to feed on him. His Anti-Logic "curse" prevents him from being temporally dislocated by the angel, as his "time energy" is indigestible to them, but it also prevents the 4th Doctor from being able to assist him much, as the TARDIS refuses to depart so long as Ivan is aboard. The Doctor, meeting Ivan for the first time within his own timeline, concludes that the Anti-Logic has tainted Ivan's being on a subatomic level with Anti-Thought and Anti-Time, rendering him a space-time anomaly.
The Doctor and the TARDIS are from the BBC series DOCTOR WHO (1963), though this is the 4th incarnation of the Doctor, who debuted in 1974. The Weeping Angels appeared first in "Blink", a Doctor Who episode that aired in 2007.

FEB 10-14 - HEARTS OF DARKNESS [ANTILOGY] - The Fraidy Man attacks Ivan in his dreams, and tricks him into using his copy of the Necronomicon to raise the dead. Ivan seeks help from a monster hunter called "Dusty" who has experience with dream demons, and gets online advice from "MyOhMya", "MarMik", and "Stabbo". Dusty meets Ivan in Arkham and they travel to Oakhaven MA to set a trap at the Stabe Motel. Fraidy and a revenant doppelganger of Dusty attack them but the monster hunters win, in part due to the full moon on Valentine's Day. Ivan suspects Wolfram & Hart leaked the information to them, leading to the attacks, while Ash believes the book itself called out to them. References are made to Herbert West, the Sanderson Sisters, Danvers State Hospital, Kingsport, Derry, Ripton, Turkeys of Unusual Size, Weinieville, SlenderMan, Zeta Reticuli aliens, Dr. Victoria Waddell, Jack the Ripper, the Phantom of the Opera, the STAB! movie franchise, the movie I AM LEGEND, the 1990s MUMMY movie franchise, the Theurgy Society, the tech firm Ivan used to work for, Miskatonic University, SESAME STREET television show and characters, SMILE TIME television show, Scáth Hazard, Joey Tribbiani, Emmet Fitzhume, MONSTAAH, Boogey Knights, Mike Nero, Nightmare Warriors, ForeverWare, pixies, C.H.U.D.s, infiri, oompa loompas, killer robots from the future, killer klowns from outer space, ghouls, wights, vampires, sasquaches, and toddlers.

This story, "Hearts of Darkness", is published in the anthology BOOGEY KNIGHTS, 2020 by Wild Hunt Press. The Fraidy Man is Freddy Krueger, from A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) and its sequels and spin-offs. His first battle against Ghostbusters was in the fan film FREDDY VS GHOSTBUSTERS  (2004) which received recognition in the canonical GHOSTBUSTERS: THE VIDEOGAME (2009). The identification of the Necronomicon ex Mortis first appeared in EVIL DEAD 2: DEAD BY DAWN (1987), as did Evil Ash (aka Dirty Dusty), but he became a separate entity in ARMY OF DARKNESS (1992), and Ashley Williams (aka Dusty, aka "Chozen1") appeared first in THE EVIL DEAD (1982). Weinieville is from the ARMY OF DARKNESS comic books published by Dynamite Entertainment. Nightmare Warriors and the Stabe Motel are from the FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH: THE NIGHTMARE WARRIORS comic co-produced by Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics in 2009 (additionally, STABE is an anagram of BATES, suggesting the Bates Motel from the 1959 novel PSYCHO). WOLFRAM & HART and Smile Time are from ANGEL: THE SERIES (1999-2004). "MyOhMya" is a reference to Mia Allen from EVIL DEAD (2013). MarMik is a reference to Marty Mikalski from CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012). "Stabbo" is a reference to Dale Parker, a character created by John D Lindsey, and appears in other stories published by Wild Hunt Press. Dale, Ivan, and Mike Nero (created by Chris Nigro) form the original BOOGEY KNIGHTS. Herbert West, Arkham, Kingsport, and Miskatonic University are from the Cthulhu Mythos fiction of H. P. Lovecraft. The Phantom of the Opera is from the serialized novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux (1909 - 1910). Scáth Hazard was created by Aaron Oliver. Dr. Victoria Waddell is a character created by Yvonne Dietrich. Joey Tribbiana is a character from the television series FRIENDS (1994 - 2004). Emmet Fitzhume (as Emmet Fitz-Hume) is a character from the 1985 movie SPIES LIKE USThe STAB! movie franchise is from the SCREAM movie franchise created by Wes Craven. The Sanderson Sisters are from the movie HOCUS POCUS (1993). Derry is a reference to the fictional Derry, Maine from Stephen King's 1981 story "The Bird and the Album" and subsequent works. Oakhaven MA and Turkeys of Unusual Size are from the animated movie SCOOBY-DOO! AND THE WITCH'S GHOST (2001). Ripton is a fictional Massachusetts community created to prove that the state capital (Boston) was incapable of properly governing the rural parts of the state. Slender Man is an internet meme created for CreepyPasta in 2009 and is referenced as fictional in this story, though later entries confirm the being exists. ForeverWare is from the first episode of EERIE, INDIANA (1991). C.H.U.D. (Cannibalistic Humanoid Undergound Dwellers) are from the 1984 movie C.H.U.D. Infiri are spirits from assorted folklore, but are here intended to refer to Inferi, a type of zombie-like undead in the Wizarding World stories, first appearing in the novel HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE (2005). Oompa Loompas (as Oompa-Loompas) are from the 1964 book CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. Killer robots from the future refer to the Terminator cyborgs from the THE TERMINATOR (1984). Killer Klowns from Outer Space refers to the killer klowns from outer space in the movie KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE (1988). 

Ivan and Hlorridi defend Midgard
Reading from the Necronomicon
FEB 22 - TWILIGHT OF GODS AND MONSTERS - The Viking Ragnarok is thwarted by various forces on Earth, including the Bay State Ghostbusters, New England Ghostbusters, and Arkham Ghostbusters, who aid Hlorridi and the Æsir against their demonic foes by using their gear and Ivan's copy of the Necronomicon ex Mortis to banish many of the combatants (plus Ivan) to the Dreamlands. In the Dreamlands, Ivan becomes a sailor called Trevor of Maplecroft. "Trevor" is assisted by a traveler named Harbard, and confounded by a shapeshifter callede Hveðrungr, who eventually escorts Ivan to a ghoul grotto that leads to a tunnel entrance in Florida, Massachusetts.
Hveðrungr and "Trevor"
Harbard and "Trevor"
Ragnarok is the "Twilight of the Gods" from the Norse Myth CycleThe Ghostbusters franchises represent the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. The Necronomicon ex Mortis is from EVIL DEAD (1982) and its franchise, inspired by the Necronomicon from Lovecraft's 1924 story "THE HOUND". Harbard is an alias used by Odin from Norse Mythology, who was shown here only slightly more powerful than a normal human due to the effects of Ragnarok. Likewise, Hveðrungr is an alternate identity of Loki. Hlorridi is another name for Thor, who though red-headed and bearded as per myth, is garbed as the MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE version of the character, as first seen in THOR (2011). The ghouls found in the Dreamlands are from H. P. Lovecraft's 1926 story PICKMAN'S MODEL and other Cthulhu Mythos tales. The tunnel in Florida MA is the Hoosac Tunnel which passes through the Hoosac Range of the Green Mountains in western Massachusetts. 

Neal, Ark, Victor, & Ivan head north

MAR 6 - SADDENED BEYOND THE CAPACITY FOR RATIONAL THOUGHT - Members of the Real New England Ghostbusters (Ark Gearheart & Victor Venkman), Bay State Ghostbusters (Neal Devlin), and Arkham Ghostbusters (Ivan Schablotski) join the Maine Ghostbusters in Portland, ME for a tribute to Harold Ramis (1944-2014) at the Port City Music Hall, led by Dr. Egon Spengler, who discussed the friendship he forged with Ramis during the production of the film GHOSTBUSTERS.
Dr. Spengler talks with Devlin

Harold Ramis passed away on February 24, 2014 and was a writer, actor, producer, and director for a number of important films, not the least of which being CADDYSHACK and GHOSTBUSTERS. The existence of the film GHOSTBUSTERS within the reality of GHOSTBUSTERS was established in THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS season 1 episode "Take Two" (1986).

The Arkham Ghostbusters
Imperial AT-AT on Earth
MAR 16 - THE EMPIRE LUCKS OUT [ANTILOGY] - A space-time worm hole briefly connects Boston MA to a planet occupied by the Galactic Empire during a time before the Battle of Endor. The FBI's Boston-based Fringe Division calls in 50 New England based Ghostbusters (including Arkham Ghostbusters Ivan, Aaron, and Dani), who face Imperial and Alliance forces as they attempt to minimize cross-time contamination and close the gate. The disturbance is forced shut using Fringe technology, but its cause is never determined (Leprechaun involvement is suspected, though in fact the rift was technological, rather than magical, in nature).
Unknown to Ivan at this time, a temporal counterpart of his called IIvan, who has been living in the Star Wars galaxy and time period, returns to the Earth through this wormhole. See LOST IN TIME, LOST IN SPACE, AND MEANING for more details of IIvan's activities.
50 Ghostbusters assembled
Ivan scans a Mandalorian
The Galactic Empire and Rebel / Alliance forces were introduced in the 1977 film STAR WARS (aka Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope), while the Battle of Endor took place in Episode VI: THE RETURN OF THE JEDI (1983). Fringe
The Rebel Alliance joins the fight
Division is from the tv series FRINGE (2008-2013). Ghostbusters are from the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. It should be noted that no coordinates within space-time are definitively attributed to the Star Wars characters' point of origin, as the subject of whether or not the Star Wars saga takes place within the same reality as the TVCU, as well as how long ago a "long time ago" actually is, remains in debate. Star Wars may take place in a pocket reality a couple hundred years in the past, or a much longer time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Vogue Rogues and Thorn
APR 11-13 - ALTERED BEASTS - Ivan visits the Rogues in Louisville when reports of a large primal beast stalking the area come to light. Initially expecting to find a cryptid, a werewolf, or possibly an evil mutant, they instead find a man suffering from bestial genetic modifications, whom they discover was revived and enhanced for the purpose of causing mayhem, after nearly dying during a fight with Black Mask years earlier. The Rogues fight the man, known only as "Thorn", and he is subdued and hospitalized by Andre Thomas, who plans to continue searching for a cure without revealing Thorn's existence to the Ordnance or other "interested parties" (as a member of the Ordnance himself, Andre knows not to trust them). Unfortunately the concern that he may have been a suspected terrorist called Creed draws the attention of the Crepuscular Secta, and Ivan has to convince a feral "Creeper" known as Howler that Thorn is not the man they seek, 
Howler and Schablotski
Thorn is a characters from BLACK MASK 2: CITY OF MASKS (2002). The character is compared to Victor Creed / Sabretooth from Marvel's X-MEN franchise (both Thorn and Sabretooth have been portrayed by wrestler / actor Tyler Mane in film). The Crepuscular Secta is an organization of misfits and genetic oddities whose membership largely consists of analogs to vigilante superheroes such as the X-Men and the Doom Patrol, and in particular the bestial Howler who accosted Ivan is a counterpart to Wolverine, a superhero that first appeared in Marvel Comics' THE INCREDIBLE HULK #181 (1974).

Josh and Ivan
APR 14-15 - ECLIPSED LUNACY [ANTILOGY] - Ivan learns of a fledgling werewolf pack in Boston that was recently slaughtered; 9 dead.  He waits until the eclipsed full moon to investigate, which leads to a werewolf named Josh, who has much in common with Ivan (Josh has a family, has gained nearly full control of his transformations, and his best friend was a vampire before dying the true death).  Josh admits that he killed the others, but only in defense of his pregnant wife, and under extreme duress. He also has no interest in joining the Wolf Hallows werewolf preserve / retreat / commune on the North Shore; he would much rather Ivan just forget they ever met, though they get along well and he is glad to have met another werewolf that seems to have coped with similar situations in a healthy manner.
Josh, his wife Nora, his unborn child, and his best friend Aiden are characters from the North American version (2011-2014) of BEING HUMAN, a BBC series that ran from 2008 to 2013. This crossover occurs during the first full moon after the North American series finale.

The Currier Art Museum
Crazy Ivan & Big Red
APR 30 - MAY 3 - WALPURGIS KNIGHT - An odd medieval spirit manifests at the Currier Art Museum in Manchester NH. The Museum accidentally calls the Real New England Ghostbusters instead of the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire, but as they are unavailable, the job is farmed out to the Bay State Ghostbusters (and Ivan from the Arkham branch). Despite their efforts the spirit, dubbed the Walpurgis Knight for its armor and the date it first appeared, escapes the confines of the museum. They eventually track it to Rochester NH, and with help from Hellboy, freelance buster Alex Griffin, and the Real New England Ghostbusters' Ark Gearheart, the Knight is trapped.
The Knight: Zapped, Slapped, and about to be Trapped!
The assorted Ghostbusters franchises are derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS and its marketing tie-ins. Walpurgisnacht (aka Walpurgis Night) is the eve of the Feast of Saint Walpurga, but it is also the eve of Beltane / May Day, a day like Samhain that is thought to represent a time of strong magic and weak borders between worlds. The Walpurgis Knight is an original character. Hellboy is from the HELLBOY comics and other media dating from 1993 to the present, appearing here at a point after Hellboy's current IN HELL storyline has completed.

Bumblebee and Dr. Cairo Prancer
OverKill and Ecto-1
Optimus Prime
MAY 10 - OVERKILL - A sentient robot called OverKill is found hunting zombies in Northern Massachusetts. The Arkham Ghostbusters are brought in, as the police wonder if it might belong to them, but as they attempt to bring it to the lab at Miskatonic University for study, it quickly becomes appearent that the robot is fully conscious. Shortly after, government agents assigned to Sector 7 and sentient transforming robots arrive and battle over the fate of OverKill, with the Ghostbusters caught in the middle. Ultimately OverKill reveals that, although it is Cybertronian, it is neither an Autobot nor a Decepticon and chooses to remain a free agent capable of eradicating zombies in an area that seems to spawn zombie hordes once or twice every year... and threatens to make any attempt at containment or capture a very public event. The Autobots and NEST operatives both request that all this be kept secret, to prevent things from escalating into a Michael Bay movie (which all parties emphatically deny ever happened as anything but fiction), and leave OverKill in New England, but with all interested parties keeping an eye out.
Cairo and the Ghostbusters
OverKill is an original character created by EXTREME COSTUMES in 2013.  Arkham Sanitarium is from Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. Ecto-1 is from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Bumblebee and Optimus Prime originate in the TRANSFORMERS line of toys started in 1984, though the versions seen here are based on the 2007 live action TRANSFORMERS movie franchise by Michael Bay, which is where Sector 7 / NEST originated.

The Deadfather
Ivan and Abaddon
MAY 14 - FLOWERS FOR ABADDON [ANTILOGY] - A woman named Josie hired the Arkham Ghostbusters to trap a demon that has been harassing her.  They encounter a ghoul called the Deadfather, who is reanimated 1920s gangster Salvatore Rizzo. During the fight, Josie disappears into the past, as she was actually the demon Abaddon looking for a means to acquire leverage against the current King of Hell, which she found in the vaults at Miskatonic University. Rizzo stops fighting, and explains that he was sent by the fallen angel Percival to vanquish the Hell-Knight, which he may have been able to do if the Ghostbusters didn't get in his way. Ivan helps Sal search for omens signalling Abaddon's return, but it is soon discovered that when she returned to the present she arrived a week earlier than she left, and had met her final fate in battle.  Rizzo returns to the Living Dead Mafia as an ally of the Ghostbusters, but not as a friend.
Abaddon, aka Josie Sands, first appeared in "As Time Goes By", a 2013 episode of SUPERNATURAL season 8. The character was killed off in the season 9 episode "King of the Damned in 2014 after traveling back in time. Salvator "the Deadfather" Rizzo and the Living Dead Mafia were created in 2008 by WitchWitch (later, TwitchTwitch) Productions and are part of their multimedia entertainment covering conventions, film festivals, and DEATHLY YOURS TV.

Ivan and Robert scan for paranormal activity
Casey discourages meddlers
JUN 7 - REVAMP - Dr. West hires the Arkham Ghostbusters to investigate a traveling vampire clan that had set up shop in Northampton MA, in hopes of capturing a few for experimentation.  When they arrive, Ivan once again meets with Robert Wronski, who is investigating the strange disappearances associated with the vampire attacks. The vampires flee the area at the first hint that they've been discovered, citing recent skirmishes with mutant turtles and conspiracy theorists as their reason for abandoning the region.  Efforts to uncover the truth about these turtles are discouraged by a hockey-masked vigilante, though Ivan does meet one of them. Afterwards, Ivan writes a forward for Rob's book THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE exposing the horrors most people never seem to notice or acknowledge.
Dr. Herbert West is a descendant of the character with the same name from Lovecraft's CTHULHU MYTHOS. The vampire clan first appeared in THE X-FILES season 5 episode "Bad Blood" (1998).  The mutant turtles are the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (1st app. 1984). The conspiracy theorists are THE LONE GUNMEN, who first appeared on THE X-FILES (in 1994) before receiving their own series.  The Northampton fight between the vampires, TMNT, and Lone Gunmen occurred in the IDW comicbook THE X-FILES / TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: CONSPIRACY (2014). The hockey-masked Casey Jones first showed up in RAPHAEL #1 (1985), a TMNT spin-off miniseries. Rob Wronski is of course the TVCU counterpart to Robert E Wronski, Jr., founder of the TVCU and author of THE HORROR CROSSOVER UNIVERSE (2014).

Michael vs Jason
JUN 13 - HALLOWEEN THE 13TH [ANTILOGY] - Ivan (without his ghost-busting equipment) is attacked by undead serial killer Michael Myers in Arkham MA. Realizing that Myers doesn't usually manifest outside of October or outside of Illinois, Ivan deduces someone had to have sent the slasher after him (prior experience suggests Wolfram & Hart, though he finds no evidence to prove their involvement).  Despite the full moon, Ivan is unable to stop him permanently, so he does the next best thing; he lures Myers to Crystal Lake in New Jersey on Friday the 13th. Jason Voorhees manifests, as expected, and Ivan dupes the two revenants into attack each other, allowing Ivan to escape unmolested back to Massachusetts.

Michael Myers is from HALLOWEEN franchise (1978). Arkham MA is from the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H P Lovecraft, beginning with "The Picture in the House" (1920). Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake are from FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise (1980). Wolfram & Hart are from ANGEL: THE SERIES (1999-2004) and (allegedly) the film CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012).

JUL 12 - SAY "HELL NO!" TO THE NIGHT [ANTILOGY] - Ivan assists Dr. West with the remains of several suspected vampires to determine what effects, if any, his reagent has on the "double-dead".  Most of them are no more than bones or dust, and have no reactions. Three bodies do respond, all shipped from the west coast, with two of them reforming as full vampires, and the third a reanimate. Before further action can be taken, a healthy vampire breaks into the lab and attacks the doctor and his lab tech for their violations, swearing to seek vengeance after he retrieves the restored undead. Ivan wolfs out to challenge him right then, but after a very brief struggle, the vampires leave as a vampire hunter arrives, hot on the head vampire's trail. Ivan wonders aloud how an angry vampire from California might already have known what they were doing, and finds that Wolfram & Hart's LA address is on the shipping invoice for the relics, which were specifically designated to arrive in Arkham on July 12th, the night of the Full Moon.
Dr. Herbert West is related to the eponymous figure in Lovecraft's HERBERT WEST--REANIMATOR (1921-21). The head vampire is David, who first appeared in the 1987 film THE LOST BOYS (which is also the first appearance of vampire hunter Edgar Frog), and was revealed to have survived the events of the film in the 2008 comic book miniseres THE LOST BOYS: REIGN OF FROGS.  Wolfram & Hart is an organization from ANGEL: THE SERIES (1999-2004).

JUL17-18 - SILENT BUT DEADLY [ANTILOGY] - The Arkham Ghostbusters get a call from the Topsfield Town Library requesting assistance with a seemingly possessed doll. Since Dani and Aaron are expecting the baby any day, Ivan brings in members of various Ghostbuster franchises in the area to help with the investigation. The doll turns out to be a ventriloquist's dummy with the name Billy, originally from the Canadian town of Ravens Fair, seemingly sent to the library by accident via a holding company controlled by Wolfram & Hart. Recognizing the potential danger it poses, the Ghostbusters stay the night, and find that the doll does come to life, The Ghostbusters pursue the doll throughout the building, but at the librarian's insistence, they remain as quiet as possible. Ivan and the librarian (who met Ivan previously at Brigham Manor in 2011) discover through research that Billy was created by a woman named Mary Shaw who was killed in Ravens Fair, but her properties had recently been purchased by WR&H. In the morning the dummy is once again inert, and it is boxed up with a devil's trap sealing it inside, shipped RETURN TO SENDER. At the conclusion of the assignment, the participating Ghostbuster franchises form N.E.G.A.T.E. (North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto) to ensure significant threats receive the necessary response by working together.
Facebook page for N.E.G.A.T.E.
Billy, Mary Shaw, and Ravens Fair are from the 2007 film DEAD SILENCE. Brigham Manor is from Spooky World's 2011 haunted attraction, THE FEAR AT FENWAY. Wolfram and Hart originated on ANGEL: THE SERIES (1999-2004). The assorted Ghostbusters (the Real Ghostbusters of New England, the Salem (NH) Ghostbusters, and the Bay State Ghostbusters) are inspired by the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. 

JUL 23 - Birth of Jackson Tiberius Hazard to Dani & Aaron Hazard of the Arkham Ghostbusters. Both Aaron and Dani take baby leave, temporarily leaving Ivan as the only active member of that franchise.

Ailuria Ubasti vs. Ivan Schablotski
Ivan accepts the case
JUL 25-30 - M IS FOR WEREWOLF - On the Feast of St. Christopher, the annual celebration in the New England werewolf sanctuary known as Wolf Hallow is marred by the murder of a resident named Dragj Waggner. Ivan is asked to investigate, as he was not present but is considered a trusted member of the community (due to his separation from the military).  The killer turns out to be Ailuria Ubasti, a werecat that was defending herself and a west coast blutbad named Alice from Marsha and Maxwell Quist. Despite the evidence (Dradj had informed on Alice's whereabouts to Marsha, which is what Ailuria had been attempting to prevent when she killed him in self defense), the community want to hold Ubasti responsible and insists on letting the Quists go free. Ivan threatens to to turn on his transponder, which would draw his Ghostbuster allies to the area and generate a lot of unwanted publicity for the colony, so they grudgingly allow him to escort Alice and Ailuria to freedom, though not before Maxwell makes a final effort to kill them, and is killed in turn by Kavik... who is informed that he is no longer welcome at the commune. As he leaves Ivan notes the large number of germanic and scandanavian names and terms used in the colony, and realizes that they practice a form of the powwow magick found in "Long Lost Friend".
Alice and Ivan attacked by Quist
Kavik encounters resistance
Saint Christopher is the patron saint of werewolves, as some legends hold that in one form he had the head of a dog and was known as Reprobus (St. Christopher is no longer recognized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, but is still present in Eastern Orthodox traditions as well as appearing on modern medals and images as the patron saint of travelers. Dradj Waggner is related to George Waggner, a relatively peaceful werewolf in the film THE HOWLING (1981), while Marsha and Maxwell Quist originated in the novel version of THE HOWLING (1977) by Gary Bradner.  Ailuria Ubasti is an original character. Alice is the mother of Monroe on the tv series GRIMM (2011 - Present), both of whom are wolf-like "wesen" called "Blutbad" (per the show's terminology). Powwow magick is a form of old world folk magic flavored by North American customs, and plays heavily into the fiction of  Brian Keene.

AUG 10 - THE DOOM THAT CAME TO NORTHAMPTON [ANTILOGY] -During the Supermoon of August, an echo of the demolished Northampton Asylum manifests on Hospital Hill in MA. The staff at Arkham Sanitarium sees this as a unique opportunity to possibly recover lost documents, and a team of senior personnel is assembled to investigate, with Ivan in tow as both a junior technician and as a Ghostbuster, just in case (because what are the chances this place isn't haunted?). They encounter a former patient known only as "Doom" intent on destroying the asylum once again, and anything and everyone in his way. 
Arkham Sanitarium is from Lovecraft's fiction, first appearing in THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP (1933). Doom is a seasonal character at SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND seen during their annual FRIGHT FEST event.

AUG 16 - DANTE'S INFERNOLAND [ANTILOGY] - Doom escapes the asylum and takes up residence at the abandoned Meadow Park in Northampton MA. Ivan is called by Robert Wronski Jr. to finish the job he started earlier in the month.  Agents of Wolfram and Hart observe the follow-up and fear Ivan may be over his head, so they arrange for a demon-hunter named Dante to assist, but as Dante and Ivan both have paranormal aspects themselves, they do not get along well. Ultimately they realize Doom will always continue regenerating, so instead of destroying him they trap him in a shadow world version of the amusement park. 
Dante is the main character in the DEVIL MAY CRY videogame franchise (2001). Doom is a seasonal character at SIX FLAGS NEW ENGLAND seen during their annual FRIGHT FEST event.

Ghostbusters vs the Blue Meanie
AUG 23 - MY SEANCE PROJECT - The Dover Mini Makers Faire is interrupted when Imperial Forces stranded in New England last March attempt to commandeer a quantum computer to create a rift back to their own point in space-time. An uncontrollable vortex is opened, and assorted Ghostbuster franchises are called to help, via N.E.G.A.T.E.; the Bay State Ghostbusters, Arkham Ghostbusters, and Real New England Ghostbusters all respond. Demonic forces from beyond animate a giant blue crab sculpture at the Children's Museum, which the Ghostbusters combat. Once the mess is cleared up, a trip to the other side is required in order to prevent the vortex from reopening. To this end, the Ghostbusters enlist the aid of many of the local inventors still present and construct a transport module that resembles a small yellow submarine. The rift is successfully closed, but the Imperial forces disappear, and it is unclear if they were pulled back to their own far away galaxy, or if they simply abandoned the fight while the Ghostbusters were distracted with the hyperspace vortex.

The Imperial Forces are elements of the STAR WARS franchise created by George Lucas, which began with the 1977 film STAR WARS (aka STAR WARS Episode 4: A NEW HOPE). The assorted Ghostbuster franchises and NEGATE (North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto) are derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS and its associated spin-off merchandising, specifically the role-playing game GHOSTBUSTERS / GHOSTBUSTERS INTERNATIONAL published by West End Games from 1986 to 1989. The Yellow Submarine is inspired by the song YELLOW SUBMARINE by the Beatles in 1968.

Crowley & Vela
Castiel & Vela
SEP 8 - WITCH IN THE WITCH-HOUSE [ANTILOGY] - A powerful witch named Velaska "Vela" Ivanna Pskowski comes to Arkham MA via the gateway in the Witch-House looking for Ivan, curious about his role in the death of Abbadon. Vela has been following the recent angel / demon wars closely, and has consulted with the prophet Kevin Tran, angels Castiel and Gabriel, the current King of Hell Crowley, and Death, through the veil, and informs Ivan she is more interested in seeing balance maintained than to see either "Good" or "Evil" triumph, and to that end she was glad to hear of Abbadon's demise, but finds Ivan's involvement to be anomalous, as he appears to be outside the balance. Other witches are drawn to the surge of power produced by Vela's arrival, but Vela & Ivan drive them off  before they can take advantage of the esoteric energy.

Vela and Ivan in the Witch House
Ivan and the Witches of Arkham
Abbadon, Kevin Tran, Castiel, Gabriel, Crowley, and Death are characters from the television series SUPERNATURAL (2005 - Present), all of whom are dead or divine in some manner as of September 2014. Velaska Ivanna Pskowski is the creation of Karen June. The Witch-House appeared in the Arkham based story Dreams In The Witch House by H. P. Lovecraft (1932).

SEP 13 - Vicky Waddell accepts a cryptozoology position with the Deutsches Jagd- und Fischereimuseum in Germany to assist a team dedicated to verifying the existence of the "Wolpertinger" (a cryptid reported to exist across southern Germany and Austria, somewhat resembling a cross between a platypus and a jackalope), despite her specialty in homids (humanoids such as the yeti and kang-admi). She moves to the run-down city of Kull in Germany, leaving Ivan in Salem.
Kull is a ruined city from the Lovecraftian novel DIE CHRONIKEN VON KULL by Jörg Kleudgen.

Dr. Herbert West Sr. and Ivan
Ivan and ReAnnie
Reanimation techs Berta and Ivan
OCT 10 - REANIMANIACS - Dr. Herbert West, Sr. returns to Arkham after many years to work with his son on a treatment using both selective administration of reagent AND cybernetic implants to restore health and mobility to the disabled. A fresh cadaver is used for testing purposes, as they are not cleared for human trials,  
Dr. Herbert West Jr. and a Reanimate
Ahh! Zombies!
but animals are incapable of providing the fine motor responses needed to ensure success. To this end, Ivan assists in monitoring the cyborg zombie (whom they nickname ReAnnie), but they discover too late that the kill-switch hard-wired to her spine is insufficient to deactivate her once her lymphatic system has been treated.  ReAnnie escapes the "Genome Bio-Containment
Ark outside the Lab
Facility" (aka Zombie Research Lab) and injects the nanite-laced reagent stored within her into several locals (some still living, some already dead), creating an army of empowered zombies that Ivan and fellow lab assistant Berta must detain, with some help from Umbrella Corps Centurions hired as security for the facility, as well as several Ghostbusters from out of town (including Ark Gearheart and Mecca Fettelli) called in by Ivan. Many 
Ivan in "The Noise"
of the victims are restored to normal, healthy life once the nanites are rendered inert. Though deactivated, ReAnnie is stored intact at the facility for future study. Local press documents the outbreak as a "Zombie Walk", and one magazine (The Noise-Music New England) goes so far as to announce Ivan as the third place winner of an imaginary costume contest.
Umbrella Corps Centurion and Ivan
Herbert West is a character from H P Lovecraft, though both versions in this story are descendants of the one Lovecraft created in HERBERT WEST--REANIMATOR for WEIRD TALES Magazine in 1922; specifically, Dr. Herbert West Sr. is from the 1985 film RE-ANIMATOR and it's sequels, while Dr. Herbert Wesr Jr. is from the 2008 Zenoscope comic book THE CHRONICLES OF DOCTOR HERBERT WEST. Berta is seemingly a female member of the West clan, though her last name is 
unconfirmed, as is her status as an actual doctor. ReAnnie appears much like a Borg from the Star Trek franchise (specifically the Borg Queen from the 1996 movie STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT) and is referred to in-story as a "Borg Princess", but is in fact an original character unconnected to the Borg. 
Mecca and Ivan
Undead on the loose in Arkham
The Umbrella Corp Centurions are employees of the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, a military force owned by the Umbrella Corporation, per the 1999 videogame RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS. Ark Gearheart is the leader of the Real New England Ghostbusters, a fan-created franchise of the fictional Ghostbusters company originally seen in the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS, just as Ivan's Arkham Ghostbusters and Mecca Fettelli's franchise are.

Jason and Ivan
Michael and Ivan
OCT 31 - FRIDAY THE THIRTY-FIRST - Michael Myers turns up in Arkham MA on Halloween, seemingly seeking vengeance on Ivan for their unsatisfactory encounter last June. Likewise, Jason Voorhees appears, seeking revenge on both Ivan and Michael. Ivan discovers that Michael is being manipulated this time by Freddy Krueger, who still seeks to control Ivan's copy of the Necronomicon (as well as hopes of humiliating Jason again). Using the Portable Tillinghast Generator, Ivan pulls Freddy into the real world, where Ivan (as Kavik) is able to defeat Freddy. Jason and Michael once again engage Ivan in a three-way battle.
Freddy and Michael - BFFs
Jason slashes through the proton stream
This time Ivan  manages to call on several allies in N.E.G.A.T.E., resulting in a much larger Ghostbuster force to repel the revenants. Defeated by the five assembled Ghostbusters, the trio of slashers are incinerated, though no one expects this to be the last any of them are seen.
Ghostbusters of N.E.G.A.T.E.
Kavik holds his own against Jason
Michael Myers is from the HALLOWEEN film franchise. Jason Voorhees is from the FRIDAY THE 13TH film franchise. Freddy Krueger is from the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET film franchise. The Tillinghast Device and the Necronomicon are from H P Lovecraft's Mythos stories. The assembled Ghostbusters, their franchises, and NEGATE (North East Ghostbusters Alliance: Taskforce Ecto) are based on the Ghostbusters company in the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS.

NOV 5-7 - HYSTERIA OF THE WORLD, PART ONE: THE BATTLE OF CROWN AND SHIELD HALL [ANTILOGY]- Ivan and the Salem Batman encounter three Fairy Dragon Pirates (or were they dragon pirate faeries?) and after a brief fight (during which Ivan becomes Kavik, and momentarily turns against his bat-garbed companion), the fae reveal that the Salem Witches' Institute was recently attacked by Death-Eaters led by a sorcerer called Dark Mark, who gained access to the school using a spell cast on Samhain the week before. Many of the magical creatures dwelling in the environment around the school, including the local faerie population, was fleeing to the mortal world. Ivan calls in some fellow Ghostbusters to help contain the damage and they encounter several dark wizards seeking to break the glamours separating the school from the real world. Many of the school's staff and students also join the battle, as well as the gypsy witch Velaska Pskowski, Ivan's sorcerous ally Raven Whateley (and her metamorphic companion Craig), and members of the Addams Family, which leads to the a final confrontation in the school's Crown & Shield Hall where the dark witches and wizards (including the Sanderson Witches, recently resurrected) are ultimately defeated (though Raven is left wheelchair-bound as a result). Unfortunately the Veil concealing the school remains undone, and the damage affects similar partitions hiding the paranormal world from the normal world (and vice versa).
Salem's Batman is part of the Batman legacy of vigilante heroes; though Batman first appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (1939) the concept of Batman officially taking the brand world wide first showed up in print in BATMAN INCORPORATED #1 (2010). The Salem Witches' Institute is mentioned in HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (2000) though very few details of the school are suggested in that work and is here conflated with the Magic School seen in the CHARMED television series and spin-offs, beginning with the season 6 episode "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell" (2004). Death-Eaters are first named in HARRY POTTER AND THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN (1999). The Ghostbusters are based on the company from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS and its multimedia spin-offs. Velaska Pskowski is an original character created by Karen June. Raven Whateley is an original character but is related to Wilbur Whateley from H P Lovecraft's THE DUNWICH HORROR (1929) and is inspired by the Teen Titans character Raven from DC COMICS PRESENTS #26 (1980), as is her companion Craig, who is based on the character Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy, aka Changeling, from DOOM PATROL #99 (1965)/ The Addams Family members depicted (Gomez, Morticia, and Wednesday) originated in THE NEW YORKER in 1938, but their appearances here are based on the designs used in the 1964-1966 television series THE ADDAMS FAMILYCrown & Shield Hall is an establishment in Salem based on the world of Harry Potter and named for the Crowninshield family prominent throughout the Massachusetts North Shore (and Lovecraft's fictional version of it). The Sanderson Sisters (Winifred, Sarah, and Mary) are from the 1993 film HOCUS POCUS, which is set in Salem MA.

NOV 11-18 - TIMELORD OF THE RINGS -The 8th Doctor discovers Ivan is of particular interest to the Fractal Paradox. The TARDIS, however, will still not move (or perform any other function that acknowledges Ivan's presence) while Ivan is aboard. Ivan postulates this may be related to the singularity he participated in that involved the Titanic. His efforts to study this anomaly results in the cessation of an endlessly looped videotape stored at the Arkham Ghostbusters' lab, and the creepy dead girl captured with the VHS tape in 2006 escapes, along with several duplicates created by the video-looping used to originally contain her, punctuated by a call on the Police Box telephone stating the prophetic quote "Seven Days". The Doctor notes that even the act of storing a psychic imprint in such a manner is nonsensical, and deduces that the onryō is the hybrid offspring of a human and an isomorphic being, which is something of a paradox since the ethereal cannot mate with the material. Together they detain the spirits and recombine them into a single entity, which they then trapped inside a piece of 3D Gallifreyan art called a Stasis Cube. The Doctor then deposits the cube on an uninhabited planet destined to be consumed by a black hole in a month's time.
The 8th Doctor debuted in the 1996 Made-For-TV movie DOCTOR WHO and appears in specials, audio performances, and assorted literature, as opposed to the other iterations of the Doctor, who appeared within episodes of the BBC television programme. Fractal Paradox is a variation on Faction Paradox, an antagonistic organisation in some of the adventures of the 8th Doctor, but which later spun-off into a series of stories unconnected to DOCTOR WHO, which is appropriate given the nature of paradoxi. The onryō spirit is similar to the ones seen in the various books, movies, television series, etc. based on the novel Ring (リング "Ringu") by Koji Suzuki, though this character is not stated to be Sadako, Samara, or other recorded onryō / yurei character within the franchise media. Statis Cube artwork / technology was first introduced in the 2013 Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR.

DEC 1 - CYBER MONDAY - The Arkham Ghostbusters are present for a Miskatonic University demonstration of Aldebaran's NAO educational robots (being proposed for aid with some of Arkham Sanitarium's less capable patients). The robot Ivan handles turns out to be harboring cybermites, which immediately begin upgrading him. Peter Fitzhume brings Ivan to the Theurgy Society's Ripton facility where they digitize Ivan into cyberspace so he might be able to fight the electronic control of his mind and body on a physical level. He finds a domain of virtual realty controlled by CLEVER, the operating system representing the consciousness of Mister Clever, complete with simulations of a doting River Song and a submissive 11th Doctor (Clever had observed the interest shown in Ivan by both the 8th Doctor and the Fractal Paradox and schemed to use this as an advantage against both parties). Ivan is outclassed and barely escapes to real space.  The next day he returns to cyberspace with the painting of Vigo the Carpathian (brought to Massachusetts by Janine Melnitz from the Ghostbusters' home office). Ivan pits Vigo the Sorrow of Moldovia against Clever the self-aware cyber-mind, with control of Ivan's body as the prize. Vigo defeats Clever (with some help from Ivan), causing the cybernetic infection to burn itself out. Upon restoration of his corporeal body, Ivan briefly plays host to Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf, until Vigo finds that the Anti-Logic renders Ivan effectively immune to magickal possession, and has no recourse but to return to the painting.Miskatonic University, Arkham Sanitarium, and Arkham, 
Massachusetts are elements of Howard Philip Lovecraft's CTHULHU MYTHOS. Mister Clever / CLEVER, Cybermites, River Song, the Faction Paradox, and the 8th and 11th Doctors are elements of the BBC's DOCTOR WHO franchise. Janine Melnitz and Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf are elements of GHOSTBUSTERS Aldebaran Robotics is a real company based in Paris, France which began working on its Nao robots in 2004. Ripton, Massachusetts is the product of a hoax demonstrating the failings of the state capitol (Boston) to govern the western half of the state. Peter Fitzhume, the Theurgy Society, Anti-Logic, and Ivan Schablotski are elements of stories by Kevin Heim. 


GRUSS VON KRAMPUS [ANTILOGY] - Ivan encounters a demonic elf and a goat-demon menacing a shopping mall, and discovers reports have been coming in across New England that Krampus, a yuletide demon known for devouring naughty children, is appearing everywhere at once. NEGATE members are deployed to handle the crisis, with Ivan teamed up with Ark Gearheart and Victor Venkman of the Real New England Ghostbusters. The Krampus demons are accompanied by devilish elves, killer snowmen, Nutcracker fiends, green grinches, foul faeries, and other yule ghouls. Analysis of the situation reveals that the visible yuletide fiends are the result of the damage to the Veil that occurred in November (HYSTERIA OF THE WORLD PART 1), leaving the separation between the natural and supernatural worlds all too flimsy. While assorted Ghostbusters attempt to handle the many problems this is causing, Ivan seeks help from Velaska Pskowski to see if she can magically repair the glamour that should be concealing these types of things from humanity, and rendering them unable to physically interact with the world at large. Vela's magic reacts badly with the Anti-Logic, and Ivan's full moon transformation (on Krampusnacht, no less) begins turning him into a Krampus. The effect only lasts the night, but makes it clear that the danger will only get worse, as vampire and zombie Santas are spotted. Assorted Ghostbusters run damage control missions around the clock through Boxing Day when the majority of Christmas Spirits finally dissipate, and Vela even dons a proton pack to help out (leading her to conclude that a franchise in Springfield MA might be a good idea). Unseen by Ivan Schablotski or his allies, this exhaustive confrontation is considered a failure for Wolfram & Hart in the eyes of their client, the Fractal Paradox, who had actually ensured that no resolution could be reached before the Full Moon had passed, as they had grown suspicious that the challenges Wolfram & Hart had been throwing at Ivan were stacked in his favor. The WR&H  representative points out that this situation is a global event which falls outside the parameters set up by the Fractal Paradox for these challenges, and insist that Ivan has in fact performed acceptably, given his abilities.


The Krampus is a popular demonic European Christmas figure associated with St. Nicholas and serving as the punisher of naughty children; it's origins appear to be Pre-Christian and it may represent an incorporation of a pagan Horned God into church tradition, a tactic used to help adapt a population to its new religion. The green-furred meanie is a Grinch of the type written of by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel in HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS (1957). Killer Snowmen have been depicted in the 1997 horror comedy JACK FROST and it's 2000 sequel JACK FROST 2: REVENGE OF THE MUTANT KILLER SNOWMANN.E.G.A.T.E. and the assorted Ghostbusters which appear here are present-day representatives of the company Ghostbusters from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. Fractal Paradox is a variation of Faction Paradox, an antagonistic group from the DOCTOR WHO television programme (1963 to present). WF&R stands for Wolfram & Hart, an antagonistic group from ANGEL: THE SERIES (1999-2004).


JAN 5-6 - ASSIMILATION3 - Clever is restored to activity and given a body via a temporal anomaly created by the Fractal Paradox, which also brings a Borg designated Locutus to the present from an alternate future timeline, created from that timeline's Jean-Luc Picard. As representatives of two varieties of cybernetic lifeforms with the ability to assimilate the local population, their presence in Arkham lead some to suspect that the Doctors West have continued their experiments with ReAnnie, their own cyborg zombie. Ivan hastily gathers other Ghostbusters to contain the damage while he obtains samples of the nanites used in ReAnnie and programs them with a new directive; to neutralize all foreign nanotechnology. The few Cybermen that are created are successfully restored before the assimilations are permanent.

Before anything can be done about either Clever or Locutus, a third cybernetic commander is discovered; Davros, progenitor of the Daleks. Though the Daleks began as humanoids, like the Cybermen and Borg, they are hideously mutated before encasement in their robotic shells, and no nanites are involved in their creation. Ivan reasons that Davros, who must be here from the past, may well be the first Borg, but in having engineered the Daleks instead invalidated the timeline of the Borg, so Locutus would never exist. Locutus confirms that he is unable to detect the existence of the Borg Collective in this timeline (he is, however, unaware that many of his functions were disabled via sonic screwdriver). Insistent the the Borg must have their existence secured, Locutus attempts to force Davros to return to his originating point in time. By applying Anti-Logic, Ivan also convinces Clever that Borg technology is what created Clever's new body, thus pitting Clever and Locutus against Davros and his Daleks. The Borg and the Cyberman manage to integrate their circuits with those of Davros and override his temporal displacement against his will, which draws all of the alien cyborgs into a time warp to the Dalek command ship, located in a different point in time. The Fractal Paradox are convinced that Ivan's conscious manipulation of the Anti-Logic makes him an ideal candidate to be their Anti-Champion after all, and they remove the anomaly they placed around the Earth that was preventing the Doctor from interfering.
The Fractal Paradox is a variation of the Faction Paradox, who, like Clever, the Cybermen, Davros, the Daleks, and the Sonic Screwdriver, are from the BBC series DOCTOR WHO (1963 to the present). The Borg and Locutus are from the STAR TREK franchise of television shows and movies, which first began airing in 1966 (Star Trek also contains Sonic Screwdrivers). Dr. Herbert West and the city of Arkham are elements of the Cthulhu Mythos stories of H. P. Lovecraft, who started writing at age 9 in 1899. The Ghostbusters and their associated equipment are from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. ReAnnie and Anti-Logic are original concepts which have appeared previously in the Strange Life and Interesting Timeline of Ivan Ronald Schablotski.

JAN 8 - Ivan Schablotski and Velaska Pskowski meet with OSI agents in Springfield to discuss the

Steve, Vela, Ivan, and Jamie
alien cyberware Ivan encountered. Field Agents Summers and Austin demonstrate that the technology is more advanced than what they use in their own bionic enhancements, despite being aesthetically inferior. Robotics experts accept the few samples Ivan retained for study, with the promise that these components will not be directly introduced into any new hardware, and that Ivan's name will be kept out of all official reports, to prevent the Ordnance from considering him to be a "person of interest". An analysis of Ivan's Ghostbusting equipment is also conducted with the goal of determining effective adaptations to it for handling advanced alien technology. One proposed project involves the OSI creating integrated battlesuits with weaponry capable of taking on extraterrestrial ans well as extradimensional threats, and a discussion is had suggesting the experimental cybernetic ghostbusting gear be tested in a Springfield-based Ghostbusters franchise, 
The OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence), Jamie Summers, and Steve Austin are from the television shows THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN (1973-1978) and THE BIONIC WOMAN (1976-1978), both adapted from the 1972 novel CYBORG and its sequels. Ghostbusters and related concepts are from the 1984 movie GHOSTBUSTERS. Velaska and the Department of the Ordnance are recurring elements of the Strange Life and Interesting Timeline of Ivan Ronald Schablotski.

Ivan confronts Evil Elsa
Anna and Olaf
FEB 2 - HYSTERIA OF THE WORLD PART 3 - THE SHADOW OVER GROUNDHOG'S DAY [ANTILOGY] - Record-breaking winter weather is reported in several parts of North America. Ivan is joined by numerous allies in an effort to end the barrage of blizzards, while sightings of Elsa causing bad weather are reported across the country. Warehouse Supervisor Artie arrives in New England, positive the phenomenon is artifact-related, while an apprentice sorcerer known as Brandon the Shapeshifter believes it to be magickal in nature... and as usual Ivan is ready to blame the Great Old Ones. Thanks to Ivan accidentally irradiating the Eye of Agamotto with the Tillinghast Projector, a vision is triggered, revealing what really happened. Months earlier, Mr. Gold discovered the Veil was falling and arranged for Ingrid's Spell of Shattered Sight to reverse itself, causing Ingrid, Elsa, and Emma to go into a blind rage against each other and the world. With the Veil no
Ivan and Brandon the Shapeshifter
Ivan and Artie
 longer dampening their magics, Elsa and Ingrid both left the confines of the town and brought week after week of winter storms everywhere they went. Artie, Ivan, and Brandon ultimately manage to combine the After-Image Mirror with Karl Schwarzschild's Pocket Watch, Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope and H.G. Wells' Time Machine, along with a containment spell and a big dose of Anti-Logic (a combination on possible during the Full Moon of Groundhog's Day, due to a temporal instability associated with the date), to simultaneously un-reverse the Spell of Shattered Sight months earlier when it was originally cast, and to refortify the field surrounding Storybrooke, thus preventing Misthaven Magic from returning to the outside world and erasing Ingrid's and Elsa's rage within their personal timelines, but outside of Storybrooke the effects still occurred as they originally did, and the remaining storm fronts have to run their course, continuing in some areas well into Spring.

Queen Elsa of Arendelle is from the 2013 animated film FROZEN, though her existence in the modern world is spun off of the first half of ONCE UPON A TIME season 4 (2014), as is the presence of Ingrid, Emma, Mr. Gold, Misthaven, and Anna. Brandon the Shapeshifter is an apprentice of Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, a title first attributed to Dr. Stephen Strange in Marvel Comics' STRANGE TALES #110 (1963), though it is unknown if Doctor Strange is the sorcerer training Brandon. Artie is Arthur Nielson, aka Arthur Weisfelt, agent of Warehouse 13 (where potentially dangerous artifacts are neutralized and stored) in the television series WAREHOUSE 13 (2009-02014), which is also the source of the After-Image Mirror, Karl Schwarzschild's Pocket Watch, Pierre-Simon Laplace's Telescope and H.G. Wells' Time Machine (this particular version of it, anyway). Reports of legal action being sought against Queen Elsa were recorded by real world news agencies in Hanahan, South Carolina and Harlan, Kentucky.

MAR 5-28 - HYSTERIA OF THE WORLD PART 4: ALWAYS AFTER MY LUCKY CHARMS - With the Veil still in disarray, several fae creatures, including leprechauns, are spotted in and around Boston, where the locals believe the magical creatures to be responsible for the harsh winter still assailing the area. The Ghostbusters are called in to help contain the imps, but soon realize it is the leprechauns who need protection from the angry mobs of people. Among the Ghostbusters who respond to
the call are the Arkham, Real New England, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia, Long Island, Blue Ridge, and Bay State franchises, along with the Springfield Ghostbusters (Velaska Pskowski, Renyer Okami, and OSI Agent Tim "WarBuster" Wylie) making their public debut. Ultimately the Ghostbusters are able to offer the leprechauns safe passage into the Sidhe with the help of a manifestation of Saint Patrick to get the angry mob good and drunk.
There are a lot of Ghostbusters, all derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS. The OSI is an intelligence agency originating from THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN television series (1973). WarBuster is based upon War Machine and HulkBuster armor designed by Tony Star in Marvel's IRON MAN comics, as well as the equipment used in the GHOSTBUSTERS movies. Saint Patrick, the Sidhe, and leprechauns are elements of legends / myths from Ireland.

A young Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus
Kathy, Martin, and Ivan
APR 5 - HYSTERIA OF THE WORLD PART 5: HERE BE DRAGONS - Ivan's pursuit of more displaced mythical beings leads to the discovery of a miniscule dragon and its human companion, Kathy Sault, a member of the Crepuscular Secta, with whom Ivan has had dealings before. Kathy and her dragon (which she calls Martin) are also hunting for such creatures, in the hope that Martin might be reunited with his own kind. They do find an assortment of dragon or dragon-like animals living in the  Taconic Mountains of Massachusetts, including a youngish seadragon that is possibly the same species as Martin, though there is no nearby access to any saltwater. As seadragon can reach gigantic sizes later in life, Ivan informs the Theurgy Society that these beasts are in the area and Kathy reaches out to her own contacts, but while they are gathering more information about the unexpected fauna, a three-headed dragon and a dragonturtle caught up in battle crash through the area, and the fight spills into the school grounds of the Berkshire Academy (where Kathy had briefly been a student). Efforts to combat or corral the dragons prove insufficient to the task, and it is decided that the school should be abandoned for the time being, with a 'wildlife sanctuary' being temporarily established, with help from some aurors sent by the Ministry of Magic. Despite getting along with the other dragons, Martin leaves with Kathy.
"Die, kaiju!" - Ivan
Kathy Sault is Katherine "Kitty" Pryde (a 'sault' is a pride of lions) and Martin is Kitty's pet dragon Lockheed, both from Marvel's X-MEN comics (as is the "Berkshire Academy", which is renamed from "Massachusetts Academy"). The Crepuscular Secta is an organization similar but not identical to such comic book groups as the X-Men, Doom Patrol, and WildCATS. The Sea-Dragon is clearly kin to Toothless from the book version of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON (in the movie version, Toothless is changed from a Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus to being a "Night
Fury"). The three-headed dragon seems to be related to GHIDORA THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER from the eponymous 1964 movie. The turtledragon is a much smaller version of GAMERA from the 1965 movie of that name (neither dragons seen here are of kaiju stature, though it is suggested that all are very small examples of their species). One of the aurors is an adult Harry Potter, he and the Ministry of Magic are from the HARRY POTTER franchise of books and films (and other merchandising).

Kyndle and Ark first dance
APR 18 - WEDDING SINKER - The Real New England Ghostbusters' Ark Gearheart and Kyndle Kensington get married. The Wedding is attended by several members of are Ghostbusters franchises, including Ivan. The ceremony is interrupted by extradimensional PeopleBusters Dark Gearhate and RaMoan Hauntso who kidnap Ark. Some Ghostbusters travel to the FlipWorld on a rescue mission while the others combat the strange weather manifesting along New England's ley lines. Everything comes to a boil when the Ghostbusters and PeopleBusters have to work together to stop the semi-sentient Wicked Twistah and Ark's temporal twin Maverick fakes his own death, in a bizarre set of circumstances that would really have to be seen, like... live action, to really appreciate, but the important thing is that Kyndle and Ark actually do get married..

Ghostbusters at a wedding
The Ghostbusters franchises (Arkham Ghostbusters, Bay State Ghostbusters, Real New England Ghostbusters, and Salem Ghostbusters) are all derived from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS and its multimedia spin-offs. The PeopleBusters are off-shoots from the 1988 episode of THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS titled "Flip Side". Though the wedding is based on a real event, the details are taken from the as-yet unfinished fan film ECTO EPIC 4: RISE OF THE PEOPLEBUSTERS.

MAY 18 - SAVIN' THE DAY - The Real New England Ghostbusters and Arkham Ghostbusters assist the Salem (New Hampshire) Ghostbusters with their Clean River Project, cruising the Methuen River in a boat and pulling trash from it. To date, over 70 cars have been recovered this way.
The Clean River Project is a real charitable volunteer organization ruin by Rocky Morrison of the Salem Ghostbusters. They often raise money using their Ectomobiles to fund the project. More information about what they do can be found on this website.

JUN - Ivan answers a call for the Ghostbusters in Rhode Island and finds himself in Quahog. Mayor West insists that his pants are haunted and as a result he has been burning every pair in his closet. Ivan finds no evidence of paranormal activity, but just as he makes a non-sequitur about piles of dirty laundry attacking, he is attacked by a pile of dirty laundry. The laundry monster appears to be a manifestation of directionless poltergeist energy that takes on the characteristics of whatever is suggested to it, nit still it gives off no PKE reading. Ivan comes to believe that Quahog is a "Thinnie", where extradimensional beings can cross freely between the barriers that separate the worlds, Reminded of a case where wishes were coming true, Ivan decides not to tackle this one and leaves, informing the Mayor that the weather is nice enough for him to not need pants anyway.

Locals in Quahog RI have fun with the phonetics of their city's name
Mayor Adam West and Quahog are from the animated series FAMILY GUY. Thinnies are from Stephen King's THE DARK TOWER series. The giant pile of laundry that walks like a man is from Mayor West's hamper, or maybe it's what Meg wears to avoid notice at the Mayor's house; who knows?

JUL 3 - PARADE OF THE HORRIBLES - Many NEGATE Ghostbusters, including members of the Massachusetts Ghostbusters, Arkham Ghostbusters, Real New England Ghostbusters, and Springfield Ghostbusters, gather in Gloucester MA to investigate a variety of oddities such as faeries, human sized insects, and a giant sentient fishstick... all of which turn out to be participants in the annual Fishtown Horribles Parade. The collective Ghostbusters opt to enter the parade themselves, and wind up getting a trophy for "Most Unusual" float.

The Ghostbusters are derived from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). The giant walking talking fishstick with glasses... no idea where that came from; someone's bad dream, I suspect. Horribles Parade are a New England tradition inspired by Honorables parades once held around the 4th of July.

[This space unintentionally left blank due to formatting errors]

troupe arranges to put on a performance of "The King In Yellow" in Providence RI, attracting the attention of many within the paranormal community, though the primary reaction is to observe the play's affect on its audience. Ivan teams with Woodrow Renwick, a scholar Ivan knew in Virginia, and together the get the play shut down before the third act can be performed, but not before all manner of cultists, including a mad monk and a mad arab, converge on the location.

Ivan and Woodrow
"The King In Yellow" is a fictional play thought to drive people mad in Robert W Chambers' THE KING IN YELLOW stories (1895). Woodrow Renwick is related to John "Renny" Renwick from the DOC SAVAGE adventures. The Mad Monk and Mad Arab are Rasputin (as depicted in Mike Mignola's HELLBOY stories) and Abdul Al Hazred (from Lovecraft's stories of the NECRONOMICON, and later in Tarzan and Wolverine stories by Marvel Comics) respectively.

AUG 29 - PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - A string of violent deaths occurring in public in which no assailant is seen take place in Northampton MA. Suspecting a vengeful spirit, the Springfield Ghostbusters investigate, and call in the Massachusetts Ghostbusters, the Bay State Ghostbusters, and the Arkham Ghostbusters to assist. Pete Mosen, the first recruit into the Ghostbusters after their success against Gozer in the 80s, shows up to coordinate efforts. Ultimately the perpetrator is revealed to be an extraterrestrial hunter called a Yautju that was modelling its technique after one of Earth's greatest manhunters; the Batman. The alien's cloaking technology is not unknown to Ivan, and the predator is ultimately subdued. Agent S from the MIB arrives to claim the creature and help clean up the mess.
Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). The yauntju alien is from PREDATOR (1987) and its sequels. Batman is from DETECTIVE COMICS #27 (1939) and other comic books. The Predators first became aware of Batman in the 1991 comic book miniseries BATMAN VERSUS PREDATOR. The MIB are from the movie adaptations of the Malibu comic book MEN IN BLACK, itself based on urban legends.

SEP 5 - Bay State Ghostbusters Wayne Moulton Jr and Kali get married, and to avoid the hassles Ark and Kyndle dealt with at their wedding, the Ghostbusters in attendance (including Ivan) are fully suited up. They are never the less attacked by a 50 foot tall Marshmallow Man, because why not? The assembled Ghostbusters save the day as expected.
Ghostbusters and the giant marshmallow man are from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984).

SEP 26 - WHAT THE FLUFF? - The psychic energy that inhabited the marshmallow man drifts into Somerville MA and takes on the form of Fluff Boy in the middle of the annual Marshmallow Fluff Festival. Ivan, Keith, and Neal join the Massachusetts Ghostbusters in keeping the mass hysteria under control, along with the ghost of Fluff inventor Archibald Query and a giant hamster of indeterminate origin. Eventually enough of the Fluff is consumed to cause the psychic energy to disburse for good.
Archibald Queries the Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters are from GHOSTBUSTERS (1984). Fluff Boy has appeared in the comic book FLUFF BOY! #1 (2009) and is a mascot (as is the hamster) for Marshmallow Fluff, invented in 1917. 

OCT 21 - BACK IN THE FUTURE - Emmett "Doc" Brown
gathers several organizations that have benefitted from his technological breakthroughs (which included the Ghostbusters, Banzai Institute, Arkham Sanitarium, Weyland Corporation) in Hill Valley CA to prepare for the arrival of Doc's 1985 self. He arranges the town to reflect the skewed version of 2015 he and Marty McFly visited so that the events he has previously lived through will still take place Marty will still temporarily alter the past by letting Biff steal the time machine, and Doc and Marty will wind up in the year 1885, since any deviation from what has gone before could be disastrous (Emmet met his wife in 1885, an event that never would have occurred if Biff didn't force Marty and Doc to return to 1955). Among the organizations represented to help Doc Brown with this project (and that have benefited from exclusive research from him) are the Banzai Institute, Ghostbusters International, On the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown are set to arrive from 1985, a series of protocols have been set into place to ensure Marty still experiences the same things he did originally, but Ivan, who is mostly performing crowd control to ensure no one interferes, accidentally tries to stop Biff from taking the DeLorean, and winds up being sent back in time to 1942 (without the car) when his Anti-Logic interferes with the time circuits. Marty McFly.
Doc Brown, Hill Valley, and their time machines are from BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) and its sequels. Ghostbusters is from the 1984 film GHOSTBUSTERS; the Ghostbusters were shown to have access to Flux capacitor technology in THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS #6 by NOW Comics (1989). The Weyland Corporation is from the 1979 film ALIEN (where it has already become Weylan-Yutani) and its sequels; the first film in the series shows technology based on the Mister Fusion device used by Doc Brown in BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II (1989). The Banzai Institute is from the 1985 film THE ADVENTURES OF BUCKAROO BANZAI ACROSS THE 8TH DIMENSIONArkham Asylum reflects both the BATMAN franchise and the Cthulhu Mythos. The connections between Arkham Sanitarium and the Banzai Institute to Doc Brown are taken from earlier entries in the Timeline of Ivan Schablotski's life.


Follow Ivan's adventures in 1942 and back to 2015 by clicking here: 


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NOV - Reports that Ivan traveled to another dimension using the Anti-Logic (which is not entirely accurate) make him a target for Wilson Fisk, a New York based crime lord. A number of mercenaries attempt to kidnap Ivan for the bounty, including two goblins, a horrible doctor, a quizzical criminal, and a catburglar. Ivan evades capture and has words with Fisk, convincing him that it isn't worth his time and effort to make an enemy of Ivan.

Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin of Crime, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, and the Black Cat are from MARVEL COMICS. The Riddler is from DC COMICS. Doctor Horrible is from DOCTOR HORRIBLE'S SING-ALONG BLOG.
The Future

2078 - THE NOWHEN-MEN: Nights of Future Dark
Ivan Schablotski and Donovan Scott (as Neuron & Stick) arrive in Louisville in this time via a time travelling van from the year 1969 and discover the future version of the van, now complete with temporal navigation technology, in the ruins of Louisville KY. The legacies of Bat Knights and the Crepuscular Secta are unearthed, as well as the discovery that Neuron & Stick were to trap the Beachcomber within a Lament Configuration upon returning to their present, ultimately leading to Hell being unleashed on Earth and a vicious zombie apocalypse. After riding around the city in a Johnny Cab, the NoWhere-Men journey back to 1993 with both NoWhere-Vans.

The futures of Batman and the Crepuscular Secta reflect storylines revealed in BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS #1-4 and X-MEN #141-142: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The Lament Configuration is from THE HELLBOUND HEART (1986). Johnny Cab is from the 1990 film TOTAL RECALL.  This entire future is theoretically erased by Ivan and Donovan through their actions in 1993, although the possibility still exists for the events to unfold in the TVCU, if somewhat differently. 

Alternate Versions:

Yes, even this character has counterparts in other realms.

Ivan appears in a commercial as the imaginary persona of a young boy playing with a toy sold at Al's Toy Barn (a fictional business seen in TOY STORY 2). Although the footage of Ivan took place in the TVCU (see October 2011), the use of Al's Toy Barn also places the commercial in the TVCU, meaning the imaginary Ivan exists as a Looniverse tulpa of the 'real' Ivan. There is evidence that the Ivan of the Looniverse has visited the town of Bedrock, home of Fred Flintstone and his family, and that he has met Daria Morgendorffer of Lawndale. Additionally Misty Dawn (Ivan's veterinarian ally) of this reality has treated Sylvester the Cat for anxiety.
The Flintstones have headlined numerous cartoon series starting with THE FLINTSTONES (1960-1966) and have crossovers with nearly every significant character to come out of the Hanna-Barbaba animation studios (as well as being used in parody form in shows such as THE SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, and DRAWN TOGETHER). DARIA ran from 1997 to 2002, but the character originally spun off from BEAVIS & BUTT-HEAD (1993 - 2011) and has appeared on DRAWN TOGETHER. Sylvester the Cat is a character from LOONEY TUNES family of Warner Brothers cartoons, first appearing in 1945.

Bongo Anomaly

The Bongo Anomaly cannot be easily explained. It is found in a number of locations that appear to exist in a state of spatial and temporal flux; the people living in these areas do not age or else age very slowly, and they appear to exist within both the TVCU and the Looniverse. It is possible that this condition of being and non-being is linked to the Old Gods, but this remains conjecture at this time (though supported by at least one event involving Cthulhu and Kenny McCormick).

- Ivan has visited both Springfield and South Park. It is 
unknown at this time whether or not this Ivan was native to the TVCU, Looniverse, the Bongo Anomaly itself, or another reality altogether. What is known is that Ivan Ronald Schablotski traveled to South Park CO to kill Kenny, whose life force is linked to that of the Great Old One Cthulhu, and that in Springfield, Ivan ate a lot of donuts. Ivan has also visited Quahog, Rhode Island (from FAMILY GUY), another location that seems to exist in multiple dimensions, but this has proven to be the TVCU Ivan who traveled there.

MHU (Miskatonic Horror Universe, aka Monster / Hunter Universe)
This reality is very similar to the TVCU with a few major distinctions. In this world, the Doctor from DOCTOR WHO is native, while the characters and events of the STAR TREK franchise are set in a parallel reality. The 1898 Martian Invasion (WAR OF THE WORLDS) did not occur on this Earth, as it was forestalled by H. G. Wells, Dr. Moreau, the Invisible Man, and others in space, as depicted in K. J. Anderson's The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Invasion As Reported by Mr. H.G. Wells (2006), negating Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise and several other follow-up stories. The MHU also has no living Muppets, and several fictional cities (not based on horror franchises) found in the TVCU (such as Riverdale) are merged with the real cities that inspired them (such as Haverhill, MA).
- Ivan's timeline in this reality is virtually identical to the timeline for the TVCU albeit with additional horror and non-horror franchises not recognized as connected to the TVCU (UNDERWORLDBATMAN FOREVER, etc.), and minus the Muppets.

Just as the TVCU Ivan sometimes uses the alias Steven Pertwillaby when wishing to remain incognito, the Wild Hunt Universe (WHU) contains a Steven Pertwillaby who sometimes uses the name Ivan Schablotski. Like the TVCU Ivan, this Steven served in the military, though in this world the Ordnance Department is called the Ordinance Department, and both versions of the character adopted the code-name of "Agent Verdigris" during this time. There are few distinctions between Ivan and Steven, though Steven is known to have been a more active participant in M*O*N*S*T*A*A*H operations. This world appears to have more overtly paranormal and supernatural figures and events than the TVCU, making it somewhat more like a comic book reality. This is the world in which all of the events depicted in the anthology DORIAN GRAY: DARKER SHADES (2018, edited by Christofer Nigro) take place, though many of these events are paralleled closely in the TVCU and other similar worlds.

This world is notable for the existence of giant monster called "daikaiju" that burst onto the scene in the 1950s. This world is the setting of the 2017 novel MEGADRAK: BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE by Christofer Nigro. During the events of this book, a character appears in two different time periods identified as Agent Verdigris. As this is a code name Ivan Schablotski uses, the character represents Ivan. However, as the character is distinctly NOT native to the Dragonstorm Universe, and appears to be capable of time travel, it is possible that he is actually IIvan, or a counterpart from elsewhere within the multiverse. As Steven Pertwillaby, the version from the WHU, is also confirmed to use that code name, it is highly possible for this to be the one in the story.

Hand Doctor, Rose, & Ivan
A side reality to the world in which DOCTOR WHO takes place is referred to as Pete's World, after the character Peter Tyler, who had been dead some years in the main Whoniverse but is still alive in this one. Due to some odd circumstances Rose Tyler (daughter of Peter in the Whoniverse, but who never existed in Pete's World) migrated to this alternate reality, along with her mother Jackie and friend Mickey Smith (whose Pete's World counterparts had recently died). A primary distinction between Pete's World and the Whoniverse is that Pete's World has no indigenous Gallifreyans, though it did acquire one when the 10th Doctor caused his severed hand to regenerate into a half human / half time lord duplicate of himself, and left this duplicate in Pete's World with Rose.
- The Ivan Ronald Schablotski of this reality lived a similar life to that of his TVCU counterpart, becoming a Ghostbuster in 2012. In the year 2013 (time flows differently between realities, so it may not have occurred at the same time in the TVCU) this Ivan met the Doctor's hybrid hand clone and Rose Tyler (both originally from the Whoniverse). Conversely, the TVCU Ivan has never met any of the Doctor's recorded traveling companions.

Ivan & Northstar
The Green Lantern & Flash
The worlds of comic book superheroes exist as alternate realities to the TVCU, as evidenced by the duplication of many characters from those worlds in the TVCU (such as Superman and Spider-Man). Versions of Ivan Schablotski exist in these worlds as well. Certain crossovers have taken place involving Ivan and characters from Marvel or DC that do not exist in the TVCU, meaning that Ivan exists on at least one Marvel Earth) and at least one DC Earth), or else the TVCU Ivan has traveled to these realities, or that these characters do also exist in the TVCU. Thus far no evidence exists to support any of these theories.


Seems like every popular movie, comicbook, videogame, and cartoon has some form of dirty spoof made about it these days, and some of them are actually high quality productions. Discussing the merits of these productions is irrelevant, and would likely require the use of words that might cause this article to get flagged as inappropriate by some networks. Suffice it to say that many of these stay fairly close to the source materials, and maintain an internal continuity between films based on connected sources. It is possible that this reality is the same one known as the NOT ANOTHER SPOOF MOVIE UNIVERSE, which also has a level of vulgar humor that trumps all other elements of storytelling. As parodies often contradict themselves, such distinction may not even be valid.
Yes, there's an Ivan Ronald Schablotski here as well. In this timeline his work for Dr. Herbert West requires the use of the Necronomicon, but this version, instead of being a book, is an attractive woman clad in a bikini made of the same "Evil Dead" binding as the Necronomicon ex Mortis in the TVCU and other timelines. Still evil, though. One can only assume what type of "reanimation" is being performed, since even the mainstream RE-ANIMATOR movies had their share of T&A. Thankfully, all attempts to record video footage of this world have caused horrific crippling disfigurement and inane gibbering among the film crew, so no further details are likely to ever be known.

The Ivan Schablotski of this Zombie Apocalypse world survived and has visited Atlanta, sometime after the events of THE WALKING DEAD season 1. With a group of survivors consisting of a few Vogue Rogues he occasionally battles walkers, but does not have his Ghostbusters equipment (it was destroyed) to aid in this. Though he was bitten early on, his lycanthropy was 'killed' instead of Ivan, leaving this version of him effectively human but immune to the zombie virus.

Bonus:  Crossover Listings! 

Ivan has a lot of crossovers here. To simplify searching, here is a list of all the Horror Crossover Universe crossovers, alphabetized, followed by a list of Non-Horror Universe Crossovers. For crossovers that are implied, situational, or have no photographic evidence to support them, the listings are in italics.

Horror Crosses:
The Adaptive Ultimate
The Addams Family
American Horror Story (Freakshow)
An American Werewolf in London
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Being Human (US)
The Body Snatchers / Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
Bureau 13
Cabin in the Woods
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Child's Play
Creature Commandos
The Creature From the Black Lagoon
Cryptids (Sasquatch, Chupacabra, Jersey Devil, Skunk Ape)
Dark Shadows
Dead Silence
Devil May Cry
Dr. Fate
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Dr. Mordrid
Dr. Strange
Evil Dead / Army of Darkness
Fear Clinic
Final Destination
The Fly
Forever Knight
Frankenstein / Bride of Frankenstein
Friday the 13th
Fright Night
George A Romero's Dead series (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Diary of the Dead)
Ghost Breakers
Ghost Busters / Filmation Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters / The Real Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters: Answer The Call
H P Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos (From Beyond, Herbert West--ReAnimator, etc.)
Halloween / Halloween III: Season of the Witch
Hangar 18
Hocus Pocus
El Hombre Lobo
Horror Hosts (Penny Dreadful & Garou, Baron Von Wolfstein, Dr. Gangrene, Uncle Fright, etc.)
House of 1000 Corpses
The House of Seven Gables
The Howling film franchise (The Howling, Howling II)
I Was a Teenage Werewolf
King Kong
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Little Shop of Horrors
Lollipop Chainsaw
Lost Boys
Lovecraft Arts and Science Council
Manly Wade Wellman's Appalachian Horror Universe (The Shonokins)
Masque of the Red Death
The Mayfair Witches
Monster Hunter International
Monster Squad
The Mummy (1932 original)
The Mummy (1999 reboot)
The Mummy (Dark Universe)
The Munsters
Naked Brunch
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Peter Rawlik's Reanimators trilogy
The Picture of Dorian Gray
The President's Vampire
Project: Metalbeast
Resident Evil
The Return of the Living Dead (I, II, and IV)
The Ring
Saint Germaine
The Salem Horror
Scooby Doo
Stephen King's Castle Rock Universe (It, Christine, The Mist, Haven, etc)
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Vampire Chronicles
The Wolf Man (original)
The Wolfman (2010 reboot)
The Zombie Survival Guide

Non-Horror Crosses:
The A-Team
Abdulla Bulbul Ameer
Alvin & the Chipmunks
The Andy Griffith Show
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
The Avengers (Marvel)
Back To The Future
Black Mask
The Blues Brothers
Burn Notice
Buckaroo Banzai
Camp Half-Blood Chronicles / Percy Jackson
Captain America
Charlie and the Chocolate Favtory
The Count of Monte Cristo
Danny Phantom
The Defenders (Marvel)/ Secret Defenders / The Order
Doc Savage
Doctor Seuss
Doctor Strange
Doctor Who / Torchwood
The Dukes of Hazzard
Edward Scissorhands
Faction Paradox
Family Guy
The Flash
Flash Gordon
The Flintstones
Forrest Gump
Fu Manchu
Full Metal Jacket
The Godfather
The Great Gatsby
Hannibal Lecter
Harry Potter / Wizarding World / Pottermore
Herbie the Love Bug
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
The Hulk, She-Hulk
The Indestructibles
Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
International Cryptozoology Museum
Jack Kirby's The Fourth World (Anti-Life Equation)
James Bond
Jewel of the Nile
John Hughes' Shermer Universe (Shermer, IL)
Justice Society of America / Justice League of America
Knight Rider
Legend of Zelda
The Librarians
Life Aquatic with Steve Zizzou
The Lone Gunmen 
Looney Tunes
Lord of the Rings
The Lost World
Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council
The Luck of Barry Lyndon
Lucky Number Slevin
The Man in Half Moon Street
The Monkees
Monsters Inc.
The Muppets
Mystery Men (film)
Napoleon Dynamite
National Treasure
A Night In Casablanca
The Office (US)
Once Upon A Time
Paradise Lost
The Pertwillaby Papers
Popeye the Sailor Man
The Princess Bride
The Prestige
The Punisher
Rick & Morty
Robin Hood
Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Sherlock Holmes
The Simpsons
The Six-Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman
Smokey and the Bandit
South Park
Spies Like Us
Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Wars, Star Wars Expanded Universe / Star Wars Legends
Teen Titans / New Teen Titans
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The Terminator / Terminator Genysis
Titus Andronicus
Total Recall
Transformers, DiaClone
Vanity Fair
View Askew Universe (Clerks, Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, etc.)
Warehouse 13
Weird Al Yankovic
Where is Carmen Sandiego?
Where's Waldo?
Wonder Woman
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
X-Files / The Lone Gunmen
X-Men / New Mutants / Generation X / etc.
Zac and Miri Make A Porno

Actual works containing Ivan Ronald Schablotski:

  • "The Terror that came to Tyngsboro" short story by Kevin Heim, published in Attack of the Kaiju Volume 2: The Next Wave, anthology edited by Christofer Nigro, 2019AVAILABLE NOW from Wild Hunt Publications 
  • "The D Club" short story written by Kevin Heim, published in Dorian Gray: Darker Shades, anthology edited by Christofer Nigro, 2018, AVAILABLE NOW from Wild Hunt Publications 
  • "Myths For the Modern Agewritten by Win Scott Eckert, 2005, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "Wolves and the Wolf Myth in American Literature" textbook by S K Robisch, 2009, University of Nevada Press (credited as a Therianthropologist in the endnotes for Chapter 11)
  • "Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 1)", written by Win Scott Eckert, 2010, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "Crossovers: A Secret Chronology of the World (Volume 2)", written by Win Scott Eckert, 2010, Monkeybrain Books (mentioned in Acknowledgments)
  • "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't Christmas" short story written by Kevin Heim, published in the Psychopomp 2012 Christmas Special, 2012 Psychopomp Press
  • "The History of Halloween" documentary film directed by Paul van Ness, 2013 (Ivan appears as a dancing Ghostbuster, played by Kevin Heim)
  • "The Horror Crossover Encyclopediareference guide written by Robert Wronski Jr, 2014 (with a Forward by Ivan Ronald Schablotski, written by Kevin Heim), 18thWall Productions
  • "The Noise Music New England" #346, November 2014, photography and publication by Timothy Maxwell (page 31 shows Ivan in his Reanimation Tech garb, describing him as "The doctor who injected his patients with infected zombie fluid")
  • "Reanimatrix" written by Peter Rawlik, 2016, Night Shade Books (Not an actual Ivan appearance, but his great uncle Raclaw Schablotski is featured in the story).

I'm sure I've left out some things, so if you have evidence of a crossover with Ivan that I didn't include... I'd love to know about it!

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